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Sankaku Plus Early Access Development Update 2

Despite a great deal of environmental adversity, work on the “early access” phase of Sankaku Plus has continued apace, with a great many enhancements, optimisations and fixes delivered and many more in the works, all of which it is hoped will help continue to create the greatest possible anime content platform and attendant suite of […]
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Ashley 'Dotty' Charles: 'Purveyors of hate have turned trolling into a business. We have the power to turn the tables'

By refusing to breathe life into the peddlers of hate we can put them out of a job• Time to reset: more brilliant ideas to remake the worldThere’s a hot new profession on the rise with incredible career prospects, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home. A fast-paced job in a rapidly growing industry that can catapult you from pen-pusher to proprietor without a single second of overtime. What is this highly desirable position? I present to you the dastardly role of the outra...
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Clash iPhone – Nouvelle Alternative à TikTok (gratuit)

Source : Clash iPhone – Nouvelle Alternative à TikTok (gratuit) Alors qu’Instagram, Facebook et Snapchat peinent à concurrencer TikTok sur iPhone et Android, Clash de l’éditeur Wave Video ne cache pas ses ambitions de détrôner le très populaire réseau social chinois… Clash, l’alternative à TikTok sur iPhone Disponible gratuitement sur l’AppStore, Clash de l’éditeur Wave Video est un réseau social de partage de vidéos de […] The post Clash iPhone – Nouvelle Alternative à TikTok (...
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Artist “Fixes” Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Heroine’s Design

An artist has accrued a bit of attention online after producing an illustration depicting Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s main female Uzaki Hana in a “new form”, which the artist explained was made purely out of spite for the nonexistent anime character’s anatomy. The tweet generated 1.8K retweets and comments and 6.2K likes in about a day […]
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Will knocking Belarus offline save president from protests?

Alexander Lukashenko has cut off entire population’s internet to try to stifle election dissentAs he fights for his political survival, Alexander Lukashenko has taken a big gamble by cutting off the internet across most of Belarus.Belarusians seeking to protest against his government have been mostly cut off from the outside world: mobile internet has been throttled and popular messaging apps have been disabled, leaving demonstrators scrambling to find wifi connections and working VPNs or proxie...
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Belarus president cuts off internet amid widespread protests

Alexander Lukashenko hopes communications blackout will disrupt protests over electionsAs he fights for his political survival, Alexander Lukashenko has taken a big gamble by cutting off the internet across most of Belarus.Belarusians seeking to protest against his government have been mostly cut off from the outside world: mobile internet has been throttled and popular messaging apps have been disabled, leaving demonstrators scrambling to find wifi connections and working VPNs or proxies to get...
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The Problem With Allowing Fake News Into Your Speech

Fake news can make your whole speech fake Image Credit: Scott The reason that an audience will come to listen to what you have to say in your next speech is that they understand the importance of public speaking and they hope to learn something new. The thinking is that you have had an experience, done some research, or experienced something that changed you in a way that you will now be able to share with your audience. It is through your words that your audience hopes to experience what y...
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Worn Pantsu Exhibition YouTube Channels Possibly a New Fad

The Internet’s ever vigilant watchers have stumbled upon what seems to be a craze amongst a certain sect of women as multiple channels dedicated to showing off recently worn pantsu have been spotted, with some women going so far as to expose their humiliating stains (if they are actually genuine). Only a handful of the […]
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School Girl Imprisoned in House Contacts Police With Game Console

Another instance of a video game console helping to track down a criminal has occurred as a school girl imprisoned in a 44-year-old man’s home utilized one to get in contact with the police, who promptly rescued her. 44-year-old company employee Hiroyasu Goto restrained the helpless girl by tying her to an iron pipe inside […]
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Peter Dutton confirms Australia could spy on its own citizens under cybersecurity plan

Australian Signals Directorate will for the first time be able to identify suspects on home soilPeter Dutton has confirmed the government’s $1.6bn cyberstrategy will include capability for the Australian Signals Directorate to help law enforcement agencies identify and disrupt serious criminal activity – including in Australia.By rendering support to the Australian federal police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the cybersecurity and intelligence agency would for the first ti...
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Koei Tecmo Seeking Opinions on the Newly Launched Fairy Tail RPG

