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WATCH: The best of Inman Connect New York 2020

Have you seen our Inman Connect New York coverage from January 2020? Dig into what was discussed in January, and get a taste of the experience you’ll have with us in Las Vegas in July.
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‘Hunters’ Showrunner Nikki Toscano on the Show’s Unorthodox Style and Balancing Thrills With Reverence [Interview]

Al Pacino takes on his first streaming television series in Amazon’s new series Hunters . He plays Meyer Offerman, a Holocaust survivor leading a team of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York. While  David Weil created the series,  he shares showrunner duties with Nikki Toscano. Toscano comes from shows like 24: Legacy, Shades of Blue, State of Affairs, Revenge and Bates Motel . Jordan Peele’s company Monkeypaw Productions produces Hunters. Toscano spoke with /Film by phone this week abo...
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‘Brahms: The Boy II’ Star Katie Holmes on Being Creeped Out by Brahms and the Communal Experience of Horror [Interview]

This weekend will see Brahms: The Boy II coming to theaters, bringing back the creepy doll with the piercing gaze and the unsettlingly innocent face. This time, Brahms is terrorizing a whole new family by way of a boy named Jude (Christopher Convery), who discovers the doll buried in the woods on the property of the Heelshire Mansion. Jude is suffering from some trauma after a home invasion, and he’s not speaking to his parents Liza and Sean (Katie Holmes and Owain Yeoman). But soon he starts s...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Wendi Burkhardt from Silvernest

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Wendi Burkhardt from Silvernest. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Wendi Burkhardt, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Silvernest. We’re an online roommate-matching platform that pairs boomers, retirees, empty nesters and other aging adults with compatible housemates for long-term homesharing. Through these creative living situations, they can earn extra income, remain in their homes longer and keep isolation at bay. Wha...
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Transitions, Training, and Birkie Preparation: A Q&A with Riitta-Liisa Roponen

To view Riitta-Liisa Roponen’s complete FIS profile requires a lot of scrolling and selecting “show more.” The 41-year-old raced her first World Cup in Munio, Finland on November 28th, 1998. More than 20 years later, she raced her final World Cup event, helping the Finnish relay team to 3rd in Ulricehamn , Sweden on January 27th, 2019.  She went on to race at the World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Austria, placing 22nd in the 30-kilometer mass start skate , then ended her season racing...
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‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Peter Gould on Season 5 Flashforwards, ‘Breaking Bad’ Cameos, and the Looming Ending [Interview]

For the last two seasons, Peter Gould has taken over as showrunner on  Better Call Saul . While Vince Gilligan wrote and directed El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie , his co-creator Gould has handled the origin story of Saul Goodman, from his early days as Jimmy McGill to his future as Gene Takovic in witness protection in Nebraska. At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, AMC announced Better Call Saul was renewed for a sixth and final season. Gould and Gilligan also rev...
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If you don’t ignore your customers and create a service culture then you won’t have to worry about the competition – Interview with Micah Solomon

Today’s interview is with Micah Solomon, a best-selling author, hands-on customer service consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and one of the world’s leading experts on customer service, […]
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Interview: FUTURA’s Decades of Kinetic Art + Meaningful Collaborations

From the "BREAK" train in the '80s to today's BMW M2, the artist's work continues to move people In 1980, a subway car sped through the Bronx completely covered in the work of Futura (the pseudonym of graffiti writer Lenny McGurr, formerly Futura 2000). It was another breakthrough for the artist—and the art form, as it was an exploration of unmatched proportions, all the while …
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Persona 5 Royal’s “Homophobic Scenes” Will Be Changed

Atlus has possibly become a lost cause as the Western translation of another one of its games will suffer changes to appease a small outfit of propagandists who are not in any way the majority of the playerbase. Persona 5 Royal, a remake of sorts of the original Persona 5, will have scenes considered offensive […]
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A long weekend in nature at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Twenty-five people walk through the hemlock forest on snowshoes. We’re close together, but move quietly in a line, going fast enough that we’re sweating on a 32-degree January morning. Eventually, we come to a brook, and Katie Hagel, an outdoor leader for the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, tells us to find our own quiet contemplation spot. We disperse, leaning against trees, sitting on logs or sprawling in patches of snow, snowshoes splayed at ungainly angles. We breathe the cold air and list...
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The North Face’s City-Ready SS20 Black Series Collection

Fusing streetwear with superior function, this release signals a foray into fashion-centric design The North Face has always focused on the outdoor space first and foremost. In fact, their technical garments are some of the most capable and innovative on the market and their long history of high-demand collaborations (Maison Margiela, Supreme, and Brain Dead among others) and successful original concepts (Purple Label, Summit Series, …
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Paul Feig on the ‘Last Christmas’ Twist, Playing With Genre, And How ‘Freaks and Geeks’ is the Template for ‘Dark Army’ [Interview]

