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How I photographed the same red cabin in different ways over the years

It was in August 2013 that I by accident stumbled upon the red cabin and its surrounding lake. I assume the location has been photographed before my first attempts at capturing its inherent beauty and charm. Owing to the fact that the lake is a drinking water reservoir for a whole community I am very […] The post How I photographed the same red cabin in different ways over the years appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Surround yourself with love by loving everything and everyone around you.

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The Secret of Joy

I remember being a young employee called into my boss’s office, worried I had messed up. I sat down in front of his large executive desk as he closed the door. I was frantically going through my memory to find anything I could have done wrong. As he sat down in his leather chair, he asked me in all seriousness, “Why are you so happy all the time?” Taken aback, I wasn’t even sure what he had just asked me. “Happy all the time?” I asked. “Yes,” he said a little frustrated with me. “You always have...
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The 5 Best Books for Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

Be the change you want to see in 2019. How is it only mid-January? I feel like this is always the looongest month of the year. Since it's right after the holidays (post-holiday syndrome is real) and the coldest time of the year, January is downright depressing, making it a great time to read some inspiring and motivating books.Plus, if you slacked off on your New Year's resolutions after the first week, the end of January is a great time to get back to work on those goals and solidify them into...
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Practical magic for your Love life.

This is the third year in a row that some of the ladies on Team D and myself will be diving into Terri Cole’s REAL LOVE REVOLUTION . I’ve cried and smoked break-up stress cigarettes in her backyard, and walked away brighter… every time. Her program doors open today. Terri knows how the inner saboteurs work. Like, she knows the script. She’s been practicing psychology for twenty plus years, and she lays mindfulness practices on top of that foundation. And she’s real and hilarious and has be...
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Creative Cockroaches, Standing Out + the Truth About Your Best Creative Work

A short while ago I had the great pleasure of taking the stage at the Seattle Interactive Conference with my dear friend and creative superstar Cal Mcallister (Founder, Wexley School for Girls + Paper Crane Factory) for a very pointed conversation on inspiration, unlocking your best creative work, and how the eff to stand out in today’s noisy, crowded market.  Hint:  it’s not what you think. IMHO this conversation oozes with value specifically because both Cal and I are:   a) lifelong profession...
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A Stunning Home Decorated in Traditional Kutch Art (Don’t Miss The Kids Room)

This 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai is inspired by the rich art and crafts of the Kutch region. It is designed by HBR Architects and showcases a mix of traditional art and modern design.  The kids room dressed in shades of blue is so stunning you will want to scroll up and down. Who lives [...]
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Happiness is when your heart, mind and soul are aligned in action.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting Happiness is when your heart, mind and soul are aligned in action..
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I Will Cling to What I Know

I sat in my doctor’s office awaiting his confirmation of my self-diagnosis. I had gone there because I needed some serious help: I couldn’t sleep, I had racing thoughts, wildly swinging moods, and a bunch of other symptoms I couldn’t explain. I told my doctor all about it, asked for tests, and gave him my diagnosis of some sort of weird early onset menopause. After all my explaining, I told him if I had to come up with one phrase to describe me it was, “It’s like I have bipolar.” Still I was sho...
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How Bible Journaling Helped Me Connect with God

I became a Christian sitting on the bottom stairs of our apartment building with the boy I fell in love with praying for me. I felt such a huge burden off my shoulders, a burden I didn’t even realize was there. I felt so free. I felt on fire and so loved. Just two weeks after I graduated high school, I was not only getting married to Jonathan, but he told me just a short time before that he was being called into ministry. Our lives were about to change in so many ways, and I was still such a bab...
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Inspirational Speech as a Tool of an Excellent Leader

Great leaders are the ones who empower and inspire action. Today, we are living in the age of social media, our attention spans have been shrinking and we are texting more and talking less. Regardless of all these changes, the power of words remains the same and great speeches are the most enduring legacy of many leaders. Winston Churchill was a Nobel prize recipient, but his three memorable speeches: “I have nothing to offer, but blood, toil, tears and sweat“; “We shall fight on the beaches“ an...
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Getting Started with Traveling Ultralight

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry By Leo Babauta I’m on a trip at the moment, and a friend who generously let me sleep on his couch looked at my small travel backpack and commented on how little I travel with: “That’s impressive,” he said. I was a little surprised, because though I’ve gotten that comment before, it’s become normal for me to travel with just a small bag (10 lbs. or less, usually), and I have friends who travel with even less. But then I ...
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Choosing Save The Dates & Matching Them To Your Wedding

Save the dates are always a good idea, especially if your wedding is happening a year or more from when you get engaged! And save the dates that incorporate your engagement session? Those are even better! We’ve teamed up with Minted to show you how you can let your personality shine through your save the dates, and how they can give a glimpse into your wedding day too! A cozy, at-home engagement session is the perfect option for a laid back couple. From baking in the kitchen to snuggling on the...
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Hand Gesture Candles

Expressive candles designed to look like realistic life-sized hand gestures. CandleHand – realistic human hand shaped candles. 100% handmade! Also check out: Crying Unicorn Candle
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These are the breathtaking winning photos of 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest always brings us some stunning photos, and the 2018 contest was no exception. The winners from 19 categories were selected and their photos show the beauty, versatility and sometimes harsh reality of the world around us. Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten won the overall Wildlife Photographer of the Year […] The post These are the breathtaking winning photos of 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Photographer banned from 500px because 500px don’t know what light painting is

Light painting photographer Tim Gamble is known for mind-blowing, surreal photos. However, despite his work being created entirely or almost entirely in-camera, 500px recently deleted his account for “posting non-photographic content.” It was done without any prior warning, without the possibility of recovering his account. We chatted with Tim to learn what happened, and he […] The post Photographer banned from 500px because 500px don’t know what light painting is appeared first on DIY Photograp...
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The new ABCs — Always Be Creating.

