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AWS announces new bare metal instances for companies who want more cloud control

When you think about Infrastructure as a Service, you typically pay for a virtual machine that resides in a multi-tenant environment. That means, it’s using a set of shared resources. For many companies that approach is fine, but when a customer wants more control, they may prefer a single tenant system where they control the entire set of hardware resources. This approach is also known as “bare metal” in the industry, and today AWS announced five new bare metal instances. You end up paying more...
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Online Tech Expands Cloud, Data Services with Neverfail Acquisition

Online Tech, the Ann Arbor, MI-based provider of cloud services, beefed up its capabilities last month when it acquired the infrastructure-as-a-service and data protection businesses of Neverfail, an IT company located in Austin, TX. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.Online Tech CEO Brad Cheedle says his company offers managed services around cloud computing. The company’s service include assessing if a customer is cloud-ready or migrating their data to the cloud, Cheedle says. “Companie...
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Packet hauls in $30M Series B as customized cloud vision takes shape

In a world where large hyperscale companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate the public cloud, it would seem foolhardy for a startup to try and carve out a space, but Packet has an alternative customized cloud vision, and investors have taken notice. Today, the company announced a $30 million Series B led by Third Point Ventures. An interesting mix of strategic and traditional investors joined the round including Battery Ventures, JA Mitsui Leasing and Samsung Next. Existing investors ...
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Packet hauls in $25M Series B as customized cloud vision takes shape

In a world where large hyperscale companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate the public cloud, it would seem foolhardy for a startup to try and carve out a space, but Packet has an alternative customized cloud vision, and investors have taken notice. Today, the company announced a $25 million Series B led by Third Point Ventures. An interesting mix of strategic and traditional investors joined the round including Battery Ventures, JA Mitsui Leasing and Samsung Next. Existing investors ...
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After twenty years of Salesforce, what Marc Benioff got right and wrong about the cloud

Grant Miller Contributor Share on Twitter Grant Miller is the co-founder of Replicated As we enter the 20th year of Salesforce, there’s an interesting opportunity to reflect back on the change that Marc Benioff created with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for enterprise software with his launch of This model has been validated by the annual revenue stream of SaaS companies, which is fast approachin...
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Google Cloud announces the Beta of single tenant instances

One of the characteristics of cloud computing is that when you launch a virtual machine, it gets distributed wherever it makes the most sense for the cloud provider. That usually means sharing servers with other customers in what is known as a multi-tenant environment. But what about times when you want a physical server dedicated just to you? To help meet those kinds of demands, Google announced the Beta of Google Compute Engine Sole-tenant nodes, which have been designed for use cases such ...
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Paperspace goes serverless to simplify AI deployment in the cloud

Building a GPU-fueled infrastructure service is not a simple matter for a startup to undertake, but that’s precisely what Paperspace has set out to do. Today, it took it to the next level when it announced Gradient, a service platform that eliminates the need to deploy servers for AI and machine learning projects. Like any serverless architecture, the servers don’t really go away, but the need to deploy them manually does. Gradient provides the means to simply deploy code and Paperspace will ...
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New tools help could help prevent Amazon S3 data leaks

 If you do a search for Amazon S3 breaches due to customer error of leaving the data unencrypted, you’ll see a long list that includes a DoD contractor, Verizon (the owner of this publication) and Accenture, among the more high profile examples. Today, AWS announced a new set of five tools designed to protect customers from themselves and ensure (to the extent possible) that the data in S3… Read More
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Spotinst delivers spot cloud infrastructure services at discount prices

 Cloud infrastructure vendors offer a range of prices for their services including aggressively priced virtual machines available on the spot market on an as-available basis. The catch is that the vendor can shut down these VMs whenever they happen to need them. Spotinst, a Tel Aviv-based startup, developed a service to buy and distribute that available excess capacity. Today, the company… Read More
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After Natural Disasters, Bluelock Helps Companies Recover Their Data

