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Re:Zero Illustrator Shinichirou Otsuka Talks About His Iconic Character Designs

A few months before the release of Re:Zero‘s spin-off visual novel and adventure game “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne”, the main illustrator for the series, Shinichirou Otsuka, sat down for an interview to talk about his recognizable character designs. In the interview, the veteran artist discussed his design process, […]
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What Glen Keane Carried With Him From Disney, and From Life, for His Feature Directorial Debut ‘Over the Moon’ [Interview]

“I never do this,” Glen Keane muses as he swivels his laptop around his office at Netflix, filled with stacks of drawings and doodles — half thought-out ideas that the legendary animator had while working on his feature directorial debut Over the Moon. Through the grainy Zoom video screen I can see reams of sheets that are hung around the room. Some of them storyboards that Keane has drawn for Over the Moon (“I drew more for this movie than I did for The Little Mermaid,” he remarks dryly), othe...
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The Key to Making ‘Once Upon a Snowman’ Was to “Let Olaf Be Olaf” [Interview]

If you have questions about the Frozen universe, Becky Bresee and Peter del Vecho can answer them. She was a supervising animator on the first film and the head of animation on the second. He is the producer of the entire franchise. Now, she’s the head of animation and he’s a producer and creative consultant for Once Upon a Snowman, a new prequel short film about Olaf the talking snowman’s first day of existence. I spoke with Bresee and del Vecho ahead of the short’s streaming premiere and lear...
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Adam Blitzer of Salesforce: We probably crammed five years’ worth of digital acceleration into the past five months

Late last month Salesforce introduced Digital 360, combining their Marketing, Commerce, and Experience Clouds with some new components to help companies accelerate their digital transformation efforts with respect to customer engagement.  And earlier this week I had the pleasure of having a LinkedIn Live conversation with Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM, Digital for Salesforce, to talk about how the coronavirus is affecting digital transformation efforts and causing foundational changes to companies wil...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Theresa Hus from

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Theresa Hus from Without further ado… Who are you and what do you do? My name is Theresa Hus, and I am a mother and also the CEO of Business Locate LLC, which is represented by our platform, trademarked as The Official Real Estate Agent Directory®. We are a marketing platform for real estate agents designed to make the connection between homebuyers, homesellers, and agents as easy ...
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Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Talks About His Illustrious 30-Year Career

Documentary filmmaker Archipel is interviewing some of the most prolific creators from Japan and have had the chance to sit down with Shinji Mikami, one of the major players in developing Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise. For his 30th anniversary in the video game industry, Mikami has gone over his early days at Capcom and also […]
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Melissa Schneider of GoDaddy: Inspiration, Resiliency and Engaging with New Technology is Helping Drive Business Growth

Throughout most of this year during the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with executives at a number of technology companies serving the small business community. And while there are a number of themes that have recurred with many vendors and across the months we’ve been dealing with COVID-19, the ones that have resonated with me have been the descriptions for small businesses I’ve heard over and over again: innovative, creative, resilient and inspired. During a recent conversation w...
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How ‘Lupin III: The First’ Director Takashi Yamazaki Brought a Japanese Anime Icon into 3D [Interview]

Lupin the Third is a cultural institution in Japan, but you’d be hard pressed to find many American audiences who know it, apart from anime die-hards and maybe those who have dived deep into the filmography of Hayao Miyazaki. But the name can strike fear into the hearts of (fictional) police and affection in the hearts of many Japanese audiences, who have grown up with the long-running heist franchise centering around a charismatic master thief. Created by Monkey Punch in 1967, Arsène Lupin III...
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Clint Mansell on Composing the ‘Rebecca’ Score in the Shadow of Hitchcock, Incorporating “The Devil’s Instrument,” and More [Interview]

For more than twenty years, Clint Mansell has created beautiful and artistically daring scores for a wide variety of films. His work on Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream remains one of the most haunting scores of this millennium, and his other credits – from Moon to Stoker to The Fountain and Black Swan – represent a depth and sophistication that’s rare in an era in which many scores are little more than background noise. Mansell previously collaborated with director Ben Wheatley on High-R...
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WFG founder Pat Stone talks e-closings, coronavirus and getting back to basics

