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Fluid Quip Technologies launches free webinar series

In Iowa, Fluid Quip Technologies is creating a space for all to share and all to learn. Last Thursday at 1:00 PM CST, FQT launched a weekly live webinar series to help plants solve their most pressing issues and provide any of the 1000’s of tips and techniques the company has developed over the years to improve ethanol facilities.  They plan to cover topics like: 10 ways to cut your plants OPEX cost today” Efficiencies in Distillation & Dehydration Efficiencies in Electrical and gas use...
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Want a coronavirus disaster loan fast? California is early leader

By Zachary R. Mider, Jason Grotto and Phil Kuntz, Bloomberg When it comes to federal aid for small businesses, U.S. states are learning a lesson already familiar to shoppers on the hunt for toilet paper: It pays to be first in line. Over the last nine days of March, the Small Business Administration handed out 1,790 disaster-relief loans, for a total of $357 million, most of it for businesses disrupted by the coronavirus. The data was disclosed April 4 on a government website. Businesses in all ...
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Target’s Shipt shoppers are walking off work today

Shipt shoppers, which began organizing in February, are staging their first action today. Yesterday, a group of Shipt shoppers, who shop and deliver orders from Target and other stores, announced their plans to walk off today. The walk-off is in protest of the way Shipt has treated its shoppers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Vice first reported. “Unless you get tested for COVID-19 or you’re half dead, Shipt’s not going to care,” Iowa-based Shipt shopper Angie Kufner tells TechCrunch. Kufner hasn...
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Quibi Launches With Over 300,000 Downloads in U.S. & Canada

Quibi Launches With Over 300,000 Downloads in U.S. & Canada According to , the new quick bite streaming service Quibi was downloaded over 300,000 times on its launch day yesterday. Analytics group Sensor Tower compared the first-day downloads to the 4 million Disney+ installs when the larger streamer debuted in November. RELATED: Mandatory Streamers: Quibi Launches Quick Bite Streaming Platform The app, founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, is currently offering a 90-day free trial. Shows avail...
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Brennan Center urges all Governors to use executive authority to "release vulnerable people who pose no risk to public safety from incarceration"

The title of this post would make plenty of sense even in a world without COVID, as vulnerable people who pose no risk to public safety really ought not be kept behind bars even in the best of times.  But, of course, right now we live in a world with COVID, and that has prompted the Brennan Center to produce this new seven-page letter, addressed to "the Honorable Governors of the fifty states," which includes these passages at the outset: However, the almost 2 million people behind bars at the ...
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Anonymous donor sends $150 in gift cards to every household in 1,400-person Iowa town

"Nobody has a lot to smile about the last few weeks and this is definitely something to smile about," said Earlham Mayor Jeff Lillie.         [Author: Des Moines Register]
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Gophers land 7-foot center Liam Robbins from Drake

Iowa native Liam Robbins, who averaged 2.9 blocks per game last season, joins a team with his uncle on the coaching staff.
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iLiad iRex iLiad for sale

I am selling my iRex iLiad. It is in excellent condition, powers on and works correctly. It has the original power adapter and a aftermarket soft zippered case. I replaced the battery about 4-5 years ago with a higher capacity one, although I do not remember the specs of the new battery. I'm mainly looking to get rid of it and put it in the hands of somebody who has a use for it. I am located in central Iowa, but can ship anywhere, with appropriate reimbursement for shipping costs. I am as...
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Whicker: Mike Bohn hears USC fans loud and clear, then sends his own message

Mike Bohn came to USC and said his ears were wide open. The blood notwithstanding, they still are. The new athletic director detonated the Internet when he decided Embattled Clay Helton should coach the football team in 2020. He didn’t realize he would trigger such a torrent of #FireBohn hashtags. A Holiday Bowl loss to Iowa, with quarterback Kedon Slovis again knocked to the sidelines, added kerosene. So did a low-rated recruiting year. Bohn’s ears are still attached. He has been face-to-face w...
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Holdout States Resist Calls for Stay-at-Home Orders: 'What Are You Waiting For?'

A surge in coronavirus deaths in the United States has prompted the vast majority of governors to order their residents to stay home, but a small number of states are resisting increasingly urgent calls to shut down.The pressure on the holdouts in the Midwest and the South has mounted in recent days as fellow governors, public-health experts and even their own citizens urge them to adopt tougher measures that have been put in place across 41 states and Washington, D.C.Health experts warn that th...
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2020 Iowa High School Basketball, Elite Third Team All State

Iowa Preps hands out our postseason all state honors from the 2019-2020 basketball season now!SUBSCRIBERS: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!-------------- What other coverage am I missing ...
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Adult toy shop Romantix remains open in Iowa after state closes many nonessential stores

Romantix, an adult entertainment store with nine locations across Iowa, remains open in the state as of Friday.         [Author: Des Moines Register]
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Iowa man holds horse auction drawing 600 people but he broke no laws, governor says

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said that livestock auctions like this one were allowed "because they are part of the food production supply chain."
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Iowa's Top Third Basemen in 2021

Iowa Preps has updated our list of the top baseball players within the Class of 2021 now!SUBSCRIBERS: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!------------------ What other coverage am I missing ...
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How Tea Party Budget Battles Left the National Emergency Medical Stockpile Unprepared for Coronavirus

