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How to make healthy financial choices every day, according to a financial psychologist

There is a psychological connection between your emotions and your spending habits. Many people live in a "reactionary" mode where they spend money in reaction to the day's events.Living in "intention mode" can help you reframe daily financial decisions - "how will this get me closer to my future goals?" Financial psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas shares her tips for harnessing the power of emotion and intent to create a healthy, financially stable life. How your emotions drive your financial habi...
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SAB Zenzele Kabili B-BBEE share scheme

New scheme to be launched following the biggest B-BBEE FMCG payout in South Africa’s history The post appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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TFSAs are the gymnasts of the retirement savings world

The idea is to get South Africans to save, but it's best to do your research first to find out if a TFSA is really suited to your needs The post TFSAs are the gymnasts of the retirement savings world appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why Real-Estate Investing In Greece Is A Great Idea Now

Greece has been on the verge of becoming a hot destination for real estate investment in the last few years. The reason for this surge in interests from property investors can be explained, and it has a lot to do with Greece’s current economic recovery and the influx of investment into the coastal country. But why is real-estate investing a great idea now? Well, property experts have made favourable projections that have caught the ears of property spinners from around the world, especially Eur...
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How to Open Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account

The Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is basically a Government Program launched by the Indian Government. The initial target is towards the parents of the Girl Children with saving scheme. The scheme encourages the parents to build funds and support their girl child with proper education. The program also includes accumulating funds for their marriage at the same time. However, if you are willing to open the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account, all that you need to do is simply to follow the steps in order...
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5 Best Ways To Invest Money From Your Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs are unique positions for an investor’s point of view because they don’t have the security of a large salary from a big company from which they can slowly build up an extensive portfolio of investments over their career.  Thus, business owners and entrepreneurs must be even more diligent when choosing investments. Here are a few thoughts on investment and the five best ways to invest money from your business; What Is Your Current Financial Status? Having gaine...
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Leanplum raises another $27M, shakes up its executive ranks

Customer engagement platform Leanplum today announced that it has raised a $27 million extension to its 2017 $47 million Series D round. This additional funding was led by previous investors Norwest Venture Partners and Shasta Ventures. Kleiner Perkins, Canaan and Launchub also participated in this round, which the company says it will use to bolster its product development and go-to-market efforts. With this, Leanplum has now raised a total of $125 million. Maybe just as importantly, Leanplu...
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Dollars and Sense: Why you need a financial adviser

So many agents wait too long to plan for the future. I have no clue about your financial situation, but I do know that you need to fully understand your finances and how they will impact your future. 
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13 Not-So-Obvious Ways You’re Bombing Your Investor Interview (Do This Instead)

Over the last couple years at Sputnik ATX venture-accelerator, I’ve noticed that there are certain not-so-obvious ways in which founders are tested by investors.Sometimes it’s clear to the founders that they’re going up in flames. Other times founders walk out of the investor interview without a clue they’ve made a convincing argument that nobody should invest.The vast majority of founders who make it to the interview phase are smart and capable people with great ideas. Usually everybody has a ...
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Ryan Holiday — Turning the Tables (#410)

Welcome to The Tim Ferriss Show! It is — usually — my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types to tease out the habits, routines, favorite books, and so on that you can apply and test in your own life. This time we have a “turning the tables” episode. What does that mean? Well, I will not be the one doing the interviewing. Instead, I will be the one being interviewed by my friend, Ryan Holiday. So who is this Ryan fella? Ryan Holiday (TW/IG: @RyanHoliday) is one of ...
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SoundCloud just got investment from SiriusXM the owners of Pandora

SoundCloud have just gained some very interesting investment of $75 million from the owners of music streaming service Pandora. SoundCloud have long been a paragon of their own independence and that of artists. Standing on their own as streaming services rose around them, they built their service and created new elements to survive on their traditional model and incorporate popular elements of other services. New funding could signal a potential move towards working with other services ...
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$100,000 Investment Challenge at Black in Tech Summit in Partnership with DivInc

Capital Factory, in partnership with DivInc, is excited to announce the next $100,000 Investment Challenge at our 2nd Annual Black in Tech Summit. DivInc is a pre-accelerator based in Austin that bridges the gap between underrepresented entrepreneurs and the resources they need to build profitable, high-growth companies. We’ve had the pleasure of working with DivInc in the past on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenges in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. We’re dedicated to increasing diversit...
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An Introduction to Online Gold Trading

Gold is one of the most precious metals that come with high prices when it comes to charging hands. Because of that, it has gone ahead standard with various commodity products that are being exchanged online, for example, currency, oil, and different valuable metals. In online gold trading, you physically never get to see the gold or touch it by any means. But, you can make a lot of money by buying and selling gold with top-notch trading strategies. For investing smartly, you have to take help f...
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Pension vs Property: Which One Is The Better Investment Choice?

