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UK to return 5,000 ancient artifacts to Iraq

Included in the repatriation is a 4,000-year-old Sumerian relic discovered in an online auction.
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'The militias are not allowing us back': Sunnis languish in camps, years after recapture of Mosul

At least 400,000 people who fled Isis are still interred in the north of the country, fearing they are not wanted in postwar IraqOn a midsummer morning six years ago, Ziad Abdulqader Nasir’s short walk to Friday prayers at Mosul’s Great Mosque of al-Nuri, one of Iraq’s oldest shrines, was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of stern men carrying guns.Nasir and his neighbours were ushered inside, some of the newcomers set up cameras, and others sat the puzzled worshippers in neat lines on the car...
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ICYMI: Your TPM Weekend News Roundup

Debate Doesn’t Move The Needle It was President Trump’s last best chance to alter the trajectory of the 2020 campaign. But even with a more subdued performance, the debate Thursday night failed to shake up the race, with polls showing Trump trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump threw a lot against the wall during the 90-minute debate, little of it decipherable: Biden got money from Russia! Biden’s brother got money in Iraq! And on and on it went. The President also made a number of racis...
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Dispatch 30: Thai and US Insurrection, and Insurgency

Pro-democracy protesters give the three-finger salute outside a station in Bangkok as rallies continued [Lillian Suwanrumpha/ AFP] Unedited morning thoughts: Recently, I was an expert witness on arbitration for a situation involving Hong Kong. During proceedings, someone asked the difference between insurrection and insurgency. Answer: depends on who is answering. Same with "terrorism." Ten people, ten answers. Of course, someone will fall back and say, "But this dictionary says..." T...
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Watch 2 F-117 stealth jets, which officially retired a decade ago, take off in California

The first F-117 lands at an undisclosed location after a mission over Iraq, March 20, 2003. AP Photo/U.S. Air Force, Master Sgt. Terry L. Blevins An interesting video shows the two F-117s that recently deployed to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar departing for a mission in Southern California. The F-117 was officially retired in 2008, but some of the jets are increasingly visible, appearing in skies out West in daylight hours and taking part exercises with other current Air Force aircraft....
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Iran blacklists U.S. ambassador in Iraq, reciprocating U.S. move

Iran on Friday blacklisted the U.S. ambassador in Iraq and two other diplomats, following a similar move by the United States against Iran's envoy to Baghdad, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said. Iraq is one of the few countries that is allied to both the United States and Iran, which both provided military support in a 2014-2017 campaign against Islamic State.
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Iraq’s ‘stadium of horrors’ in ruins, but the game goes on

Mosul (Iraq) (AFP) – Mohamed Fathi, coach of Mosul’s football club in northern Iraq, hardly recognises the ruined soccer stadium once used by Islamic State group fighters to fire rockets and lob mortars from. Piles... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Trump Speaks At Length During Debate In Indecipherable Code Of Far-Right Fever Swamps

President Donald Trump, who spends much of his time in right-wing fever swamps of Twitter and on TV, has come to speak the language — a reality on full display during the last presidential debate of 2020. But for those of us who don’t live in those worlds, it can be impossible to figure out what he’s talking about. In the first hour of the debate, Trump tossed out handfuls of buzzwords for various conspiracy theories, Greek to those who left their Fox News decoders at home. “Joe got $3.5 mill...
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Iraq's prime minister says country on tightrope between US and Iran

Mustafa al-Kadhimi also urges Europe to assist the Middle Eastern nation’s debt-ridden economyIraq’s prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, has warned that he is being forced into an impossible balancing act between the US and Iran, as he urged Europe to come to the aid of his country’s debt-ridden economy.Appointed as prime minister in June, Kadhimi – a British citizen and former journalist –came to power after unprecedented street protests over corruption, and has since governed with a simple pro...
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Trump boasts the economy reached historic heights during his first term. Here are 9 charts showing how it stacks up to the Obama and Bush presidencies.

Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images The pandemic wrecked the US economy, and now — in less than two weeks — voters are set to decide which candidate they want to put it back together. Trump and Biden are making competing cases they are the best person to rebuild the economy. But history suggests that presidents exert limited influence over the economy. Here's how the economy under Trump stacked up to Obama and Bush, highlighted by nine charts addressing metrics like GDP gr...
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Rudy Giuliani says he was just 'tucking in my shirt' after being filmed by Sacha Baron Cohen with what appears to be his hand in his pants in front of a female actor

Former New York City Mayor and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani addresses the Civitas Institute's Second Annual Conservative Leadership meeting April 27, 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Giuliani spoke to crowd on issues surrounding the war in Iraq, healthcare, and education. Sara D. Davis/Getty Images Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney for President Donald Trump, says he was just "tucking in my shirt" after he appears to have his hand down his pants in front of a female a...
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Meopta Optika 6 Riflescope, First Rounds – Review

Meopta Optika6 U.S.A. –-( Meopta has been manufacturing optics out of Czechoslovakia for nearly 90 years now.  Despite such a wealth of experience, the US market seems to have had a blind spot on the brand.  Meopta has largely built its products for militaries around the globe or has acted as a manufacturing partner, allowing other companies to stamp their brand on a Meopta-made product.  Within the last 7 years, that has started to change.  Now, Meopta is hard-charging at the U...
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Zoroastrian priests have masked for millennia | Faith Matters

“Dad, everyone’s wearing a mask!” exclaimed the son of Adi Sidhwa, a Zoroastrian priest, about the COVID mask requirement. “Is it different than yours?” The boy wasn’t referring to his father’s COVID mask but the long, white, cloth one – padan — that Sidhwa, 46, from eastern Bergen County, wears when he presides at the service in the Pomona, New York, temple. A Zoroastrian priest, also referred to as mobed, has always worn a mask when performing prayers in front of the sacred flame used in most ...
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The history of the polarizing Hummer, from notorious gas-guzzling SUV to zero-emission electric pickup of the future

Hummer H2 SUT. AP Photo/General Motors General Motors revealed its very first electric pickup truck on Tuesday — the GMC Hummer EV.  The original Hummer H1 hit the streets in 1992, and GMC's new truck is the first new Hummer since GM shut down the brand in 2010.  This all comes as several manufacturers — including Ford, Tesla, and Rivian — plan to roll out electric pickups in the near future. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. After some coronavirus-related setbacks and mo...
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Tom Cotton is already laying the groundwork in New Hampshire for a 2024 presidential run

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was spotted in New Hampshire on Monday during his second visit to campaign for down-ballot Republicans in a state worth two electoral votes. The pair of candidates Cotton stumped for remain relative long shots in their bids to unseat Democratic incumbents in the House and Senate respectively, and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by an average of 11 perc...
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Navy SEALs are 'rusty' from scandals and post-9/11 wars as US prepares for more powerful foes, insiders warn

A Navy SEAL climbs a ladder on the side of a gas and oil platform during training, July 26, 2011. US Navy/PO3 Adam Henderson The US military is shifting its attention toward a potential fight with a powerful foe, like Russia or China, after two decades of fighting in the Middle East. Navy special operators are expected to have an important role in such a conflict, but two decades of land-based counterinsurgency and a series of scandals in their ranks have prompted worries about whether the...
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In only town hall, Smith and Garcia trade views on future of LA County’s 25th Congressional District

25th Congressional District foes Christy Smith and Mike Garcia faced off in a virtual forum on Tuesday, their first and only political jousting match before the Nov. 3 election. The pair — battling each other for the office for the second time in mere months — tackled a range of national and local issues that will shape the wildly “purple” district. The race, still regarded as a toss-up two weeks from its conclusion, is up to the district’s 420,505 registered voters, several of whom heard from t...
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Pickle app puts on users, as millennials/Gen-Z latch onto location apps to fight Covid lockdowns

As the coming of winter combined with the coronavirus continues to put new restrictions on peoples’ movements, location-based apps are on the rise again. People are looking to find out who is close to them. Who is in their community. People are understandably looking for new friends and resources close to them. Apps that connect young mums locally (Pumpspotting, Peanut), professionals (Fishbowl, Lunchclub), Jetset daters (Raya, Bumble), digital nomads (Homeis), locals (Nextdoor ) and millennials...
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The clock is ticking on Republicans' Senate advantage

For years the conventional wisdom has been that Republicans enjoy a healthy structural advantage in the race for the U.S. Senate. It's how Republicans were able to expand their majority in that chamber despite a brutal national environment in 2018, and it's how senators representing a minority of the U.S. population will be able to plow forward with Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination before the election, confident that even if they kick away the Senate this year, it won'...
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Nordic Nation: A Midlife Crisis in Biathlon with Craig Wiggers

A few weeks back, we featured an excerpt from a new book titled Nordic Warrior? A Midlife Crisis in Biathlon. Written by Ithaca, New York, based biathlete, Craig Wiggers, the book explores his love affair with biathlon which began midlife. Wiggers’ path to biathlon is as circuitous as they come. Raised in the deep south, Wiggers attended school at Auburn University and spent a full career hopscotching around the globe as a U.S. Marine. He was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a safe b...
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Pete Buttigieg says his 'marriage might depend on what is about to happen' in Amy Coney Barrett's SCOTUS confirmation

