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World Economic Forum: ‘2022 will be like navigating an obstacle course’

Central banks massively underestimated inflation risks as economies bounced back from the pandemic-induced slump The post World Economic Forum: ‘2022 will be like navigating an obstacle course’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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#673 The Major Challenges Facing Small Businesses in 2022

Listen to “#673 The Major Challenges Facing Small Businesses in 2022” on Spreaker.       On‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode‌ ‌of‌ ‌The‌ ‌Small‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Radio‌ ‌Show…‌ ‌ SEGMENT‌ ‌1 with‌ Jim Glassman,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at‌ ‌0:00‌:‌ ‌ ‌It’s the time of the year when we look into our crystal ball and try to figure out what the economy will look like in 2022. Leading economist Jim Glassman is here to share his perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing small businesses. SEGMENT‌ ‌2 with Victoria Jon...
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Italians are furious as the cost of an espresso soars toward record highs

The cost of an espresso is soaring in Italy.Alexander Spatari/Getty Images Italians are fuming over the rising cost of an espresso coffee. It typically costs €1 ($1.13) in Italy; experts say it could rise to €1.50 ($1.70) this year.  Global coffee prices have soared because of supply chain issues and poor harvests.  The cost of an espresso is soaring in Italy, leaving locals with a bitter taste in their mouth. According to a recent report from The Times of London, the cost of this popular mor...
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#672 Life on the Grocery Line: A Frontline Experience in a Pandemic

Listen to “#672 Life on the Grocery Line: A Frontline Experience in a Pandemic” on Spreaker.       On‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode‌ ‌of‌ ‌The‌ ‌Small‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Radio‌ ‌Show…‌ ‌ SEGMENT‌ ‌1 with Adam Jonathan Kaat,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at‌ ‌0:00‌:‌ ‌ ‌What is it like to work at a grocery store during a global pandemic? Adam Kaat shares his experience as a grocery store frontline worker. SEGMENT‌ ‌2 with Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at 19:00‌:‌ ‌ ‌The pandemic has made many people reevaluate what the...
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P&G warns that price hikes for everyday products aren't over yet

Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Procter & Gamble warned that there are more price hikes coming in the next few months.  Items like Tide detergent and personal healthcare products will get more expensive, P&G said. Companies are seeing rising costs of their own, leading them to raise prices for household goods. Prices of everyday items are going to continue rising in 2022.Procter & Gamble will increase prices for fabric care products and personal healthcare items this year, t...
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Inflation accelerates to highest rate since 2017

Elevated inflation has become a stubborn feature of the global economy’s recovery from the Covid-19 slump and central banks have been forced to react The post Inflation accelerates to highest rate since 2017 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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New trucking vaccine mandate is likely to make fruit and vegetables more expensive

Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Vaccine mandates for truckers that haul goods over the US-Canada border could cause price hikes. The CEO of Canadawide Fruits told Bloomberg the cost of transporting produce climbed 25% last week. Canada imposed the mandate on Saturday and the US will require vaccine passports on January 22. New vaccine mandates for truck drivers are likely to increase the cost of produce.The cost of transporting fruit from California and Arizona to Can...
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Americans will drive less and make fewer shopping trips in 2022 because of pricey gasoline and soaring inflation, Target CEO says

Target CEO Brian Cornell said Americans will make fewer shopping trips this year, Bloomberg reported.QualityHD/Shutterstock Target CEO Brian Cornell said Americans will make fewer shopping trips in 2022, Bloomberg reported. Shoppers are likely to eat at home and look for cheaper own brands, Cornell said, per Bloomberg. It comes as gas prices are on the rise and inflation hit a nearly 40-year high in December.  Target CEO Brian Cornell said on Sunday that Americans will drive less and make few...
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A former top Obama economist throws cold water on the Biden administration's favorite inflation argument: 'Corporate greed is a bad theory'

President Joe Biden.Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images Jason Furman is among the economists who aren't buying the Biden administration's inflation argument. Biden has asserted that big companies have been making inflation worse by excessively raising prices. Republicans are hitting Biden for rising inflation, posing a fresh political problem for Biden. President Joe Biden has grappled for months soaring inflation under his watch. And as 2022 kicks off, it hasn't fallen as qui...
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So no one’s going to Davos: our guide to the big issues that won’t be tackled

