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"It’s easy to laugh at a grown man in a rubber dog suit chewing on a squeaky toy. Maybe too easy, in fact, because to laugh is to..."

"... dismiss it, denigrate it – ignore the fact that many of us have found comfort and joy in pretending to be animals at some point in our lives.... For David, a writer who works in academia, puppy play is an escape from the analytical world. 'It’s so totally non-verbal,' he tells me. 'It’s pre-rational, pre-conscious. It’s an instinctive, emotional space. But within every puppy is a person. This is part of my identity, but it’s only part. I’m also a vegetarian, play the piano; I have a parrot....
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"That's great! Love the butterflies. More butterflies. You can't have too many butterflies, that's for sure. You don't see as many butterflies in hotel rooms as you should."

That's the third-most-down-rated comment at "Artist Damien Hirst unveils the most expensive hotel suite ever at $200,000 for TWO nights...." (Daily Mail). The most up-voted comment is, "It's hideous." Yes, but that's such a flat-footed response. It really is hilariously horrible. Click for the photographs. ... Hirst's personal touch appears in nearly every aspect of the villa [i.e., the hotel suite]: from specially designed furniture and textiles that incorporate Hirst's signature spin designs, ...
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I've been looking at real estate... because we might move somewhere (where??)...

... but I'm dismayed by how bad the architecture is. Zillow and Trulia send me things from a particular city I've shown interest in, but every single thing is badly designed and much of it is atrocious. Even if I found one house that suited my taste — and all I want is something clean and simple — I'm afraid I'd have to look out on ugliness. It's really discouraging! Why haven't people figured out how to design a house? I know, what I'm seeing is what people have figured out. So then, my problem...
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You're looking to buy a new home, you begin with high hopes, you're clicking through photos on Zillow...

... and you get to this: What you think is... Hell no. Weird, but I'm weird. Fantastic! Mondrian!! I get it, I do care about art, and I appreciate idiosyncrasy, but it just seems... unwise. free polls [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Most Presidents "want to keep parts of the White House private for their families and themselves," but Trump is "very restless and doesn't like desk work. He’d rather roam around and B.S. with people than hunker down."

Says presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, quoted in "‘Want to see the Lincoln bedroom?’: Trump relishes role as White House tour guide" (WaPo).Even though the specific place in the White House the headline mentions is the Lincoln Bedroom, the first place the article mentions is the room next to the Oval Office that Trump shows with the line, "I’m told this is where Bill and Monica...." He laughs and makes faces and, according to WaPo, relying on a new book, "The subject often leads to length...
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The figurative and literal rabbit hole.

Inside the wonderful apartment of Amy Sedaris: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the First Frost Café...

... you can warm up inside.It's going down to 29° tonight — and it was almost 80° a couple days ago — so it was the day Meade dragged the big avocado tree inside. He dismantled all the ferns too. It looks so empty out there now! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At Odyssey Café...

... there is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A more accurate title would be "How to Spot a Minimally Competent Men's Haircut" but then I would not have watched this.

I like the way male anxieties about "high-end" haircuts are allayed by low-end junk on the floor in the salon's "barbershop" decor.I put some effort into trying to find out what you have to pay to get a haircut from this expert, but I gave up. There's also a WSJ article accompanying the video. It's called "Your Haircut Is (Probably) Too Cheap/Certain CEOs won’t spend over $20 and contend that paying more is pointless. But, as barbershops evolve, spending a little extra can make a big difference....
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"It was a tribute to the idea of East Coast preppy culture, a love note to Salinger and Cheever, to the Kennedys, and to the early ’60s..."

"[Kate Spade] ads had the confidence and charm of a Wes Anderson film, a few years before Rushmore made his style instantly recognizable. They’d taken a love of WASP-y Americana and merged it with a winking downtown irony, in a formula that brands like J.Crew and Tory Burch would later emulate with great success. In retrospect, it’s hard to appreciate how cool those simple handbags were.... Everything about that year in my life felt vivid, even though I only worked in retail and went to college....
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"'A plant on top of a brick and some plywood furniture,' Alegre said, jokingly, of the dominant Apartamento style..."

