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Locke & Key’s Meredith Averill on Grief in Horror and Her Elm Street Dream Project

Locke & Key’s journey to the small screen was a long and winding one that culminated in something new for Netflix: a single season of television that somehow managed to pack what was essentially the whole of a comic book series’ plot into 10 tightly-crafted, hour-long episodes. Even more impressive, though, was the…Read more...
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CS Video: The Hunters Cast Discuss the New Amazon Series

CS Video: The Hunters cast discuss the dark-but-comedic Amazon series The time has finally arrived for the Jordan Peele (The Twilight Zone)-produced Amazon series Hunters starring Al Pacino (The Irishman) and Logan Lerman (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), and got the chance to talk with cast members Lerman, Jerrika Hinton (Servant), Saul Rubinek (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs), Carol Kane (Scrooged), Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother), Greg Austin (Class), Tiffany Boone (The ...
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My Hero Academia's Class 1-A Tells All About Growing Up and Going Beyond for Their New Movie

My Hero Academia’s meteoric rise to one of the buzziest manga and anime series around has gifted fans with not just the excellent show’s continued adventures, but now two movies too, the second of which is finally about to make its Western debut this week. To find out more, io9 put class in session for the English dub…Read more...
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How Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Long Hiatus, and The Mandalorian, Made It Even Better

There’s no way producer Dave Filoni ever thought Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be back. If he thought for a second that might happen, he certainly wouldn’t have spent the last six years telling fans what he had planned to do. He also probably wouldn’t have resurrected several of the show’s major characters in…Read more...
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The Daily Promo – Peter Yang

Peter Yang Who printed it? Madison Print Solutions Printed on with a 4 color process on an HD Indigo 12000 Who designed it? David Calderley of Graphic Therapy Tell me about the images? Andy Samberg: This was shot quite a while back at Sun Studios in NY. It was one of my favorite spots and was sad to see when they closed. During the Andy shoot, I noticed this really cool spot architecturally and thought it would be funny to see Andy’s head peeking around the corner. It k...
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Seems Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars Will Cross Into Revenge of the Sith After All

Star Wars fans know Revenge of the Sith begins with the end of the Clone Wars. So, most people assumed The Clone Wars TV show would end before that, or at least right at that moment. But if there’s one thing you should never do in the world of Star Wars producer Dave Filoni, it’s assume anything.Read more...
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Band To Watch: Snarls

Snarls’ music is as much about self-preservation and baring teeth as their name suggests, even though that wasn’t the point. One day someone blurted out "The Snarls" at practice. From there they dropped "the," and the Ohio-based band had the perfect moniker to contain their roaring emo pop-punk fusion. More »
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This Airbnb Airship brings the stargazing to your room

Airbnb has single-handedly changed how the world travels – it has not only made travel accessible but taken it up to a different dimension altogether with its one-of-a-kind homestays. Airbnb filled this gap that benefits the traveler and the host but also provides multiple tiers between hotels and motels. Like many, I love to travel and sometimes on dull days I will check for the most unique Airbnb stays, you can actually book igloos, treehouses, sheep trailers, caves, castles, and even a POTA...
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Actor Dee Bradley Baker on Returning to the Front Lines

Tomorrow, something Star Wars fans thought may never happen finally arrives: For one last season, The Clone Wars will make its explosive return. But although we can’t wait to see Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan again, the show is kicking off with its focus rightfully on the rank-and-file heroes of the Republic, the clones…Read more...
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WATCH: The best of Inman Connect New York 2020

Have you seen our Inman Connect New York coverage from January 2020? Dig into what was discussed in January, and get a taste of the experience you’ll have with us in Las Vegas in July.
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Dan Snaith On The All-Consuming Suddenness Of Caribou’s New Album

If there’s one moment on Caribou’s upcoming album Suddenly that boils down its elastic essence, it’s the transition from verse to chorus on second single “You And I.” Initially, the song floats on pillowy chords, a twinkling lead melody, and a persistent midtempo beat, instantly recalling the spaciest moments on the last Caribou album, 2015’s … More »
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Podcast: Clutter vs Hoarding- How to Live Clutter Free

Are you drowning in clutter? In today’s podcast, decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin identifies the 7 emotional clutter blocks that may be lurking in your psyche and offers tips to overcome each one. For example, do you have a basket full of unopened mail? Do you have an absurd number of name-brand shoes collecting dust in your closet? And what about that expensive candle you’ll light “one” day? Each of these clutter types is rooted in a different emotional clutter block. Is there an are...
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[Interview] Thomas Kane, Chicago Executive, Managing Director at Merrill Private Wealth Management

Chicago executive Thomas Kane is selfless when it comes to time outside of the office. As a supporter of a number of local causes, he helps advocate and raise money for organizations around Chicago, including Friends of the IDF, the 100 Club of Chicago, Jewish Federation of Chicago, and the Western Golf Association Evan’s Scholars program, among others. In part, Tom Kane credits serving the community, both locally and abroad, for his success.  Giving back is an attribute his parents first insti...
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On Top of the World: An Interview With Martha High

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Jason Blum Swears the New Halloween Trilogy Won't Have a Lord of the Rings Problem

There’s a potential problem when you announce that a film will be getting two sequels to make the series a trilogy. The second movie could end up feeling insignificant because we already know the story will continue.Read more...
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"A Certain Kind of Dream Quality": An Interview with Donovan Quinn

