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Does Anything Sound Familiar Here?

In recent weeks, former members of The Trinity Church have come forward with various stories of being surveiled and being subjected to loyalty tests. Recently, the church threatened legal action against former members. These are concerning tactics and have brought some comparisons to Scientology. I thought of that comparison when reading this article in Daily Beast about Scientology and surveillance of a former member. Check out this description of “Fair Game” from the article: “For decades, Sci...
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Faithtalk 1360 Radio Puts Fox in Charge of Investigating Crime at the Henhouse

Mark Driscoll and his religious business The Trinity Church has a show on Salem Broadcasting Network. In essence, it is a replay of him speaking to his congregation. Some of the former members and staff of The Trinity Church are bothered that their former pastor is promoted by this show and so they wrote to Salem Broadcasting’s affiliate Faithtalk 1360 in Phoenix to complain. They were represented by Chad Freese who was director of security at the Driscoll church until he quit a few weeks ago. T...
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Mark Driscoll: The Trinity What?

Far be it from me to tell Mark Driscoll how to run his religious businesses.  But I have to say if I was a tither or someone who gave an offering to The Trinity Church, I would feel a bit slighted. Take for instance the production studio recently purchased by The Trinity Church religious business. That nonprofit paid $750,000 for a nifty studio to serve as an office for his other religious nonprofit business, Real Faith.  I’m not a megachurch pastor, but $750,000 is a lot of coin. But The Trinit...
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Postcards from Phoenix: When Church Demands Obedience

In this third Postcard from Phoenix, former The Trinity Church member Tiffany Eneas reflects on the costs of conformity to the will of Mark Driscoll. One by one, church leaders, including Grace Driscoll, demanded that she cut ties with close friends until one day she realized what was happening. Tiffany was slowly but surely being coerced by church leadership. She wanted to be a good church member and wanted to trust just authority. However, in a moment of clarity, she realized that her trust wa...
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Postcards from Phoenix: When Church Divides a Family

This is the second Postcard from Phoenix and it comes from former The Trinity Church worship staff member Luke Chase. Young Mr. Chase describes a difficult situation where he felt he had to choose between loyalty to his family and loyalty to The Trinity Church. When a child is torn between loyalty to a pastor and loyalty to parents, the psychological dissonance is incredibly intense and disruptive. The pastor claims to speak for God, while your parents are, of course, your only parents. It is si...
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The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church: The Podcast

Mike Cosper and Christianity Today are launching a timely podcast series titled “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” Here is the teaser: I look forward to hearing what Mike has put together. I was interviewed for the series and I know others who provided insight to it. Mike also has first hand experience at the church. This series comes at a time when Mark Driscoll and his current church in Phoenix is in the news. Some of the same issues are being raised by former staff and members of The Trinit...
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Let’s Chill a Bit About the Plastic-Driven Sperm Count Apocalypse

A rash of sensational headlines in recent months have warned of a rising infertility crisis in men as sperm counts plummet. Some outlets have claimed that plastics are behind the great sperm dieoff. But it turns out the truth about fertility could be much more complicated.Read more...
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Postcards from Phoenix: Who Suggested The Trinity Church Hire a Private Investigator?

Since I first wrote about Mark Driscoll’s “elderless church,” former staff and members from the Phoenix church have emailed and called with stories of their experiences there. Some tales have been told elsewhere, but others have not. Some feel like news stories and others feel like laments from old friends I have never met in person. I hear echoes of Seattle via the Southwest. Pain and confusion sounds the same whether it is from Seattle or Scottsdale. I have decided to bring you some of these s...
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Speaking Out About Possible Research Misconduct: Live and Learn Inc. and Open Excellence/Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

by Will Hall, Monica Cassani, and Dina Tyler In the world of innovations in how we treat survivors of psychiatric crisis, Live and Learn Inc and Open Excellence/Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care do valuable work. Live And Learn is a research company owned by Laysha Ostrow that collects and analyzes data on the viability of alternative mental health treatments, and Open Excellence/FEMHC is a philanthropy started by patients' family members that channels funding into promising proje...
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auto-immune illness, chronic illness, withdrawal illness (how it’s all linked for me)

Originally posted on All Signal: I learned “auto-immune” meant my system was in over-drive all the time because it was fighting real infections. Western medicine says that auto-immune means the body is hurting itself. For me this was untrue. My body was fighting and waiting for me to start cooperating. Infections that are locked up…
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Would You Pay $50 to Get Man Lessons from Mark Driscoll?