When hurricanes and other natural disasters strike, buildings and other physical structures aren’t the only things at risk of being destroyed. Crucial data and IT infrastructure can also be lost as a result of inclement weather, and a sector called “disaster-recovery-as-a-service” (DRaaS) has emerged, along with new cloud-based tools, to help mitigate the damage. Indianapolis-based Bluelock is a DRaaS company that launched 11 years ago offering its customers infrastructure-as-a service, o...
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Amazon just gave Windows users access to lower-cost EC2 Elastic GPUs

 Last year at AWS re:invent, Amazon introduced a way to get just the right amount of GPU power you needed and nothing more. The trouble was that it was only for Linux applications. Windows users were out of luck. This week, the company announced it has released new EC2 elastic GPUs just for Windows users. These are purpose-built for Windows instances that require accelerated performance for… Read More
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The day Amazon S3 storage stood still

 By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon’s S3 storage service went down in its Northern Virginia datacenter for the better part of 4 hours yesterday, and took parts of a bunch of prominent websites and services with it. It’s worth noting that as of this morning, the Amazon dashboard was showing everything was operating normally. While yesterday’s outage was a big deal… Read More
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WTF is cloud computing?

 After more than a decade of being in the popular tech lexicon, people kind of get the idea of “the cloud,” but most probably only understand a bit of it. That’s because the cloud isn’t a single concrete thing so much as a concept that encompasses many technologies. Understanding those pieces and how they intertwine is the secret to fully grasping the ideas behind it. Read More
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AWS gets richer with VMware partnership

 VMware signed deals with Microsoft, Google and IBM earlier this year as it has shifted firmly to a hybrid cloud strategy, but it was the deal it signed with AWS this week that has had everybody talking. The cloud infrastructure market breaks down to AWS with around a third of the market — and everybody else. Microsoft is the closest competitor with around 10 percent. While VMware has… Read More
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What real cloud-native apps will look like

 There is much talk of “cloud native” these days, and people are taking liberties with the interpretation — as they do with everything else associated with the cloud. Cade Metz put it right: “The term has taken on so many meanings in recent years. But keep in mind: most of these meanings come from IBM, HP, EMC, Dell, Cisco and other companies that don’t want to… Read More
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How AWS came to be

 There are lots of stories about the formation of AWS, but this much we know: 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services, the cloud Infrastructure as a Service arm of, was launched with little fanfare as a side business for Today, it’s a highly successful company in its own right, riding a remarkable $10 billion run rate. In fact, according to data from Synergy Research, in… Read More
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Sales Is Toxic to Innovation

Having had the good fortune to participate in business development and sales in both startups and large companies (Intel and Microsoft), I have arrived at the conclusion that sales is largely detrimental to successfully bringing innovative ideas to market. There is a critical transition from business development to sales, and if made prematurely it will at best delay success and at worst result in the failure of the endeavor. Before continuing, let’s clarify the definitions of “business developm...
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Andy Jassy is finally named CEO of Amazon Web Services

Amazon today announced that the head of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Andy Jassy, has finally been promoted to chief executive of that Amazon business unit. AWS is now the market leader of the public cloud business, and Jassy has been the face of it. Now Jassy is getting his very well deserved CEO title. Meanwhile, Jeff Wilke has been named chief executive of worldwide consumer for Amazon. “This is not a reorganization but rather a recognition of the roles they’ve played for a while,” Amazon said i...
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Microsoft launches AWS Lambda competitor Azure Functions in preview

Microsoft today announced that it’s launching the Azure Functions event-driven computing service in preview. This marks the Microsoft cloud’s predictable entrance into a market that has gotten many developers excited, one that makes it easy to set up rules associated with their applications and then let the computers take action on their own. Functions can be tied to triggers of events in the Azure — like the Azure IoT Suite — or other services. Developers don’t need to worry about scaling out t...
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Here’s Google’s real answer to Amazon Web Services

