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How the Internet Archive Has Digitized More than 250,000 78 R.P.M. Records: See the Painstaking Process Up-Close

In the history of recorded music, no medium has demonstrated quite the staying power of the phonograph record. Hearing those words, most of us envision a twelve-inch disc designed to play at 33  1 ⁄ 3 revolutions per minute, the kind still manufactured today. But like every other form of technology, that familiar vinyl LP didn’t appear ex nihilo: on its introduction in 1948, it was the latest in a series of phonograph records of different sizes and speeds. The first dominant record form...
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The History of American Newspapers Has Been Digitized: Explore 114 Years of Editor & Publisher, “the Bible of the Newspaper Industry”

If you look into the history of the American newspaper, you can’t get too deep before your inevitable encounter with Editor & Publisher. Branded as “the bible of the newspaper industry,” the trade magazine has for 120 years covered its subject from every possible angle. Though newspapers had already been published in the United States for nearly 200 years before the magazine’s founding, its run has been coeval with an especially fascinating, even dramatic period in their history. It was in the ...
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The Internet Archive Now Digitizing 1,000,000+ Objects from a Massive Cinema History Library

Major motion pictures need the work of writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, and a slew of other professionals besides. That group also includes researchers, whose role has until recently gone practically uncelebrated outside the industry. In 2015, filmmaker Daniel Raim brought the work of the film researcher to light with Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story, about production designer Harold Michelson and his researcher wife Lillian. “In Raim’s documentary, she talks about workin...
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Scraped Parler data is a metadata gold mine

Embattled social media platform Parler is offline after Apple, Google and Amazon pulled the plug on the site after the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol last week that left five people dead. But while the site is gone (for now), millions of posts published to the site since the riot are not. A lone hacker scraped millions of posts, videos and photos published to the site after the riot but before the site went offline on Monday, preserving a huge trove of potential evidence for law enforcement in...
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Scraped Parler data is a metadata goldmine

Embattled social media platform Parler is offline after Apple, Google and Amazon pulled the plug on the site after the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol last week that left five people dead. But while the site is gone (for now), millions of posts published to the site since the riot are not. A lone hacker scraped millions of posts, videos and photos published to the site after the riot but before the site went offline on Monday, preserving a huge trove of potential evidence for law enforcement in...
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Internet Archive acquires massive Michelson Cinema Research Library

In one of the most important developments in the history of film archiving, the Internet Archive will be the new home of the legendary Michelson Cinema Research Library. Via Internet Archive: When packed, Michelson's rich collection of 5,000 books, 30,000 photographs, and more than 1,000,000 clippings, scrapbooks and ephemera fill more than two 18-wheel tractor trailers. — Read the rest
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The Internet Archive is Saving Classic Flash Animations & Games from Extinction: Explore Them Online

Flash is finally dead, and the world… does not mourn. Because the announcement of its end actually came three years ago, “like a guillotine in a crowded town square,” writes Rhett Jones at Gizmodo. It was a slow execution, but it was just. So useful in Web 1.0 days for making animations, games, and serious presentations, Flash had become a vulnerability, a viral carrier that couldn’t be patched fast enough to keep the hackers out. “Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dir...
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Internet Archive Brings Flash Games and Animation to Its Vault

Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dirt on its grave and say our final goodbyes because it’s getting the preservation treatment. The Internet Archive announced on Friday that it has begun cataloging Flash animations and games for us all to visit and remember the good stuff with none of the bad.Read more...
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The Internet Archive Will Digitize & Preserve Millions of Academic Articles with Its New Database, “Internet Archive Scholar”

Open access publishing has, indeed, made academic research more accessible, but in “the move from physical academic journals to digitally-accessible papers,” Samantha Cole writes at Vice, it has also become “more precarious to preserve…. If an institution stops paying for web hosting or changes servers, the research within could disappear.” At least a couple hundred open access journals vanished in this way between 2000 and 2019, a new study published on arxiv found. Another 900 journals are in...
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The Winamp Skin Museum Is X-Tremely Gnarly

At this moment, thousands of people around the world are booting up the just-released remaster of the classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game and hearing those plinking Primus riffs on the soundtrack for the first time in a couple of decades. If you’re one of the people who are about to spend the weekend going…Read more...
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The Endangered Internet Archive Is Full of Treasures

The Internet Archive set out in the 1990s with an improbable mission to become the “Library of Alexandria Two”; by 2020, they’ve arguably surpassed that goal, plus delivered their collection straight to the masses. It’s the only repository where a NASA recap of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster logically coexists…Read more...
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Internet Archive ends free e-book program, following publisher suit

The National Emergency Library is one of those well-intentioned ideas that was destined to get pushback. The brainchild of Internet Archive, the platform made north of 1.3 million books available for checkout, free of charge. The system was designed to supplement the book needs of educators, as libraries across the country remained closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Book publishers, on the other hand, weren’t having it. A consortium of four publishers filed suit against Internet Archive ea...
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Internet Archive Ends Free Ebook Program Early in Bid to Stave Off Dangerous Lawsuit

Back in March, the Internet Archive launched its National Emergency Library, a program that made roughly 1.4 million books available to the public without the usual waitlists. But on Wednesday, the organization announced it was ending the program two weeks early after four major publishers decided to sue Internet…Read more...
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Internet Archive ending free e-books program over publisher lawsuit, National Emergency Library to close for 2 weeks

