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Hi everybody! I'm a noob from Brazil! :-) I've just purchased my Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation and I'm converting my countless epubs to azw3.
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Hello, my name is DisableGraphics. I have an 8th gen Kindle which is waiting to be jailbroken.
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Hello. I'm in California and i've lately been trying to orgnize my ebooks. I've been downloading a lot of computer and internet related titles lately. [ snip ] I find that Calibre helps me keep track of the collection.
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Hi from South Korea

Hi everyone. I live in South Korea. I am Korean and I am 64 years old. I own a Kindle Voyage and a PW4. I signed up for MobileRead about 8 months ago, and now I write on the introductions forum. I want to get information about Kindle.
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I'm starting my own website for free ebooks

Hey guys, It's been an idea of mine for quite some time. I've been doing web and writing marketing copy for a couple of years now and I wanted to build my own heaven for free ebooks. It's still small, but for sure I'll be adding titles from here. Let me share a title I couldn't find here Nabokov's Lolita. Like most people I love it and hate it and firmly believe the true monster of the story is Lolita herself. It would be thrilling if I get to see your thoughts on my website. Happy reading!
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Internal graphic wider than cover graphic. Why?

In GIMP I created a cover jpeg, and three other jpegs, saved them, inserted them in LibreOffice Writer, saved the file as html, then fed into Calibre. Here are the sizes of the initial jpegs, and the final sizes in the Calibre eBook. (Laptop screen: 1366 pix wide, 100ppi.) 1) 1700 pix wide (100ppi) ----- 3.35” on screen (335 laptop pixels) 2) 350 pix wide (100ppi) ----- 3.3” on screen (330 laptop pixels) 3) 700 pix wide (100ppi) ----- 6.3” on screen (630 laptop pixels) 4) 700 pix wide (200pp...
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Hi all, I'm from Singapore

I am owning kindle ppw3. I join the forum with the aim of expanding my understanding. Thanks
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pw4 user want more from my device

pw4 user, just want a better experience :thumbsup:
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Hi from North America

Hi. I joined the forum because I wanted to hack my Kobo. I have since discovered theres more to this forum ;D. I'm completely addicted to MR now. I live in North America. You can find out the country by looking at this specimen of language from my country. Eh? :)
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Just a « coucou ! » from France

[I first wrote the beginning of this post and ... pfuiittttt ! (bad keys sequence => changing fingers) : it disappears ! :O I've waited some times but it seems to have really vanished ... my apologies if it arise some day in the future] Hello world ! I an here to solve a little [i hope so] problem with a french recipe ('Mediapart') in 'Calibre', but -- as here is not the place to do it -- i'll go to the concerned thread after introducing me [just a very little] : As said in title, I'm from F...
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How do I send to my Kindle

Hi, Just joined the forum page. I have just redownloaded calibre because I was not having success sending my calibre books - downloaded into MOBI and on my calibre library to my kindle. Now I can't find the "send" button at all on the 4.23 version of Calibre. Help please. Maybe I should uninstall calibre and begin from the beginning? Thanks for any tips. LynneT
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Hi from a Tatooed and Pierced 76 year old!

Rich Wood here. I live in Reno, NV and am a US Navy Vietnam war veteran Gay liberal. Also a bookaholic with about 3000+ printed books and 1000+ ebooks in the library. At my age I have a combined pacemaker and defibrillator installed, am diabetic and use a sleep apnea machine at night, so NOT interested in catching Covid19. Suspect it would likely kill me. Also pretty heavily tattooed and pierced. Recently ran across DeadKingJewelry on Etsy and they have some interesting jewelry for pierced...
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Hi from Italy

Hi, after a long time as a lurker, today I finally join! I am trying to fix my Kobo h2o. Ciao!
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Hi! one more with a Kindle

Hello, I joined the group to find out how to jailbreak a 4th generation kindle paperwhite, I hope it arrives with an old firmware version and is easy to do. Thank you
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Hi to everybody. I am German, old (75) and bold. I used to be a banker, however, still playing the markets and hence, interested in economics, politics and technology. I am looking forward to meeting new friends here in the forums but I am a bit nervous as I do not understand the underlying system properly. Will see how it works.
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Hi again a new member

Hi I bought a couple a month ago a KOBO CLARA HD. It is a really nice and I am really satisfy with it. I was following without subscribing to the forum the kobo part of it. Now That s done I am registered happy reading
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Hi Everybody

I'm Dario from Italy and i'm a proud owner of an old Kindle and a Kobo Glo HD :) Have a nice day
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Hi, people

Hello all. I have recently become the proud owner of a little Kobo Clara. I am satisfied with it so far and, what is more important, is making me read a lot more. So I have dropped by here in order to learn from you some useful things and share as much as I can. Have a nice time.
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Hi, just dropped in here

Hello folks out there, I've been reading ebooks since early 2013 and I think my Kindle reader is one of my best buys ever, really cost effective. I never leave home wothout it. Also, as of recently I've been trying to learn some CSS in order to make minor enhancements to ebooks using Sigil and Calibre and, who knows, maybe write a book of my ownin the future...
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Hi, my name Yudi from Indonesia

Hi, this is my first post in this forum, have been kindle user for one year, i found this forum really help me getting know kindle better. Thanks to all member who share their knowledge here that really help me and i'm sure also help many other. My name Yudi and i'm living in Indonesia.
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Just saying hi to everyone! :)

Hi! :))))))) Just about to buy a new Ebook Reader. This forums going to be very useful! :)
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introduce oneself

introduce oneself My name is Poto and I am from mainland China. I really like reading with E-book reader and I hope to make good friends. If you want me to help you, please contact me!
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Hi from the US

Hi, I'm joining this just to get help with my Kobo Forma... But I've been lurking and devouring threads for a bit! Also pretty surprised I got a 3 letter username, huh
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Hi all! I am an engineer, i am newbie of Kobo. I read book on ipad but it is not so good for my eyes. I like to buy the first Kobo Glo for reading technical pdf book. Can i hack the Kobo Glo memory from 2Gb to 4Gb? Best Regards, Thanks!
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Hi from the U.K.

Hi, I'm a new member, although I must admit I've been a lurker on the forum since I bought my first Kindle e-reader about 18 months ago. I've found the mobilereads forum very useful/helpful when I've had any issues using my Kindle. I decided to join the forum today because I wanted to share some info for Kindle owners with regards to the “disappearing book covers” issue with side loaded books that first started cropping up a couple of months ago. I've posted my info in the Kindle section. Altho...
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Lost My Book Details

I was messing around and somehow closed my "Book Details Pane". Now all I see are the columns. I have looked everywhere and right clicked everywhere. I can not for the life of me figure out how to get my Book Details pane back. Can anyone help me ??? I really liked seeing the cover and the short synopsis of the book. Thanks to anyone who can help get me straightened out again. Jenn
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to sort

is it possible to sort several books according to 'strictly alphabetic' at once?
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