In what ways do you feel like your songwriting has changed from 2012 to now? I know the album contains reworkings of older material, so that might be a little harder to answer, but how can you chart your evolution as a songwriter? Well, as you get older, you get to know yourself better and better. I think this can be a good or a bad thing because you start to know specifically what your talents are, what it is that you like, and you don't like. Also, in terms of songwriting, probably the bigg...
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Podcast: Managing Coronavirus Outbreak Anxiety

Does the new coronavirus from China make you a little anxious? How concerned should we be? Is it a real threat or mostly hype? In today’s podcast, Dr. John Grohol, founder and editor-in-chief of, explains what the coronavirus is, how it compares to the flu and why it seems to have hit the panic button in a lot of people. He offers tips to avoid getting sick in general, and importantly, gives advice on how to keep our anxiety levels in check when it comes to new disease outbr...
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JOHN WILCOCK: The Story Behind Interview Magazine

-- TWO WILCOCK COMICS REMAIN UNTIL THE SERIES CONCLUDES! -- From John Wilcock, New York Years, by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall -- (See all Boing Boing installments)
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Tami Neilson Examines Parenthood and  Feminism via "Queenie, Queenie" (premiere + interview)

Have you met her? I've gotten to open for her twice in the last few years. There's always that fear of meeting your heroes. On one of the opening dates, I was in the middle of my set, and I wasn't even sure if she was around. I was singing, and then I heard the gospel backbeat clapping. I looked over and heard this voice go, "Yeeeees!" [Laughs.] She was sitting on a stool in the wings, swaying and raising her arms. My heart burst out of my chest. I went back after my set. She came over an...
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[Interview] Meghan Fitzgerald, Author Of “Ascending Davos”

Navigating the corporate landscape is a challenge for anyone: for women, it can be akin to climbing Mt. Everest. It was in the mountains, in fact — in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum — that Meghan Fitzgerald realized she had been trading her health for her career. As others in Davos shared their stories about their own climb, she saw a disturbing thru-line: in general, the higher women rise, the less they value their own health. In charge of billions and one of the few women “ru...
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The Hunt Is on, Again: Why Now Is the Time to Revive 2019's Most Controversial Movie

Normally, if a person with over 70 million Twitter followers mentions your movie, it’s a good thing. But when that person is the President of the United States and he says your movie is meant “to inflame and cause chaos” without even seeing it, it’s anything but. That happened last summer with Universal and…Read more...
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The Cast of Birds of Prey on the Balance of Bringing Their Comic Counterparts to Life

Birds of Prey’s colorful aesthetic is ripped right out of the world of comics, but the tack the movie takes with its comic book characters treads a fine line between respecting decades worth of stories and, in some cases, bringing new takes to the table. It was an opportunity that, for its stars, meant a chance to…Read more...
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[Interview] Alan Weiss, Ph.D., Author Of “Fearless Leadership”

It’s no secret that fear holds people back. We all know people who are experts in their field but flounder when speaking on stage, red-hot salespeople who are unstoppable until it’s time to close the deal, and leaders who consistently feel like imposters. In “Fearless Leadership: Overcoming Reticence, Procrastination, and the Voices of Doubt Inside Your Head“, legendary business consultant and international speaker Alan Weiss, Ph.D.,provides exact strategies to discover, examine, eliminate, and...
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The Team Behind Gotham's New Fairy Tale Anthology Tells Us Why Damian Wayne Is the Perfect Pinocchio

Being raised from birth as a lethal assassin by your mom’s cabal of sinister killers and having Batman as your dad is enough for any kid to handle. But in DC’s latest young adult graphic novel, Damian Wayne imagines a new life for himself: the starring role in his very own retelling of Pinocchio. Read more...
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Interview with wegg® Board Member and Norwegian Honorary Consul, Susan Meyer

“Meaningful change happens when we value all people, when we learn from others, work together, and appreciate the power that comes from including diverse voices in every discussion.” -Susan Meyer, wegg® Board Member and Norwegian Honorary Consul Meet wegg® Board Member and intellectual property attorney, Susan Meyer. Susan was recently named the Norwegian Honorary Consul of Illinois. wegg® Communications Intern, Lucy Brooks, sat down with Susan to congratulate her on her new position, and lear...
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Batman's Latest Scribe on Telling New Stories With One of DC's Oldest Heroes

There are more comics for more people than ever before, but for better or worse, the mainstays aren’t going anywhere. Best known for his work on Batman over at DC Comics, James Tynion IV is very cognizant of how the cycle of comics operates. He knows there’s an art to telling stories that have already been told, and …Read more...
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Birds of Prey's Sue Kroll on Why DC Moved to Standalone Movies, and the Vital Role of Margot Robbie

After years of attempting to chase after the successes of Marvel Studios with an all-in, all-connected cinematic universe, at this point it seems Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are willing to admit the rush to an interconnected movie slate was not its particular strength. But in acknowledging that, the studio has…Read more...
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Corb Lund Asks For "90 Seconds of Your Time"

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The Cast and Crew of Birds of Prey on Prepping for the Film's Intense, Zany Action

There’s a lot of fun to be had in Birds of Prey, but one of its stand-out highlights is its approach to action. How did the stars feel bringing a sense of brutal grace to Harley and the team’s fight against Roman Sionis? “It’s just bad ass,” Rosie Perez told us. “I mean, really, it’s just bad ass!”Read more...
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