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A 'super blood wolf moon' this weekend will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021 — here's how to catch it

A total lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday, January 20.  This "super blood wolf moon" gets its name because the eclipse will occur when the moon is full (called a wolf moon in January) and closer to Earth than normal (a super-moon). The Earth's shadow will make it appear reddish. The lunar eclipse is slated to last one hour and two minutes. On Sunday, January 20, the Earth will pass between the sun and moon, block light from the sun and casting a shadow on the moon. This is a total lunar ecli...
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What will happen when Earth's north and south poles flip

Earth's magnetic field is what protects our planet from harmful space radiation. But our protective shield might soon go into a transformation that could threaten the lives on Earth. This video shows what will happen when Earth's magnetic poles flip.  Did you know that Earth has two North Poles? There’s the geographic North Pole, which never changes. And there’s the magnetic North Pole, which is always on the move. And right now it’s moving faster than usual. Over the past 150 years, the mag...
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A La Carte (January 16)

There are lots of solid Kindle deals to consider today. Westminster Books is offering a deal on an excellent series on biblical theology. Also, the film American Gospel, which I reviewed some time ago, is now available for purchase or rental at Amazon. (Yesterday on the blog: Has Your Child Been Looking at Bad Stuff Online?) False Feminism This is a long but important read from First Things that attempts to grapple with the contemporary sexual chaos. “As the #MeToo movement h...
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This is the first plant grown on the moon

A cotton seed has germinated on the moon. The sprout is inside a canister on China's Chang’e 4 lander that touched down on the far side of the moon earlier this month. From The Guardian: Plants have been grown previously on the International Space Station, but this is the first time a seed has sprouted on the moon. The ability to grow plants in space is seen as crucial for long-term space missions and establishing human outposts elsewhere in the solar system, such as Mars. Harvesting food...
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Cotton Seed Sprouts on the Moon's Far Side in Historic First by China's Chang'e 4

Before China finished packing up its Chang'e 4 lunar lander to be blasted off on a never-before-accomplished journey to the far side of the moon, scientists slipped in a small tank holding plant seeds. And now, the team announced, a cotton seed has sprouted. That makes it the first truly otherworldly plant in history. Astronauts onboard the International Space Station regularly tend plants to study how growth changes in microgravity (and to diversify astronaut diets in space), and plants an...
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Plants grown on Moon for first time paving way for lunar base

Plants have sprouted on the Moon for the first time in a mini biosphere paving the way for bases which produce their own food and air. Pictures of the first tiny green shoots of cotton were released by researchers at the Advanced Technology Research Institute at Chongqing University who are running the experiment on board the Chang'e-4 lunar lander. The Chinese space agency spacecraft became the first to make a soft landing on the far side of the Moon earlier this month. Plants and flowers h...
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SpaceX rocket booster returns to Port of L.A., Dragon capsule soon to follow

SpaceX workers were busy Monday, Jan. 14, at the Port of Los Angeles preparing a Falcon 9 rocket booster for eventual re-flight. The booster was used during a launch on Friday, Jan. 11, out of Vandenberg Air Force Base to propel a set of 10 communication satellites into orbit for Iridium Communications. After carrying the payload through the thickest parts of the atmosphere, the booster separated and descended back to Earth in a controlled burn of its engines. It then stuck the landing on an unm...
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SpaceX layoffs include 577 positions in Hawthorne

Hours after launching its first rocket of the new year on Friday morning, Elon Musk’s company told stunned employees that roughly 10 percent of SpaceX’s workforce would be laid off. Workers were sent home early to await notification to their private email addresses about their fate. The vast majority of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.’s more than 6,000 employees are employed at its headquarters and rocket factory in Hawthorne; hundreds of others are based in Seattle, Florida, Washington, D....
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SpaceX Dragon cargo carrier leaves the ISS

The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon cargo craft departed from the International Space Station on Sunday setting up the first night splashdown and recovery of a Dragon vehicle, NASA said.
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SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship leaves space station and splashes down in the dark