On the heels of WFG's 10th anniversary, founder Pat Stone shares his secret to success, which hinges on mastering the basics and putting clients first.
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Paul W.S. Anderson Supposedly Worked “Closely With Capcom” on Monster Hunter Movie

Infamous Director Paul W.S. Anderson recently disclosed in an interview that he worked intimately with Capcom for the Monster Hunter live action film, a remark that will generate skepticism from the diehard Monster Hunter fans, if the huge amount of dislikes on the movie’s trailers are any indication. While many have abysmal expectations for the […]
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CS Video: The Trial of the Chicago 7 Interviews With Strong & Rylance

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Video: The Trial of the Chicago 7 Interviews With Strong & Rylance Ahead of The Trial of the Chicago 7‘s debut on Netflix, got the opportunity to chat with Emmy winner Jeremy Strong (Succession) and Oscar winner Mark Rylance (Dunkirk) to discuss their roles in the long-awaited courtroom drama from writer/director Aaron Sorkin. Our interviews can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: The Trial of the Chicago 7 Trailer: Democracy Refuses to Back Down ...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Austin Allison from Pacaso

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Austin Allison of Pacaso. I’m hugely bullish on the fully managed LLC co-ownership model for second home ownership, which he co-founded along with Spencer Rascoff, Zillow’s former CEO who I worked under from 2007-2010. With nomadism and work-from-anywhere now a national conversation, Pacaso is among the first out of the gate with strong ambitions to realize the opportunity to upend the age-old timeshare concept to satisfy...
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CS Video: The War With Grandpa Interviews With Seymour, Marin & Riggle

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Video: The War With Grandpa interviews with Seymour, Marin & Riggle got the opportunity to chat with Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jane Seymour (Wedding Crashers), Cheech Marin (The Book of Life) and Rob Riggle (Night School) to discuss The War With Grandpa, which is now available in select theaters! Our interviews can be viewed in the player below! Click here to pre-order your digital copy of the family comedy! RELATED: CS Video: The War With Grandpa In...
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Evan Goldberg of Oracle Netsuite: Businesses Today Have to be Prepared for Radical Shifts in Their Supply Chain

Earlier this week Oracle Netsuite, a platform integrating front and back office business applications, announced a flurry of innovations to help their customers adjust and succeed in the current environment, and beyond.  And before the announcement I was able to catch up with Evan Goldberg, Founder and EVP of Oracle Netsuite, to learn more about the new developments, as well as to get his take on how his customers are adjusting eight months into the pandemic. Below is an edited transcript of a ...
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I'm Guy Raz, Author and Podcaster, and This Is How I Work

If you’ve listened to National Public Radio at all over the years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Guy Raz’s voice. Formerly the host of All Things Considered, he made the jump into podcasts nearly a decade ago, hosting shows like the TED Radio Hour, How I Built This, kids series Wow in the World, and Wisdom from…Read more...
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The difference and relationship between emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence in customer experience – Interview with Sandra Thompson

Today’s interview is with Sandra Thompson, a published consultant, lecturer, course leader and trainer in the field of customer experience, emotional intelligence and, more recently, remote […] The post The difference and relationship between emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence in customer experience - Interview with Sandra Thompson first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.
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Atelier Ryza Part of the “Secret Trilogy”, Third Game Coming

An interview has divulged that Atelier Ryza and its sequel are part of the “Secret trilogy” and that a third game is coming, with Producer Junzo Hosoi mentioning that Ryza could also serve as the protagonist for the third installment. The Atelier games are known to be released in the form of series, such as […]
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Exclusive Interview: Director Phyllis Stuart

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — The documentary “Wild Daze” is an extraordinary movie. It is the kind of film that becomes an Oscar darling because it provokes and compels the viewer to take action. Rather than just tugging on your heartstrings, filmmaker and director Phyllis Stuart presents compelling information in the form of provocative and […]
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[Interview] Michael C. Fillios, Author Of “Tech Debt 2.0™: How To Future Proof Your Small Business And Improve Your Tech Bottom Line”  

To stay competitive in our digital world, small and medium-sized businesses need to be equipped with and proficient in the latest technologies. Yet, unlike large companies, most SMBs lack the resources to staff an IT department. Along with lack of oversight, outdated software or hardware, inadequate cybersecurity, or one bad tech investment could seal the demise of a small enterprise. In his new book, “Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line”, se...
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Majo no Tabitabi Creator to Anime Staff: “No Pantsu!”