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May He Put You Together

I had a shirt made that says, “The Meds Are Working.” It makes me laugh, and it’s true. When the package came with the shirt, I ripped it open and put the tee on. It fit perfectly. I went upstairs, and as I was walking into our dining room my thirteen-year-old said, “The meds are working?” Oh yeah, I didn’t tell my children I took anti-anxiety medication. So I told my daughter, “I take medication for anxiety, and it’s been working. And I made this shirt so that others wouldn’t feel shame if they...
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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

If you’ve just returned from a winter vacation to a disheveled bedroom and already missing out on the cloud-like pillows, clean white bed sheets, plush hotel digs, and fluffy robe, you don’t have to start booking a new holiday getaway just yet. Just wait a while! Giving a luxury look to your home can be [...]
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Dressing for Dream Destinations: India

All the outfit inspiration you need for India's must-see destinations."Dressing for Dream Destinations" is a travel series that takes us across the world to daydream about what we'd wear to various locations.India is the second-most populous country in the world and has a rich cultural background and history. Due to its size and amount of people, there's so much to see and do that it's hard to know where to start. On the flip side, this means there's something for everyone. Here's how to dress f...
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12 Signs it’s Time for You to Let Go

The renowned psychologist Carl Rogers noted that people are often unhappy because of a lack of congruence in their lives, which is another way of saying momentary complexity blinds us to the simple solutions of life.  For Rogers, simply sitting with a patient and having them talk through their problems, without the therapist leading them or making judgments or giving advice, was the best way for them to let go of their problems.  Rogers determined that when you give a person a safe and supporti...
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Turning Your Passion into a Global Brand

wegg® wants to help women everywhere transform their passions into global brands. Making the dreams of women entrepreneurs a reality is wegg®’s purpose. We are here for you.  You might be wondering, “How could anyone change their hobby into an international business?” Well, we recently read about one woman’s success story in this Forbes article. Becky […]
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How to Style This Basic Winter Piece like a Celeb

Rihanna, Kaia Gerber, and Yara Shahidi show you 3 different ways to style a simple black turtleneck.Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Rihanna, Kaia Gerber, and Yara Shahidi. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself. Celebrity Look #1: Rihanna's City Sleek Rihanna looked sleek and stylish while out in NYC.While she's known for wearing eclectic ensembles, this past week Riha...
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These silly puppets will tell you about the terrible history of photography

In the past few decades, we have witnessed rapid changes in the world of photography and cameras. The history of photography is long and rich, and tongue-in-cheek video from Glove and Boots will tell you about the bad sides of photography that came before our smartphones. The video starts from smartphones, which make it fast […] The post These silly puppets will tell you about the terrible history of photography appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to make your first $1,000 with your photography

So, you have decided to turn your photographic skill into a business. It’s a big step, but it may not be easy to start and earn your first money as a professional photographer. In this video, Jeff Rojas shares some valuable tips to help you get started. He gives you three ways to market yourself […] The post How to make your first $1,000 with your photography appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Reflect on your beauty within and live it.

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Learning a Little Courage from Our Kids

They play hockey, these kids. They love the game. They love each other, and with courage. Thus, when their thirteen-year-old teammate kept getting taunted by opposing players because he’s black, these white kids said no. Not gonna take it. He’s our friend, so leave him alone. Cut out the taunts. Stop the putdowns. And with that, something changed. Standing up for their friend, this scrappy bunch of kids from the Metro Maple Leafs in Odenton, Maryland, inspired the grownups — parents and coaches ...
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High Vibe Honey: Week Of 21st January 2019 + Tapping To Be Proud Of What You Do!

Happy Full Moon eclipse in Leo, and happy Aquarius season! As you probably guessed, the cards perfectly reflect what is going on in the stars! This is a time to be proud of yourself, to celebrate your victories, and to enjoy being you. This reading is delicious and the tapping is so essential for anyone who knows they are here in this world to do BIG WORK! For this reading, I used Gabriella Rosie’s Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck and Adam JK’s OK Tarot.   Don’t forget to sign up for MAGNETISMO!...
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Eat well, exercise, laugh with your friends, and don’t ever make excuses and you will be a healthy and happy person.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting Eat well, exercise, laugh with your friends, and don’t ever make excuses and you will be a healthy and happy person..
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Wooden Maze

Giant plywood maze installed in the National Building Museum in Washington. The walls become smaller towards the center of the maze and reveal 360 degree understanding from where you came and where you shall go. Wooden Maze art installation designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Also check out: Giant Snow Maze
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