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A Native American folk/rock/country soundtrack for today, and any day

For today, and any day, here is a collection of gorgeous folk, rock, and country songs by Indigenous Americans whose voices you can hear on Light in the Attic's eye- and ear-opening box set "Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966–1985, Morley Loon's "Northland, My Land," and Willie Thrasher's "Spirit Child." — Read the rest
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‘Large-scale human rights violations’ taint Congo national park project

Conservation groups proposing a protected area in the river basin accused of ignoring the interests of the Baka peopleReport clears WWF of complicity in violent abuses by conservation rangersJosi Emerson, president of the Baka pygmy village of Seh in the Congolese rainforest, was working in his field in June 2018 when he heard vehicles and shouts. Forest rangers, known as ecoguards, dressed in paramilitary uniforms and carrying guns, had arrived in Jeeps.Emerson rushed home but it was too late. ...
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'You have stolen our forest': rights of Baka people in the Congo ignored

Indigenous group plead for help after being targeted by government ecoguards supported by the WWFJosi Emerson, president of the Baka pygmy village of Seh in the Congolese rainforest, was working in his field in June 2018 when he heard vehicles and shouts. Ecoguards, dressed in paramilitary uniforms and carrying guns, had arrived in Jeeps.Emerson rushed home but it was too late. The guards, employed by the Congolese government to stop poaching and supported by international conservation group the...
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art in our new home

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to the Saturday Market, and I instantly fell in love with this man's work.  Salt Spring artist Lorne Tippett uses wine-barrel stays to create a hanging frame, and carves the designs from reclaimed wood. We splurged and bought one. It's not like we're spending money on anything else this year! It's now hanging on our covered deck. We hung it where you can also see it from inside the house. I love the shape of the wooden base; it echoes t...
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The world’s warriors are under attack, but we must keep on fighting

The murder of Fikile Ntshangase in KwaZulu-Natal was not an isolated incident. Around the globe, from Nigeria to Brazil, environmental activists are similarly being silenced, and it is our duty to continue this struggle The post The world’s warriors are under attack, but we must keep on fighting appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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'We won': Indigenous group in Canada scoops up billion dollar seafood firm

Clearwater Seafoods deal gives Mi’kmaq control of lucrative ocean stretch, as tensions remain high over First Nation fishing rightsFor generations, Indigenous peoples in Canada have watched, often in frustration, as commercial industries profit from the land and waters their ancestors once harvested. This week, however, excitement replaced irritation as a group of First Nations announced plans to scoop up one of the largest seafood companies in North America.Early this week, leaders of the Membe...
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Endangered sea turtle rebounding thanks to COVID-19 and indigenous peoples

To an environmental degree the Earth has benefited from the lack of humans traveling all over it due to COVID-19 lock downs. The olive ridley sea turtle is one of those beneficiaries. Regarded by the WWF the olive ridley is classified as vulnerable, but a conservation group has released over 2,250 baby turtles to Mexico's Sea of Cortez. — Read the rest
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africans were involved in the slave trade. why do you think that matters?

The statementIf you are exposed to any bigoted, right-wing media or social media -- whether by misfortune, sport, or a delusion that you must counter their arguments -- and someone raises the subject of slavery, you will doubtless see on this trope. They were sold by their own people.Africans sold other Africans.Slavery began in Africa, and was imported to the new world. In fact, you might hear or see some version of this any time racism is mentioned. Or as a complete non sequitur. It appears ...
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'Solastalgia': Arctic inhabitants overwhelmed by new form of climate grief

Solastalgia means a feeling of homesickness without ever leaving home - and for Inuit in Canada’s north it describes the psychological impact of the climate crisisWith snow just beginning to dust the hills surrounding the city of Iqaluit, the hunters scramble off in boats. They’re hunting Canada geese, as they have always done, only now using rifles and motorboats instead of the spears and kayaks of their ancestors.Across Baffin Island, Inuit are harvesting before autumn begins to transition int...
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Leaf through this gorgeous pre-Columbian indigenous manuscript

The Codex Zouche-Nuttall is a 14th-century Mixtec illuminated manuscript created on 47 pieces of animal skin. It's one of the most important artifacts of indigenous Mesoamerican culture before the arrival of Europeans. This is part of the Facsimile Finder project, which brings facsimiles of important artifacts to a wider audience. — Read the rest
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Never forget Christopher Columbus's linguistic crimes and horniness for manatees

