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‘Queen & Slim’ Director Melina Matsoukas Dedicates Elle Award to Black Women Killed by Police

Elle magazine continued its tradition on Monday night of honoring some of Hollywood’s most creative, inspiring and powerful women at the magazine’s annual Women in Hollywood dinner. Hosted by Issa Rae, the evening at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills started with Reese Witherspoon getting teary-eyed while presenting the first award to her “A Wrinkle […]
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Issa Rae Has Lent Her Voice to Google Assistant. Yes, You Can Ask Her About Lawrence

Siri has an awkward black counterpart.
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Issa Rae can now be your Google Assistant

If you've ever heard Issa Rae's voice in your head during an awkward moment in life, here's some good news: Now, you can have the gift of her wisdom any time you want.
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Hey Google, talk like Issa

Here's a trivia question for you. Which actress is also a writer and producer, started a web series on YouTube, translated common insecurities into a hit show, gives a great pep talk and makes a cameo as a voice on the Google Assistant? It's Issa Rae! Starting today, Issa Rae’s voice is available as a cameo on the Google Assistant, in English for a limited time in the U.S. To switch to Issa’s voice, simply say “Hey Google, talk like Issa," or go to your “Assistant voice” in Assistant Settings. Y...
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The voice of Insecure’s Issa Rae is coming to Google Assistant

Google's added another celebrity voice to its lineup. Now you can also make actress and director Issa Rae your new Google Assistant voice.
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Insecure’s Issa Rae Is the Next Voice of Google Assistant

Actress, writer and producer Issa Rae will be the next celebrity to make a cameo on Google Assistant. Rae's voice is available for a limited time in the U.S. starting today. Rae follows singer John Legend, who lent his voice in April. As with the new Samuel L. Jackson voice skill from Amazon, users can...
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Issa Rae’s Voice Lands on Google Assistant

Now you can make Google Assistant talk — and sing — like Issa Rae, star and co-creator of HBO’s “Insecure.” The actress-writer-producer is the latest celebrity to bring her voice to a digital virtual assistant. Rae is the second celeb cameo for Google Assistant, after singer John Legend’s mellifluous vocalizations came to the platform earlier […]
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The 2019 Webby Awards Celebrate the Spirit of the Internet

At the 23rd annual Webby Awards in New York on Monday night, presenters and honorees reflected on the advances that led to both the highs and lows of the internet in 2019 – and how the organization itself has had to evolve to accommodate that rapid shift. “When we started in 1997, pretty much the only […]
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Comedy Central’s Clusterfest Hosting ‘Clueless’ and ‘Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion’ Live Reads

Comedy Central’s Clusterfest is returning to San Francisco for another epic line-up of stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, podcasts, and much more. Some of the biggest names in comedy will be there for the June festival, and some of them will be participating in two recently announced live reads of the 90s classics Clueless and Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion with all new casts bringing the characters to life on stage. Find out who will be starring in the Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion a...
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Women in Film to Honor Amy Poehler, Issa Rae, Elizabeth Debicki, Cathy Schulman

Women in Film, Los Angeles, have announced four of the five women who will be honored at the newly renamed gala in June. Formerly named the Crystal + Lucy Awards, the Women in Film Gala will award Amy Poehler, Issa Rae, Elizabeth Debicki and Cathy Schulman for their groundbreaking achievements in the entertainment industry that […]
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Spotify, Chance The Rapper, Kesha Join Webby Winners 2019

Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Kesha, Solange and Spotify were among the 2019 Webby Award Winners alongside Steph Curry, Ellen DeGeneres, The Walking Dead, Trevor Noah and more. Three million votes were cast in more than 240 countries to choose the Winners of the Webby People’s Voice Awards. This year’s Winners will be recognized alongside Special Achievement honorees, including trailblazer Greta Thunberg, actor Issa Rae, Glossierfounder Emily Weiss, artist Tierra Whack, and host...
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I Live In Dallas — & Here's What $2,000 Will Get You

This Homey Duplex In Dallas Is $2,000 A Month In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, 27-year-old Jazmine Reed-Clark and her husband Jordan Clark, 30, share their Dallas apartment.In her early twenties, Jazmine Reed-Clark was obsessed with having everything be picture-perfect. "I wanted my home to look like a magazine," she says.But over time, Jazmine started finding herself drawn to different items that d...
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How the ‘Little’ Production Team Created Look of Marsai Martin-Regina Hall Comedy

What if you could return to a time in your childhood and relive your life from that point knowing what you know now? That’s the fantasy at the core of Universal’s “Little,” released April 12, in which Regina Hall’s Jordan Sanders, a character overwhelmed by the pressures of adulthood, gets the chance to relive the […]
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Issa Rae Gushes Over ‘Little’ Co-Star And Executive Producer Marsai Martin

“Little” star Marsai Martin has become the youngest-ever executive producer of a major Hollywood motion picture.
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Is Issa Rae Leaving “Insecure” to Focus on Movies? Season 4 Pushed Back Until 2020

Has Issa Rae become too big for HBO and is she dumping her hit comedy series, Insecure?HBO programming chief Casey Bloys confirms that the upcoming season 4 of Insecure is getting the Game of Thrones and Atlanta treatment by being pushed back a full year, until 2020.But, before you get too angry, calm down … Rae, the show’s creator and star, is not leaving HBO and is very much committed to the show.Bloys explains that because Rae’s career has blown up so much recently, she wants to explore more ...
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Issa Rae On Starring In A Movie With The Youngest Producer In Hollywood History

