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On The Floor With Core: CES 2019

Another year, another CES for the books. During our time in Las Vegas for the biggest technology trade show of the year, there were laughs, there were naps, but most importantly there were thousands of LED screens to stare at. We went through five days of utter sensory overload so that you didn't have to. Above, feast your eyes on some of our favorite (and most hilarious) finds from CES, including but not limited to facial recognition technology, flexible OLED screens and massage chairs. Not pic...
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Jumanji Sequel Welcomes Danny Glover to the Jungle

Jumanji sequel welcomes Danny Glover to the jungle Sony’s Jumanji 3 continues to welcome Hollywood icons past and present to the jungle. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s most recent addition is none other than Danny Glover, who joins Danny DeVito and Awkwafina — not to mention the original cast — in the anticipated sequel. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptSta...
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More TSA employees skipping work as shutdown stretches on – as it happened

Unscheduled absences double as unpaid workers report ‘they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations’Sign up to the daily US morning briefing 2.04am GMT Thanks for following along today! You can read more on what’s happening with the SOTU here: Related: Pelosi asks Trump to delay State of the Union address, or deliver it in writing 1.11am GMT Cardi B has officially weighed in on the government shutdown, and she is not happy. In a video posted to Instagram the rapper...
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11 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands To Support Right Now

There's been a wave of international influence on the American beauty market in the last few years. From K-beauty skin care to French-girl makeup, brands from all over the world have been appearing in our favorite U.S. stores, consuming our Instagram feeds, and inspiring new beauty trends. And as unique beauty communities get more attention in the beauty aisle, we're seeing an uptick in brands owned by Latinx men and women.The Latinx community prides itself in having a strong connection to la b...
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Why Instagram is giving art galleries a run for their money

With over 1 billion users and growing, Instagram has emerged as an unexpected player in the art world, bypassing traditional gatekeepers such as galleries and auction houses to connect artists and collectors, one “like” at a time.Given that the popular social media platform was built to be a visually driven medium, it lends itself naturally to the showcase of artworks. “You can literally skip the galleries,” says Gabriel Dufourcq, a 36-year-old visual artist whose works have been exhibited at th...
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Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Caroline Calloway & Her Disastrous $165 Mason Jar Meet-Up

When Caroline Calloway, a 27-year-old Instagram influencer and writer, abruptly cancelled her tour of creativity workshops scheduled across America, all eyes were watching. Her lofty endeavors had gained notoriety on Twitter after writer Kayleigh Donaldson began documenting what she felt were Calloway's ill-advised attempts to throw together a multi-city tour that promised teachings, lunch, care packages, and personalized letters for every attendee."This woman is a blatant scammer who's now org...
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19 Marketing Predictions From Music Industry Experts

In this piece nineteen different experts in fields ranging from musician to author to podcast host, weigh in with their marketing predications for the music industry in 2019, and what artists can do to prepare for the year. ________________________________ Guest post from Ariel Hyatt Cyber PR Featuring Ari’s Take, DIY Musician, In The Key Of Success, Headcount, and The Rock/Star Advocate. Here we are back at 2018.  I suspect you may be making some resolutions and plans for this...
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You Won't Recognize Your Favorite Beauty Influencers in Their 10-Year Challenges

At the beginning of a new year, it's normal for people to reflect on their lives and think about how far they've come. In 2019, many people have been participating in the 10-Year Challenge across social media, in which someone posts a current photo of themselves next to a picture from a decade ago. Some of the most jaw-dropping changes have been from beauty influencers, whose entire careers are based off how they make themselves look. Ahead, you'll see images of your favorite YouTube and Instag...
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Get more shut-eye in 2019 with help from Google

After a long day, it should be easy to hit the hay at night. But far too often, just as you’re about to drift off, you decide to check why your phone just buzzed...and you’re back to square one.According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults should aim to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. Many of us, including yours truly, usually don’t get there.If you want a fresh start in the new year, here are some tech tips and healthy habits that will help you catch more zzzzs ...
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The 10-Year Challenge Is Total BS — & Here's Why

Throwback Thursday already exists. The compulsion to share photos from our youth – or even just from a vacation you looked hot on two weeks ago — is already a social-media staple. Nostalgia reigns supreme on Instagram, an app that glorifies perfection and filters life to its greatest hits, so it’s not shocking that the #10YearChallenge has taken off.The "challenge" is exactly what it sounds like — people are sharing split-screen photos of themselves, one from 2009 and one from 2019. It’s also t...
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32 Celebrities Who Ditch Makeup On Their Day Off

