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Look at this tiny new Polaroid camera can you believe it

A lot has changed in the last decade-ish of instant photography, yet all the while the boxy build of instant cameras has stayed more or less intact. Modern instant shooters have slimmed down and put on a variety of calming pastel tones, but they’re not exactly slender. But lo, Polaroid — the new Polaroid, not the old Polaroid — has done a thing. The company says its latest camera, the Polaroid Go, is the world’s smallest analog instant camera. And you know, yeah, it looks really quite small. How...
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Polaroid Go unveils the world’s smallest analog instant camera

Polaroid has unveiled what it claims is the world’s smallest analog instant camera, the Polaroid Go, and it launches just days after Fujifilm's Instax Mini 40.
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Fujifilm’s no-frills Instax Mini 40 camera makes prints quick

Fujifilm has added another camera to its Instax line-up, with the Instax Mini 40 offering instant prints in a $100 package.
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Canon takes on Fuji with new instant-print CLIQ cameras

Instant print cameras have been popular for a long, long time, but they’re seeing a renaissance now — led by Fujifilm, whose Instax mini-films and cameras lead the pack. But Canon wants in, and has debuted a pair of new cameras to challenge Fuji’s dominance — but their reliance on digital printing may hold them back. The cameras have confusing, nonsensical names in both the U.S. and Europe: Here, they’re the IVY CLIQ and CLIQ+, while across the pond it’s the Zoemini C and S. Really now, Canon! B...
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