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Do You Feel Guilty Because You Can’t Get Pregnant?

Feelings of guilt and shame are common for women who can’t get pregnant. Men, too, struggle with shame and guilty feelings if they can’t “produce” a baby. Sometimes husbands and wives blame each other. I get comments from wives whose husbands make them feel guilty for not getting pregnant. This is ironic because there is a 33% chance that the pregnancy isn’t happening because of male fertility issues! Men who shame or guilt their wives for not conceiving have no idea how foolish they’re being. N...
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What Are the Best Ways to Cope With Fear of Infertility?

The fear of not being able to get pregnant is a very real concern for many women. Infertility fears are especially normal for women who are have been trying and failing to get pregnant for months or years. It’s not just women over 40 who are coping with fear of infertility; many women in their 20s get anxious and scared if it takes a long time to conceive a baby. This is understandable; infertility can be painful and socially isolating. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for several years...
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