Live near Mason, Ohio?  Attend the Men’s Conference in June at Rivers Crossing Church and you too can get man lessons from Mark Driscoll. Rivers Crossing is hosting a Men’s Conference featuring Pastor Mark Driscoll, Rivers Crossing Worship, and more! About this event There is a desire in all men to be better and do more, but an extraordinary life isn’t found sitting on the sidelines. Men, it’s time to step up and become the man God designed you to be. Hang out with...
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Plant Native Plants

I signed up for an online class about Virginia native plants several months ago sort of on a whim. I really signed up for it because of the words “Virginia” and “plants” and thought it would be great to learn more. Well, I missed the key word, which is native. It has been eye-opening to me and I would love to share with you what I am learning. More
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You Might Be In a Cult If…

With the escalation of control over members at The Trinity Church, the c-word is being thrown around by people who have left the church. When I think of mind control groups, I think of Steve Hassan who has made a career of studying them. Hassan’s BITE model is widely used and provides a helpful framework for evaluating the level of control an organization or leader has over an individual’s life. In this video, the model is described with lots of questions for the viewer to consider. The BITE ...
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Mark Driscoll’s Cult-Like Actions: Julie Roys Enters the Chat

Today, Julie Roys dropped an article about the ongoing controversies at Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church and it is a hammer. She brings together many threads of reporting into a devastating report about the church and what she calls Mark Driscoll’s “cult-like actions.” Roys takes a very deep dive into the situation with the family first described at David Bonner’s blog involving Driscoll’s daughter. Roys has the aftermath of that situation and tells us that the Scottsdale police are involved. ...
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The Trinity Church May Be Watching You

On April 28, David Bonner at the Wondering Eagle blog published a story about a family chased out of The Trinity Church because of a kiss shared by an adolescent boy and girl. The girl is one of Mark Driscoll’s daughter and the boy and his family attended The Trinity Church until Driscoll wanted the family evicted from the church. I have been able to confirm the basic elements of this story with several sources. One source, Chad Freese, was until recently the  Director of Security at The Trinity...
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Mars Hill Church and The Trinity Church: Is Past Prologue?

In August 2014, 21 former elders from Mars Hill Church brought formal charges under the bylaws of the church against Mark Driscoll. Recently, I have been listening to people talk about their experiences at The Trinity Church in Phoenix. To quote Yogi Berra, it feels like deja vu all over again. For those who complain that I am unnecessarily bringing up the past, I will reply with Shakespeare that, at times, past may be prologue. The charges are linked below; those who are currently involved or r...
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Are you in Little Rock?

Or nearby and want to connect? If you are familiar with my work leave a comment.
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Mark Driscoll’s Elderless Church, Part Four – Who Are the Elders?

Dee  Holmes conducted a one-woman protest yesterday and today at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ. She took up a presence on the sidewalk in front of the church and loudly raised the issues of no elders, no accountability in finances and the fact that police were called to keep a family off church premises after a teen boy in the family and Driscoll’s teen daughter shared a consensual kiss. This tweet from Dee makes me wonder how much in the dark The Trinity Church members are. This man come...
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Mark Driscoll’s Elderless Church, Part Three – Where’s the Board?

A former staff member from The Trinity Church provided the following document to me: Notice the heading: “The ministry of The Trinity Church is ruled by God, influenced by Wise Counsel, governed by a board, led by the Senior Pastor, run by staff, and carried out by Team Trinity.” However, looking at the flow chart, there is no board. Rather, note who is large and in charge – “Pastor Mark & Grace.” Notice also that Driscoll’s daughter Ashley Chase is higher on the chart than the pastors. It also...
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Mark Driscoll’s Elderless Church, Part Two

On Monday, I wrote that former church members and staff told me that Mark Driscoll’s Scottsdale organization The Trinity Church doesn’t have elders. However, the organization does have a small corporate board made up of Driscoll as president and Jimmy Evans and Randall Taylor as Directors. Nonprofits must have boards so here we have a board theoretically charged with the oversight of this organization. However, these are not elders as Driscoll describes them in his book Doctrine. Evans doesn’t a...
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Karen Swallow Prior Calls Out “Egregious Plagiarism” in Tim Clinton’s New Book