Copyright law being behind the times is why we can't have nice things. The nonprofit Internet Archive says its National Emergency Library was a public service to people who could not get access to libraries during the coronairus pandemic, but publishers and authors accused of “stealing,” and there's a lawsuit threat, so founder Brewster Kahle says the program now must end. Here's the Internet Archive blog post: Temporary National Emergency Library to close 2 weeks early, returnin...
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Where to Legally Download or Stream Movies for Free

If you’ve watched everything on Netflix and Hulu during quarantine—or you don’t have a friend or family member’s streaming service account to mooch off of—there are plenty of ways to stream other awesome shows and movies online. We’re talking about free content, we should note; why pay to watch movies and TV shows if…Read more...
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Four publishers sue Internet Archive for copyright infringement

Four American publishers — Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins and Wiley — have sued Internet Archive for its Open Library in general and its National Emergency Library in particular. The latter had suspended the waitlists on its digital lending mechanism until June 30, 2020 or the end of USA’s national emergency (whichever is later), and made its 1.4 million digital books can be digitally borrowed by multiple readers simultaneously. The publishers are seeking statutory damages on each...
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Somebody Is Furiously Uploading '90s Windows Desktop Themes to the Internet Archive

Two free-roaming archivists are wildly uploading hundreds of early Windows Desktop themes from the ‘90s and early aughts to the Internet Archive, populating the site with a trove of off-brand fan art you can install as your desktop wallpaper. Why? I do not know, but they have a captive audience. They probably would…Read more...
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The Pandemic Is Not an Excuse to Exploit Writers

Internet Archive’s “National Emergency Library” is meant to benefit consumers during the coronavirus crisis. Authors everywhere are losing.
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‘Emergency’ Online Library Draws Ire of Some Authors

Internet Archive has made 1.4 million books available free online, which some say hurts writers and advances a harmful “copyright ideology.”
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Internet Archive's 'National Emergency Library' Has Over a Million Books To Read Right Now

The Internet Archive will suspend its waiting lists for digital copies of books, as part of its National Emergency Library, the organization said. From a report: "Users will be able to borrow books from the National Emergency Library without joining a waitlist, ensuring that students will have access to assigned readings and library materials that the Internet Archive has digitized," according to a blog post. The move comes as schools around the country are shut down in the midst of the coronavi...
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The National Emergency Library Makes 1.5 Million Books Free to Read Right Now

The coronavirus has closed libraries in countries all around the world. Or rather, it's closed physical libraries: each week of struggle against the epidemic that goes by, more resources for books open to the public on the internet. Most recently, we have the Internet Archive's opening of the National Emergency Library, "a collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training ...
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The Internet Archive has a treasure/trash trove of 20,000 VHS recordings from the 1980s and 1990s

The Internet Archives' VHS Vault isn't new, but since the beginning of the year it's been refreshed with hundreds of new uploads, reports LifeHacker. So what kind of gems will you find in the VHS Vault? The clips, shows and films run the gamut from instructional videos, to documentaries, to children’s programs, to workout videos. Want to watch the 1935 film version of Les Misérables? It’s on there. Want to work out with Traci Lords? Your wish is the VHS Vault’s command. Want to watch every singl...
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A Programmer Lost A Game He Made As A Kid, Until Someone Streamed It On Twitch

If you’re interested in game design, you’ve probably made a few side projects or prototypes. If you were lucky, you might have had the means to start early in life and made a few games as a kid. These usually end up deleted or lost on rotting hard drives. You definitely don’t expect them to show up twenty years later…Read more...
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The Internet Archive Fights Wiki Citation Wars With Books

Thanks to the laborious stewardship of the blessed Internet Archive and the unyielding armies of Wikipedia’s citizen scholars, we may, within our lifetimes, reach a consensus on basic historical information.Read more...
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The Internet Archive Makes 2,500 More Classic MS-DOS Video Games Free to Play Online: Alone in the Dark, Doom, Microsoft Adventure, and Others

Back in 2015 we let you know that the Internet Archive made 2,400 computer games from the era of MS-DOS free to play online: titles like Commander Keen, Scorched Earth, and Prince of Persia may have brought back fond 1990s gaming memories, as well as promised hours of more such enjoyment here in the 21st century. That set of games included Id Software's Wolfenstein 3D, which created the genre of the first-person shooter as we know it, but the Internet Archive's latest DOS-game upload — a...
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Internet Archive Uploads 2500 MS-DOS Games, All Free To Play Online

Many MS-DOS games have been playable online at the Internet Archive, but they have just announced that 2500 additional games have been added! The post appeared first on
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Thousands of Lost MySpace Songs Have Been Recovered—No Thanks to MySpace

Last year, a borked server migration resulted in MySpace losing all of the music uploaded to the website between 2003 and 2015—a loss estimated at more than 50 million tracks from 14 million artists. But now a small fraction has been recovered thanks to an anonymous group of academics and uploaded to the Internet…Read more...
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The Internet Archive has uploaded 450,000 songs collected before Myspace’s massive data loss

Last month, it became widely known that MySpace has lost much of the user data uploaded to it before 2016, including potentially million of music tracks from between 2003 to 2015. This is a significant loss for people who may not have used the site anymore, but took for granted that it would remain an online scrapbook of the years when Myspace was the go-to social network, including for musicians promoting their work. A new collection of MP3s hosted by the Internet Archive, however, may help som...
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Act Fast if You Don't Want Your Google+ Posts Publicly Archived

Google+ gets the axe on April 2, but some of your old posts may be sticking around—whether you want them to or not. In an effort to preserve internet content, the Internet Archives and ArchiveTeam create digital backups of websites and other internet content that would otherwise be lost to time, and their next project…Read more...
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