Paul Feig was not happy that the internet guessed the twist in Last Christmas. But sometimes, in the words of the great George Michael, you gotta have faith. Of course, there was a chance that someone would guess the premise of Last Christmas, which takes its inspiration from the Wham! song of the same name, but that Feig was “not pleased” that audiences wouldn’t get the chance to be blown away as he was when he read Emma Thompson’s script. “I was just really emotional when I read it. It really...
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‘Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made’ Director Tom McCarthy on Following ‘Spotlight’ With a Disney Family Movie [Interview]

Just when you think you have Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy figured out, he goes and follows Spotlight with a film for Disney+ about a kid who thinks of himself as a hard-boiled detective whose best friend is a polar bear. It may surprise you to know that McCarthy’s latest film, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is delightful. The main character takes himself very seriously and the film has a lot of fun playing around with that while building an entertaining mystery for him to solve. The Re...
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‘The Lodge’ Directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala on Building Atmosphere and Referencing ‘Jack Frost’ [Interview]

Filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala know how to let a movie get under an audience’s skin. Even the simplest of their shots, such as Riley Keough scratching her knees, elicit discomfort. They maintain that mood of dread throughout the their newest film, The Lodge, their followup to Goodnight Mommy. Their latest is a chilly head trip of a horror movie about bottled-up emotions exploding into fear, terror, and mystery. It’s an unsettling experience best seen blind. “This movie lingers long...
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Dan Miller of Opus Research: The Customer Engagement Model is Becoming a Conversation

Conversations eat apps’ lunch.  Twilio founder and CEO Jeff Lawson made this statement. It happened at the company’s annual user conference, Signal.  The statement stayed with me for a while. A few other remarks from his talk stuck with me too. And eventually led to an article I wrote. It served as part of a thought leadership series the company is currently featuring. It focuses on how more of our interactions with companies seem conversational in nature. And those conversations shape the path ...
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‘The Assistant’ Director Kitty Green on the Banality of Evil in #MeToo Workplace Drama [Interview]

It’s a little over two years following the culture-shifting reporting that sparked the #MeToo movement, and we’ve finally gotten the first truly great movie about the culture in need of dismantling. Kitty Green’s The Assistant follows a single day in the life of Julia Garner’s Jane, a new employee working for a Harvey Weinstein-like bullying boss. We inhabit her state of mind not through what she says or thinks but rather through what she does – primarily, dreary office tasks. But through the s...
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‘Downhill’ Directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash on Why They Remade ‘Force Majeure’ and Directing Comedy Legends [Interview]

Filmmakers Nat Faxon and Jim Rash took some time out of their schedule to sit down with /Film for a phone interview to talk about their new film, Downhill. Downhill premiered at the Eccles Theater during the first weekend of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The film is the the English-language remake of the Swedish dark comedy Force Majeure. In addition to directing the film, Faxon and Rash co-wrote the script with Jesse Armstrong. Downhill marks their return to Sundance for the first time sinc...
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Watch Billie Eilish interviewed by an A.I.

Creative technologist Nicole He modified OpenAI's GPT-2 language model to generate questions for happy mutant pop star Billie Eilish and also write Eilish-esque lyrics. Vogue Magazine published Eilish's answers to the AI's wonderfully odd questions like: "Who consumed so much of your power in one go?" and "Have you ever seen the ending?" "What I really loved hearing Billie say was that human interviewers often ask the same questions over and over," He tweeted, "and she appreciated that the ...
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Metera’s Granblue Fantasy: Versus Outfit Was Adjusted for “Foreign Markets & Esports”

The incomparable passion of the developers who worked on Granblue Fantasy: Versus was exposed in an interview as it was revealed they really wanted to preserve the original sexy outfit of Metera, additionally it was mentioned that her attire was changed for the sake of “expansion into foreign markets and for esports considerations”. The February […]
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Studio Visit: Illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli

Connecting with the talented artist ahead of her talk at Design Indaba Olimpia Zagnoli stands as one of the most important Italian editorial illustrators of her generation. Her style—bold, playful and immediately recognizable—has graced the cover of The New Yorker, within the pages of La Repubblica, on fabrics for Marella, or as part of a Prada campaign. We were delighted to visit Zagnoli at her …
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An interview with legendary bass player Carol Kaye