No matter what stage you are at in your working life, once you are financially stable, you will most probably be looking for investment opportunities so that you can start building assets that will offer a tidy return for you to enjoy in your later years. There is, of course, your state pension, and any private pensions you may pay into, which are the most common form of investment. Although they are not labelled as such, what you are doing is putting away money now, and investing it for your f...
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Kleiner Perkins has already blown through much of the $600 million it raised last year

Kleiner Perkins, one of the most storied franchises in venture capital, has already invested much of the $600 million it raised last year and is now going back out to the market to raise its 19th fund, according to multiple sources. The firm, which underwent a significant restructuring over the last two years, went on an investment tear over the course of 2019 as new partners went out to build up a new portfolio for the firm — almost of a whole cloth. Kleiner Perkins gets back to early-stage w...
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KPCB has already blown through much of the $600 million it raised last year

Kleiner Perkins, one of the most storied franchises in venture capital, has already invested much of the $600 million it raised last year and is now going back out to the market to raise its 19th fund, according to multiple sources. The firm, which underwent a significant restructuring over the last two years, went on an investment tear over the course of 2019 as new partners went out to build up a new portfolio for the firm — almost of a whole cloth. Kleiner Perkins gets back to early-stage w...
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Why I left Wall Street to figure it out.

Why I left Wall Street to figure it out. And what it led me to photo via “I may have to let you go,” he said.“Uhmm,” I just sat there, and after a few minutes, I walked back to my cubicle.The place reeked of greed, desire, and unjust passion. The restroom was taken up by the smell of marijuana. I hated it.“Give me 90 days, and if I don’t multiply your money, we are done!” My coworker in the next cubicle told a potential investor on the phone about an investment he was recommending...
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Become A Profitable Investor With These Diverse Investment Plans In 2020

Over the years, financial security means different for several people, be it a secure six-figure income, saving up for retirement, or buying real estate properties. You are left without any constraint, considering the long term financial goals that you have planned. Lear Capital guides you through this process with a definite plan to make a profitable investment both in the short term and in the long term. Investment requires maintenance and refinement to ensure a smooth pathway to your goal. W...
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Plant-based milk substitute market gets frothy with $225 million for Califia Farms

The market for companies developing dairy substitutes is really getting frothy. In December, the startup Perfect Day Foods in financing for its dairy replacement and now Califia Farms, the producer of a range of oat and almond milk products (along with a slew of coffees, juices, and non-dairy snacks) has raised $225 million in fresh financing. Investors in the round include the Qatar Investment Authority, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Temasek, Canada’ Claridge, and Hong Kong-based Green M...
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Dollars and Sense: How to get more out of your career

If you’re looking to tap into the potential that your real estate career holds — whether it’s money, satisfaction or enjoyment — we’ve got 10 suggestions for helping you make your job more gratifying this year.
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Anghami could be up for sale at a value of up to $400m

One of the biggest names in music streaming for the Middle East right now, Anghami are weighing up their options for the future. Anghami is a major music streaming service based in the Middle East and is one of the biggest streamers in the region. New reports from “people familiar with the matter” reveal that Anghami are eyeing up a potential sale if not a round of investment. Despite facing encroaching competition from worldwide streamers like Spotify Anghami weren’t worried, announcin...
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How To Run Rental Properties Like A Savvy Entrepreneur

It takes a lot of grit to run a successful rental venture, and for the entrepreneurial-minded individual, this is one of the best ways to build long term wealth. Whether you’re looking to broaden your real estate investment portfolio or to make some extra income with rental properties, the attributes of a savvy entrepreneur will make you stand out. From knowing the right kind of property to buy, to making excellent use of automated systems to keep your rental property running seamlessly, the sa...
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3 Tips for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Businesses may choose to lease space for their new store or office, but others choose to buy the property instead, as it gives them more control and the freedom to do what they want with the building. The property itself becomes an investment – property investors can also buy property to lease to businesses or sell to commercial firms. However, this is very different from residential real estate investing. Here are 4 tips for when you’re investing in commercial real estate. Understand the Lease ...
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A Weekly Roundup Of Investment Resources

This week has seen some really interesting articles come to light in the investment scene. As we all know, it’s been a big week for politics in some of the most established countries in the world, and naturally this has sent the media into something of a frenzy. Today’s round-up looks at a selection of our favorite resources that should do your investment journey the world of good. If you think you have a piece worth being featured in future weeks, drop us an email. The Telegraph: Monitoring inv...
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This was the year — and decade — of big money in real estate

Both 2019 and the decade leading to it were dominated by disruption. And the thing fueling that disruption was a whole lot of cash.
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Solve, the startup creating an interactive “Law & Order” for social media, raises $20 million

When “Law and Order” ended its twenty-year run in 2010, it had already cemented its place as one of the longest-running television dramas in history. Its success was a testament to the enduring popularity of a good mystery. Mining that same well of a demand for whodunnits, a roughly one-year-old Los Angeles-based startup called Solve has raised $20 million in financing to update the genre for a new generation of media consumers. Its eponymously titled social media programming, available on Ins...
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Investing In Gold & Silver: The Pros & Cons

Investing in gold or silver is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio, but there are factors that you will need to consider before jumping in with both feet. The type of gold or silver you are going to purchase is a significant factor, as there are many different options available. Below are some of the questions you should look to answer before you make your investment to ensure that it is the right investment vehicle for you. A Hedge Against Inflation When you look at the hist...
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