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Hello, my name is Sofia Smith...I'm 26 years old....just completed college near my home and recently join an organization True Your Solution...Glad to be happy after joining your Community :)
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Here i am

Hello, I'm a newcomer, thank you all for say yes to my membership. I'm italian, so I say "Buongiorno a tutti", see you soon
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Hi everyone..,

Great to be here. I am looking forward to meeting people and getting information!
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Hello from Spain. I have been looking around the forum for some time and I really like all the useful tips and tricks around here so I decided to become part of the community :):)
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Hello everybody from the north west of England.Looking forward to finding my way round this site.
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Hello, everybody!

Hi, guys! I'm new here:) My name is José and I live in Colombia:)
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New to Kobo Forma

I have used the Kindle Oasis for a few years but now it has a cracked screen and showing signs of age. I am expecting a Kobo Forma from a friend any day now and look forward to learning some useful tips & tricks in this forum.
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Hallo aus BRD

Ich bin neu hier und brauche Hilfe bei einem Kobo glo hd.
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Calibre - on editing book creates image

When editing an AZW3 book for Kindle, Calibre always creates a smaller Cover Image .jpeg. On running "Check", this image is always shown as an error: This file is included in the book but not referred to by any document in the spine. This means that the file will not be viewable on most e-book readers. You should probably remove this file from the book or add a link to it somewhere. So I am constantly deleting this file when editing the book (which I do a lot). It find it occasionally hides o...
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Hello From London

Hi, I am new to ebook reading and deciding to buy a new ebook reader. Hope this forum helps in buying decision.
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Hi everyone, I need some help with a dictionary

Hello, I'm new in the community and I decided this month to finally move from paper to digital. I just got my Kobo Forma and I was able to find and install a English - Greek dictionary but I'm also looking for one English - Romanian. Could someone please help me? Thank you in advance, it would be much appreciated. Enjoy reading! Meropi
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Ik ben een beginnende ebook reader en ben nog zoekende.
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Ciao a tutti :)

Hello all from an Italian in Belgium - nice to be here!
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Hi - mainly a Calibre user to convert epubs to pdfs for search, research, etc. Thank you.
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Thank you!

Hi I'm Sarah from the US Just introducing myself here. I'm a first time e-reader user and found this place helping with my search, so thank you for everyone contributing. :thanks:
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Hello from France

Hello, i'm from France and i've just received my new E-reader. Your forum help me to configure it. I'll try to help others in return. :thanks:
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Hello everyone, I am James David from London. I am new here.
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What a resource!

New here, and I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who participates and answers questions on this forum. I just got my first ereader last week and I've learned so much about it and Calibre from here. Every time I get something set up the way I hoped I could, it's thanks to this forum! I'm extremely particular about organizing my collections, and also quite fond of software that I can configure to my heart's content, so the Kobo + Calibre + MobileRead are a perfect combo. And despite ...
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Hello from Dorset

Hello, Greetings from Dorset. I've had a Kindle since the days of the Keyboard Kindle. That was eventually replaced with a Kindle Voyage which I picked up second hand. I'm a member of our local Library and wanted to make use of the Ebook lending facility so I recently purchased a refurbished Kobo. It has allowed me to get used to the differences in the two ecosystems and I've just ordered a new Kobo Libra H2O. I've purchased a few books from the Kobo store and I'm looking forward to exploring ...
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Hola Hi from Spain - Lucía

:) Hello everyone I was part of dpgroup but it's not working for me anymore and I'm looking for something similar Could someone help me? Thanks in advance and sorry if my English is not good enough
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Brasil - Roberto

Hi everybody, my name is Roberto, I am from Brasil and at your disposal.
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Hi from Lithuania

I am Badas and I am interesting in Calibre software.
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Hi from Germany

Hi everyone, I'm RetroEggy, or just Retro for short. When I was a child, I used to read a lot, but as I grew older, the hobby kinda lay astray for a while. Luckily, I got back into reading when I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite in 2019 and reading again kinda feels like meeting a long lost friend (sounds weird, I know:D). I'm a big sci-fi and fantasy fan. Looking forward to reading and talking here.:bookworm:
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I am an 84 year old New Zealander. I have a 10th generation kindle and I have quite a large calibre library which I find very useful
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Log in

Not being particularly computer literate I am having it a little difficult finding the correct place to post my question. I hope I am there now. I have been using Calibre for several years and like it. My PC hard drive failed and had a new one installed and my Calibre was not retrievable. After downloading the latest version and finishing there was a brief message about an incorrect incoming? email address. I'm not sure what is required and I can't seem to get back to it. I need help.
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Hi from the Netherlands

Hello, is it possible/allowed to upload my own written book here? I give away my own ebooks for educational purposes. Thanks, Martin
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Registering on here was an EPIC SAGA

Hey everyone, I am glad I am finally here. I create a lot of ebooks and am glad to join a community of likeminded people. I was prompted to join from Sigil and also Calibre. However every time I tried it said that I had been denied for some reason, and to contact the administrator, which I did every time but no response. Also the captcha form on the registration page would cycle through different images to click on for something like ten minutes each time. I thought that the site wasn't ac...
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