"... though it has nonetheless encouraged a generation of homeowners (or, just as likely, renters) to rethink what makes a good home and, perhaps by extension, a good life.... 'We built this house in a way that you almost don’t need any furniture,' he said. Apartamento, it seems, has given him an appreciation of emptiness.... The cork dining table... was covered with remnants of a long lunch that Alegre had hosted the previous Sunday afternoon. A wine key was still on the table. The contents of ...
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At the First Lady Café...

... you can talk all night.And use the Althouse Portal to Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Over time, the obsession with terrariums faded, but it returned in the 1960s and ’70s..."

"... when the environmental movement—and hippies—burst onto the scene in America and the U.K. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962, revealed the toll of pollution on the environment and laid the groundwork for a movement that coalesced into the establishment of the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. Terrariums were the physical embodiment of that movement: little shrines encapsulating the fragility of nature. These terrariums were mostly homemade, using a fishbowl or another sort of ...
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"Belgian artist Jook... turned her house into one giant doodle pad so there’d be no barriers for her drawing."

"Whenever she feels inspired she can just pick up a pen and go wild on the walls. The bathtub is covered with wipe-away doodles by Jook and her son, and every room has been transformed into Jook’s doodled world. Jook even doodles on her clothes, so every part of her life can be filled with her creativity. Take a look...." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"She’ll describe a mint green as 'a color that makes me thirsty,' or perceive 'crushed raspberry' where others might see fuchsia."

"'I like to mix and let them insult each other, have an argument,' she has said, of colors, as though they were guests at a dinner party... 'The color of my childhood was strawberry milkshake,' Mahdavi said recently. She was born in 1962, in Tehran, to an Iranian father and an Egyptian mother.... Iran is one of the wellsprings of Mahdavi’s style. 'I love the contrast between the brutality of the city and the softness of this,' she said one day, showing me a photograph she had taken of a bourgeoi...
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Marc Maron remembered "the room of an older kid who lived next door to his grandmother" —" [o]verflowing with magazines, records and books, it defined cool to his young eyes."

"He said the used-bookstore aesthetic of his garage was inspired by this childhood memory."A caption for one of the photographs in "Tour Marc Maron’s Garage Before He and His Podcast Move."I love interior spaces like this. Don't you? Did you ever walk into someone else's house and see a room that inspired you because you got a sense of the work a person does here or what the interior space of his mind might be like? What was in that room? Do you have a room like that? What's in your room?IN THE ...
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"Busy day at the CFPB. Digging into the details."

Busy day at the @CFPB. Digging into the details. — Mick Mulvaney (@CFPBDirector) November 28, 2017 I'm glad Mick Mulvaney — who won a big lawsuit yesterday — has such an unprepossessing office.That's the first time I've used the word "unprepossessing" in the entire 50,000+ posts on this blog. I did quote it once, in "A 'balding, blunt, unprepossessing, listed-at-5-foot-7 policy wonk would be a strong contender to take on President Barack Obama...." That was in 2010,...
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Time for the adoration of the... First Lady.

The decorations are up! @WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate! Wishing you a Merry Christmas & joyous holiday season!— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) November 27, 2017 Gorgeous. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Rachel Maddow describes how she puts her show together as "a bad process."

"It’s impressive in one way," she says (to The New Yorker's Janet Malcolm), about starting the workday "at around 12:30 p.m., when she acquaints herself with the day’s news," meeting with the staff at 2:00, reading until about 6:30, and only then writing the monologue.It's "reckless," she says."It kills my poor staff. They’re so supportive and constructive. But it’s too much to ask. They need to put in all the visual elements and do the fact-checking and get it into the teleprompter. It’s a prod...
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Getting it together.

I'm up to Step 4 in transforming the rarely used living room into The Music Room. (Please use this post as an open thread... which means that I must add: Please consider doing any shopping you might have through The Althouse Amazon Portal.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Design Within Reach has lost its anal-retentive mind.

I love Design Within Reach. It simplifies everything. There is no clutter in the design or in the process of shopping for good design, and I aspire to the clutter-free, utterly simple beauty that has been its concept all these years.But then, suddenly, I get the new catalogue, and it's all changed! Somebody must have decided that the simplicity was off-putting, sterile, too challenging, or — what? — insufficiently hygge.Here's the main photo on the front page right now:What's all that crap on th...
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"Zillow is threatening to sue me if I don’t delete most of the posts on this blog."

