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Ithaca mayor is set to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, report says

Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY. Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick plans to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, GQ reported. The plan was created as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order for New York cities to review their police departments. The proposal includes an agency with armed "public safety workers" and unarmed "community solution workers." Visit the Business section of Insider for more stor...
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Review: Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is outstanding

Facebook’s virtual reality dreams have been a headache for the company. At CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s prodding, the company has spent billions on Oculus and dealt with huge added complexities to their business, while encountering countless issues regarding the company’s founding team, a massive IP lawsuit, crippling supply chain issues and an impossible-to-satisfy user base. But for all the tears, that toil has given the tech world a weirdly poignant look at what’s possible when you attempt to ...
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UPenn's Integrated Product Design Program Offers A Language of Design

In the heart of the University of Pennsylvania's campus, the Integrated Product Design Program (IPD), is the site of a growing culture for creative problem solving. Standing in the IPD studio you are surrounded by evidence of that culture, the desks and workspaces of students replete with products and prototypes. The IPD studio is immediately tantalizing to anyone with a mind for invention. Everywhere there aren't prototypes, there are students; engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs communicat...
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HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset with flip-up design, 90Hz refresh rate launched in India

Earlier this year at CES, HTC announced the Vive Cosmos VR headset alongside Vivo Pro Eye headset. Following the global availability announcement last month, HTC has launched the Vive Cosmos VR headset in India that also includes free VIVEPORT Infinity membership. HTC Vive Cosmos is a premium PC-based virtual reality (VR) system that sports a Dual 3.4-inch diagonal LCD panel with a resolution of 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye and 2880 x 1700 combined resolution. It also supports the 90Hz refres...
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Oculus VR Founder on Recently Unveiled Oculus Rift S: I Can't Use it, and Neither Can You.

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR and designer of the Oculus Rift, shares his thoughts on the recently unveiled Oculus Rift S: Rift S is very cool! It takes concepts that have been around for years and puts them into a fully functional product for the first time. Sure, sure, I see people complaining about how Rift S is worse than CV1 concerning audio quality, display characteristics, and ergonomics -- some of the tradeoffs are real, some are imaginary, and people should really wait for it to c...
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Narrowing the IPD of the Celestron Cometron 7x50 Binoculars

These binoculars are a great value, not the best, but at ~$35 they're not so expensive you get nervous about other people touching them. However, they don't fit faces with narrow set eyes; the InterPupillary Distance (IPD) doesn't get smaller than ~60mm. Fortunately, it's just a silly design decisio...By: Old JackContinue Reading » [Author: Old Jack]
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Alleged AFM Mismanagement Costs Musicians Millions In Unclaimed Funds [Find Out If You're Owed]

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) is effectively preventing as much as $25 million in royalties due musicians and background singers from being distributed allege Kobalt, Wixen, Sony and a growing group of organizations tasked with collecting royalties. The Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund was sitting on $25 million in unclaimed royalties as of the end of 2016, its last public filing. Founded and run by the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and television a...
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Australia: IPD and BIM - the future of project delivery in Australia - McCullough Robertson

New forms of IPD which are BIM compatible could become prevalent in the Australian construction industry in the future.
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Brazil’s Uirapuru 7.62x51mm General Purpose Machine Gun: A rare bird, indeed

The word Uirapuru is the name of both an actual Amazonian bird and a mythical creature. In the rain forest, the bird Uirapuru sings once a year when it builds its nest. Even then, only from five to ten minutes early in the morning. According to the legend, Uirapuru’s song is so beautiful that all other […] Read More … The post Brazil’s Uirapuru 7.62x51mm General Purpose Machine Gun: A rare bird, indeed appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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An eHealth Project on Invasive Pneumococcal Disease: Comprehensive Evaluation of a Promotional Campaign

Background: The recently launched Pneumo Rischio eHealth project, which consists of an app, a website, and social networking activity, is aimed at increasing public awareness of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD). The launch of this project was prompted by the inadequate awareness of IPD among both laypeople and health care workers, the heavy socioeconomic burden of IPD, and the far from optimal vaccination coverage in Italy, despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines. Objective: T...
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Anne Curzan at Lingua Franca writes about a phenomenon I’ve noticed but not really thought about: the distinction between the traditional use of hence meaning ‘as a result, for this reason’ as an introduction to full clauses (her example: “Hence, vaccines with enhanced serotype coverage … might be needed to prevent IPD in this age group in the near future”) and its modern use to introduce a noun phrase (“Hence the value of strengthening skills now”). Curzan says: It will probably come as no surp...
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Your Cell Phone Is Screwing Up Your Skin

We know that our cell phones aren’t always good for us. Tech neck, sleep disturbances, eye strain — all actual health concerns. And of course, not cleaning phone screens can lead to serious clogged pores, as well as cheek and chin acne. But the light your phone emits can also affect your skin. Letting there be light can lead to letting there be hyperpigmentation in the form of melasma.Melasma — brown or gray patches on the skin — can be caused by sun exposure and hormones (from pregnancy or bir...
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UK commercial property values fall 2.8 percent in July - final IPD index

LONDON (Reuters) - UK commercial property values fell 2.8 percent in July according to final figures for the closely-watched IPD real estate index, index compiler MSCI said on Friday. Central London values fell by about 4.1 percent on the month, MSCI said. Expectations of a sharper fall in property values led retail investors to flee UK property funds last month after Britain voted to leave the European Union, causing as much as 18 billion pounds in property fund investments to be frozen. MSCI s...
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ValueAct Capital Sells More MSCI

Jeff Ubben's activist investment firm ValueAct Capital has filed a Form 4 with the SEC regarding its position in MSCI (MSCI).  Per the filing, ValueAct sold 1.8 million shares on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at prices of $78.96, $78.69, and $76.21.As we've highlighted previously, ValueAct has been trimming its MSCI stake throughout the year. After these transactions, ValueAct now owns 1.87 million shares.Per Google Finance, MSCI "together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a provider of investment...
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ValueAct Capital Trims MSCI Stake Again

Jeff Ubben's investment firm ValueAct Capital has filed a Form 4 with the SEC regarding their stake in MSCI (MSCI).  Per the filing, they sold 91,800 shares at a price of $74.93 on May 5th.  After the sale, they still own over 3.67 million shares.We posted about how ValueAct sold some MSCI back in March as well, as they previously owned over 6 million shares.For more from this firm, check out Jeff Ubben's recent interview.Per Google Finance, MSCI "together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is ...
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Oculus Rift’s set-up process makes it easy to jump into the world of VR

I received an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset today, and the set-up was quite easy. That’s a good omen as the age of VR kicks off with the launch today of the Oculus Rift on the Windows PC. It helped that I had an Oculus-ready PC, or a PC with a high-end 3D graphics chip from Nvidia. That meant that I could set the Rift up to work with my system out of the box. VR is a very demanding application when it comes to graphics, and so you have to have a computer that meets the minimum hardware spe...
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ValueAct Capital Reduces MSCI & Motorola Solutions Stakes

Jeff Ubben's activist investment firm ValueAct Capital has filed numerous disclosures with the SEC regarding some of their positions recently. ValueAct Trims MSCI Stake First, they've filed an amended 13D with the SEC regarding shares of MSCI (MSCI).  ValueAct now owns 4.1% of the company with over 4.06 million shares.This is down from the 6.32 million shares they owned at the end of 2015.  They sold shares at the end of February and beginning of March at prices between $69.25 and $71.96.Per Goo...
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