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Tired, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 6 Recap

Photo credit: Glen Wilson This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Left Unsaid – Leaving off from the last episode, Issa decides to make her presence known to the new parents, and it is the most awkward thing. She looks at the baby and says he’s cute. Shockingly, Condola offers to let her hold him, and she says, “Yes.” She takes the baby, and they all have a sweet moment, when she throws him and yells, “Fuck them kids” and dropkicks Condola. LMAO! ...
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Surviving, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. All Wrong – Molly rolls off of her latest situationship’s peen when she checks her phone and sees SOS messages from her family. Her mom is at the hospital, and when she shows up, the whole family is there, waiting to hear her mom’s current state. The doctor comes out and tells them it’s time to come say goodbye. WHAT?!? He walks them to the room anddd that’s not Mrs. Carter laying there. It’s someone’s old AF ...
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‘Insecure’ Showrunner Prentice Penny Sees A Bit Of Issa Dee’s Career Journey In His Own

After years of work, Issa has finally achieved her professional dream on "Insecure." Now, Penny has too.
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Prentice Penny Explores Concessions Made When ‘So Close To Success’ In Final ‘Insecure’ Season

After years of work, Issa has finally achieved her professional dream on "Insecure." Now, Penny has too.
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Faulty, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

Photo Credit: Glen Wilson This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Awkward Beach Girl – Nathan is throwing a beach day to celebrate his barbershop. There’s no food yet and the host is getting nervous.   Issa, Molly and Kelli show up to the beach and there is gorgeous melanin everywhere. Molly’s FINEASSMEN radar is up and she’s scoping the place out. The girls see Nathan a distance away and Issa tells them they haven’t really spoken since the week b...
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FOREO Canada Black Friday 2021 Sale: Save Up to 50% OFF Many Items Including Discounted Items

FOREO Canada is having its Black Friday 2021 sale available now! You can save up to 50% off on many products including discounted items. This offer is valid for a limited time only, while quantities last. This FOREO ISSA 2 is on sale for only $84.50. You’re saving 50% off from the original price of $169.00! Brushing doesn’t have to be a boring chore, and brush heads can last up to a year? Yes! FOREO Canada offers FREE shipping on all orders. Click here to start shopping at FOREO Canada. The po...
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‘Insecure’: Jay Ellis on Lawrence’s Rocky Adjustment to Fatherhood and His Futures With Condola and Issa

“Insecure” star Jay Ellis was fully prepared to become public enemy number one after Sunday night’s episode aired. Titled “Pressure, Okay?!,” the half hour was dedicated to what happened after Lawrence (Ellis) and Condola (Christina Elmore) welcomed their son and all the drama that comes with co-parenting. “Maybe I can be public enemy number two […]
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Pressure, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 3 Recap

This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Merie Wallace Daddy Walker – Lawrence is a little shocked as Issa walks away from him. This might really be it. He goes home, where all his packed boxes await, cuz he’s moving to San Francisco for his new job. New city? New women. He ends up on a date, and to be honest, the chemistry ain’t even really there. In the middle of it, he gets a text message. Ummm… Lawrence is now a dad! He excuses h...
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Growth, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

Photo Credit: Merrie Wallace This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Going Well – A year has passed since the last episode and there is change all around. The BLOCC has 10,000 followers on Instagram, and Issa wakes up feeling encouraged and hopeful. Issa’s assistant, Koya, is waiting for her in her kitchen fixing her microwavable waffles. Molly has chopped her hair off, rocking a natural short cut with a part. She’s meditating on “embrace the chan...
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Reunited, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 1 Recap

This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. The fifth and final season of Insecure is here, and I could not be more excited to watch this journey wind down. Let’s jump into it.  Reunion – The crew goes to San Francisco for their 10 th year Stanford graduation reunion. Aawww. Our babies are all growed up and in their 30s now. Kelli road trips there with Tiffany and Derek. On the way there, they talk about how Molly has been sub-gramming her rece...
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Issa Rae on the ‘Insecure’ Season 5 Premiere: Did Issa and Lawrence’s Relationship Survive That Baby Bombshell?

