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It’s Development Versus The Arts In Dublin

“Protesters have for several years argued that a proliferation of new hotel projects in Dublin crowds out other vital development, such as housing and space for the arts.” Developers, of course, argue that tourism brings jobs, and hotels bring tourists. – Irish Times
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Tentative Agreement Reached Between IATSE And Hollywood

The membership hasn’t ratified the contract, so a strike could still be called. The details go to the membership for a vote. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Inside The Battle For Britain’s National Trust

Many National Trust properties rest on profits from the labor of enslaved people. “The charity seems to have become a lightning rod for the boiling emotions of a nation in flux, racked by arguments over national identity, social justice, pride and guilt.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Is There A Role For Art In A Post-Liberal World?

The liberal beliefs that underpin today’s international art world are only shared by a tiny minority of the global population. Yet the West’s art establishment continues to label as “bad” anything that does not conform to such orthodoxies. – The Art Newspaper
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London Mayor Announces Plan For Huge New Cultural District

The former industrial district in Newham, East London, a big destination for new immigrants, will get film, music, and art studios as well as performance venues and community workspaces. The mayor says the project will create 35,000 jobs and 4,000 new homes over 20 years. – The Stage
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Tracking Arts Unemployment: Still Grim

As of August 2021, the national rate had fallen below 6% while the sector rate increased to over 10% once again. – SMU Data Arts
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Spain To Give Every 18-Year-Old A €400 Culture Pass

The program budgeted for 2022 is similar to young adults’ culture passes established in France (€300) and Italy (€500). A key difference is that the money will be divided so that not all of it can be spent only on theater tickets or books or opera. – The Local (Spain)
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Wonder Why Your Favorite International Artists Are Canceling US Trips? Ask The Danish String Quartet

It takes months and months to apply for an get cleared for visas to come to the US. Hundreds of international artists have had to cancel gigs in the US. – Los Angeles Times
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What’s The Best Artistic Leadership Model?

There are several, and coming out of the pandemic, it seems appropriate to reassess what works. – Nightingale Sonata
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Remembering The Black Artist Collectives Of The 1960s And ’70s

“Musicians and writers, artists and architects, photographers and filmmakers listening, arguing and creating with each other, … drawing inspiration from the collectivizing impulse of the Harlem Renaissance, … these groups explored a range of approaches to fostering culture and community.” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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The Right To Culture: Afghanistan Bans Music

The Taliban’s stance on music forbids people from enjoying and participating in cultural activities, and violates the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. – The Conversation
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Half The PPP Loan Money For Culture Went To Only 228 Institutions. They Still Laid Off A Quarter Of Their Workers.

The purpose of the Paycheck Protection Program was to let businesses hobbled by the pandemic retain their employees. An AFSCME study found that, out of 7,500 eligible cultural institutions, 228 large ones got $771 million, half the total — and let go of 28% of their staff. – Hyperallergic
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How Today’s Environmental Challenges Will Change The Art World

“These crises are emerging out of environmental challenges and social justice challenges that are very present. Going back to business as usual is going to sound unconvincing.” – The Art Newspaper
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Some Early Good News From The WBEZ-Chicago Sun-Times Merger

In a Q&A, two senior executives at Chicago Public Media (WBEZ) say that they no plans to reduce the newspaper’s seven-days-per-week print schedule and that, far from imposing layoffs, they expect to hire 40 to 50 new staffers. – Medill Local News Initiative
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John Killacky: Arts As A Safe Space For Unsafe Ideas

It is a series of meditations on the social role of art, the sometimes dysfunctional structures of the cultural sector, and the effect that unexpected, horrific loss – and the necessity of moving past it – can have on a person, a community, and the art created in response. – ArtsFuse
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Progress: Italy’s Arts Venues Allowed To Open At Full Capacity