Recently, psychology professor Aaron New wrote yet again about what he called plagiarism in a new book by American Association of Christian Counselors owner Tim Clinton and writer Max Davis. He showed that Clinton and Davis lifted sizable verbatim portions of books by George Foreman without placing them in quotes or indenting them to show that they came directly from the other books. In fact, they wove the exact quotes in with their own prose to make it appear they wrote all of the material. In ...
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Mark Driscoll’s Elderless Church

Remember Mark Driscoll? Driscoll is the former Seattle-based Mars Hill Church pastor who was charged by 21 of his former elders back in 2014 with an abusive style of leadership. There were two groups of leaders at Mars Hill Church who were involved in deciding what to do with Driscoll. The group of elders who investigated the charges found that he should be disqualified from ministry. Another group of overseers loyal to Driscoll did not want to communicate to the church that he was disqualified ...
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From calm to crisis – new BBC Ouch episode from me and Mark

When I had my son in January, I went from fine to being in a mental health crisis within 12 hours. In this BBC Ouch Mentally Interesting episode, I talk about what happened next, and why perinatal MH services are vital. Click below to listen!
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Gospel for Asia Invades Africa

On April 13, Gospel for Asia — now called GFA World — published a news release with this title: Gospel  for  Asia  — Now GFA World — Launches its First-Ever Mission in  Africa Yohannan and company have launched a business in Rwanda and plan more in other African nations: Our work in Africa begins with GFA World Child Sponsorship in the slums of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, one of the most densely populated African nations. This will be the first of many projects, each with the same vision we...
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Mike Huckabee Hasn’t Changed Much

Over the past four years, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has become a reliable defender of Donald Trump and Trumpism. He recently aroused the ire of Beth Moore and hundreds of other Twitter users with a  trademark bad dad joke tweet implying that Chinese people get special privilege from corporate America. The tone of the tweet appears to minimize the recent wave of anti-Asian attacks. Mike, I’ve shared a meal with you at your beautiful table. I’ve heard you profess Christ as Lord. This...
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How to build a custom deer fence for your garden

When I started my garden, I had a fence using T posts and plastic deer fence. It worked for deer, but didn’t keep out smaller animals that would come in underneath it. This year, since I was expanding the garden, I wanted to improve the deer fence as well. We decided to build a permanent wood and welded wire fence that extended underground with hardware cloth. More
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Eric Metaxas Goes Anti-Vax

Not only has Eric Metaxas become a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the 2020 presidential election, he apparently has gone full anti-vax. I told you about his move into this world back in 2020. Now Metaxas is telling his followers not to get vaccinated. Don’t get the vaccine. Pass it on. — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) March 29, 2021 Hat tip to Joemygod for this. I am blocked by Metaxas so I didn’t see it. In May 2020, Metaxas had Kent Heckenlively on his radio show and gave him a 36 minut...
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Matt Walsh Owns Himself

Isn’t this what is called a self-own? Every time I argue that uninformed voters should be weeded out with testing, I’m accused of racism. But if you call that racist, what you’re saying is that you think minorities are uninformed. That’s not my view, it’s yours, you bigot. My focus isn’t race, it’s competency. — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) March 26, 2021 Well, Matt, who will decide who is competent and informed? Judging by your tweets, I don’t think you are informed so, sorry, no vote for yo...
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Empathy is Not a Sin

I am late to this strange party. There is a kerfuffle going around about empathy being a sin. Some theodudes think it is and most people know it isn’t. I am not going to get into it too much, but here are a couple of links to the empathy is sin crowd. Reformed pastor and apoligist James White says empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” and is sin: When you start with man as image-bearing creature of God, you can understand why sympathy is good, but empathy is si...
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Withdrawing Support for John Herold as a Hearing Voices Movement Facilitator, Teacher, or Leader

By Will Hall and Kate HillMarch 16, 2021 We are writing to formally and publicly declare the withdrawal of our support for John Herold as a facilitator, trainer, speaker or leader of any kind in the Hearing Voices Movement. We request that John step down from this role, including his involvement in Puget Sound Hearing... Continue Reading →
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