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched “Reunited Okay?!,” the fifth season premiere of “Insecure.” For the last few weeks, “Insecure” star and co-creator Issa Rae has been focused on toasting the end of the show, basking in the last few moments when the final season is known only to her and […]
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Issa slams ‘betrayal’ as State Dept admits number of Americans still in Afghanistan higher than prior claims

The State Department on Friday conceded that there are significantly more Americans trapped in Afghanistan than previously known --...
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‘Insecure’s’ Final Season Is Gratifying, but Illustrates Difficulty of Depicting Growth: TV Review

The fifth and final season of “Insecure” begins with Issa (played by series co-creator Issa Rae) looking back: Her character chats with a college-era version of herself in the mirror, with young Issa wondering what the future will hold. It’s a clever way to recap how far the character has come since the show began. Her […]
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Pending patent legislation: 

by Dennis Crouch S.2891 – Restoring the America Invents Act. Substantial changes to the IPR system to favor the patent challenger.  (Sponsored by Sen. Cornyn, R-TX; Sen. Crapo, R-ID; and Sen. Leahy, D-VT). S.2774 – Pride in Patent Ownership Act. Creating additional incentives to timely record patent ownership interests. (Sponsored by Sen. Leahy, D-VT and Sen. Tillis, R-NC). H.R.3664 – Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation Act (SMART) Act. Design patent cannot be enforced to restrict repai...
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New US Trailer for Dramedy 'Gaza Mon Amour' Starring Hiam Abbass

"The guy clearly likes you." Goldwyn Films has revealed the official US trailer for an indie dramedy from Palestine titled Gaza Mon Amour, the second feature by filmmakers Tarzan & Arab Nasser. It premiered at the 2020 Venice Film Festival last year, and it was submitted as Palestine's Best International Film entry for the 93rd Academy Awards (that were already held this year). Sixty-year-old fisherman Issa is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works at the market with her daughter Le...
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The Execution Review: Lado Kvataniya Delivers Brutal & Gripping Psychological Thriller

Lado Kvataniya’s feature film directorial debut is a tension-filled neo-noir psychological thriller that largely takes place during the decline and collapse of the Soviet Union, centering around a case involving a brutal serial killer dubbed The Butcher that spans between 1978 and 1991. Co-written by Olga Gorodetskaya, the story kicks off with a wounded survivor, presumably a victim of said serial killer, bursting out of a Russian forest in 1991 and escaping the perpetrator with her harrowing ta...
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Insecure Season 5 Trailer: Issa Rae's Comedy Series Is Coming To An End

After five full years of being one of the best shows on television, "Insecure," Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore's show about being young and Black in L.A., is calling it quits. The season 5 trailer has officially dropped, and it strikes a celebratory tone, serving as the first float in a parade that is the final season, which makes it feel pretty different from the teaser trailer that dropped earlier this month.While the teaser was more melancholy and reflective, this trailer sends it all up and show...
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LOTTE HOTEL accredited with 'GBAC STAR™' by ISSA

Ultimate destination for trips to Korea: LOTTE HOTEL safe and clean as a hospital : LOTTE HOTEL, the first Korean hotel brand to achieve GBAC STAR™ for all its 5-star hotels; Equipped with strict hygiene systems to prevent diseases spreading
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Hello Goodbye: Issa Rae Shares Trailer For Final Season Of “Insecure” And We’re Not Happy To See Condolences [VIDEO]

Issa Rae dropped the trailer for the final season of "Insecure" which features cameos from Kofi Siriboe, Keke Palmer and Lela Rochon. From the looks of it, Issa's life is as stressful as ever as she's STILL experiencing tension with Molly, we see very little of Lawrence and Condola had her baby.
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HBO’s Insecure Final Season Trailer Teases October Return

HBO has released the official trailer for the upcoming fifth and final season of the acclaimed comedy-drama Insecure, starring creator and executive producer Issa Rae as she reprises her Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated leading role for the final time. The series is scheduled to make its return on Sunday, October 24. The final ten episodes will debut weekly on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max. The Insecure final season trailer, which you can check out in the player below, begins wit...
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The Execution Trailer: The Hunt For A Russian Serial Killer Begins [Exclusive]