The creator of Majo no Tabitabi‘s light novel recently exposed in an interview that they requested the anime staff not show any pantsu under any circumstances, a turn of events that may have those bored with the series dropping it entirely. Japanese magazine NewType had an interview with series creator Jougi Shiraishi who, when prompted […]
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Sridhar Vembu of Zoho: Spiritual Economics Goes Beyond ROI, It’s About Balance, Symmetry and Harmony

Earlier this week I cohosted a unique livestream event, alongside Small Business Trends publisher Anita Campbell, with Zoho CEO and cofounder Sridhar Vembu and Chief Evangelist Raju Vagesna.  It was unique because we spent the vast majority of the hour plus event talking about everything but what the company is mostly known for – cranking out 50+ business apps that 60 million people use on a daily basis.  It was also unique because it was the first time in about a decade that Sridhar and Raju s...
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Life After Sport: Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen

This Interview with former Norwegian National Team member Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen comes from Paolo Romanò, a reporter for The interview was also published on the FIS website. This version of the interview has been lightly edited.         Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen in bib 4 during the Storlien-Meraker, Norway stage of the 2020 Tour de Ski. (Photo: NordicFocus)   Since 22nd February 2007 – at the young age of twenty – Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen shocked the cross-country...
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Yakuza Series Creator Keeping a Close Eye on Live Action Movie’s Production

Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi divulged in a brief exchange that the upcoming live action Hollywood movie will only be approved if it is “up to his standards”, which might help ease fans of the cherished franchise and possibly indicating that the adaptation will be halfway decent. The interview of sorts happened during Tokyo Game […]
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Cygames Admits to Censoring English Releases to Avoid Inducing Offense

A member of the Cygames localization team exposed that the team will sometimes “change the way the message is communicated” when translating expressions relating to politics or gender and the like in order to not offend people, with such censorship being a common thing for Cygames. This information was unveiled during an interview with a […]
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Language is the most basic form of personalisation and it plays a huge role in a customer’s experience – Interview with Allison McDougall of Amplexor

Today’s interview is with Allison McDougall who is the SVP of Global Revenue at Amplexor, a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and […] The post Language is the most basic form of personalisation and it plays a huge role in a customer’s experience - Interview with Allison McDougall of Amplexor first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.
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CS Video: Kajillionaire Interviews With Evan Rachel Wood & Miranda July

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Video: Kajillionaire interviews with Evan Rachel Wood & Miranda July Ahead of the film’s highly-anticipated limited theatrical release, got the opportunity to chat with star Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) and writer/director Miranda July (The Future) to discuss the acclaimed indie crime dramedy Kajillionaire. Our interviews can be viewed in the player below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; ...
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Mike Katz of T-Mobile: The kinds of capabilities that 5G promises to present can be transformational

Heading into National Small Business Week T-Mobile launched new rate plans for small businesses with Microsoft 365 included, allowing customers access to Office apps, cloud services, device management and advanced security.  To learn more about the offering and how T-Mobile is working with Microsoft to help SMBs succeed in these unprecedented times, I recently spoke with Mike Katz, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile for Business. In addition to filling us in on the new offerings and the Micro...
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Bungie Altering Destiny 2 Player Models After Consulting “Diversity Committee”

Developer Bungie revealed in a recent blog post that they intend to change Destiny 2’s player models after consulting the opinions of their totally wise and just “diversity committee”, yet another decision made to appease social degenerates and likely being something players didn’t ask for. As discovered through the update blog for Destiny 2, individuals […]
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‘The Nest’ Director Sean Durkin on How You Make a Thriller Feel Haunted [Interview]

Writer/director/producer Sean Durkin is unafraid to take us to some dark places, providing a unique and compelling vision along the way. The winner of the Sundance directing award for Martha Marcy May Marlene , he returned to that festival with The Nest , a creepy, harrowing character piece about a family’s struggles with their own dreams and expectations. It’s a film that takes genre elements and gives them a welcome twist, belying expectations at every move, resulting in a deep character...
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