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Hylan CEO Robert DiLeo on Smart Cities, IoT, and Security

One of the roundtable topics at The Telecom Exchange NYC event next month is about how Smart Cities might handle the security aspects of IoT.  With everything cities are looking to hook up and manage, whether via fiber or 5G, it certainly seems like a lot of new vectors for danger to approach. I thought perhaps I'd get […]
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Industry Spotlight: Rob Willcock on Orange Business Services in the Americas

In the US we tend to think of the big homegrown providers first when it comes to international telecom and internet infrastructure.  But the reach of Orange and its multinational, enterprise-focused Orange Business Services division can match or beat anyone.  In fact, they quietly do quite a bit of business here as well.  With us today to talk […]
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Technology Consolidation – A New Turn of SD-WAN Evolution

This Industry Viewpoint was contributed by David W Wang Since SD-WAN started to get traction in the telecom/IT market and industry from 2015-16, as more SD-WAN vendors entering the landscape, every year we’ve had predictions the market would undergo consolidation. ... [visit site to read more]
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Industry Spotlight: Anova Financial Networks CEO Michael Persico

The financial vertical has long been a crucial part of the infrastructure ecosystem.  The rise of ultra-low latency trading provided early opportunities for differentiation in what had been commoditized bandwidth and services after the dot com bubble.  First with fiber and then with microwave, one of the specialists that has driven innovation in this segment over the […]
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Industry Spotlight: EdgeConneX CEO Randy Brouckman

When EdgeConneX first embarked on its edge data center expansion early in this decade, the idea that the edge was the next data center frontier was a new thing.  Since that time, the company’s vision has proven quite prescient and nobody doubts the importance of storage and connectivity moving closer and closer to the consumer. EdgeConneX […]
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Industry Spotlight: Digital Crossroads CEO Peter Feldman

A new data center project is in the works in the Chicago metro area, and it’s not in Illinois. Just to the east along Lake Michigan in Hammond, Indiana, Digital Crossroads is building out major new data center on the site of a defunct power plant. With support from the State of Indiana, they are […]
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Industry Spotlight: LightRiver’s Travis Ewert on Network Automation

The rise of SDN and network automation has created opportunities for growth and evolution among those who build and deploy networks behind the scenes.  In 2017, LightRiver made an inorganic move with the acquisition of UCS and its netFLEX® platform, and has since been working hard to meld those SDN capabilities into its business.  With […]
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Industry Spotlight: Aligned Energy CEO, Andrew Schaap

The data center space is a hotbed of investment in the hyperscale / cloud era, but sometimes we think it is just space and power.  Ok, maybe it mostly is, but there is also plenty of room to innovate around how you deliver those to customers whose sophistication is rapidly evolving.  Newer entrants like Aligned Energy are […]
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Industry Spotlight: Robert DeVita on Open-IX’s Next Act

It wasn’t so long ago that the US interconnection business was a closed, secretive place.  That changed with the Open-IX initiative, which opened the doors to both European-style internet exchanges and homegrown regional efforts.  So what is Open-IX doing to follow up on that success?  With us today to talk about the organization’s plans is newly named Executive Director and industry veteran Robert DeVita.  ... [visit site to read more]
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Industry Spotlight: Zayo’s Sandi Mays on the Customer Experience

From the time when Zayo burst forth on the scene some 10 years ago, the company aimed to be more than a simple asset roll-up. They effectively rewrote the book on how to operate fiber assets, especially when it comes to sales and customer management. With us today to talk about just how Zayo goes […]
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Industry Spotlight: Jerzy Szlosarek on Epsilon’s SDN Journey

Software defined networking continues to work its way deeper into global internet infrastructure.  Companies of all sizes are putting the pieces in place to take advantage of the automation and operational agility that SDN offers, but there are a lot of pieces yet to place and many lessons left to learn.  With us today to […]
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Industry Spotlight: Windstream Wholesale’s Joe Scattareggia

It has been a busy few years at Windstream on multiple fronts, but the company’s wholesale business has perhaps undergone the most significant changes.  After combining the assets gleaned from its ILEC roots and all the CLEC and other acquisitions the company has made over the years and building out further organically, Windstream Wholesale has emerged as a power in the transport business. With us today to talk about the company’s plans in wholesale is Joe Scattareggia, EVP of Wholesale Solutio...
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Industry Spotlight: Apcela CEO Mark Casey

The rise of the cloud and automation in general opened new potential business models for service providers.   One such provider that has taken advantage is the hybrid IT specialist Apcela, whose roots lie in the low latency, high speed trading networks that arose a decade ago.  With us today to talk about how Apcela got where they are and where […]
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Industry Spotlight: Larry Coleman,Tom Perrone Take GoNetspeed to the Last Mile

For over a decade, the fiber industry has been focused on the metro and middle mile as the path to success. But having solved that business model, some in the industry are now turning their attention toward what has been a harder nut to crack -- fiber to the home.  GoNetSpeed is a recent entry […]
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Industry Spotlight: Rick Hamilton on Ciena’s Software Push

Since its acquisition of Cyan a few years ago, Ciena has continued to build up its software and services division.  The Blue Planet solution has become a key piece of the company’s plans to support network and services automation.  Ciena has been very active in standards development, trials, and live deployments of such solutions across […]
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Industry Spotlight: Pilot CEO Joe Fasone Takes On Business Fiber

