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Hello (Sigil experiment)

Hi, Nice joining this forum. I'm curious about Sigil's uses, paramters and improvements, to create and fix epubs from old books no more editing for example (I'm self-educated about it). Hope to learn lot of things here, and help if I could with pleasure. Have a nice day
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Hello from PDX

Hello everyone. I have just started trying to use Calibre, and am having trouble with adding books. Can anyone tell me where would be an appropriate place to post a question about that?
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Hello from Snowy British Columbia

Hello All! A new member here from British Columbia, where we just received a massive dump of fresh snow that has closed down most of our municipal roads! I'm excited to be moving from my own library database that I have used for years, to something as automated and beautiful as Calibre! I look forward to learning more about the program, and contributing if I can be at all helpful! Kind Regards; Thunder_Struck
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Hi I am gama I like poetry from all cultures
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Hi hi

I am here to learn if audiobooks can be added to Calibre or if there is a Calibre for audiobooks. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?
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FREE huge epic classic ebooks! Lawrence David Niren, the author of the very controversial political thriller fantasy novel, JUVIA, KENNEDY & THE TRIAL AND CONFESSION OF TRUMP, and the shocking thriller, THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH, announces the new FREE releases of his huge novel COMPASSION, on Amazon in 2 books, COMPASSION I and COMPASSION 11. These 2 novels are FREE to read on starting February 9, 2019. See links: and https://www...
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I is a gamer, yes I is...

Hiya calibre community! I am really liking this software so far. Enough so that I have questions. Over the years, I have collected many electronic books and document, forward of 10K+ The majority are roleplaying game books where there is not as much concern over authors , but more over rule systems, games, genres, settings and series. :help:And the majority are PDFs.:help: I need will be asking about metadata. Lots of questions about metadata.
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Hi Ernie would like to know where to find posting help

Am not very new but am ignorant on exactly how to do a lot of things on posts for example how do I refer to individule posts from others, add links, thank helpful members and so on. I Currently just scratch around and work on the hit and miss principle, would like to up my game to semi power user. Where do I find an article to give this advice and help.
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Hi! New here, just bought a Kobo H20 2nd edition..hope I'm in the right place.
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Hi! I don't know how to post in the right place!

Hi there :-) I'm having an absolute nightmare with uploading my ebooks to apple, and keep getting very confusing error messages. I've search this page and found people asking questions but not my specific error, so would like to create a new post. Only the only place I've found to create a new thread (is this a post?) is here in the introductions page! That can't be right? Can someone help me post a question about how to get help for my apple error?! :-) I feel like I'm in the twilight zone! ...
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hello guys am new here

Hello guys am new here am from morocco and i just buy a kindle
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Luddite several days per week

I like the advantages of audio and e-books but I am not comfortable w/ electronic devices and am especially concerned about electronic privacy. It seems my choices are mass market and cheap hardware and software (Apple, Android) but I am skeptical of the big corporations as much as I am skeptical about big government. However the alternative of buying devices with cash, using gift cards, changing payment methods etc is just to James Bond hassle. I am looking for a simple streamlined solution fo...
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Hi I am new here

Hi I am Ari from Japan. I am new here and still could not find hot to start a new thread I want to ask a question about ebook conversion. Thank you
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Hi from Argentina

Hi, my name is Toska, im a peruvian illustrator living in argentina.
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Hello from Portugal

Have just installed Calibre under Linux, and am about to add my 10.3 Gbytes of books to the library. - Roger -
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Hello from NQ

Martin Clark, town planning consultant, still practicing in Townsville NQ. On the western shore of the Coral Sea, about 40km from the GBR. Which is NOT threatened, so no need to invest in "saving" it, it is generally in pristine condition, having survived everything the climate has thrown at it over 1/2 million years. Anyone remember me from Oxford Polytechnic ? 1970 - 74, now Oxford Brookes University. My email can be found at My web page used to come up 1st page on... [A...
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Hello All!

