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The Big Oil Instagram Influencers Are Here

Cherrie Lynn Almonte is an influencer with 192,000 Instagram followers and a bio that includes the phrase “Travel | Lifestyle | Good vibes.” Her posts follow standard travel-influencer protocols, with perfectly framed photos of stunning vistas and cityscapes, lots of saturated colors, and geolocations for most shots…Read more...
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Facebook and Instagram Are Rolling Out (More) Financial Incentives for Influencers

If you thought the deal couldn’t possibly get sweeter for the influencers that flock to Facebook and Instagram to simultaneously bolster their social media followings and line their pockets, think again: On Tuesday, both platforms announced that they’ll be stepping up their respective games in the coming weeks by…Read more...
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Clubhouse Is Creating an Accelerator Program for Influencers

Clubhouse, the invite-only audio chat app that has enamored the tech industry elite, is on the lookout for influencers. Because what social media app can be without influencers? Read more...
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TikTok Wants To Be QVC For Teens

If you follow the updates on various social platforms for long enough, you start to notice a particular pattern: a product designed for socializing mutating into an attention trap geared towards shopping. We’ve seen it with Instagram. We’ve seen it with Pinterest and Snapchat. So it was only a matter of time before…Read more...
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Don't Use LinkedIn to 'Build Your Brand'

Like all social networks in 2021, LinkedIn is regularly swarmed by users trying to go viral or make a splash by pontificating about their career insights. Though it isn’t as toxic as Facebook or Twitter—remaining a much more benign platform existing (mostly) outside of the social media culture wars—a current of…Read more...
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Meet your next favourite internet celebrity - the mysterious cat who lurks in Brockley Sainsbury's

Charmed residents have been sharing pictures of the cat on social media [Author: Helena Horton] [Link to media]
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