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Meet the tropical islands that are now a plastics dumpster

Discarded cigarette lighters, toothbrushes, and useless plastic water bottles have piled up on the Cocos Islands' white sand beaches, a balmy tourist destination surrounded by aquamarine waters. Marine scientist Jennifer Lavers and her research team traveled to this tropical paradise, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, for a couple weeks in 2017. They knew many beaches were littered with plastic trash, but after giving the coast proper scientific scrutiny, discovered the human-deb...
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Scientists found 414 million pieces of trash on these tiny islands in the Indian Ocean — more proof that the plastic problem is out of control

About 14 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. Some scientists estimate that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in oceans worldwide. In a new study, scientists tallied the amount of plastics and microplastics that have accumulated on an archipelago in the Indian Ocean called the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The researchers estimated that 414 million pieces of man-made debris — pieces of plastic, foam, metal, and glass — have accumulated across the archipelago, with...
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Elba in Italy will refund money

Weather is perhaps the one aspect of your holiday you can’t predict, and it can ruin your vacation, especially if you planned to spend some time sunbathing on the beach. To make holidaymakers happy no matter the weather and attract tourists at the start of the season, an island in Italy island has found a solution. Elba Island, one of the largest islands off the coast of Tuscany has come up with the “Elba No Rain” initiative. The program is designed to refund visitors throughout the entire m...
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Four Seasons Untethering Accommodations in The Maldives

Social and environmental endeavors, luxurious accommodation and views to dream about Following arrival at the international airport in the capital of Male, a surprisingly relaxing (depending on your stomach for water travel) 30-minute trip by speedboat is the last leg of the journey to Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa located in the North Male Atoll of the Maldives. Even in the very early hours …
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The Case For Daenerys Targaryen, an Aggressive Queen For Aggressive Times and an Aggressive Kingdom

(Welcome to Debate of Thrones, where a panel of Citadel-trained experts explain why someone deserves, or doesn’t deserve, to sit on the Iron Throne. In this edition: Daenerys Targaryen is a fiery ruler in several ways and that is exactly what Westeros needs.) Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains, the ...
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How To Transform Your Kitchen Without Doing a Complete Kitchen Remodel

So here’s the deal: you want to give your kitchen a fresh new look but you have neither money nor the time to complete a top-down remodel. If that sounds right, you’re in the same boat as thousands of homeowners across the country, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to living with the same old dated kitchen that you’ve been bored with for years. Truth be told, you’d be surprised at how changing three, two, or even one thing in your kitchen can give the space a dynamic new lo...
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Week 21: Rock Crawling & Bluegrass in Moab

Part of the joy of travel is not only learning about other cultures, but sharing your culture with others. Part of being a good traveler is being a good ambassador for your country. As Carson from Crazy Family Adventure said after a day of celebrating ANZAC Day with us, “I want to travel with people from other countries more often as you can celebrate their holidays with them too.” On our jeep tour in Moab this week Which is exactly what we were doing: sharing our traditions, the soul of our...
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Week 20: More Exciting Adventures in Moab, Utah

No matter how many days I spend outside exploring, Mother Earth still surprises me and offers me moments of awe. A life without awe is bleak and empty. He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. Albert Einstein It’s with awe that we can fill up our souls with joy, wonder, love and curiosity. It’s our connection to life. Corona Arch, Moab, Utah When I’m traveling and constantly finding reasons to feel awe, I feel as if I am completely a...
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Off the Beaten Path in France, Where is it?

    I am often asked about France, it makes sense given that I live here and write a blog about it. When I travel to a new place I like to have a few facts about the place in my pocket too. A good restaurant, a must see or do sort of thing, where to stay... a few starting bits so that I have a foot on the ground when I arrive. The main question I am asked (outside of brocantes and where to stay) is about the secret spots, the hidden places, the off the beaten track... the real "France". I have ...
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Cinco De Mao at Dabrownman's

Cinco De Mao at Dabrownman's Submitted by dabrownman on April 8, 2019 - 6:04pm. It is a bit less than a month till May the 5th but we will celebrate on May the 4th a Saturday instead.  That way folks that come into from out of town  can fly in in Friday after work and fly home on Sunday I live in a lake community called the Islands in Gilbert and there is a community park right next to the lake with Pavilions where we can stretch out,  I'm checking to see if we can have wine and...
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King Kamehameha never had it so good: Have a Royal Hawaiian celebration without breaking the bank.