Today Google finally told the world its real strategy for competing with public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google first launched the Google Compute Engine infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in 2012, but it has always been in the shadows of AWS. Google tried using major price cuts in order to gain ground in the market, but that has only brought them so far. The new strategy is putting its cloud data centers in more places around the world. That will result in applications gett...
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Inside Project McQueen, Apple’s plan to build its own cloud

For the past several months, Apple has been working on “Project McQueen,” a plan to become more reliant on its own data center infrastructure and reduce its dependence on public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, a source familiar with the matter tells VentureBeat. Apple isn’t happy with the fact AWS is not able to very quickly load photos and videos onto users’ iOS devices, according to VentureBeat’s source. Apple has bought land in both China and Hong Kong to build o...
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Open letter: Why the cloud business needs better metrics

GUEST: Steve Ballmer, the former chief executive officer of Microsoft and the current owner of the L.A. Clippers, has a lot to say about Microsoft — especially about the Microsoft Azure cloud business. In an interview with Bloomberg, he argued that since the company was betting big on the cloud, it should report revenues and profits and not just the run rate, which he said was sort of bubkes! He argued that since software has higher margins than hardware, it is important for shareholders (he i...
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Microsoft launches Azure Security Center Advanced Threat Detection, third-party tools coming in a few weeks

Microsoft today announced the launch of multiple products that are meant to make companies more secure online. Perhaps the most compelling new feature is a more intelligent way to spot threats that could affect applications and data that companies are running on Microsoft Azure. Today Microsoft is introducing a service called Advanced Threat Detection for the Azure Security Center that’s been available in public preview since December. “After years of examining crash dumps that our customers opt...
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Google launches Cloud Dataproc service out of beta

Google today announced that its Cloud Dataproc service — a fully managed tool based on the Hadoop and Spark open-source big data software — is now generally available. The service — which supports the MapReduce engine, the Pig platform for writing programs, and the Hive data warehousing software — first became available in beta in September. And Google has enhanced the tool since then. “While in beta, Cloud Dataproc added several important features including property tuning, VM metadata and tagg...
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IBM cloud launches Swift runtime, open-source AWS Lambda competitor, GitHub Enterprise, VMware support

IBM today announced new services available from its public cloud, thanks to deeper partnerships with Apple, GitHub, and VMware. IBM is also launching a new cloud service called Bluemix OpenWhisk that represents an answer to Lambda event-driven computing service from public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bluemix OpenWhisk isn’t just important for IBM because, more than a year after Lambda’s introduction, Big Blue’s cloud finally has its own tool for performing functions in respons...
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Google Compute Engine launches Custom Machine Types out of beta

The Google Cloud Platform, Google’s public cloud infrastructure that rents out compute and storage to run your applications, announced today that the Google Compute Engine’s Custom Machine Types feature is now generally available. This allows customers to fine-tune instance sizes to the exact number of cores and amount of memory they want. Google first introduced Custom Machine Types in beta in September. “Since our Beta launch, we have seen customers create virtual machines with novel vCPU and ...
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Google has quietly launched its answer to AWS Lambda

The Google Cloud Platform, the public cloud infrastructure from Google that developers can use to build and run their own apps, last night released a fascinating service called Google Cloud Functions. The tool, which allows developers to set up functions that get triggered in response to certain events, is notable because it’s quite similar to the well-received Lambda service from public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services. “Google Cloud Functions is a lightweight, event-based, asynchronous ...
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Cloudyn Cloud Monitoring Service Catches $11 Million Investment

 Cloudyn, a service for monitoring and optimizing cloud usage across multiple vendors, announced an $11 million Series B investment today. The round was led by by Carmel Ventures with participation of previous investors Titanium Investments and RDSeed. Today’s investment brings the total to $16.5 million. Cloudyn provides an interesting tangential service for enterprise cloud consumers.… Read More
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