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Saudi Arabia's PIF hires former IFC official as chief economist

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has appointed a former International Finance Corporation official as its chief economist within a plan to boost hiring and expand overseas, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV said on Sunday.
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Thursday round-up

Briefly: At The Daily Caller, Kevin Daley notes that “Chief Justice John Roberts has made common cause with the Supreme Court’s liberal bloc as late, breaking with his conservative colleagues on cases relating to abortion, the death penalty and President Donald Trump’s revised rules for asylum seekers,” and that “[i]n isolation, it’s difficult to know what to make of the chief’s votes.” In an op-ed for Fox News, Kristen Waggoner hopes that the recent settlement between Colorado and Christian ba...
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Wednesday round-up

At The George Washington Law Review’s On the Docket blog, Ralph Steinhardt discusses Jam v. International Finance Corporation, in which the court held that international organizations have the same immunity from lawsuits that foreign countries currently have and can therefore be sued in U.S. courts for their commercial activities, suggesting that the case “may be understood as a continuation of the effort to hold intergovernmental organizations accountable for violations of international law, wi...
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Thursday round-up

Briefly: For The New York Times, Adam Liptak reports that “a group of hip-hop stars, including Chance the Rapper, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Yo Gotti, Fat Joe and 21 Savage,” filed a brief yesterday “urg[ing] the Supreme Court to hear their fellow rapper’s First Amendment challenge to his conviction” “for threatening police officers — in a song.” At SCOTUS OA, Tonja Jacobi and Matthew Sag predict a 6-3 win for the proponents of the Peace Cross in The American Legion v. American Humanist Associatio...
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Wednesday round-up

At The Daily Caller, Kevin Daley reports that “Christian baker Jack Phillips and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission … have resolved a legal dispute that set Phillips’ religious beliefs against the state’s public accommodations law”; the settlement “provides that the Commission will close an ongoing anti-discrimination probe of Phillips’s Masterpiece Cakeshop,” the subject of a high-profile Supreme Court case last term, “if Phillips withdraws a federal lawsuit alleging state officials were subj...
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Monday round-up

Steven Mazie reports at The Economist that the oral argument last week in The American Legion v. American Humanist Association, an establishment clause challenge to a World War I memorial shaped like a cross on public property, “added credence to the widespread hunch that the Supreme Court will save the Peace Cross[:] The question is how bold the justices will be.” At his eponymous blog, Ed Mannino notes that several justices expressed disapproval of “the highly-criticized three-part test set fo...
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Thursday round-up

Amy Howe covers yesterday’s oral argument in The American Legion v. American Humanist Association, an establishment clause challenge to a World War I memorial shaped like a cross on public property, for this blog, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court. For The New York Times, Adam Liptak reports that the court “seemed ready … to allow a 40-foot cross honoring soldiers who died in World War I to remain in place on public land in Maryland.” For , Jess Bravin reports that the “justice...
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Opinion analysis: Justices hold that international organizations do not have near-complete immunity

The Supreme Court today ruled that, just like foreign countries, international organizations such as the World Bank can be sued in U.S. courts when they are acting as private players in the market. But although the decision was a welcome one for human-rights groups, the justices made clear that the courthouse doors may not necessarily be wide open to lawsuits against international organizations. The defendant in the case that the justices decided today was the International Finance Corporation...
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Yellow Door Energy snags $65 mln Series A

Yellow Door Energy, a UAE-based solar developer, has raised $65 million in Series A financing. The investors included International Finance Corporation, a World Bank member, Mitsui and Equinor Energy Ventures. Source: Press Release
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Anderson, Singhal join Lazard Asset Management

Lazard Asset Management LLC said Jan. 28 that Jennifer Anderson and Nikita Singhal have joined the firm as co-heads of sustainable investment and ESG (environmental, social and governance). Anderson was previously an investment manager at TPT Retirement Solutions. Singhal was a portfolio analyst with ClearBridge Investments. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lazard Asset Management LLC (“LAM”) today announced that Jennifer Anderson and Nikita Singhal have joined the firm as Co-Head...
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Exclusive: Former Abraaj venture Wamda Capital to launch second $70m VC fund - The National