Yes, it's quite odd that Americans continue to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, revering a conquistador who never even set foot on the mainland North American continent as "The man who discovered America." While I can certainly understand those who want to celebrate their Italian heritage, there are other, better ways to do that, too, considering that DNA evidence suggests Columbus may not have even been Italian after all. — Read the rest
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"Little Bird" is a stunning cyberpunk graphic novel about indigenous people in a Canadian dystopia

Little Bird was a 2019 comic book miniseries written by filmmaker Darcy van Poelgeest, with stunning and surreal visual art by Ian Bertram. The basic setup of the story is familiar — there's a dystopian society, ruled by a fascist government, and a league of scrappy rebels determined to take them down. — Read the rest
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Canada: outcry after video shows hospital staff taunting dying Indigenous woman

Joyce Echaquan is seen grimacing as nurses call her ‘stupid as hell’, renewing calls for country to confront systemic racismA shocking video showing hospital staff in Canada taunting a dying Indigenous woman has left a community in mourning and renewed calls for the country to confront the realities of systemic racism.Joyce Echaquan, a 37-year-old Atikamekw woman, arrived at a hospital in the Quebec city of Joliette on Monday, complaining of stomach pain. Continue reading...
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One million coronavirus deaths: how did we get here?

Milestone is known toll of months of Covid pandemic that has changed everything, from power balances to everyday lifeThough an inevitable milestone for months, its arrival is still breathtaking.Deaths from Covid-19 exceeded 1 million people on Tuesday , according to a Johns Hopkins University database, the known toll of nine relentless months of a pandemic that has changed everything, from global balances of power to the mundane aspects of daily life. Continue reading...
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'We brought the disease': Will the pandemic shift Australia's historical imagination?

The global story unfolding is not only about microbes; it is also about culture, politics and history. The spread of disease is not without responsibilityThis is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020The year began in haze. We felt relatively safe where we were on the New South Wales south coast, despite the blanket of smoke. The Currowan blaze had passed through here a month earlier, leaving little left to burn. I could see for hundreds of metres i...
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'Bringing beaches back to life': the First Nations restoring ancient clam gardens

In the Pacific north-west, local people work the shoreline, creating conditions for useful species to thriveOn winter nights for the past six years, a group of 20 people have rustled through dark, coniferous woods to emerge on a Canadian beach at the lowest possible tide, illuminated by a correspondingly full moon.An elder offers a greeting to the place and a prayer, then the team of researchers, volunteers, and First Nations “knowledge holders” lights a warming fire and begins its work. At site...
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Activists outraged that sacred Chilean island is listed for sale for $20m

Guafo, a 50,000-acre island, is a hotspot for marine biodiversity and part of the ancestral land of the Mapuche peopleThe island of Guafo sits on the route taken by blue whales heading into the fjords of Chilean Patagonia. It is a hotspot for marine biodiversity, home to rare flora and sacred to the indigenous Mapuche people.And now it is up for sale. Continue reading...
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Covid curbs 400th Mayflower anniversary as Americans stay away

Gifts and art mark event but representatives of indigenous Wampanoags who suffered due to colonialism were not presentThere was some pomp and ceremony. A military band played, ambassadors and civic leaders made speeches, and the union flag fluttered beside the stars and stripes of the US close to the spot where, exactly 400 years ago, the Mayflower set sail.But there was also a sense of melancholy around the event on the harbourside at Plymouth on Wednesday. The many thousands of Americans who h...
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Archaeologists in Mexico identify first Mayan slave ship

Ship had been used to take Mayas captured during an 1847-1901 rebellion to work in sugarcane fields in Cuba Archaeologists in Mexico have identified a ship that carried Mayan people into virtual slavery in the 1850s, the first time such a ship has been found.The wreck of the Cuban-based paddle-wheel steamboat was found in 2017, but wasn’t identified until researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History checked contemporary documents and found it was the ship “La Unión”. Conti...
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Expert on Amazon tribes killed by arrow from uncontacted group

Rieli Franciscato struck in chest as he approached indigenous group he was seeking to shieldA Brazilian government official and expert on isolated Amazon tribes was killed by an arrow as he approached an indigenous group he was seeking to shield.Rieli Franciscato, 56, spent his career in the government’s indigenous affairs agency Funai working to set up reservations to protect uncontacted tribes. Continue reading...
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'Culture is language': why an indigenous tongue is thriving in Paraguay

