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Tech billionaires could end climate change. So why aren’t they?

Saving the world from the apocalyptic impact of climate change should be a dream for many Silicon Valley titans concerned about legacy, says David Wallace-Wells, and yet few are dedicating themselves to addressing the catastrophe.Negative emissions technology funded by Bill Gates exists. It would cost $3 trillion per year to operate and would mean human industry could continue at current levels without global warming.That figure sounds astronomical, however global subsidies to fossil fuel indust...
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New Funding for Workplace Software Firms Skedulo and Scope AR

Two young San Francisco companies on Wednesday announced fundraisings to bolster their online services aimed at improving workforce efficiency.—Skedulo, which helps managers schedule assignments for field service personnel, says it raised $28 million in a Series B funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture arm. Joining in the round were previous investors Blackbird, a venture capital firm based near Sydney, Australia, and Palo Alto, CA-based Costanoa Ventures. M12 principal Priya S...
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Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (3/11-3/17/19)

Every week, we will be highlighting the top patent, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, etc. stories of the previous week in our “In Case You Missed It” segment. The list itself is in no particular order and includes a wide range of stories from the patent world that are informative, noteworthy, or just plain bizarre. The […] The post Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (3/11-3/17/19) appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyri...
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​There are two kinds of failure – but only one is honorable

Learn to recognize failure and know the big difference between panicking and choking.At Big Think Edge, Malcolm Gladwell teaches how to check your inner critic and get clear on what failure is.Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships. None As Malcolm Gladwell – author of numerous New York Times bestselling books – points out, mastery and popularity are sometimes linked, but often they are not. If your goal is to become masterful at wh...
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China-Italy BRI Deal Could Be as Historic as Marco Polo

In 1271, Marco Polo traveled from his home in Venice to China via the Silk Road. The Travels of Marco Polo had huge influence. Italy is now signing agreements to join China’s Belt and Road... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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SpaceIL Unmanned Lunar Mission on Course for the Moon

Israel’s unmanned lunar mission is on course to land on the moon’s Sea of Serenity on April 11. It will be between the Apollo 12 and 15 landing sites. The lower power of the booster rocket... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Why is 18 the age of adulthood if the brain can take 30 years to mature?

Research suggests that most human brains take about 25 years to develop, though these rates can vary among men and women, and among individuals.Although the human brain matures in size during adolescence, important developments within the prefrontal cortex and other regions still take pace well into one's 20s.The findings raise complex ethical questions about the way our criminal justice systems punishes criminals in their late teens and early 20s. None At what age does someone become an adult? ...
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Meet the veteran astronaut who’ll be on the first launch of Boeing’s Starliner

The newest addition to the commercial crew explains how he is preparing for space again, eight years after his last trip.
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SpaceX Starhopper Hop Test Postponed Til Tomorrow

Space Padre reports that today’s SpaceX Starhopper test was canceled due to bad weather. The new scheduled first hop test is now scheduled for tomorrow. Just spoke with sheriff….today’s... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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A Little Known 9-Word Tom Brady Quote is the True North Of All Success

It’s not talent, skill, or even dedication that guides your path to success. It’s this. First things first. This isn’t a Patriot-ic column. Yes, I’m from Boston. Yes, I’m rooting for the Pats this Sunday. Yes, I cannot help but be drawn into the Super Bowl frenzy. And yes, I too was wondering if Tom ...
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Herodotus’ mystery vessel turns out to have been real

In 450 BCE, Greek historian Herodotus described a barge that's never been found. When the ancient port of Thonis-Heracleion was discovered, some 70 sunken ships were found resting in its waters. One boat, Ship 17, uncannily matches the Herodotus' description. None From [the acacia] tree they cut pieces of wood about two cubits in length and arrange them like bricks, fastening the boat together by running a great number of long bolts through the two-cubit pieces; and when they have thus fastene...
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Mini-brains attach to spinal cord and twitch muscles

Researchers find a new and inexpensive way to keep organoids growing for a year. Axons from the study's organoids attached themselves to embryonic mouse spinal cord cells. The mini-brains took control of muscles connected to the spinal cords. None Scientists have been experimenting with organoids — mini-brains — for a while now, but research just published in Nature Neuroscience takes things up another notch. Three things distinguish the lentil-sized mini-brains developed by Madeline Lancaster...
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Protectors and Advancers – Two Necessary Team Members

I was meeting with a successful entrepreneur recently. He said something I found interesting and it caused me to further reflect. (Side note: These kind of comments are why I always have something with me with which to take notes when I meet with people.)  The business leader told me in his business all their employees are either protectors or advancers.  He said protectors are usually found in HR, legal or accounting departments. They “protect” the organization. There needs to be an adeq...
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Why Do Startups Fail?

