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Spaceflight will be ferrying payloads from Orbit Fab, GeoJump to lunar orbit next year

Space rideshare service provider Spaceflight Inc. is going to be shuttling customers on a lunar flyby mission next year, part of its long-term vision of giving companies easy access to lunar orbits and beyond. The Seattle-based company will be delivering payload using its propulsive transfer vehicle, Sherpa EScape, or Sherpa-ES, the latest iteration of Sherpa vehicles that the company has been testing for the past few years. The Sherpa essentially acts as last-mile space transportation, deployin...
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First Lunar Ice Mission in 2022

Intuitive Machines is developing the Nova-C lander which they want to send to the surface of the moon in early 2022. It will be powered by their VR900 engine, and replete with innovative avionics for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket to deliver an Astrobotic lander and NASA water-hunting rover to the Moon in 2023

SpaceX is set to send a payload to the Moon in 2023, using its larger (and infrequently used) Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. The mission will fly a lander built by space startup Astrobotic, which itself will be carrying NASA’s VIPER, or Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (this is the agency that loves torturing language to come up with fun acronyms, after all). The launch is currently set for later in the year, and this would be Falcon Heavy’s first Moon mission if all goes to plan. I...
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Intuitive Machines taps SpaceX for second lunar lander mission

The first commercial lunar landers are set to start making their trips to the Moon as early as this year, and now another one has a confirmed ride booked: Intuitive Machines is sending its second lander aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9, with a projected launch timeframe happening sometime around 2022 at the earliest. Intuitive Machines has already booked a first lander mission via SpaceX, which is also hosting payloads for other private companies seeking to make lunar landfall under . Intuitive Machine...
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NASA and Nokia To Install 4G on Lunar Surface

With competition among Earth's telecoms providers as fierce as ever, equipment maker Nokia has announced its expansion into a new market, winning a deal to install the first cellular network on the moon. From a report: The Finnish equipment manufacturer said it was selected by NASA to deploy an "ultra-compact, low-power, space-hardened" wireless 4G network on the lunar surface, as part of the US space agency's plan to establish a long-term human presence on the moon by 2030. The $14.1m contract,...
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NASA gave Nokia $14.1 million to build a 4G network on the moon

Westend61/Getty Images Telecom equipment supplier Nokia is building a 4G network on the moon to help astronauts control lunar rovers, navigate lunar geography in real time, and stream videos. NASA gave Nokia-owned Bell Labs a $14.1 million grant for the project as part of its plans to establish a human presence on the moon by 2030. Bell Labs will upgrade the network to 5G in the future, though it didn't give a timescale for the project. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. ...
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Spacebit books a second trip to the Moon via NASA’s commercial lunar payload program

UK-based robotic rover startup Spacebit has booked a second payload delivery to the Moon, aboard the Nova-C lander that Intuitive Machines is planning to send in 2021 as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. Spacebit already has a berth aboard the Astrobotic Peregrine lander that’s set to go to the Moon in July 2021, flying atop a Vulcan Centaur rocket, and so this would follow quickly on the heels of that mission, with a current mission timeframe of October 2021 to...
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SpaceX will launch Masten’s first lander to the Moon in 2022

SpaceX has secured a contract to act as the launch partner for Masten Space Systems, one of the companies awarded a NASA launch contract under that agency’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. Masten’s first lunar mission is set to take pace 2022 if all goes to plan, and will take the company’s XL-1 lunar lander to the south pole of the Moon with NASA payloads including scientific experimentation instruments on board, as well as cargo from commercial passengers. NASA’s CLPS prog...
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Intuitive Machines picks a launch date and landing site for 2021 Moon cargo delivery mission

The first private company scheduled to make a delivery of scientific cargo on behalf of NASA has specified a landing site, and a target date  for its mission. Intuitive Machines will seek to land its Nova-C lunar lander to a site called the ‘Vallis Schröteri,’ which is the largest valley fond on the Moon, and a fairly flat area that gets plenty of sunlight and doesn’t have any large craters or rocks to trip things up. Intuitive Machines will be looking to launch on October 21, 2021, with subs...
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NASA selects Masten Space Systems to deliver cargo to the Moon in 2022

NASA has chosen a new lunar surface delivery partner from its list of Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) vendors to actually transport stuff on its behalf – Mojave’s Masten Space Systems, which is being tapped by the agency to take eight payloads, including non science and tech instruments, to the Moon’s South Pole in 2022. Masten is the fourth company awarded a lunar delivery contract under CLPS, after NASA announced that three other companies would be tasked with taking payloads back ...
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NASA adds five companies, including Blue Origin and SpaceX, to moon delivery list

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space venture is among five companies that have just been cleared to deliver payloads to the moon for NASA. So is Elon Musk's SpaceX, which is offering its Starship super-rocket for lunar trips. Sierra Nevada Corp., Ceres Robotics and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems round out today's list, joining nine other commercial teams that were put into NASA's "catalog" for lunar delivery services a year ago. NASA has already picked two of those teams, heade...
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SpaceX wants to land Starship on the Moon before 2022, then do cargo runs for 2024 human landing

Speaking at a quick series of interviews with commercial space company’s at this year’s annual International Astronautical Congress, SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell shed a little more light on her company’s current thinking with regards to the mission timelines for its forthcoming Starship spacefaring vehicle. Starship, currently in parallel development at SpaceX’s South Texas and Florida facilities, is intended to be an all-purpose successor to, and replacement for, both Falcon 9...
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GrainChain, Chargify, Q2, Hypergiant, NASA Tech & More TX Tech

Let’s get caught up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—GrainChain, a blockchain agtech company based in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, has raised $2.5 million in funding from Medici Ventures, a blockchain accelerator owned by (NASDAQ: OSTK). Medici has a 10 percent ownership in the startup and has an option to increase that stake by another 10 percent at a later date, according to a press release. Five-year-old GrainChain, which is based in McAllen, TX, digitizes a typical...
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Under Terrier, NASA’s JSC Seeks to Support Space Innovation

Houston—As chief technologist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Douglas Terrier focuses in part on fostering innovation within his own organization. But his duties also involve seeking outside commercial partners that can use space technologies in other fields. “Our legacy system is the government invests in technology unique to NASA applications and somewhere down the road that leads to a spinoff that affects medicine or whatever,” he says. “We’re now taking a much more proactive approach ...
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Spaceport anchor tenant has grand plans for new headquarters

Houston-based Intuitive Machines LLC was touted as an anchor tenant for the city's new spaceport at Ellington Airport when it opens, and its CEO has some big plans for its new digs. Intuitive Machines engineers products and software that help machines in health care, energy and aerospace work more efficiently and intelligently.
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