Koei Tecmo has announced that they are now actively seeking feedback from those that purchased the recently launched Fairy Tail RPG, certain to be a vital opportunity for those to speak up regarding the game’s absurd black voids covering up all the pantsu (despite there being plenty of skimpy bikinis). The company shared this announcement […]
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Hear Cloudflare and PlanGrid’s amazing journey from founding to exit at Disrupt 2020

How and when should startup founders think about the “exit”? It’s the perennial question in tech entrepreneurialism, but the how’s and when’s are questions to which there are a multitude of answers. For one thing, new founders often forget that the terms of the exit may not eventually be entirely in their control. There’s the board to think of, the strategic direction of the company, the first-in investors, the last-in. You name it. We’ll be chatting about this at Disrupt 2020. Exits normally ha...
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Britons watched TV for 40% of waking hours during Covid lockdown

Ofcom says 12m UK adults signed up to streaming services such as Netflix or AmazonBritons spent 40% of their waking hours watching TV during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, with 12 million new sign-ups to services such as Netflix, as the public sought to relieve the boredom of the nationwide lockdown.The typical person spent six hours and 25 minutes each day keeping informed and entertained at the height of the lockdown in April – almost a third more, about 90 minutes each day – than dur...
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The best home internet deals for August 2020: AT&T, Spectrum, Optimum and more

It's worth it to spend a little time to nail down the right internet service provider for you. These internet deals and bundles from top ISPs will have you enjoying faster network speeds (and saving some money) in no time.
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Diablo: Immortal’s Negative Reputation Follows the Game Into New Trailer

The ChinaJoy 2020 event has revealed a new trailer for the infamous Diablo: Immortal mobile game, which was greeted with an expected torrent of hatred from fans worldwide still angry since the game’s initial exposure. The disastrous reputation of Diablo: Immortal, first revealed during BlizzCon 2018, has seemingly proven to be irreversible as the latest […]
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Manga Ads Generate 32,000 Signature Petition for “Body Shaming”

A Japanese petition has secured 32,000 signatures after people were offended by a series of manga-style advertisements that “fat-shamed” people in order to promote beauty products and other supplements. Many of these manga-style advertisements began popping up on YouTube for Japanese netizens, which typically involve an individual who is ridiculed for being overweight or some […]
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Tory-linked PR firm granted £3m Covid-19 contract without tender

Topham Guerin behind idea to rename CCHQ Twitter account during 2019 election campaignThe political communications company behind the Conservative party’s controversial 2019 digital campaign strategy received a £3m government contract to work on Covid-19 messaging without a competitive tender and is negotiating with the Cabinet Office for more work, the Guardian and openDemocracy can reveal.Topham Guerin, founded in 2016 by two young New Zealanders, Sean Topham and Ben Guerin, specialises in pro...
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Viz Media’s Naruto Blu-Ray Steelbook Cover Art Widely Ridiculed

Anime distributor Viz Media has revealed a specially commissioned cover for their latest Blu-Ray steelbook edition of the Naruto anime series to immense ridicule from Naruto fans and others. The rather incendiary cover: The artist commissioned to create the cover, Whilce Portacio, has previously worked on the Uncanny X-Men comics along with several other Marvel […]
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Sankaku Complex’s Comment & Karma Overhaul

The commenting system on Sankaku Complex’s news area has been overhauled with the addition of a more fully realised karma and scoring system, and now this is fully operational some explanation should of course be provided. Sankaku Complex’s comments have traditionally been very lightly moderated, prizing free and frank expression over the need to coddle […]
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‘After Boris Johnson’s Zoom call, all hell broke loose’: inside the world's favourite video app

Ten years ago, Silicon Valley had written off Zoom. Now it’s used by everyone from princes to piano teachersOn 6 January, a day after the World Heath Organization first reported a strange cluster of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, China, a party invitation dropped online. “Mark your calendars”, read the invite sent out by Zoom, a video-conferencing company based in California, “for Zoomtopia 2020!” Innocently enough, Zoom was announcing a real-world get-together for its most ardent clients and fa...
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Twitter hack: US and UK teens arrested over breach of celebrity accounts