On Legs McNeil's Please Kill Me, Michael Shelly interviews the legendary bass player, Carol Kaye. Unless you're a hardcore music nerd, you may not know who Carol Kaye is. You need to fix that. Carol Kaye is the bassist behind thousands of 20th century recordings, from The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds to Nancy Sinatra's These Boots are Made for Walkin', to Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman. Oh, and she also played on the Mothers of Invention's Freak Out! and the Batman theme song. The list goes on and o...
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‘Birds of Prey’ Producer Sue Kroll on Me Too, Reshoots, and Sequel Possibilities [Interview]

Producer Sue Kroll has been with Birds of Prey from the very beginning. Since it was just an idea in star Margot Robbie‘s head while she was originating her breakout character Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Since director Cathy Yan came to Kroll and fellow producer Bryan Unkeless with a vision of a wild, bombastic, and unabashedly fun girl gang movie. “There was something very raw about it, very visceral,” Kroll said of the sizzle reel that Yan showed to her and Unkeless. That visceral tone was...
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32 Off-Camera Flash Scenarios Explained In Simple English

The Use of Off-Camera Flash Off-camera flash and its use is often a challenge. And as I've said many times before, it was a mystery to me. My first flash was a Vivitar 285. I could use it only in manual mode and I didn't know where to begin, so I quickly and quietly yanked out the batteries from the unit and retired it. That would have been the end of it if it wasn't a pesky assignment to photograph my first wedding. Wedding ceremonies are usually followed by receptions and this one kicked my ...
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How hobbyists are saving endangered killifish from extinction

Killifish biology has long intrigued fish enthusiasts and scientists. But human encroachment, habitat loss and climate change are dwindling killifish populations in the wild. Thankfully, collection efforts by conservationists are saving these creatures. The conservationists distribute specimens and their eggs to academic and hobbyist circles for captive breeding and stewardship. To date, at least 1,270 killifish species are known worldwide, according to Portland State University’s Podrabsky Lab...
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The Mission Behind Nike’s Space Hippie Sneakers

The brand's new program for scrap material reuse has the potential for vast positive impact across the industry Part of Nike‘s move toward more sustainable practices, the new Space Hippie collection (from the overarching Space Hippie Program) is crafted from scrap materials reclaimed from factory floors. Several other companies use discarded fabrics and yarns, but this is the first foray for the sportswear giant—and a …
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[Interview] Meghan Fitzgerald, Author Of “Ascending Davos”

Navigating the corporate landscape is a challenge for anyone: for women, it can be akin to climbing Mt. Everest. It was in the mountains, in fact — in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum — that Meghan Fitzgerald realized she had been trading her health for her career. As others in Davos shared their stories about their own climb, she saw a disturbing thru-line: in general, the higher women rise, the less they value their own health. In charge of billions and one of the few women “ru...
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‘The Simpsons’ Executive Producer Matt Selman Teases the Show’s Upcoming Marvel Episode [Interview]

Every Television Critics Association press tour, we catch up with  The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean. January’s TCA was no exception, and we’ll bring you that interview soon enough. But this time, Jean brought executive producer Matt Selman with him.  Disney acquired The Simpsons in its acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Since November 12, every Simpsons episode is available on Disney+. Streaming gave Selman some more ideas to maximize content and he has some ideas about enhanced Simpso...
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‘Possessor’ Director Brandon Cronenberg on Crafting the Most Nightmarish Film of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival [Interview]

After an eight-year period of development, director Brandon Cronenberg returns with his sophomore feature Possessor , a seductive and macabre crime thriller that mixes body horror, near-future nihilism and noir elements to deliver a funky, freaky brew. In his Sundance review /Film’s Chris Evangelista called it “unrelentingly aggressive”, finding the film “special and exciting.” With an ensemble led by Andrea Riseborough, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christopher Abbot, the film feels assured a...
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In-House Counsel Interviews – What Are They Looking For?

In-house counsel interviews are a key hurdle in landing a coveted in-house counsel job. But what are interviewers looking for? Knowing the answer and being prepared is key, as you’ll face questions in numerous areas – including compensation. “Dale Carnegie told us almost a century ago that, “you can make more friends in two months by being interested in them, than in two years making them interested in you.”  Those words are as true today as when his book How to Win Friends and Influence Peop...
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[Interview] Alan Weiss, Ph.D., Author Of “Fearless Leadership”

It’s no secret that fear holds people back. We all know people who are experts in their field but flounder when speaking on stage, red-hot salespeople who are unstoppable until it’s time to close the deal, and leaders who consistently feel like imposters. In “Fearless Leadership: Overcoming Reticence, Procrastination, and the Voices of Doubt Inside Your Head“, legendary business consultant and international speaker Alan Weiss, Ph.D.,provides exact strategies to discover, examine, eliminate, and...
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