Says McMansion Hell (a very funny and useful blog).ADDED: The blogger is not deleting the blog. Start here and scroll to see the posts. I'm pretty sure I've linked to it before. If you like mockery of bad architecture and interior decoration, it's great. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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This is so much better than that pineapple on the subject of whether putting something in a museum makes it art.

Please watch the video before forming an opinion — "Sara Berman's Closet."This exhibition represents Berman's life from 1982 to 2004, when she lived by herself in a small apartment in Greenwich Village. In her closet Berman lovingly organized her shoes, clothes, linens, beauty products, luggage, and other necessities. Although the clothing is of various tints—including cream, ivory, and ecru—it gives the impression of being all white.With its neatly arranged stacks of starched and precisely fold...
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"How to Live in a 150-Square-Foot Studio."

Nicely designed. Look at the slideshow. The minimization of the kitchen area is brilliant. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Traveling family renovates old school bus as both solar-powered home and hostel

World-traveling nomads have refurbished an old school bus to double as the family's eco-friendly home on wheels and a modest hostel for adventurers. The revamped 39-foot-long solar-powered bus is currently carrying the family of three on a three-year European adventure and picking up guests along the way. The adventure-loving family estimates that converting the bus into a traveling home cost just under $32,000 dollars. The renovation process focused...
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"What amazes a lot of people is that I’m sitting in an apartment the likes of which nobody’s ever seen. And yet I represent the workers of the world."

Said Donald Trump, quoted in TIME's "2016 Person of the Year Donald Trump."This is not the article linked in the earlier post, about the process of picking Trump for Person of the Year. This is the article about him. It's written in a fancy style (by Michael Scherer) with sentences like — referring to Trump's apartment — "It’s gilded and gaudy, a dreamscape of faded tapestry, antique clocks and fresco-style ceiling murals of gym-rat Greek gods."And if you can wade through enough heavy prose, you...
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"When people told him it was a deathtrap, he would laugh. In Derick's mind he was creating this amazing art space..."

"... and everything going on there was the most amazing thing ever."Said one friend of the captain of the so-called Ghost Ship, where at least 33 people died in a fire Friday night. The man, who sublet space in the rented warehouse, is Derick Ion Almena, who reacted to the fire with a Facebook post that is the most perverse display of sensitivity I have ever seen:Confirmed. Everything I worked so hard for is gone. Blessed that my children and Micah were at a hotel and safe and sound…it's as ...
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Madonna is "ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being, really."

It was a charitable event, held in Miami, to raise money to help the poor in Malawi. It cost $5,000 to get in and they were auctioning off glitzy Bulgari and Swarovski things, so the audience was rich. Madonna was assuming that the rich hate Trump. At one point, she said she'd "slept in Donald Trump's bed" — ha, ha — just a photo shoot... in Palm Beach... for Versace. And:"I just want to mention that his sheets were not 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Yes. Cheap slumlord. Here's what I’m wondering:...
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"With the chill barely out of his bones, Cohen took in the horseshoe-shaped harbor and the people drinking cold glasses of retsina and eating grilled fish in the cafés by the water..."

"... he looked up at the pines and the cypress trees and the whitewashed houses that crept up the hillsides. There was something mythical and primitive about Hydra. Cars were forbidden. Mules humped water up the long stairways to the houses. There was only intermittent electricity. Cohen rented a place for fourteen dollars a month. Eventually, he bought a whitewashed house of his own, for fifteen hundred dollars, thanks to an inheritance from his grandmother. Hydra promised the life Cohen had cr...
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A glimpse of an atrocious hotel lobby in Gagra, Georgia (or is is Abkazia?) sends me back to "That Party at Lenny's."

Yikes. This is the worst hotel lobby I have ever seen featured in a article in the NYT.Not only is there an old hairy-legged, black-sock-wearing man in shorts sitting on a depressing sofa, not only do limp draperies block the light, not only is there a set-up chess board with oversized pieces... there's a huge statue — double life-sized — of Vladimir Lenin leaning forward intensely as if he's about to get up and kill you. The article is about a place in Gagra which is in Georgia (or Abkh...
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