There is only one rule of makeup, which is that there are none. Foundation diehard? Allow us to direct you to our favorite ones. More the fiercely fresh-faced type? Here's the skin-care routine that will make you glow. We don't subscribe to the narrative that either one is better, or braver, than the other.That said, we've noticed an uptick in celebrities who have been jumping on the no-makeup train — led by the patron saint of cosmetics-free complexions, Alicia Keys. But that's not to say all ...
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Helping teens root out misinformation and get media savvy

Editor’s Note: Katy Byron is the Editor and Program Manager of MediaWise at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. MediaWise is part of the Google News Initiative and is a funded partnership between The Poynter Institute, the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), the Local Media Association (LMA) and the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). Mediawise aims to teach one million students how to discern fact from fiction online by 2020.Misinformation is nothing ...
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MOJO TV Episode 2 – Mountain Bird Retreat ~ VIDEO

MOJO TV Episode 2 – Mountain Bird Retreat USA – -(  MOJO TV EPISODE 2 – Mountain Bird Retreat New episode airs Saturday on Sportsman Channel Terry breaks from the Louisiana heat to join John Wiles of Best Wingshooting for a tour through Northern Argentina’s elite wingshooting locations. John’s first location provides an incredible backdrop of towering mountains and tons of pigeons. Load em up as fast as you can because the action never slows. Incredible lodges, wonderful food a...
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Sprint customers can now use Apple Business Chat to reach an agent

Sprint today announced it will support Apple’s Business Chat – the new platform that allows businesses and customers to interact over iMessage. According to the carrier, customers can now message a Sprint customer service agent, get info about plans and other services, as well as look up store information in Maps, Safari and with Siri during a chat session. The support from Sprint comes after two other launches on the platform this week. TD Ameritrade said it will allow customers to fund thei...
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Channel Zero Canceled After Four Seasons at SYFY

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Channel Zero canceled after four seasons at SYFY SYFY’s Channel Zero is officially off the air. Showrunner Nick Antosca posted to Instagram confirming that the anthology series would not be moving forward at the cable network. Channel Zero first premiered back in late 2016. The most recent season, Channel Zero: The Dream Door, premiered last year. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB....
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Travel photographers, beware of this international scam that tricked 100 people so far

There are all sorts of scams targeted at photographers. But there has recently been a new one that has reportedly tricked at least 100 people so far. It’s targeted particularly at travel photographers and Instagram influencers. It doesn’t only involve losing thousands of dollars, but potentially being in danger and manipulated in a foreign country, […] The post Travel photographers, beware of this international scam that tricked 100 people so far appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Nwankwo Kanu left in tears as Arsenal medals & Olympic torch are stolen

Sad day for a memorable Arsenal star Former Arsenal star Nwankwo Kanu almost ‘broke down’ in tears after his medals and Olympic torch were stolen from his property in Lagos. The Nigerian won several huge honours during his time with the Gunners and other clubs. He won the Premier League and FA Cup twice during his time in north London as well as a community shield. He also won the Champions League with Ajax and the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan. Now, he’s at the centre of drama in his home country....
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Nomibis: A Vintage Shop in Reims, France, Shoppable on Instagram

A flea market in France you can shop on Instagram? Julie recently spotted Nomibis, run by Fabienne Nominé and companion Pascal Bisson, who first opened a shop in the city of Reims, France (once the site of the coronations of the French kings), but ten years later discovered that they could sell things more artfully and more quickly on Instagram. Now they use their own Reims home to style their found “antiques and eccentricities,” then post them on their Instagram feed (@nomibis) and on their web...
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Instagram now lets you post photos to multiple accounts at once

If you are an Instagram user, then you know that you can link multiple accounts to a single user name. This is a handy option, but Instagram is now making it easier to post to all the accounts you have. From now on, it’s possible to post the same image across all your accounts at […] The post Instagram now lets you post photos to multiple accounts at once appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Next Level of Influence: 30 Essential Influencer Marketing Statistics

Pop Quiz: When influencer marketing is done right, who wins? a) Your brand b) The influencers c) Your audience d) All of the above In case you missed the last few classes, the answer is D. In the ideal influencer marketing engagement, your brand gets a boost in credibility, authority, and exposure to a new audience. The influencer gets a cool content asset to promote, association with other thought leaders, and is able to grow their influence in their niche. And the audience gets awesome con...
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Jimmy Butler posts Instagram trolling Andrew Wiggins after Sixers beat Wolves by 42

The Sixers beat Minnesota, 149-107, in a historic beatdown. Of course, Butler left the Timberwovles under inauspicious circumstances in late 2018, and the narrative has long been that the 29-year-old star has thought Minnesota's young stars were soft. That included Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, who appear to be doing a sight better now that both Butler and Tom Thibodeau is out of Minneapolis.
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Selfies and Pictures of Food for Everyone: Change to Instagram Makes Posting to Multiple Accounts Possible