Hello to All! I consider it my fortune to have found this forum. For many years, I've enjoyed an ongoing love relationship with books. At this point in my life, I must relinquish the space and make the transition to digital. My e-book management program of choice is Calibre and my reader will be a Nook HD+ and my collection is close to 500 ... but first things first. Although I have many interests and knowledge, I am not a programmer, coder and I do not have a computer science degree. ...
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Hello colleagues

I have just arrived. I always dedicated to editing and editorial design of printed matter. :ratón de biblioteca:Now I am dedicated to editing and designing electronic books. I want to learn and contribute. Thank you.:Gracias:
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About me, Mavaddat

Hello Good Mobile Readers, I am a e-book collector and sharer. I like to convert print books to OCR PDF's, and PDF's to DOCX, and DOCX to epub, and epub to AZW3. I know coding (studied software engineering), but I haven't applied it much to this yet. I am still learning how to do this stuff well.
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Hello everyone, my name is David. I am a life and performance coach interested in philosophy, psychology, history, people, dogs and wine. I write self-help books as well as historical novels. I live in Kent in the UK with my wife and two dogs Tommy a Patterdale terrier and Jem a sort of Bichon who we rescued last year.
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Hii EVeryone, My name is anita kate and i am student of electronics and telecommunication and wanted to amke career in hardware and networking.
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Hello, this is fcharat and I've just joined MobileRead. I hope this is where I am supposed to say hello. It wasn't quite clear to me. At any rate I am glad to meet all of you and to be part of this community. My device is a Nook Simple Touch.
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Hi Folks, Need help with "ezPDF" app

Googling for help with ezPDF brought me here! Not sure if it is the correct place as I cannot find a sub forum for "Android-ezPDF" I have this handy App on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT i3905) but whilst saving a PDF file, I have accidentally flipped the display into "Night Mode" I think, because all my files are now white text on a black background. :eek: I just can't find any way to revert to a white background with black text, can anyone help me? :blink:
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New reader

Hello everyone! I'm Tung, I come from Viet Nam. I really love reading books. See you guys around!
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Hello from Kansas

I found this forum by following links after a search for "SVG charts." Then I followed links from a very nice wiki to this forum. I'm a dabbler. I like creating eBooks. I like stories and art and being creative. I hope to retire in late June and I'm looking for a place to hang out sometimes. I currently work in publications, for a small state agency. We started doing some of our publications in EPUB format a few years ago and I've learned just enough to know there is a LOT more to learn.
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Hello and two puzzles

This is my first post here, and I was hoping someone could help me with my current problem. I'm converting a book from Word to EPUB using Calibre. I have come across two minor problems that seem to be bugs, although I may just be missing something. I thought if I described them here there might be someone else who had encountered them. If necessary I can send the EPUB file for someone to look at. The first problem is that at the end of some but not all chapters the EPUB puts a number. Sometime...
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spacing problem in Kindle Mobi converted from rtf file

Hi friends. I'm working on the creation of an ebook by exporting it in a rtf file to Kindle for conversion to mobi. The goal is to edit and polish the output for reading on Kindles. I've managed to resolve a variety of formatting issues but don't see answers to this one in the forum. The mobi file wants to respect the 8.5 x 11 standard page size by inserting line breaks in the words of the text at the page border, and page breaks where the 11 inch page would end. How to delete these large spa...
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Billy Sledge, at your disposal

I've self published on Amazon. My writing goals were literary, having employed an unconventional narrative perspective, and having written in a poetic-prose style. My subject and form does not follow any popular trend. Perhaps I deserve to remain in the oblivion of Amazon's vastness. Below is the description currently accompanying my little book, DANGLING PROPOSITIONS: "The Supersoic" "Instrument" "Not to Behold" ($4.99): "...blest are those/Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled/That ...
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Subscription question

Hope this is a reasonable place to ask the question. I'd like to receive a notification, perhaps an email, every time a new post is made to a specific thread. I am aware of the Subscribe feature, but this is not suitable because of the need to visit the site before subsequent posts fire off more emails. I want each and every new post to thread x to result in a notification, period.
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New Reader

I always believe that woman that loves to read is beautiful. I have been a fan of reading in middle school wherein I am a member of young librarian club. The first book that I have read was Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird." My personal favorite is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I am currently reading "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas. See you guys around!
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