Exclusive: Former Abraaj venture Wamda Capital to launch second $70m VC fund - The National:Wamda Capital, the venture capital company that emerged out of an entrepreneurship platform set up by Abraaj Capital, is planning the first close of its second $70 million (Dh257m) investment fund in early 2019, a partner at the firm said.The Dubai VC company, which launched an inaugural $70m fund in 2015, is courting the same set of investors but hopes to attract new partners, said Fares Ghandour. The fi...
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KKR and Tencent invest in PLDT’s Voyager Innovations

PLDT Inc‘s Voyager Innovations, a digital technology company in the Philippines, has raised $215 million in funding. KKR and Tencent have closed on its $175 million investment in Voyager while the International Finance Corporation and IFC Emerging Asia Fund have committed to invest $40 million. PLDT is a top telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. PRESS RELEASE MANILA, Philippines–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PLDT Inc. (“PLDT”) (PSE: TEL) (NYSE: PHI), the leading telecommunicatio...
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Africa’s agtech wave gets $10 million richer as Twiga Foods raises more capital

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Nigerian data analytics company Terragon acquires Asian mobile ad firm Bizense Africa Roundup: Local VC funds surge, Naspers ramps up and fintech diversifies Kenya’s Twiga Foods has raised $10 million from investors led by the   International Finance Corporation  to add processed food and f...
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Tuesday round-up

In a podcast at Howe on the Court, Amy Howe “look[s] back at some of the events of the week of November 5 at the Supreme Court, including the first opinion of the term, the formal investiture of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the announcement that 85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had broken three ribs in a fall at her office.” At Vox, Julia Belluz notes that Ginsburg has “lived through many personal and familial medical dramas — all of which she’s bounced back from.” At BBC News, Jessica Lu...
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Thursday round-up

Yesterday the justices heard oral argument in Frank v. Gaos, in which the court has been asked to make it harder for companies to settle class-action lawsuits without providing direct compensation to class members, through a process known as “cy pres.” Richard Wolf reports for USA Today that the court “appeared divided along ideological lines,” with “[t]he more conservative justices … hostile to plaintiffs and defendants devising their own settlements and leaving potential beneficiaries penniles...
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Argument analysis: Court quiet, but potentially skeptical, on immunity for international organizations

The Supreme Court heard oral argument this morning in a dispute over immunity for the International Finance Corporation, an international organization that makes loans to private businesses to finance projects in developing countries. The plaintiffs in the case, a group of farmers and fishermen, live near a power plant in India that was financed in part by loans from the IFC. They have sued the IFC in the United States for environmental harms caused by the plant, but the IFC maintains that a U.S...
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Wednesday round-up

This morning the justices wind up the first week of the November sitting with two oral arguments. In the first case, Frank v. Gaos, the court has been asked to make it harder for companies to settle class-action lawsuits without providing direct compensation to class members, through a process known as “cy pres.” Ronald Mann previewed the case for this blog. Clotilde LeRoy and Jarrett Field have a preview for Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. Subscript Law offers a graphic explai...
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Tuesday round-up

This morning, the justices will hear oral argument in two cases. First up is Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den Inc., which asks whether an 1855 treaty created a right for members of an Indian tribe to avoid taxes on off-reservation commercial activities that involve travel on public highways. Bethany Berger previewed the case for this blog. Matt Farnum and Trevor O’Bryan have a preview for Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. At Greenwire (subscription required)...
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Thursday round-up

Briefly: At, Erin Mulvaney reports that the “Justice Department told the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday that transgender workers are not guaranteed federal anti-discrimination protections, arguing against the views of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission and marking the latest clash between the agencies over the scope of Title VII civil rights.” For The Wall Street Journal, Lauren Weber reports that “[e]mployers are still trying to figure out how to keep their workers from suing them,...
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Argument preview: Court to consider immunity for international organizations

Tata Mundra Plant, image by Joe Athialy In recent years, Supreme Court has cut back drastically on lawsuits that seek to hold corporations responsible in U.S. courts for alleged human rights violations abroad. Next week the justices will hear oral argument in a case involving immunity for international organizations, like the United Nations and the World Bank, that could also limit similar lawsuits against such institutions. The defendant in the case is the International Finance Corporation, ...
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Chimp sanctuary created by World Bank threatened by World Bank-backed dam