We bring you Not the World Economic Forum, where monetary hawks fly and bankers explain why China is all right, reallyThe purpose of this column is usually fairly clear: to look ahead at the biggest event in the coming week. But this time we are breaking with tradition to bring you the week’s biggest non-event: Davos.Every year the great and the good gather in the Swiss Alps at the grandly titled World Economic Forum to give their answers to the big questions. But Covid-19, running now into its ...
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Experts Address Inflation Fears During RISMedia Panel

An ongoing and historic rise in inflation has shaken not just the real estate industry, but has affected nearly every business and consumer across the country. With December’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) topping 7% year-over-year—the largest increase since 1982—real estate professionals are asking just how profound the impacts will be on their clients and markets. At RISMedia’s Real Estate Rocking in the New Year virtual event earlier this month, some of the industry’s most respected and influent...
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Fox News issues correction after airing 2011 photo of Japanese store in segment about rising US inflation

Fox News Fox News apologized for using a misleading image during a Wednesday segment on US inflation. On Wednesday, Fox used a photo of empty shelves at a supermarket to illustrate rising inflation. The image shown was actually taken in a Japanese store after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Fox News issued a correction on Thursday after the network used a 2011 picture of a Japanese supermarket during a segment about rising inflation and empty stores in the US.In the segment, which aired ...
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Biden's agenda is struggling after a string of failures brought by Senate gridlock and a faltering COVID-19 strategy

President Joe Biden leaves a meeting with the Senate Democratic Caucus on Capitol Hill.Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images President Joe Biden is struggling to implement his agenda amid a string of recent setbacks. The latest was on Thursday, Biden's bid to defend voting rights and implement vaccine mandates suffered blows. Some Democrats are pessimistic about their chances of retaining control of Congress after the November midterms.  President Joe Biden appears to be on ...
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Fox News aired a 2011 photo of a Japanese convenient store to bash 'bare shelves Biden'

The "Fox News Primetime" segment on January 12, 2022.Fox News "Fox News Primetime" aired a segment about rising inflation and empty stores, and attacked Biden. One of the photos it used is actually a 2011 Associated Press photo of an empty Japanese convenient store. "Fox News Primetime" appeared to have aired a 2011 photo of an empty Japanese convenience store to bash President Joe Biden over inflation.In its Wednesday segment, the show at one point superimposed an image of Biden over a pictu...
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Inflation Climbs to Historic Levels at 7%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its consumer price index (CPI) summary Tuesday morning showing an almost 40-year high year-over-year increase in December at 7%, with core inflation at 5.5%. After months of referring to spiraling price increases as “transitory,” the Federal Reserve has begun approaching the issue with more urgency in recent weeks, planning to accelerate its tapering of bond purchases and estimating three interest rate hikes in 2022 to combat the persistent upward pr...
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Domino's will reduce the number of wings in its $7.99 deal from 10 to 8 as the company uses 'shrinkflation' to offset inflation

Domino's is offering carside delivery.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Domino's CEO says food and labor costs are rising much faster than normal for the pizza chain. To offset rising costs, the company will offer 8 wings instead of 10 in its national promotion. It's also making the deal online-only to save on the expense of having someone work the phone. When the cost of business goes up, companies have two choices: charge customers more, or give them less for the same price.Faced with foo...
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The CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce says immigration would help curb both inflation and the labor shortage

At least 3.6 million workers have quit their jobs each month since April 2021.Grace Dean/Insider Immigration would help mitigate inflation and the labor shortage, the Chamber of Commerce's CEO said. She said that the US needed to double the number of people legally immigrating. "We should welcome people who want to come here, go to school, and stay," Clark said. Allowing more immigrants into the US would help mitigate both soaring inflation and the current labor shortage, the CEO of the U...
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Developing countries at risk from global economic threats, says World Bank

Bank forecasts slowdown in growth as world copes with Covid, inflation and higher interest ratesThe risk of a hard landing for large parts of the global economy is rising as countries struggle to cope with the triple threat of Covid-19, inflation and higher interest rates, the World fBank has said.In its half-yearly forecasts, the Washington DC-based Bank said it expected a “pronounced slowdown” in growth in the next two years, with the less well-off parts of the world especially hard hit. Conti...
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Brexit changes will add to soaring costs in 2022, warn UK manufacturers