All the consolidation in the fiber business sometimes eclipses the efforts of newer companies taking on the challenge, but there are young companies out there blazing a new path through well-mapped, but never fully conquered territory.  One such company is Pilot, which was founded in 2014 in New York City and now runs business fiber in […]
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Industry Spotlight: Bluebird Network CEO Michael Morey

Like many infrastructure operators that were originally founded by coalitions of rural telephone operators, Bluebird Network spent its first decade largely under the radar of the broader markets. But in recent years, the company has become much more visible as it expands its reach. A few years ago, Bluebird even bought an underground data center […]
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Industry Spotlight: Hylan CEO Robert DiLeo

When network operators and service providers build out infrastructure, there’s a whole ecosystem of companies at the engineering and construction layer that they turn to in order to make it happen.  One of those companies is Hylan, which has been doing a bit of consolidation work of its own lately and dramatically expanding its geographical reach.  […]
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Industry Spotlight: Jim Young on Crown Castle’s Fiber Plans

Over the last few years Crown Castle has been busy buying metro and regional fiber, with the biggest recent moves being Lightower, Wilcon, FPL Fibernet, and Sunesys.  The question many in the sector have had is just what kind of fiber infrastructure player does the longtime tower operator have in mind for these assets?  With us to […]
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Industry Spotlight: SES Networks CEO John-Paul Hemingway

For this week’s Industry Spotlight, let’s delve into a part of the infrastructure sector that we don’t often get to here on Telecom Ramblings: satellite networking.  The capabilities of satellite network operators have evolved dramatically in recent years, bringing new options to the infrastructure markets whether it’s in hard to get to locations or closer to […]
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Industry Spotlight: Clint Heiden On the Rise of QTS

Over the last two decades, the data center has become one of the core pillars of modern internet infrastructure.  Along that path has been a lot of construction, a lot of M&A, and a lot of  money well spent.  QTS Data Centers has been somewhat less active in the headlines than some of its REIT […]
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Industry Spotlight: Remi Galasso on the Launch of Hawaiki

The Pacific has a new submarine cable as of today.  The Hawaiki cable system has officially launched, connecting the Pacific Northwest with New Zealand and Australia via Hawaii with up to 43Tbps of initial design capacity.  The cable spans some 15,000km and cost about $300M to build.  With us today to give us a bit […]
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Industry Spotlight: INDATEL Services CEO Mel Wagner

One of the more unique operators in the US Ethernet transport infrastructure space is INDATEL Services, which sits atop a national collection of statewide member-owners fiber networks.  Both INDATEL and its member companies have kept a relatively low profile throughout the waves of consolidation that have swept the fiber space over the last decade.  Yet […]
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Industry Spotlight: IFN CEO Jim Turner

Indiana Fiber Network is one of the more dynamic and vocal of the regional fiber builders and operators begun by coalitions of independent telephone providers around the country.  With us today to talk about what IFN has on the menu out in Indiana is CEO James (Jim) Turner.  Jim joined IFN as its new CEO […]
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Industry Spotlight: Darren Eades on LA’s West 7 Center

As one of the country’s largest and most dynamic cities, Los Angeles has big infrastructure needs.  Yet its data center sector has never quite managed the growth rates we’ve seen in the NYC or Chicago or Dallas metro areas.  One of the providers looking to shift into a higher gear is the West 7 Center in downtown LA.  With us today to talk about West 7 and the Los Angeles data center market as a whole is JLL EVP Darren Eades.  JLL manages the facility for Rising Realty. ... [visit site to read m...
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Industry Spotlight: 365 Data Centers CEO Bob DeSantis

365 Data Centers is a familiar name in the data center space, and last year a new set of owners took over with plans to take the business down a new path of growth and investment. With us today to tell us what 365 Data Centers is up to and how it looks at the market opportunities ahead is CEO Bob DeSantis, a veteran of the infrastructure business who previously co-founded and was managing partner of Xand and has held numerous roles across the sector over the years. ... [visit site to read more] ...
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Industry Spotlight: Clearwave CEO Matt Dement

Fiber builders and operators in and around the big NFL cities get most of the attention, but in today’s market substantial amounts of fiber are being built out in less traveled geographies.  With 5G and the pressure to move content to the edge, we are only going to see that trend grow.  One company taking […]
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Industry Spotlight: Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond

When tackling the opportunities in the telecommunications space, any leader knows how important actionable data is.  One of the newer entrants in providing that data and a platform to manage it is Connected2Fiber, which recently raised $8M in their second round funding to enable its next round of growth.  With us today to talk about […]
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Industry Spotlight: Raul Martynek on DataBank, Digital Bridge

The data center space has been a very dynamic one for a long time now, with both inorganic and organic activity continuing without pause.  One of the newer players to start making national waves has been Digital Bridge’s DataBank.   DataBank has been making deals and adding new markets over the last year or two, and […]
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Industry Spotlight: NTT Com’s Michael Wheeler Dishes on Network Trends

As technology marches on in the telecom world, we are seeing network operators changing the way they scale their networks both in capacity and degree of automation.  With 5G, virtual/augmented reality, and IoT looming, the preparations always seem endless.  With us today to talk about that backbone and give his perspective on the trends in […]
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