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Dire shortages of vital medical equipment in the Strategic National Stockpile that are now hampering the coronavirus response trace back to the budget wars of the Obama years, when congressional Republicans elected on the Tea Party wave forced the White House to accept sweeping cuts to federal spending. Amon...
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Pemsl leaving Iowa to play final season as grad transfer

Cordell Pemsl is planning to leave Iowa and play his final season at another school as a graduate transfer. The 6-foot-8, 248-pound forward from Dubuque averaged 5.9 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists over 96 career games. Pemsl, who had three major surgeries over the last six years, was a reserve exclusively after starting 14 games as a freshman.
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Quibi’s 50 States of Fright Trailer for Sam Raimi’s Horror Anthology Series

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Quibi’s 50 States of Fright Trailer for Sam Raimi’s Horror Anthology Series Quibi has debuted the official 50 States of Fright trailer for Sam Raimi’s upcoming horror anthology series. You can check out the trailer below as well as the new poster in the gallery! Quibi is set to launch on April 6. The quick bite streamer is currently offering a 90-day free trial for those who sign-up before April 30. RELATED: Run This City Trailer Previews Quibi Docuseries From Mark Wahlber...
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Google location data shows how much daily life is changing in every state

Google published a huge report of location data this week showing how people's movement has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. The data details changes in attendance at: retail and recreation sites, groceries and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residential locations. For the US Google broke down the data for each state, showing big differences in how people are reacting to the pandemic. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google this week released a ...
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Children Are Hunting Teddy Bears During the Coronavirus Outbreak

See that stuffed animal in the window? It’s part of a game meant to entertain children (and adults) during a prolonged period of lockdowns and social distancing. How many can you spot?
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From the archives: Elvis Presley draws 4,000 to Vets for his first Iowa show

Register reporter Nick Lamberto wrote of 21-year-old Elvis Presley: 'Merely striding across the stage set off a loud chorus of screams.'          [Author: Des Moines Register]
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This Iowa community is rallying together to find medical supplies for local hospitals

Dave Will's classroom storage is the butt of many jokes at Columbus High School in Waterloo, Iowa. The longtime math teacher says he has 50 years' worth of equipment and supplies tucked away.
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This Iowa community is rallying together to find medical supplies for local hospitals facing a dire shortage

A longtime math teacher says he has 50 years' worth of equipment and supplies tucked away in his classroom storage. Buried in the detritus: long-outdated technology that could possibly save lives in the fight against the coronavirus in Northeast Iowa.
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This Iowa community is rallying together to find medical supplies

Dave Will's classroom storage is the butt of many jokes at Columbus High School in Waterloo, Iowa. The longtime math teacher says he has 50 years' worth of equipment and supplies tucked away.
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Rams’ Austin Blythe has lost free-agent teammates, but not his optimism

The medium was unusual. The message, coming from a Rams player, was familiar. Offensive lineman Austin Blythe spoke from his house in Williamsburg, Iowa, in a video-stream press conference Wednesday, the Zoom hookup replacing the customary in-person appearance by a newly re-signed free agent. Blythe said he has enjoyed the forced time at home with his wife, Kylie, and their 3-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter, and has been able to improvise a workout routine using the weight rack and treadmi...
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Why Rural Areas Are In A Particularly Tough Situation As Coronavirus Spreads

CARROLLTON, Ala. (AP) — As the coronavirus spread across the United States, workers at the lone hospital in one Alabama county turned off beeping monitors for good and padlocked the doors, making it one of the latest in a string of nearly 200 rural hospitals to close nationwide. Now Joe Cunningham is more worried than ever about getting care for his wife, Polly, a dialysis patient whose health is fragile. The nearest hospital is about 30 miles away, he said, and that’s too far since COVID-19 alr...
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First Woman Drafted in N.B.A. Avoids Coronavirus, but Not Its Frustrations

Denise Rife scored 111 points in an Iowa high school game, was drafted by the Warriors in 1969 and appeared on “The Tonight Show.” She needs a second hip replacement, but the pandemic has complicated that.
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Where Are the Senate Battleground States? Look at the Ads

New ad buys reveal the key states where both parties think control of the Senate will be decided.
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Do I Have to Pay My Rent or Mortgage During the Pandemic?

As March winds down, at least 250 million Americans have been told to stay home or “shelter in place” to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Problem is, many can’t help wondering if they can still afford a place to shelter in—if they ever could.Long before the coronavirus pandemic, generous swaths of the United States faced an affordable housing crisis. With millions of Americans losing their jobs and millions more facing unemployment in the near future thanks to a concerted economic shutdown gear...
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Joe Biden Is Smart to Get the Hell Out of the Way

For weeks now, I’ve been worried about Joe Biden. Yes, the deadly coronavirus presents serious political problems for Donald Trump (despite his current glowing approval ratings, this crisis undermines the one thing he had going for him: a good economy), but consider how quickly the pandemic killed the Joe-mentum. It wasn’t that long ago that Joe, not COVID-19, was the talk of the town—and rightly so. After a campaign season when Biden barely managed to tread water, and when we nearly wrote him o...
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Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

by Veronica Baxter Perhaps. Statutory workers’ compensation laws are particular to each state, but in general, businesses having employees that are not large enough to self-insure must carry workers’ comp insurance. The number and type of employees triggering the workers’ compensation insurance requirement varies, and each state has different exceptions to that requirement. The Number of Employees You Have Matters. In most states, if you have just one employee you must carry workers’ compensa...
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