There's simply no getting around it: Whether it's true-crime podcasts or based-on-true-events movies and shows, everyone (me included!) loves listening to or watching media that dives deep into the psyche of serial killers and those attempting to bring them to justice. "Zodiac," "Memories of Murder," "Mindhunter," and many more productions have all carved out their own niches and dramatized the real-life struggles involved in their respective stories ... and now it's time for "The Execution" to ...
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A pregnant woman who was kicked in the belly by the Taliban has been released from Afghanistan, US rep says

Taliban fighters stand guard at a checkpoint that was previously manned by American troops near the US embassy, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, August 17, 2021. AP Photo A 25-year-old pregnant woman from California has been evacuated from Afghanistan. US Rep. Darrell Issa said on Friday that the woman, Nasria, leaves behind her husband in Afghanistan. The Taliban had kicked her in the belly, Issa told Fox News earlier this month. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Taliba...
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Insecure Season 5: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Anyone else feeling lowkey sad? The news that season 5 would be the last for HBO's "Insecure" really hits hard — it's always sad when a good show comes to an end. But before we say our tearful goodbyes to Issa and the rest of her crew, we have one more season to see where everyone's lives will shake out. Hold back your tears and ...
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Asda to open more shops at Issa brothers' petrol stations

The supermarket plans to widely expand its Asda on the Move convenience stores by the end of 2022.
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California families say they were shot at and beaten by the Taliban while trying to evacuate Afghanistan

Palwasha Faizi, 10, above left, stands behind her sister, Parwana Faizi, 7, and alongside her father, Mohammad Faizi, during a news conference Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021, in El Cajon, Calif. The family were visiting relatives in Afghanistan in August, and were forced to escape as the Taliban seized power. AP Photo/Gregory Bull California families trying to escape Kabul said the Taliban shot at and beat them. Only seven of the eight families from a San Diego suburb managed to escape, the AP re...
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Insecure Season 5 Trailer: The HBO Comedy Series Is Coming To An End

The beginning of the end is upon us — HBO just dropped a teaser for the final season of "Insecure." This first look at the final season evokes a very special kind of bittersweetness. We might be excited to finally catch up with Issa Rae's character, but it's a serious bummer knowing this will be her last season onscreen. The teaser doesn't give us much, but still does a wonderful job of showing off the poignance and humor that's made the show so successful. Insecure Season 5 Teaser The teaser ...
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‘Insecure’s’ Final Season to Premiere in October (TV News Roundup)

HBO announced that the final season of “Insecure” will premiere on Oct. 24 and released a first look at the season. “I keep frontin’ everybody like I’m not scared about what’s next for me, but I am terrified,” Issa Rae’s character Issa says in a teaser, which you can watch below. The comedy follows the […]
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With lives in the balance, Afghans in Southern California turn to congress members for evacuation help

A former Afghan prosecutor, a man responsible for convicting multiple members of the Taliban, is desperate for help in getting himself and his family safely out of Afghanistan and to his sister’s home in the Inland Empire. His is one of hundreds of cases taken to Southern California congress members over the past week, with representatives and their staffs working nonstop in an effort to help U.S. citizens and allies evacuate Afghanistan before Tuesday’s deadline for American forces to fully wit...
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3 California families get out of Afghanistan to safety

By JULIE WATSON | Associated Press EL CAJON — Three families from a San Diego suburb have made it out of Afghanistan after they went to the country earlier this summer to visit relatives and got stuck there amid the chaos following the Taliban’s takeover, officials said Thursday. Five other families from El Cajon were still trying to get out, and U.S. government officials along with California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa were working on their safe return. The suburb, east of San Diego, has a la...
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Nearly two dozen California students and their families are stuck in Afghanistan

By Cheri Mossburg | CNN About 20 San Diego students and their families who traveled to Afghanistan this summer are stranded in the country and unable to get to Kabul’s airport, school and congressional spokespeople told CNN Wednesday. Six families, including about 24 children, became stuck in Afghanistan after traveling there to visit relatives, said Howard Shen, spokesperson for the Cajon Valley Union School District. At least one of the stranded families was able to make it safely back to the...
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