SpaceX’s robotic Dragon cargo ship splashed down in the Pacific Ocean tonight, bringing science experiments and used hardware from the International Space Station back to Earth after dark. The Dragon delivered nearly 3 tons of food, supplies and experiments to the station on Dec. 8, and it took more than four weeks to unload the cargo and reload the Dragon with payloads for the return trip. NASA delayed the Dragon’s descent by several days due to concerns about weather in the recovery area. The ...
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The Worst Pain in the World, Bendable Phones, and Joshua Tree: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Ten hut, Gizmodo readers! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you should be working on? Do not answer that rhetorical question, because yours are the feeble dreams of weaklings and mine is to whip this sorry, good-for-nothing blog audience squad into shape!Read more...
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The International Space Station will release its SpaceX cargo ship this weekend

Both SpaceX and NASA are eager to get the Dragon cargo spacecraft back to Earth now that it has fulfilled its duties in bringing much-needed supplies to the crew aboard the International Space Station. The ship was originally expected to be released from the ISS earlier this week but plans have since changed, and NASA now expects the space station to bid farewell to the Dragon on Sunday afternoon instead. Prior to this latest change, the most recent schedule would have seen the ISS release the ...
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SpaceX laid off 10% of its employees

Elon Musk's SpaceX let go 10% of its 6,000 person staff today. In May of last year, the company stated that it has had "many years" of continuing profitability and in recent weeks raised $273 million so far in a planned $500 million funding round. "To continue delivering for our customers and to succeed in developing interplanetary spacecraft and a global space-based Internet, SpaceX must become a leaner company," SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell wrote in an email to employees. "Either of thes...
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NASA announces delay of SpaceX Crew Dragon test launch

SpaceX's Crew Dragon is one of the spacecraft that NASA will eventually use to ferry astronauts into space, but it's not quite there yet. Unfortunately, an anticipated January test flight has now been pushed back for unspecified reasons, and NASA now says that Crew Dragon won't life off until February at the earliest. SpaceX has been working to fill NASA's need for a crew-capable ship that it can launch on its own terms without relying on Russia's Soyuz rockets, but the comp...
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Elon Musk shows off SpaceX's Tintin inspired 'Starship'

It may look like something straight out of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century or Tintin's Destination Moon but, according to Elon Musk, the pictures he tweeted of his latest SpaceX creation are very much real. Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and electric car-maker Tesla, revealed that assembly of the 'Starship Hopper' test-flight rocket was complete and that the pictures of the shimmering, stainless steel construction were 'not a rendering'. The Tintin comparison is not an accident. In ...
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Bacteria on the International Space Station are adapting to survive, not to harm

Mutant bacteria stranded in space by visiting astronauts have been adapting to survive in their new environment, according to a new study.
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Astronauts who spend several months on spaceflight have lasting effects on paraspinal muscles

Astronauts who spend several months on the International Space Station have significant reductions in the size and density of paraspinal muscles of the trunk after returning to Earth, reports a study in Spine. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.
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International Space Station Telescope Makes Amazing Observation of Black Hole Eating Stuff

A telescope on the International Space Station made an incredible high-resolution measurement of the x-rays resulting from a black hole sucking up matter that could have important implications for astronomers’ understanding of these mysterious objects.Read more...
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'Light Echoes' of Black Hole Reveal Clues Behind Dazzling X-Ray Flares

An instrument aboard the International Space Station has helped reveal how black holes release brilliant flares of X-rays, a new study finds. Previous research found that when gas and dust get sucked into black holes, they explode with bursts of high-energy X-rays that usually last about a year. A better understanding of these outbursts, dubbed transient events, might shed light on how black holes influence the fates of their host galaxies. However, scientists have debated where these bright f...
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The ISS crew is about to send a bunch of experiments back to Earth

SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft has been hanging out at the International Space Station for around a month now after delivering supplies and various other goods to the astronauts in early December. Missions to resupply the ISS happen on a regular basis, but as its time in space comes to a close, the cargo craft has one more very important task to carry out. NASA announced that on Thursday, December 10th, the robotic arm of the space station will release the Dragon for return to Earth, with...
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Hubble Space Telescope's Camera Eye Suffers Malfunction