No doubt being the king of all the Islands had its perks—but not near the luxury and creature comforts available these days to us common folk.  And—here's the kicker—if you are planning an event for a group (say six to twelve people) you will be surprised at how affordable a luxury villa  or beachside enclave can be. For the per-person price that a couple pays for a pretty-nice condo or resort room, a group of ten or so can chill at a pad that could be a movie set.Of course, you can also spe...
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Martinique: A Slice of France, Tropical Forests and,Yes, Beaches Too

It’s hardly the standard Caribbean destination for travelers from the United States. And it offers few all-inclusive resort options. But that is part of this French-speaking island’s appeal.
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Hawaii for Lovers

Hawaii is calling. For many Americans this is their one big, lifetime, bucket-listed dream destination.   Being a US state- the language, transportation, currency and in large part- the culture is similar to the mainland. Plus, its relatively close: Hawaii is a mere 190 million inches away for Los Angeles.  That math translates to a simple 6 hour flight to paradise.  Recently Southwest airlines announced that they will begin service to Honolulu.  The starting price you ask?  $49 (one way,...
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The Helicopter Pilots Who Carpet-Bomb Islands to Battle Invasive Rats

Most people, if tasked with flying a helicopter over a Subantarctic island to complete a multimillion-dollar conservation mission, would be understandably nervous. But not Peter Garden. Read more...
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Sea Room ~ Adam Nicolson

'I have stolen some of the light which drenches you this midnight  to wish you all the islands in the world and every one a different kind of peace." These lines from Northern Lights by Jo Shapcott have been among my most treasured poetry quotes since the day I first read them and which I'd written on the flyleaf of Sea Room by Adam Nicolson. I've used the words so many times in so many books about islands, jotted them in notebooks, sent them as a sort of blessing to friends. I'm not sure w...
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Flybmi tells customers to seek refunds from credit card companies

Sister group Loganair to take over some routes as thousands remain out-of-pocketFlybmi is advising customers to seek refunds from credit and debit card companies or rebook with other airlines after the company collapsed late on Saturday, leading to the cancellation of thousands of journeys.On Sunday night, it emerged that Flybmi’s Glasgow-based sister company Loganair, which flies to the Scottish Highlands and Islands as well as to a small number of destinations in England, Ireland and Scandinav...
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The 52 Places Traveler: Visiting Puerto Rico, and Finding the Up Beat

On the first stop of his yearlong journey, the 52 Places Traveler makes it his mission to get off the beaten path and into the island.
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Oxford English Dictionary all hemajang

"Chee, you seen Kaipo? He had karang da reef on his face. Ho, all hemajang. Was uji ." I was reminded of the wonderful Hawaiian pidgin word hemajang when the Oxford English Dictionary announced it was putting the word hammajang on its extensive list of "real" words. There is, of course, no standard spelling for most pidgin words. And I was concerned the English dictionary OED would create a standard where none existed. I was concerned, because if you were to find a standard, it might ...
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A Young Island on Earth May Reveal Clues to How Water Shaped Mars

NASA has closely studied the island, created four years ago by a volcanic eruption in the Pacific. Recently, one of its scientists was able to travel there to take on-the-ground measurements.
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Birds and flowers already on Tonga

It might not be Mars, but scientists have just discovered signs of life on this remote Pacific island, which was recently created by a volcanic eruption. Part of Tonga, and unofficially known as Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, the new island is already home to flowering plants, sooty tern birds, and barn owls. The island was formed after a submarine volcano erupted in 2014, sending steam, ash, and rock into the air. After the ash settled, it mingled with seawater to solidify, thereby creating a ne...
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Jackie Mendoza – “De Lejos”