Democratic presidential candidate South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks during a campaign rally, Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019, in Indianola, Iowa. Associated Press/Charlie Neibergall Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg warned of the stakes of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's potential confirmation to the Supreme Court in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." "My marriage might depend on what is about to happen in the senate with regard to this justice," he said.  Buttigieg doubl...
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Dispatch 24: Return to America: Drugs, Drugs, Homeless, Drugs

Today, a long day. Out with an Army vet friend who did two EOD tours in Iraq. Name is Al Johnson. Al and I have been fighting China together around Asia since 2014. We've done more than our share to CCP and are plotting more. Today we were out with Proud Boys. Checking them out in Salem, Oregon. The Proud Boys are not a concern. The ones we met are fine. They like to drink a lot of beer but they were not up to any trouble. One even had moonshine. The Proud Boys numbering 40-50 (including ...
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Biden and Harris have awful records. Trump is making it easy for me to vote for them anyway.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris greet supporters outside the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, held virtually amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, on August 20, 2020. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent much of what I loathe in politicians, particularly the way they've wielded power in the world of criminal justice.  Biden is one of the key architects of the failed, immoral War on Drugs, and a ...
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Trump wanted John McCain to apologize to him after the 2016 election, longtime aide says in new book

Sen. John McCain, then Republican presidential candidate, walks past advisor Mark Salter, right, on his campaign bus in Greensboro, North Carolina, May 6, 2008. Jeff Chiu/AP Photo President Donald Trump and the late Sen. John McCain had a tense phone call shortly after the 2017 inauguration, according to a new book by McCain's longtime aide. During the call, Trump appeared angry about McCain's withdrawing his endorsement during the presidential election. But the call calmed down and Trump ...
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North Korea's big new ICBM doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know about dealing with Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. AP/David Guttenfelder North Korea's ruling party celebrated its 75th anniversary with a military parade this past weekend, during which unveiled a gigantic ICBM. But dramatic displays are nothing new for the Hermit Kingdom, and a big new missile doesn't change the basic truths about US security vis-à-vis the Kim regime, writes Defense Priorities fellow Bonnie Kristian. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. After insults and missile tests, summ...
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After Isis, Yazidi women forced to leave their children behind

Mothers who have returned to Iraq without their children say they would rather be back in the hell of their former livesAs bombs crunched into the ground around them in February last year, three young Yazidi women cowered in dug holes in the eastern Syrian desert, cradling their terrified children. In the month that followed, hundreds of people hiding near them were killed by devastating barrages that destroyed what was left of Islamic State’s so-called caliphate and freed the former slaves and ...
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Democratic Senator Gary Peters faces off against Republican John James in Michigan

John James speaks in Detroit, Michigan, after winning his primary election in August 2018. Bill Pugliano/Getty Images Republican John James is challenging Democratic Sen. Gary Peters for US Senate in Michigan. For Democrats, ensuring that Peters keeps his seat will be key to winning back the Senate majority as they play offense to defeat Republicans in several other states. James previously unsuccessfully challenged Sen. Debbie Stabenow in 2018. Still, his compelling background and fundrai...
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For Iraq's persecuted Yazidis, return plan is fraught with risk

The Yazidis of northern Iraq, an ancient religious minority brutally persecuted by Islamic State, want nothing more than peace, security and a better life in their home town of Sinjar - but they want it on their terms. Many there distrust a new security and reconstruction plan unveiled this week by the Baghdad government and Kurdish regional authorities which hailed it as a "historic" agreement. "The deal could pacify Sinjar - but it might also make the situation even worse," said Talal Saleh,...
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We just got a disappointing preview of how Trump's legacy is going to be sanitized

President Donald Trump holds up his facemask during the first presidential debate. Julio Cortez/AP Photo The president's most ardent critics in the pundit sphere nonetheless wished him well in the wake of his diagnosis — then were surprised when his behavior didn't change. Even as commentators from Mehdi Hasan to Rachel Maddow prayed for a speedy recovery, the victims of the president's policies continued to suffer. That reflexive reaction to Trump's illness shows the lengths to which the ...
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13,300 new infections in Spain – as it happened

This blog is now closed. We’ve launched a new blog at the link below: Coronavirus news – live 11.39pm BST Hi, Helen Sullivan here. We’ve launched a new blog at the link below – head there for the latest: Related: Coronavirus live news: France reports record new cases as WHO warns Europe's case surge is 'of great concern' 11.13pm BST Continue reading...
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