Instagram just made a huge change that should make life easier for social media mavens around the world. You can now post your selfies and videos to multiple accounts simultaneously instead of having to log out of each one and posting it manually to each individual account. Image via OMKAR from DPReview reports that the option to post to multiple accounts pops up when you are prompted to add the caption, geotag the pic, or add hashtags to it. For their part, DPReview reports seeing...
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My 2019 Goals in Life and Travel

This post is probably a couple of weeks overdue, but I wasn’t mentally ready yet to tackle it. Posts like this one require a great deal of emotional energy and, frankly, I haven’t been up to it lately. But it’s something I need to do for myself, if no one else as it really does help me organize my thoughts and get ready for a new year. It’s far too easy to fall into familiar and comfortable routines, at least it is for me, but by starting out the year with a clear roadmap – or at least a solid ...
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The #10YearChallenge Is Harder on Women Than You Think

One of the first internet challenges to go viral this year on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is #HowHardDidAgingHitYou, or the #10YearChallenge. The challenge requires users to share a photo from 10 years ago side-by-side with a current photo. Millennials and Gen-Zers have participated with gusto - mostly because their decade-old picture is of awkward pubescence or wide-eyed youth, and though they are older, they are still "young." But this activity is likely a lot less fun for older women - ...
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The Pastel Hair Color Trend Taking Over Hollywood

From Barbie dolls to baby showers to modern-day millennials to Janelle Monáe videos, the color pink has long had a fan base that's diverse and ever-changing. Right now Hollywood is showing the color some love with stars like Julia Roberts, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Halsey all dyeing their hair shades like baby, flamingo, and even neon Post-it pink.Although it seems like a great shade for someone just starting to tinker with hair dye, there are a few things to keep in mind if you're looking ...
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Snap is losing its CFO after less than a year, and the stock is plummeting (SNAP)

Tim Stone, the CFO of Snapchat parent company Snap Inc., is quitting. Stone, who came to Snap from Amazon, only took the job in May 2018. He is walking away from most of a $20 million pay package. Snap has said that Stone will be sticking with the company through at least its quarterly earnings call on February 5th.  The company's stock has cratered around 8.5% on the news. Snap says that it's Q4 2018 financial results are likely to be "slightly favourable to the top end of our previously repo...
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Snapchat's parent company is losing its CFO after less than a year, and the stock is plummeting (SNAP)

Tim Stone, the CFO of Snapchat parent company Snap Inc., is quitting. Stone, who came to Snap from Amazon, only took the job in May 2018. He is walking away from most of a $20 million pay package. Snap has said that Stone will be sticking with the company through at least its quarterly earnings call on February 5th.  The company's stock has cratered around 8.5% on the news. Snap says that it's Q4 2018 financial results are likely to be "slightly favourable to the top end of our previously repo...
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These Are The Best Memes Of 2019 So Far

A sloth walks into a bar mansion in pursuit of love with an affable virgin, and a girl holding a tray of Fiji water bottles captivates a nation with her smoldering smize. These are just two of the best memes of the year, and it's only January, people!What will be this year's Blue/Black vs. White/Gold Dress or Laurel vs. Yanny? It's too soon to tell. But I'm calling it now: 2019 shall be a great year for memes.Ahead, some of the best so far. An egg recently won the title of most-liked photo o...
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The American Egg Board celebrates an egg becoming the most-liked photo on Instagram and getting 'the recognition it deserves'

A picture of an egg is now the most-liked photo on Instagram, with more than 42 million likes.  "We always knew eggs were incredible… now the world has confirmed it," the president of the American Egg Board said in a statement on Tuesday.  The American Egg Board is donating millions of eggs to celebrate the Instagram-famous egg's success, and has reached out to the person who posted the egg to collaborate.  The American Egg Association is celebrating the triumph of an egg-turned-Instagram cel...
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DESTINATION FLIES - Doyle's Floating Crab

I constantly have my eyes open for new flies to tuck into my carp, smallmouth, redfish, permit and anything else fly boxes that look "munchy" and when Kevin Doyle of Destination Flies posted a few images of his Doyle's Floating Crab on Instagram, I asked if he would mind putting together a step by step to show others how he ties this fly.  Grab your vise, tying materials and get to work. MATERIALS - DOYLE'S FLOATING CRAB:   Hook - 2/0 Mustad C-68 SNP-DT Thread - Tan 210 Danville Flat ...
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