Three men charged in hack that saw accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Elon Musk compromised in bitcoin scamAuthorities have charged three men in a major Twitter breach this month that hacked the accounts of prominent politicians, celebrities and technology moguls to scam people around the globe out of more than $100,000 in bitcoin.The suspects include a 19-year-old British man from Bognor Regis, a 22-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, and a teenager from Tampa, Florida. Continue reading...
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Read the Fine-Print on Verizon's New 4G Home Internet

Verizon announced today that it has launched a brand new 4G LTE home internet option for residents in parts of Savannah, Georgia, Springfield, Missouri, and the Tri-Cities of both Tennessee and Virginia. In a statement to Gizmodo, a Verizon spokesperson said the new plan is primarily for rural customers in those areas…Read more...
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Russia-aligned hackers running anti-Nato fake news campaign – report

‘Ghostwriter’ campaign said to involve replacing true stories with false ones on news sites in Poland and LithuaniaHackers “aligned with Russian security interests” have been engaged in a sustained campaign to compromise news websites in Poland and Lithuania to plant false stories aimed at discrediting Nato, according to a new report.Part of the campaign – labelled “Ghostwriter” – involved gaining access to news sites publishing systems, deleting stories and replacing them with false news that s...
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Eizouken Manga Artist Attacked by Westerners for Following Loli Pixiv Accounts

The mangaka for Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (which had an anime earlier in the year) was recently vilified on Twitter for daring to follow artists on Pixiv who create loli-based erotica, with the usual suspects naturally being of the twisted notion that fictional content causes real physical harm. The artists that Sumito […]
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Journalist Attempts to Cancel Ero-Artist for “Anti-Semitic Comments”

Western ero-artist Marmalade Mum found herself on the wrong side of social justice as a Daily Dot journalist attempted to cancel her for possessing the wrong political viewpoints. Ana Valens of the Daily Dot published a hit piece on Marmalade Mum after the artist was found mocking two of her Patrons (on Patreon) for opting […]
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It's Time to Redefine Broadband Speeds

Let’s face it: A 25 Mbps download speed isn’t enough internet these days. It wasn’t necessarily enough before the current pandemic, but with many families now working and going to school from home, those with the minimum broadband speed have probably discovered there isn’t enough bandwidth to go around. Which is why…Read more...
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Astronomers solve a longstanding artwork puzzle

The origin of Vermeer's acclaimed landscape has long puzzled historians.The painting is of Vermeer's home town, but no one has known when he painted it.A team of astronomers uncover clues hidden in the artwork that reveal its secrets. Just 35 paintings done by Johannes Vermeer survive.The best-known among these, of course, is his captivating Girl with a Pearl Earring. Part of what makes it so arresting is Vermeer's masterful use of light — his model's eyes practically glow with life and intelli...
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Ransomware attack on Garmin thought to be the work of 'Evil Corp'

Russian cybercrime gang is believed to be responsible for taking Garmin services offlineA ransomware attack that took the GPS and smartwatch business Garmin entirely offline for more than three days is believed to have been carried out by a Russian cybercriminal gang which calls itself “Evil Corp”.Garmin began to restore services to customers on Monday morning, after being held hostage for a reported ransom of $10m, although some services were still operating with limited functionality. Continue...
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Mobile wallet transactions grew by 37.5% in May 2020

For the month ending May 31, 2020, the number of transactions using Prepaid Payment Instruments (which includes both Mobile Wallets and PPI Cards combined) grew by 45.3% to 303.2 million as compared to 208.6 million in April 2020. However, it went down 28% (by 115.8M) from 419 million in May 2019, according to data from the Reserve Bank of India. The amount transactions grew 32.8% month on month to Rs 12,808 crores from Rs 9,648 crores and decreased 30% year on year from Rs 18,297 crores. It’s s...
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Of 661.9 million broadband connections in India, most are in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

India had 661.9 million wireless and wireline broadband connections at the end of December 2019, an increase of 6% over a three-month period, according to data published by the telecom regulator TRAI. Narrowband connections declined by 9% this quarter from 62.2 million connections as of September 2019. There are still 56.8 million narrowband connections in the country. TRAI defines internet connections with download speeds less than 512 kbps as narrowband, while connections with download speeds ...
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