That’s right, Rae (of Insecure fame) shares the screen with a young woman who conceived of the movie when she was 10 and then executive- produced it at 14. “The bullying that the young [character] endures at school resonated with Rae, she says. ‘I really remember that moment, of being 13, and thinking: ‘How do I become someone where this doesn’t happen to me again?’'” – The Guardian (UK)
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‘Little’ Review: A Well-Intentioned Reverse ‘Big’ That Wastes Its Talented Cast

Little plays like a movie created in a boardroom. It’s as if a group of executives who have been on the Internet twice brainstormed the idea for a movie: People love Big, they love Girls Trip, they love Issa Rae, and they love endless references to memes. But put that all together, and you’ve got an incoherent mess of a movie that is barely held together by brightly colored tape and a charismatic cast. Directed by Tina Gordon Chism and produced by the writer of Girls Trip, Little has all the el...
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Little Has a Great Message But Fails to Entertain

Tina Gordon’s Little plays with a fantasy most adults have had at one point or another: What would it be like to go back and breeze through our childhoods equipped with all of our adult knowledge? It would be so easy, we all imagine, if the only things we had to worry about in life were homework and the shark-infested…Read more...
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Little Is A Funny, Fabulous Celebration Of Black Women, Big and Small

“You went to bed grown, and you woke up little? That’s for white people, ‘cause Black people don’t have the time.”Those words, delivered with gleeful panache by Issa Rae in Little, sum up exactly what makes this movie different from the many beloved iterations of the body switch trope: the protagonists are not white. In most other respects, Little fits in right alongside the likes of 13 Going On 30, Big, 17 Again, and Freaky Friday. And that’s part of the appeal. Following in the footsteps of r...
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Film Review: Marsai Martin in ‘Little’

Long before America’s childhood bullying epidemic made headlines, Hollywood had taken the issue to heart, making it a standard ingredient of YA films to condemn the mistreatment of misfits by mean girls, jocks, rich kids, and cool cliques. But the movies have largely ignored the reverse phenomenon, in which those who once identified as outcasts […]
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Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield Romantic Drama ‘The Photograph’ Sets Valentine’s Day 2020 Release

Universal Pictures is getting in on the Valentine’s Day spirit, releasing Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield’s romantic drama “The Photograph” on Feb. 14, 2020. Stella Meghie will direct from her own script and Will Packer will produce for his eponymous production company. “The Photograph” centers on intertwining love stories in the past and present. Meghie […]
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‘Little’ Producer Will Packer Calls For Hollywood to Hire More Black Female Directors

“Little,” an upcoming comedy from Universal Pictures, stars Regina Hall — and her mini-me Marsai Martin — as an unwavering executive force in the tech industry. The movie puts the spotlight on powerful black women both in front of and behind the camera. Before the world premiere Monday night, producer Will Packer sang the praises […]
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'Little' premiere: Stars turn out in a big way for the (blue) red carpet

The stars turned out Monday evening in Hollywood for Issa Rae and Regina Hall's big new movie "Little."            [Author: USA TODAY]
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'Little' premiere: Stars turn out in a big way

The stars turned out Monday evening in Hollywood for Issa Rae and Regina Hall's big new movie "Little."            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Issa Rae Is Learning to Make Her Big Voice Heard

She talks about “Little,” her new film with Regina Hall and Marsai Martin; the future of “Insecure” — including a drinks- and pool-fueled discussion of its end — and a golden moment for black women.
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11 Prom Hairstyles That Won't Compromise Your Natural Curls

Getting your crush to pull off an extravagant promposal is just half the battle of ending your high-school days with a bang. Planning every little detail of your prom night is arguably the best part of senior year — after graduation, of course. The dress, the manicure, the makeup, and the hair are all equally important. These pictures will be on your mom's mantle for a lifetime, after all.And when your hair is natural, the styling options are endless, making it even harder to settle on the per...
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Any Person, Living or Dead Lands Kumail Nanjiani to Star

Any Person, Living or Dead lands Kumail Nanjiani to star Kumail Nanjiani will be starring as the lead in the upcoming Any Person, Living or Dead. The Silicon Valley star will topline the film based on a short story from former SNL writer Simon Rich. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = g...
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Issa Rae On Thinking She Wasn’t ‘Cool’ As A Kid Before Later Gaining Confidence

"I was not cool at all ... I didn’t embrace it for a very long time," the "Insecure" creator said.
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Influential black women in travel

From hosts on well-known travel programs to popular travel bloggers on Instagram, the travel industry has not been representative of people of color. Over the past few years, there has been a surge of black millennial travelers documenting their travels online known as the Black Travel Movement. Now, there are many prominent black travel bloggers, tour operators, travel photographers, and communities online. These black women are the movers and shakers, the tastemakers and innovators of the ...
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Drake Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle as Music Industry Reacts to Rapper’s Death

News of the death of Nipsey Hussle hit the music industry hard on Sunday afternoon, with fellow artists like Drake and Rihanna jumping on social media to pay tribute. Drake, who wrote that he saw Hussle “as a man of respect and a don,” also revealed that the two had planned to do a song […]
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