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Shortly Before Its Annual Conference, Workers At The Grantmakers In The Arts’ Hotel Went On Strike. What To Do?

It was a tough decision says Edwin Torres, the organization’s new leader. Do we live our values or not? So GIA arranged to move its sessions to cultural venues all over Oakland. It made, says Torres, for a more interesting experience… – Barry’s Blog
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A KGB Museum… In Chelsea

The tour starts with a mock-up of a chief officer’s work space. A mannequin wearing a K.G.B. chief officer’s uniformis at a desk with a flag of Soviet Russia behind him. To the mannequin’s left sits a bronze desk lamp, which, according to the curators, sat in a villa belonging to the former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.  – The New York Times
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Study: UK Artists Earn An Average Of £16,150 – Only 1/3 Comes From Their Art

The research has shone new light on the portfolio careers of artists: 20% of respondents work three or more jobs, and of those taking jobs, a third have roles in fields with nothing to do with the arts. Similarly, the report finds only one in five visual artists believe their work/art balance is correct.
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The World’s Largest City Made Of Ice

Every winter the Harbin (China) Ice and Snow Festival assembles 200,000 blocks of ice to make a city. Millions come to see it. “The workers, most recruited from local villages, spend over a month each year cutting 3-foot-thick blocks of ice from the river and transporting them to the festival site, where they are sculpted and stacked by an even larger team of workers. Beginning before dawn and working through the day in temperatures that average -13 degrees Fahrenheit, the workers earn around $...
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The Daunting Task Of Preserving Auschwitz

In the museum’s storage areas and display rooms, there are some 3,800 suitcases, along with 5,000 toothbrushes and 110,000 shoes and shoe remnants. There are also mountains of human hair, prosthetic limbs, eyeglasses and other things left behind by the prisoners. It all amounts to a huge number of artifacts given the museum’s storage capacity — but relative to the vast number of victims, it isn’t much. – Der Spiegel
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How Performing Arts Centers Are Evolving For The 21st Century

‘We really see that we have a role in creating pathways for creative people who are local and who are in the community to create work, have their ideas and get their work onto a stage – pathways for their work to find its way out into the wider world. And then the other way is pathways into this region, bringing work from the rest of the world to Geelong to keep us excited about what the arts are. That’s one of the ways that we’re starting to think about it for ourselves.’ – ArtsHub
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Friends of the Smokies: Great Smoky Mountains Association to Reopen Park Visitor Centers for MLK Jr. Weekend

KODAK, Tenn. – Friends of the Smokies announced Thursday that it will temporarily fund the reopening of Sugarlands Visitor Center near Gatlinburg, Tenn., and Oconaluftee Visitor Center near Cherokee, N.C., from Friday through Monday, Jan. 18-21. Visitation to the park is expected to increase during these dates due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday. Both visitor centers will be open Friday from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Following ...
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New Multi-Million-Pound Regional Cultural Fund To Compensate For Local Funding Cuts

Administrators in the UK culture ministry took proposals for specific projects of up to £7 million. The first five winners, to share £20 million, are the Thames Estuary, Wakefield in Yorkshire, Worcester in the English Mindlands, Grimsby in northeast England, and Plymouth in the southwest. — The Guardian
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How Did The Catholic Church Go From Being A Major Patron Of The Arts To… Meh

For centuries, the Catholic Church was one of the world’s most important collectors and patrons of art, but in recent decades, the Vatican’s holiday nativity scene has often been one of its most high-profile artistic contributions. This shift didn’t happen overnight—or even in a generation—but across centuries, and it is inseparable from the evolution of modern European nations, the secularization of public life, and the rise of the art market. – Artsy
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UK Think Tank Report: Restrict Access To “Low Value” Arts Degrees

Low value? The right-leaning group says that some arts degrees offer poor income prospects for graduates and little economic return for the government that supports such degrees. This thinking, of course, assumes that “value” is purely economic… – The Stage
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Universities Are “Moneyballing” Students To Figure Out Who Will Succeed

The dropout rate at American universities has been high. What to do? Use mountains of data to find better ways of predicting who will do well when they get in. And no, it’s not just looking at whether you got good grades (duh)… – Politico
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‘Uncomfortable Art’ And #QueerMuseum: Alternative Museum Tours Are Catching On In Britain

Dan Vo leads groups on #QueerMuseum tours of Cambridge museums and the V&A, pointing out things like an Antarctic explorer’s scandalized notes on male-on-male penguin sex and a “gender-fluid” statue of Lucifer. Alice Procter’s “Uncomfortable Art” tours through the likes of the British Museum point out the ways colonialism pervades the collections. — The New York Times
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American Alliance Of Museums Launches Program To Diversify Museum Leadership

“The project, ‘Facing Change: Advancing Museum Board Diversity & Inclusion,’ will be supported by $4 million in grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Alice L. Walton Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The funds will go toward training and resources over the next three years that will help museum leaders better reflect the communities they serve.” — The New York Times
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Comedian Excluded From Performing At Montreal Club Because His Hair Style Is “Cultural Appropriation”

Even if the person wearing dreadlocks is not racist himself, the group says, the chosen hairstyle “conveys racism.” It calls cultural appropriation “a form of passive oppression, a privilege to be deconstructed and in particular a manifestation of ordinary racism.” – Toronto Star (CP)
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The Disney Princess Body Proportion Issue

“Disney princesses have extremely small waist-to-hip ratios that are nearly impossible to achieve naturally,” write anthropologist Toe Aung of Pennsylvania State University and independent researcher Leah Williams. They argue that such characters “might heighten or reinforce our preference for lower waist-to-hip ratios, and the perception that physically attractive individuals with lower waist-to-hip ratios possess morally favorable qualities.” – Pacific Standard
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Orange County Has Changed Politically. Its Stages Don’t Seem To Have Kept Up Demographically