The Paraguayan Guaraní language is a rare regional success story. But its own popularity is a problem for smaller languagesOn a hillside monument in Asunción, a statue of the mythologized indigenous chief Lambaré stands alongside other great leaders from Paraguayan history.The other historical heroes on display are of mixed ancestry, but the idea of a noble indigenous heritage is strong in Paraguay, and – uniquely in the Americas – can be expressed by most of the country’s people in an indigenou...
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Archaeologist demonstrates how to weave a turkey feather blanket

Turkeys were a key herd animal of many indigenous peoples in the western hemisphere, and one of the main products was the soft feathers that could be woven into blankets. Archaeologist Mary Weahkee shows how it was done. In the video, she says that these feathers come out of turkeys without causing them to bleed. Lots of other interesting facts and some cool examples of decorative feather uses, too. Image: YouTube / Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
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Indigenous tribe in Ecuador appeals for help to deal with coronavirus

Achuar people blame illegal logging for spread and are asking international community for aidCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageClimate change and multinational corporations have long posed a threat to the people of the Amazon rainforest. Now, however, the region’s indigenous tribes face an even more immediate danger: coronavirus.Despite living deep in the heartland of Ecuadorian rainforest, the indigenous Achuar tribal people have fallen victim to the pandemic. Over the...
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'There's nowhere like it': Alaska's wildlife refuge fears death by drilling

The Trump administration plans to allow oil and gas exploration in the Arctic sanctuary protected since the 1950s as the last fully intact ecosystem in the USBiologist George Schaller has traversed the Amazon rainforest, studied lions in the Serengeti and searched for rare antelope in Tibet but for him nothing quite compares to a vast and little-known wilderness found in the north-eastern reaches of Alaska.Schaller first encountered the region in the 1950s, taking a canoe down the Colville river...
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the deadliest organized-crime and terrorist enterprise in the history of humanity: the catholic church

In the entire history of human beings on this planet, has there ever been a criminal enterprise more devastating -- to as many people, over as long a period of time -- as the Catholic Church?The largest empires of the world -- Roman, Spanish, Dutch, British, American -- lasted 500 years at most. The Catholic Church has been at it for thousands of years.If it was fiction, no one would believe it -- an organized crime network so vast, and so evil, that virtually no aspect of human civilization has...
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European banks urged to stop funding oil trade in Amazon

Indigenous people in headwaters region say financing harms communities and ecosystemsIndigenous people living at the headwaters of the Amazon have called on European banks to stop financing oil development in the region, as it poses a threat to them and damages a fragile ecosystem, after a new report found $10bn in previously undisclosed funding for oil in the region.The headwaters of the Amazon in Ecuador and Peru are home to more than 500,000 indigenous people, including some who choose to liv...
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'The Amazon is the vagina of the world': why women are key to saving Brazil's forests

Indigenous leader Célia Xakriabá and Vagina Monologues author V discuss Brazil’s biodiversity crisis and why this is the century of the indigenous womanCélia Xakriabá is the voice of a new generation of female indigenous leaders who are leading the fight against the destruction of Brazil’s forests both in the Amazon and the lesser known Cerrado, a savannah that covers a fifth of the country. V, formerly Eve Ensler, is the award-winning author of the Vagina Monologues, an activist and founder of ...
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Giant Mexican dam poised to displace indigenous people and flood graves

Local residents say the government has pressured them to hand over their lands: ‘They’re destroying our culture’High in the Sierra de Alamos of Mexico’s northern Sonora state, towering pillars of rock loom above thermal springs where for thousands of years, the indigenous Guarijío people would gather to commune with their ancestors.Now the springs – and the land around them – have been submerged beneath rising waters trapped behind an enormous dam across the Mayo River. The 25-storey Bicentenari...
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'Guajirío culture is dying': Mexican dam poised to displace living and flood ancestors' graves

Experts say indigenous group has been pressured and cheated into surrendering its landHigh in the Sierra de Alamos of Mexico’s northern Sonora state, towering pillars of rock loom above thermal springs where for thousands of years, the indigenous Guarijío people would gather to commune with their ancestors.Now the springs – and the land around them – have been submerged beneath rising waters trapped behind an enormous dam across the Mayo River. The 25-storey Bicentenario-Los Pilares barrier thre...
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Record 212 land and environment activists killed last year

Global Witness campaigners warn of risk of further killings during Covid-19 lockdownsA record number of people were killed last year for defending their land and environment, according to research that highlights the routine murder of activists who oppose extractive industries driving the climate crisis and the destruction of nature.More than four defenders were killed every week in 2019, according to an annual death toll compiled by the independent watchdog Global Witness, amid growing evidence...
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