Bank helped create reserve for endangered primates, but has since funded studies used to approve dam that would flood newly created habitat Less than a year after it helped to create one of the planet’s most important chimpanzee sanctuaries, the World Bank is accused of backing a dam project that could flood the newly protected habitat.The 6,426 square-kilomet re Moyen-Bafing national park was established by the government of Guinea last November with the support of the International Finance Cor...
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Monday round-up

At his eponymous blog, Art Leonard notes that “[a]t the end of May the Supreme Court had received two new petitions asking it to address the question whether the ban on employment discrimination ‘because of sex’ under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can be interpreted to apply to claims of discrimination because of sexual orientation.” At Keen News Service, Lisa Keen explains that both cases are “attempting to reverse important victories won before two different federal circuit courts ...
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Deutsche Bank looking to sell stake in Dubai-based Abraaj, say sources: Reuters

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) is looking to sell its small stake in Dubai-based Abraaj, the embattled private equity firm involved in a row over alleged misuse of investor money, two sources familiar with the matter said. The potential sale, which the German bank has been considering for some time, has become more urgent since Abraaj, the Middle East and Africa’s biggest private equity fund, has been locked in a dispute with investors, said the sources. Deutsche, which is undergoing a restructuring a...
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Relist Watch

John Elwood (finally) reviews Monday’s relists. We are about to hit a critical date as October Term 2017 draws to a close: “cutoff” – the date by which briefs in opposition (and court-invited amicus briefs from the solicitor general) must be received for the Supreme Court to act on them before the summer recess following ordinary procedures. That date this year is May 22. And this week’s relists illustrate a fundamental truth: It’s nice to have Washington on your side. The petitioners in three o...
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This young lending startup just secured $70 million to lend $2 at a time

You don’t hear of many $2 loans in the United States, where $2 won’t buy you more than a chocolate bar. But in cities like Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya, $2 has the buying power of roughly $40, making such “micro” loans useful when you’re running a small business. And borrowing $2 from a startup called Branch is a way onto a platform that promises much bigger loans, based on your credit worthiness. What is Branch and why is it bothering with such small amounts of money? For answers to those...
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VPC and IFC launch new emerging markets fintech fund

Victory Park Capital and International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, have launched a new fund. No financial terms were disclosed. The fund will invest in financial technology companies in emerging markets. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Victory Park Capital (“VPC”), a leading investment firm focused on providing flexible debt and opportunistic equity solutions worldwide, announced today that it has launched a new fund together with the International Finance Corpor...
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Ride-hailing apps boost women economically but safety concerns persist

Women drivers benefit significantly from ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, says a new report from the International Finance Corporation. Many of these companies are now investigating ways to keep women safe while they are on the job.
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$210m Project to Improve Baghdad Water

Iraq: 5 Million Residents in Baghdad to Benefit from Improved Water Supply and Wastewater Services A US$210 million World Bank project will improve the quality of drinking water supply and wastewater services to 5 million residents in Baghdad who suffer from water shortages and the outbreak of waterborne diseases due to inadequate infrastructure, rapid population growth, and the inflow of internally displaced people. The Baghdad Water Supply and Sewerage Improvement Project, approved today by ...
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Sweden’s Vostok leads $50 mln investment in Brazil fintech Creditas: Reuters

Swedish fund Vostok Emerging Finance led a 165 million reais ($50 million) investment in Brazilian financial-technology startup Creditas Soluções Financeiras Ltda, the company said on Monday. Creditas, founded in 2012 and specialized in providing loans with real estate or vehicles as collateral, had a 135 million loan book last year. Founder and CEO Sergio Furio said Creditas would use the new equity raised to grow its loan book 30 fold in three years. Investors in Creditas also include Kaszek V...
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China’s CDH, SenseTime raising about $450 mln AI fund, say sources: Reuters

China’s CDH Investments and Hong Kong-based start-up SenseTime Group are raising about 3 billion yuan ($453 million) to invest in firms working on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, said two sources with knowledge of the matter. The companies’ plan for the fund, which according to the sources will be mainly used to invest in growth-stage AI start-ups worldwide, comes amid Beijing’s drive to be a leader in the technology that is increasingly becoming key to various sectors. Once the preserv...
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