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Cheer-Accident Work Through Their 39-Year History on 'Chicago XX'

There's "I Don't Believe". At 7:38, it is the record's longest track and, if I had my druthers, its most definitive moment. After a bit of a stagy or hammy opening, the band descend into the kind of mathy prog-rock on which these guys cut their teeth as a live act in Chicago in the 1980s and 1990s. Take note of Jeff Libersher's pitch-perfect ascension of electric guitar notes over the lurching bridge! When you think these guys can't get much better, they one-up the game, with sometimes-frontwo...
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Ben Seretan Brings on the Catharsis with 'Youth Pastoral'

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Caroline Rose, A 'Superstar' Is What You Are

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Silversun Pickups Carry the Glorious Grunge Torch in Oakland

The new "Straw Man" opens the encore sequence with a somber guitar melody that sounds a bit like Metallica's "Fade to Black" before shifting into a more psychedelic direction. The band then closes out the evening with a double-shot of gloriously full tilt grunge power on "Well Thought Out Twinkles" and "Lazy Eye" from Carnavas. There's something about these electrifying tunes (among others) that gives them a resonance on par with those grunge classics from the early-to-mid-1990s, and that's wh...
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British Art-rockers Zooni Debut Video for "Dissolve" (premiere)

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Shopping's Brand of Post-Punk Will Get You Moving

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Brooding Goth Meets Post-Punk on Bambara's 'Stray'

"Ben & Lily" plays out like the flipside to "Johnny and Mary" by Robert Palmer. With its sweeping orchestration and minimalistic and repetitive figures, it could be a post-punk movie score. Lyrically, It's an affecting, somber tale about a married couple who were chemically sterilized in the state of Georgia. "Made For Me" sounds like the Cramps channeling Johnny Cash on a country, goth surf rock journey while on "Sweat" Bateh howls with almost religious fervor as the band build and then rele...
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Brett Newski Asks "What'd Ya Got to Lose?" (premiere)

TOUR DATES South Africa 02.20 - Cape Town @Caferoux1 02.21 - Cape Town @ Alma Cafè 02.22 – McGregor @At_The_Courtyard 03.01 - Johannesburg - Hell's Kitchen North America 04.03 - Youngstown, OH @ Westside Bowl 04.04 - Baltimore, MD @ Tin Roof 04.05 - New York, NY @ Bowery Electric 04.07 - Easton, MD @ Avalon Theatre 04.08 - Richmond, VA @ Richmond Music Hall 04.09 - Greensboro, NC @ Flat Iron 04.10 - Asheville, NC @ New Belgium Brewing 04.11 - Atlanta, GA @ Smith's Olde Bar...
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Needshes Perfectly Capture Teenage Obsession on "Love"(premiere)

"First came a beat and a guitar riff. During the grueling work session on the special project, I wanted to relax, do something else to take my mind off of it. And then, after a while, when I was going through the demos, I came across this bit. The main melody has come. And it worked really well with the beat and the riff. Initially, it was just a balalaika sound. Then with various layers and other instruments, it acquired a more multi-timbral unique sounding. And then lyrics with melody popped...
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Nada Surf Get Philosophical on 'Never Not Together'

The insistent "Ride in the Unknown" finishes out the album with an upbeat, high-energy feel. The driving beat and bass from Elliot and Lorca push the song along, and subtle saxophone and keys fill out the sound. Caws again has a strong melody and vocals here. And again, he's talking about empathy, in this case being there for one another no matter the situation. That lyrical focus on moving forward, supporting one another, and having empathy could easily have turned cloying throughout a whole...
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The Homesick Make a Big Noise on 'The Big Exercise'

XTC isn't the only possible influence that can be detected on The Big Exercise, though. The band members themselves note that they have been obsessed with Dolmen Music, the 1981 album by American composer Meredith Monk, and the album's title is derived from a biography of avant-garde pop star Scott Walker. Plus, many of the songs on the album have an overactive Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"-style vibe to them.All of this, plus the band's musical attack and intricate vocal interplay, serve to make T...
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Punk's Spanish Love Songs Urge 'Brave Faces Everyone'

Those same followers may be a little surprised to see then a song entitled "Optimism" on the album. However, it is a remarkably self-aware track about the dangers of being dragged down into a world of endless pessimism and cynicism. To thrive, the band understand that they need to paint with more colors than just black and grey.That's not to say that Spanish Love Songs don't know how to use those colors well. "Losers 2" is the comedown after the hedonism of "Losers" as the band identifies with...
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TORRES' 'Silver Tongue' Offers a Subtle Geography of Desire

Importantly, Silver Tongue marks Scott's first time at the production helm, and her music has benefitted from it. Propulsive percussion, woozy guitars, atmospheric pads, and warbly synths ferry the songs across styles, genres: neo-grunge, synth revival, heavy folk, bedroom pop, electro-anthem, post-rock, drone, fantasy film score. It's not all bombast, though. Check out the musical subtleties on "Two of Everything" where three elements—Scott's voice, the synth-guitar lead, and the rumbly bass—...
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Futurebirds Play to Their Strengths on 'Teamwork'

The album might feel limited, but it doesn't mean the individual songs drag. "My Broken Arm" shifts into driving country mode. The performance rocks, but as hurt and ambivalence turn into at least a little certainty, and that gives the song an extra boost. We don't understand the situation exactly, but we don't need to, and the guitar fills us in on whatever we might be missing. "Crazy Boys" settles into that mid-tempo pacing, but the lyrical mix of nostalgia, loss, and persistence gives the s...
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Black Lips Create a Killer Country Record, Infused with Lo-fi Garage Rock

From Cole's opener, the cantankerous ill repute themed oddity, "Hooker Jon", to Swilley's possible ode to his great Uncle who very well may have been forever immortalized as a GI Joe character both in real life and song form (hear the first single "Rumbler" for more on that) In a World That's Falling Apart will spend ample time on your decks or headphones. An auditory delight for anyone in the know, or out of it, for that matter. "Georgia" is the best Waylon song that Waylon never wrote. F...
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Brits in Hot Weather #20: Sea Girls, Redfield, Peaness, Natty Wylah, False Heads

Welcome one and all to a very special edition of Brits in Hot Weather, our rundown of some of the best new artists doing their thing in the UK at the moment. As always, the premise is simple. We introduce five songs from five artists for your listening pleasure. However, this is our 20th edition, so this week we include the 100th artist o the list. That's 100 incredible artists that we have covered since we started. Everything from punk to grime to techno to jazz has found a warm and friendly ...
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