Make UK says two-thirds of companies fear customs delays and red tape from new rules will further hamper supply chainsManufacturers have warned that Brexit will add to soaring costs facing British industry, amid concerns that customs delays and red tape will rank among the biggest challenges for firms this year.Make UK, the industry body representing 20,000 manufacturing firms of all sizes from across the country, said that while optimism among its members had grown, it was being undermined by t...
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China and Omicron are the wild cards for the global economy and financial markets

Lockdown restrictions will continue to disrupt global value chains and support rising inflation that will require aggressive rate hikes The post China and Omicron are the wild cards for the global economy and financial markets appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Car prices are expected to keep climbing throughout 2022 as the auto industry faces heightened demand and inventory constraints

A car dealership lot with Ram pickup trucks.David Zalubowski/AP The cost of both new and used cars is expected to remain higher than average throughout 2022.  The increased prices are attributed to high demand for automotives, paired with inventory constraints.  President Biden said in a speech this week that he is working to alleviate bottlenecks driving up costs.  Skyrocketing prices for both new and used cars show no sign of slowing, and experts say the higher-than-average costs are expect...
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Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman sees better inventory ahead of rate hike

Buyers are torn between acting before rates climb or avoiding all-time high prices as sellers look to act quickly, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said on CNBC.
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2022: A return to normality or more economic uncertainty?

Covid-19 cast the economy adrift, but a less punishing new phase of the pandemic could set it back on track The post 2022: A return to normality or more economic uncertainty? appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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2022 Forecast: Moderation Likely but Affordability Still a Concern

LendingTree recently released its projections for the state of real estate, jobs and the economy in 2022. According to the company, potential economic upsides include home price moderation, improved supply chains, a better job market and fewer concerns over inflation. The company does not believe the housing market will crash next year. Downsides may include increasing home prices and interest rates, which impact buyer affordability and continued economic recovery challenges due to the pandemic....
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US median rent rose 11% in 2021 due to inflation

Rents increased three times the rate of a normal year, in which rents might rise 3-4 percent overall, according to a new report from online rental marketplace Dwellsy.
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Global economy to grow by about 4% in 2022, says thinktank

Centre for Economics and Business Research forecasts reasonably strong rise in face of inflation, Omicron and supply chain crisisThe year ahead will be dominated by efforts to fight inflation along with climate change, while global economic growth will be reasonably strong and stock markets weak, according to an economic forecaster.The world starts the year with economies held back by a supply chain crisis and the rapid spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, but the global economy is still e...
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11 of America's most 'influential' companies have raised average wages during the pandemic — but historically high inflation has eaten away at those gains

Fast food workers and activists demonstrate outside McDonald's downtown flagship restaurant on July 31, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.Scott Olson/Getty Images Wages have been on the rise as companies struggle to hire enough workers. An analysis of some of the US' most "iconic" companies finds that inflation "wiped out" most of those gains. This limited real wage growth could in turn be contributing to ongoing labor shortages. Ever since the number of workers quitting hit record highs and ...
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Inflation Thoughts – Part 2

Phew, we made it through Christmas. My wife got back 7 days before, so we crammed as much Christmas in as we could. She’s still working on sending out the holiday cards. Our 7-year-old is turning 8 in a few days, so we don’t have a lot of time to relax until after that. I was still able to follow most of the news and the big topic on the financial front is inflation. It’s a big topic to get into during this holiday week, so I’ll be keeping this as quick and light as possible. Before Thanksg...
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Global financial markets brace for a bumpy ride in 2022

Soaring inflation, rising interest rates and further supply chain disruption will fuel volatility, economists sayFinancial markets are poised for a bumpy ride in 2022 in the face of soaring inflationary pressure, rising interest rates and ongoing disruption to international supply chains caused by the Omicron variant of coronavirus, experts have said. Analysts and financial investors said Omicron’s emergence had raised the prospect of a stagflationary start to the new year, with weaker levels of...
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1971: The year they broke money

It's already been hard to ignore inflation this year without the added stress of the holidays. Watching your money buy less and less each year is one of the disheartening realities of adulthood. However, that's just the price we have to pay to live in the capitalist, Western world, right? — Read the rest
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