A hardware problem has put the main camera onboard the Hubble Space Telescope out of operation, according to a brief statement released by NASA today (Jan. 9). The issue with the Wide Field Camera 3 occured on Jan. 8 at 12:23 p.m. EST (1723 GMT), according to the statement. NASA did not provide any details about the glitch itself beyond saying that it was caused by a hardware problem and that the camera carries redundant electronics that could be used to get the instrument running again. It...
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No, Bacteria Aren't Mutating into Superbugs on the International Space Station

Bacteria on the International Space Station are evolving and changing in their strange orbital environment -- but according to a new study, they don't seem to be any more dangerous to humans. That's good news for astronauts, as some previous research suggested that space travel might make certain microbes mutate into strains that are more harmful to people . "There has been a lot of speculation about radiation, microgravity and the lack of ventilation and how that might affect living o...
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Killer superbugs in space... are something astronauts on orbiting science lab don't have to worry about right now

Don't miss ISS's Star Spores: Return of the Fungi Space isn’t, for now, turning bacteria on the International Space Station into nasty superbugs hellbent on infecting astronauts, according to a study published on Tuesday.…
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Long-duration space missions have lasting effects on spinal muscles

Astronauts who spend several months on the International Space Station have significant reductions in the size and density of paraspinal muscles of the trunk after returning to Earth, reports a study in Spine. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon makes its way to the launchpad ahead of first major test flight

SpaceX and Boeing are both behind schedule in their independent efforts to create crewed launch systems that will allow NASA to send astronauts to space from U.S. soil. All eyes will be on both companies in 2019 as they inch their way towards their goals, and SpaceX just teased that they're almost ready to hit a big milestone. In a series of recent Twitter updates from the accounts of SpaceX and top dog Elon Musk, the Crew Dragon appears ready for one of its biggest tests yet: an actual lau...
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High-tech planters for growing food in space

Fresh food is so attractive to astronauts that they toasted with salad when they were able to cultivate a few lettuce heads on the International Space Station three years ago.
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Could marijuana help the first Martians with anxiety?

The first human colonists on Mars are expected to endure intense amounts of stress while adapting to the planet.Their maintaining mental wellbeing is critical for successful colonization efforts.In a 2018 study, participants perceived a 58 percent reduction in anxiety and stress following cannabis use.Atop a plume of smoke, Yuri Gagarin blasted out of Earth's atmosphere on April 12, 1961. In doing so, the Russian cosmonaut became the first human to venture into that vast, cold realm that we dub ...
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NASA gives the thumbs up for production of Dream Chaser space plane

Sending supplies and other cargo to the International Space Station is something that has to happen on a regular basis in order for crew to continue living their lives as they carry out missions while orbiting Earth. Exactly how that cargo gets delivered can vary and, as with all things, there's always someone who thinks maybe they can do it better. Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has apparently convinced NASA that it can make cargo delivery to the ISS a bit easier with a high-tech space pl...
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Leak on International Space Station blamed on 'botched repair job'

The commander of the International Space Station has confirmed that a leak in its space capsule was caused deliberately and could have had “severe” consequences for him and his crew. The leak was detected by NASA officials in late August, when flight controllers on Earth noticed a dip in the air pressure of the ISS. It was identified by the crew as coming from a two millimetre hole on a section of the Russian-made Soyuz space capsule. Nasa said at the time the crew were “never in any danger”, bu...
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Jet lag and personality clashes: the unexpected obstacles to colonising Mars 

Interplanetary 'jet lag' and personality clashes could be the biggest obstacles to colonising Mars, British space experts have warned. Although scientists are still stumped about how to protect astronauts against space radiation, or the physical effects of zero gravity during lengthy voyages, it may be more mundane concerns that hamper lengthy missions. Last week, experts met in London to consider the social and psychological hurdles to long-term spaceflight, and concluded that one maj...
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