For years, San Diego native Jackie Mendoza has been honing her own personalized version of experimental pop. Lately she's taking it somewhere truly fascinating and unique. It's fun to trace the through-line from 2013's earnest ukulele strum "Closer" to 2016's colorfully skittering "Islands" to the alluring new single she unveiled this … More »
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Rustin Man Returns with Avant-Garde Folk Charm on 'Drift Code'

None Best known as the former bass player of Talk Talk and as one-half of experimental duo .O.rang (alongside Talk Talk drummer Lee Harris), English musician Paul Webb is a master of spearheading ventures that spawn imaginative and intriguing results. Case in point: Rustin Man, a pseudonym he's only used once previously (on 2002's folkish Out of Season alongside Portishead singer Beth Gibbons and a host of guest players). Nearly 20 years later, Webb returns with a very worthwhile follow-up, Dri...
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Marines and Seabees are camped out on Catalina Island, repairing decaying runway at Airport in the Sky

CATALINA ISLAND — For more than two weeks Capt. Nicole Stockham has overseen a company of Marines and a dozen Navy Seabees tasked with rebuilding a decaying, 77-year-old runway at Channel Island’s Airport in the Sky. The Marines and Seabees are living in tents near the airport nestled in the hilly interior high on the island. The only access is a winding narrow road bordered in places by eucalyptus trees that act as barriers to steep drop-offs. There are dramatic views of the town of Avalon, whi...
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Russia Sees `Significant Differences' With Japan on Islands

The government in Tokyo must recognize Russian sovereignty over the islands, known as the South Kurils in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan, as part of the outcome of the war, before progress can be made on a peace treaty, Lavrov told reporters Monday after talks in Moscow with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono. It’s “unacceptable” for Russia that the islands are described as the Northern Territories in Japan’s laws and “we asked a number of questions about how our Japanese colleag...
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New fund to promote Highlands and Islands announced

The £5m Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund is aimed at boosting projects which seek to benefit the area.
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Denmark to Build Nine Islands for Tech Industry

Hoping to create the “European Silicon Valley,” the Danish government has unveiled a plan for creating nine human-made islands which will be home to up to 380 businesses and 33 million square feet of green space. Called Holmene, the project (which will be located just outside Copenhagen) still needs approval from the Danish Parliament, but will hopefully create “12,000 new jobs directly and up to …
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How Trulia began paying down its technical debt

As every software company knows, over time as code ages and workarounds build on work-arounds, the code base becomes bloated. It becomes ever more difficult to get around the technical debt that you’ve built up over time. It’s really impossible to avoid this phenomenon, but at some point, companies realize that the debt is so great that it’s limiting their ability to build new functionality. That’s precisely what Trulia faced in 2017 when it began a process of paying down that debt and modernizi...
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Judge rejects Kevin Spacey's plea to avoid court appearance as actor confirms he will plead not guilty to sexual assault

A judge in Nantucket has ordered Kevin Spacey to appear in court next week for his arraignment on sexual assault charges, denying the two-time Oscar winner’s plea for him to be excused from what he described as a media circus. Spacey said in court documents, filed on Monday, that will plead not guilty to indecent assault. The 59-year-old actor is accused of groping an 18-year-old employee of the Club Car, a restaurant and bar on the island of Nantucket, in July 2016. In the court documents, obta...
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Have your Hawaiian vacation planned by experts for $22.95

Since the average couple will spend a few grand on a vacation to Hawaii, it makes sense for them to spend an extra twenty bucks to be sure they will have a good time. No Worries Hawaii—a vacation planning guide decades in the making—makes it happen. The guide is for first-timers AND for repeat visitors who find themselves going to the same place and doing the same stuff and want to branch out. The heart of No Worries Hawaii is a simple but ingenious self-test that really (really) direct...
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This week’s best deals include Catalina Island boat and hotel packages, a new shopping aid and more

The range of deals is winding down as we edge closer to the new year, but one thing that abounds is gift card offers. Many restaurants will give you a free bonus card when you purchase a gift card for a select amount by the end of December. You could use the card as a little extra holiday present or tuck it away for a treat for yourself, however, I really like what one of my friends does. She carries fast food gift cards with a small value on them, usually $10 or less, in her wallet and gives th...
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