“After months of struggling with an income from 50% houses the Council of Ministers has decided that theatres, cinemas, and cultural venues in the white zones (and currently all of Italy is in that category), can augment their capacity to 100%.” – Gramilano (Milan)
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How COVID Killed Criticism

Pauline Kael would be appalled at the spectacle of film writing nowadays. Journalists meet actors and gasp in awe. The wise editor has given up on demanding hacks ask good questions, and just invites actors to interview other actors. – The Spectator
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Justifying Why Princeton Should Exist

This is the puzzle of Princeton: How can an institution designed to serve the aspirations of an elite few authentically wrestle with issues of inequality and racism in society? – The Atlantic
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When Facebook Went Down Last Week, News Searches And Traffic Went Way Up

Sure, some of that was people searching for news about Facebook’s outage. However: “For a whopping five-hours-plus, people read news, according to data Chartbeat gave us this week from its thousands of publisher clients across 60 countries.” – Nieman Lab
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Stop Calling It Misinformation

It’s weaponized propaganda – and happily spread by armies of humans, as well as bots, online. – The Atlantic
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Do We Need A New Bill Of Rights For An Artificial Intelligence-Driven World?

Absolutely, we do. “Some of the failings of AI may be unintentional, but they are serious and they disproportionately affect already marginalized individuals and communities.” – Wired
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Netflix’s Trans Workers Protest Dave Chappelle’s New Special

The comedian has often told transphobic jokes, and the streamer’s workers are fed up. Software engineer Tara Field “tweeted a grim and long list of trans people who were ‘not offended’ by Chappelle’s comments — because they died in transphobic attacks before The Closer was released.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Fall Of Rome Didn’t Happen When You Think It Did

The fall of Rome in 476 is a historical turning point that was invented nearly 50 years later as a pretext for a devastating war. The fact that it has since become recognized as the end of an epoch shows how history can be misused to justify otherwise unpalatable actions in the present. – Time
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“A Gonzo Ethnography of Academic Authority”: Tenured Princeton Professor Gets Fired And Goes Nuts (Or Goes Nuts And Gets Fired)

Alejandro Zaera-Polo, having been pushed out as dean of Princeton’s architecture school in 2014, was dismissed from the faculty by unanimous vote of the relevant committee. He proceeded to compile an 813-page document and five hours of video making his case — and justifying Princeton’s decision. – Curbed
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Kennedy Center’s Backstage Workers Vote To Authorize Strike

The unanimous vote by members of the IATSE local comes more than a year after the expiration of their previous contract. Still at issue, say union reps, are staffing levels and pay, including overtime. Management claims the sides are not far apart. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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Afghanistan’s Cultural Sector Goes Underground

“In Afghanistan, work in the field of arts and culture is probably one of the hardest jobs.. but we did it because we loved it. We had finally reached a stage where we were established and recognised… But everything is destroyed and we are stuck.” – The Art Newspaper
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Composer Bright Sheng Removed At University Of Michigan After Showing Olivier Othello Film

“To show the film now, especially without substantial framing, content advisory and a focus on its inherent racism is in itself a racist act, regardless of the professor’s intentions. We need to acknowledge that as a community.” – Michigan Daily
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Hip-Hop Does Not Owe Anyone Political Consciousness Or Moral Virtue

“To generations of listeners, Public Enemy were the ideal of a hip-hop group: fiery and politically engaged, marching through the streets to demand change. In fact, Public Enemy were an anomaly. Explicit political commentary has played a consistent but relatively minor role in the genre’s evolution.” – The Guardian
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Art Pranks (With A Message) On The Rise?

Most of these prankster examples either take a jab at the art market. This intersection seems to have escalated in the last five years, with the impact of these artworks escalated by the capacity for social media to take their commentary viral in real time. – ArtsHub
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Improv Comedy As The Vanguard Of Socialism?

“More than a year and a half into the pandemic, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. Perhaps the socialist revolution can start in an improv community? Enter the Comedy Co-op, a planned theater in the works by more than 30 local comedians.” – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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