“While our political transformation was reflected emphatically at the ballot box in 2016 and even more so in 2018, the effects of O.C.’s increasing diversity haven’t been felt everywhere. The local theater scene, for example, reflects only part of the new demographic reality.” – Voice of Orange County
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Antarctic ice is melting six times faster + Volkswagen invests in electric vehicle plant

Volkswagen to invest $800 million in new Chattanooga electric vehicle plant Chattanooga, Tennessee will be home to a Volkswagen electric vehicle manufacturing plant. It will be the first manufacturing facility in North America to make vehicles using Volkswagen’s modular electric toolkit chassis. The $800 million investment will add 1,000 new jobs. Volkswagen says that it will build a new 7-seater electric SUV and will also offer the ID. BUZZ1 in North America, an electric concept version of th...
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Critics Talk About The Pleasures And Pains Of Extremely Bad Reviews

“Who are Extremely Bad Reviews written for? What do they hope to accomplish? Are they spiteful acts of vengeance, or more principled demands for justice? Are outright slams more prevalent now, or more effective now, or both, or neither? The answers change with the medium, and the target, and the reviewer in question.” — The Ringer
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Anonymous Was A Woman And Its No-Longer-Anonymous Funder

“Last year, 77-year-old artist Susan Unterberg revealed that she’s the patron behind this grantmaking outfit” — which selects ten female artists over 40 each year for $25,000 grants — “though the nominators and final award panel members will remain shrouded in mystery. … While supporting creative women constitutes a grantmaking niche, its focus on equity aligns well with the ongoing social justice trend in arts funding.” — Inside Philanthropy
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Can Onerous Grant Reporting (We’re Bored Already) Be Made More Meaningful?

Often, reporting results after a grant can be long, arduous and ultimately not of much use. To anyone. So now there’s a new initiative to see if reporting can be made more useful and less cumbersome. After all, we all hope that grants make an impact, right? – Arts Professional
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Diversity? Fine. But How Are We Defining It?

Historically, diversity is something America fights, or accepts begrudgingly with remorse and reservations, or fights anew when it challenges economic dominance. In a country born of the original sin of slavery — to keep labor cheap; to ensure high profits for the richest one percent (sound familiar?) — this shouldn’t be surprising. What is surprising is how we keep being surprised. – Clyde Fitch Report
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In L.A. County, Using The Arts To Help Keep Kids Out Of Jail

“A one-year, $750,000 grant from the Ford Foundation’s Art for Justice Fund will help launch the Arts and Youth Development Project, intended to serve youth and families at risk of involvement or already involved with the juvenile justice system.” — Inside Philanthropy
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In L.A. County, Using The Arts To Help Keep Juvenile Offenders Out Of Jail

“A one-year, $750,000 grant from the Ford Foundation’s Art for Justice Fund will help launch the Arts and Youth Development Project, intended to serve youth and families at risk of involvement or already involved with the juvenile justice system.” — Inside Philanthropy
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Monarchs in California decrease by 86% + Trump allows increase in logging on federal land

Animals may perceive as much beauty as we do What explains the iridescent and long feathers of birds-of-paradise or the extravagant mating ritual of the male flame bowerbird? 150 years ago, Charles Darwin proposed that the opalescent beauty of some animals had nothing to do with natural selection. Darwin believed that animals could appreciate beauty for its own sake and that aesthetics and survival did not have to be linked. Today, biologists are reviving Darwin’s forgotten theory, saying that...
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Struggling Rural Universities Get More Focused By Eliminating Subjects Such as History, Humanities

Enrollments have been declining, and state funding has declined. So what to do? Respond to the market and try to offer courses (and majors) that can attract students and their tuition.
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New Initiative To Extend The Arts With Technology

The aim is that by using devices such as mobile phones, Extended Reality (XR) headsets and streaming into live performance environments, or even in the home, audiences will be able to experience live performance in entirely new ways. – Arts Professional
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Joshua Tree Cut Down during shutdown + 75 Year Old Completes AT + endangered whale Euthanized

Protected Joshua Tree cut down in park during government shutdown Joshua Tree National Park has not had it easy during the partial government shutdown. Reports of off-roading, graffiti, overflowing toilets and illegal camping have all come from the park. Now, officials are reporting the most disturbing news of all. Vandals have cut down a protected Joshua tree in order to access sensitive areas of the park where vehicles are banned. In response to the destruction, park superintendent David Smi...
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Inside the Shutdown: What’s Happening in Shenandoah and the Smokies?

Since the partial government shutdown began three weeks ago, visitors to the national parks have been greeted by empty fee stations and red-lettered notices posted to entrance gates. The notice advises visitors to “use extreme caution” and that “any entry… is at the visitor’s sole risk.” While many national parks, including Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains, remain open to the public, National Park Service (NPS) personnel have been furloughed and thereby unable to provide guidance, as...
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Will Anyone Buy Troubled UK Entertainment Chain HMV?

The chain, which accounts for a third of all physical music sales in Britain and a quarter of all physical DVD sales, had a terrible holiday season and is going under – but there are offers with those “hoping to buy the long-established music retailer, which employs 2,200 people, [given] a deadline of Tuesday to submit bids.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Internet Protocol Mappers Led Police Back, And Back, And Back To This Random Couple’s House

So you think your phone, or tablet, or computer, was stolen and then landed at an address in South Africa? Er, no. This was all a big mistake. “John and Ann’s house must have just missed MaxMind’s cut-off for remediation. Theirs was the 104th most popular location in the database, with over a million IP addresses mapped to it.” – Gizmodo
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