Premise: There has been enough written about startups and reasons why almost all of them fail. So, why write another post about this? Even though there is no dearth of resources (blogs, videos, books, stories, etc) on reasons why startups fail and how to avoid them, I don’t see any reduction in the failure rates ...
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Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan: The gender paradox and the importance of competition

Jordan Peterson has constantly been in the headlines for his ideas on gender over the last three years.While on Joe Rogan's podcast, he explains his thoughts on the gender differences in society.On another episode, Peterson discusses the development of character through competition. None Like many people, I first discovered Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Experience. Since Episode 877, the Canadian professor has been on at least five more times, making him one of the more popular recurring gue...
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New Accelerator Aims For Social Change With AR, VR, Gaming Startups

Games for Change, a non-profit that promotes the use of games and immersive technology for social good, is taking applications from startup teams for a new accelerator program it’s launching in New York City.New York-based Games for Change already encourages game and XR developers, by a variety of means, to build societal benefits into their designs. The organization, founded in 2004, holds an annual festival with demos, workshops, and training sessions, and also operates awards programs and st...
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The 4 types of thinking talents: Analytic, procedural, relational and innovative

Learn to collaborate within a team and identify "thinking talent" surpluses – and shortages.Angie McArthur teaches intelligent collaboration for Big Think Edge.Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships. None Why is burnout such a widespread phenomenon in the workplace? Collaboration expert Angie McArthur argues that it's the result of a work culture that pressures everyone to excel in every area. The fact is that people vary drasticall...
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Yale: White liberals dumb down speech when talking to minorities

The study examined how Democratic and Republican presidential candidates used language when speaking to black and white audiences.A second study focused on how white people use language in emails to strangers with stereotypically white or black names.The lead researcher called the findings "kind of an unpleasant surprise." None White liberals are more likely to use dumbed-down language in conversations with racial minorities, suggests a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and ...
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Do you have a self-actualized personality? Maslow revisited

Abraham Maslow was the 20th-century American psychologist best-known for explaining motivation through his hierarchy of needs, which he represented in a pyramid. At the base, our physiological needs include food, water, warmth and rest. Moving up the ladder, Maslow mentions safety, love, and self-esteem and accomplishment. But after all those have been satisfied, the motivating factor at the top of the pyramid involves striving to achieve our full potential and satisfy creative goals. As one of ...
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FasTrak Incorrectly Charges Millions of Drivers and Does Not Care

The picture above is California Highway sign is from the quarterly Metro Transportation Commission report. I have personally never seen the digital sign mention the Flex Fastrak transponder. You will... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Erie Hack Aims to Solve Lake’s Challenges with Tech-Driven Solutions

Even though Michigan is surrounded by one of the world’s most abundant sources of freshwater, it’s still plagued by water-related challenges, such as the Flint water crisis, high lead levels in the water at Detroit public schools, and PFAS contamination. And with the Trump administration looking to cut federal funding for Great Lakes water restoration by 90 percent in its latest budget proposal, one could argue the situation may grow more precarious.It’s with that in mind that six cities in the...
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SpaceX Starship Rate of Progress Four Times Faster than the Reusable Falcon 9

If Elon Musk and SpaceX hit the targets for the Starhopper and the SpaceX Starship then SpaceX will have accelerated rocket development by about four times. This would be accelerating the rate of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Big Blues From the Viagra People

In 1999, I conceived and co-founded (with Paul Kwicienski) the world's first interactive business blues band, Face the Music. The concept was a simple one: help organizations increase teamwork and decrease complaint by getting employees to write and perform original blues songs. The concept resonated with a lot of industries, especially Big Pharma. Oh yeah, they had the blues, lots of blues, like the "Now We Gotta Compete with Generic Drugs from Canada Blues," and the "No One Trusts the ...
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Elon Musk and NASA Chat As SpaceX is on the Cusp of Manned Missions

There was a video where Elon Musk chat about the history of Elon Musk and SpaceX that has led to the SpaceX Crew Dragon. They also talk to the astronaut crews who will fly on the SpaceX Crew Dragon.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Elon Musk and NASA Chat As SpaceX on the Cusp of Manned Missions

There was a video where Elon Musk chat about the history of Elon Musk and SpaceX that has led to the SpaceX Crew Dragon. They also talk to the astronaut crews who will fly on the SpaceX Crew Dragon.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Believe in soulmates? You're more likely to 'ghost' romantic partners.

Ghosting, or cutting off all contact suddenly with a romantic partner, is not nice.Growth-oriented people (who think relationships are made, not born) do not appreciate it.Destiny-oriented people (who believe in soulmates) are more likely to be okay with ghosting. None Most folks who have been on the dating scene since the advent of smartphones are familiar with 'ghosting', the practice of suddenly cutting off all contact with a romantic partner: not responding to or sending texts, not picking u...
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Ryugu is a heap of space rubble that might unlock the mysteries of water on Earth

Early results from the Japanese Hayabusa2 mission are not just giving us insights into space rocks—they can tell us about our own planet’s history, too.
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Ask, ‘Who benefits most from my innovation?’

Sony and Philips developed the Compact Disc (CD) which they launched in 1982.  It was originally designed to store and play music. It offered much higher quality of recording than vinyl records.  It later became used for data storage; it held far more data than most personal computer hard drives. Mickey Schulhof had joined Sony ...
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Coming Home Again: Estrada Returns to Lead WeWork Labs in Houston

Houston—Co-working company WeWork is opening its latest “Labs” space in Houston.New York-based WeWork, which has 49 Labs programs across the United States and globe, opened its first Texas location, in Dallas, last fall. WeWork’s Labs is the business’s version of an early stage startup program, offering workshops, mentorship, connections to local accelerator and incubator programs, and more in exchange for rent.Leading the endeavor is Carlos Estrada, a native Houstonian who returns to the city ...
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China Authorizes Building Four New Nuclear Reactors and India Commits to Six

China announced plans to invest 81.2 billion yuan (US$12 billion) in four new nuclear reactors for the first time since 2016. CNNP’s reactors are planned in Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, while CGN... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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