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As Philadelphia’s Arts Sector Closes Up For Second Time, Fears About What Might Not Survive

“After initial COVID-19 shutdowns in March, many organizations made significant investments in reopening this summer or moving activities online, … ‘and now it appears they won’t be able to reap any impact from that investment, at least for quite a while.’ … For groups that showed resourcefulness in moving operations online and making attendance safe for visitors, the new restrictions feel like a step backward. More critically, the new constraints threaten an already fragile sector.” – The Phil...
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Many Arts Groups Are Getting More Donations Than Usual During Lockdown

In Seattle, arts organizations report that their fundraising is up — sometimes dramatically — over what they typically raise. – Seattle Times
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City Of Seattle Creates A New Real Estate Company To Buy And Manage Arts Spaces

The city is taking the rare step of creating a “mission-driven” real estate development company so that it can create, purchase, manage and lease property for arts and cultural spaces — which could include a wide range of venues and organizations, including galleries, bookstores, nonprofit dance companies and cultural community centers. – Crosscut
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China Increasingly Targets Muslim Writers And Readers

One publisher, who has fled and has seen 40 family members and friends associated with him detained or jailed, says, “The state only wants its garden to have one type of flower … the red ones. Green, blue or white flowers: if they are not red, they will be cut down.” – NPR
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Update: What Americans For The Arts Is Doing During COVID

The urgency of this vision has never been more apparent than in 2020—amid a global pandemic, heightened focus on social justice and racial equity, a huge economic downturn, and a contentious presidential election. These issues have impacted every community across the country and devastated artists, nonprofit and for-profit creative businesses, educational systems, healthcare, and trust in government. And because of long-term systemic inequities, these challenges have more severely affected peop...
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Australia Gets Ready To Restart Live Performance As (Almost) Normal

“Live performance venues and events will be allowed to reach capacity of up to 75% in states that have recorded no new locally acquired coronavirus cases in 14 days. … In what has been labelled the ‘Covid normal’ of the near future, indoor events and seated outdoor events will still be ticketed only, and additional restrictions will still apply to large-scale multi-day outdoor music festivals.” – The Guardian
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Beirut’s Cultural Community Struggles To Rebuild After Last Summer’s Explosion

“With no support from the government, a collapsed economy that has made financial hardship a normal part of life, and a spike in coronavirus cases that has overloaded hospitals, the Lebanese have been left to fend for themselves, rebuilding and reconstructing their beloved city with grit and determination.” – Artnet
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Poland Freezes Its COVID Arts Bailout After Celebrities Are Caught Receiving Millions In Funding

“The ministry of culture released the names of more than 2,000 beneficiaries of its 400 million złoty ($106 million) support fund [last] Friday. Soon after, critics began scrutinizing the list, which included not only cultural foundations, orchestras, theaters, entertainment venues, and arts schools, but also several successful singers and actors.” A big backlash ensued, with accusations of corruption and cronyism flying. – Artnet
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How War And Progress Are Linked

This skeptical, Hobbesian view of human nature, in which war is an “integral part of human experience,” may be unflattering to our species, but it at least keeps us on our toes. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, 11.14.20

Report: Brexit Will Isolate UK Cultural Institutions For Two Years

Dr Charlotte Faucher, who oversaw the research, said the fear was that a lack of clarity on insurance, visas and travel restrictions, paired with potential complications caused by the global pandemic, would make European collaborations too risky. – The Guardian
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Creating A Museum Of Historical Smells

“Scientists, historians and experts in artificial intelligence across the UK and Europe have announced they are teaming up for a €2.8m project labelled ‘Odeuropa’ to identify and even recreate the aromas that would have assailed noses between the 16th and early 20th centuries.” – The Guardian
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How Will We Protect World Treasures Threatened By Climate Change?

Venice is just one example of the challenges of preserving iconic landmarks that are threatened by the effects of climate change, such as rising seas and recurrent, intensifying droughts, storms and wildfires. In my research as a social scientist, I help heritage managers make tough decisions prioritizing which sites to save when funds, time or both are limited. – The Conversation
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The Art Of The Trump Goodbye

Is Trump like King Lear, raging naked on the heath and desperately hanging on to the increasingly diminished trappings of power even as they are stripped from him? Or is he more like Bartleby the Scrivener, the inscrutable model of passive resistance who one day declines to do any more work or indeed leave the building, declaring: “I would prefer not to?” – The New York Times
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Study: Americans Feel Positive About The Arts, But There Are Demographic Differences

“The extensive survey, coordinated by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’s Humanities Indicators project, … [found that] 80% of American adults hold a ‘very favorable’ or ‘somewhat favorable’ view of the arts … but only 11% of them said they visit art museums or attend arts events regularly, while another 29% said they do so ‘sometimes.'” Interestingly, Black and Latinx Americans are far more likely to attend poetry and literary events than are their white compatriots. – Hyperallergic ...
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Assessing The Art World’s Performance During Trump

The arts exist as a smaller bubble within the larger bubble of liberal media culture. And doubling down on affirming the sense of enlightened cultural superiority has larger potential negative consequences. – Artnet
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International Enrollment At US Universities Down 43 Percent

The survey provides a first look at how hard international enrollments have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that one in five international students are studying online from outside the U.S. Ninety percent of responding institutions reported student deferrals, collectively reporting that nearly 40,000 international students have deferred their studies to a future term. – InsideHigherEd
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What Are Our National Arts Support Organizations Doing For Equity?

“We look to service organizations like Americans For The Arts to help support us as we support our communities. However, we can no longer wait for them or organizations like them. These requests are not made to hurt the organization, but to serve the people it exists to serve: the entire national arts community.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Issues, 11.12.20

How Cities Will Change, Permanently, Post-Covid

Abandoned office towers. Empty subway cars. Shuttered cafés. And the absolute gutting of services for urban workers. “Since the remote workers will not all return, North America is liable to see a ‘labour-market Armageddon—the loss of tens of millions of urban service jobs.'” – MacLean’s (Canada)
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Sell Tickets Or Raise Money?

People buy tickets because they want to see a performance and rate that transaction by that experience. People donate because they want to manage/share in/support what the company does. Those that choose to donate large amounts to a select few organizations – the right-thinking group described above – gain power in that kind of relationship. – LinkedIn
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What Can The Arts Expect From The Biden Presidency?

An improvement, for starters: Biden is not going to submit a budget (let alone four of them in a row) eliminating the NEA and NEH. Reporter Eileen Kinsella spoke to several experts about where things stand now and where they’re likely to go with respect to tax law and the arts, federal cultural funding, tariffs and trade, and (of course) the pandemic. – Artnet
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TicketMaster Plans To Check COVID Status When Performances Return

Ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans’ vaccination status or whether they’ve tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window. – Billboard
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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Classic Shows Remade For The Trump Era

“SHAMILTON. A rap-inspired musical drawn partly from the pages of The Art of the Deal, this show celebrates the creation of a new nation by a small group of wealthy landowners and hyper-successful businessmen through the adoption of an economic funnel that sucks money out of the pockets of the poor and middle classes and into the bank accounts of the rich. Its hit tunes My Way or the Highway and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break are hailed as chart-toppers, although there are mutterings inside ...
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European Union Increases Its Culture Rescue Fund To $3.3 Billion

“The European Parliament and the European Council have finally agreed on an ambitious long-term recovery plan for its 27 member nations. The historic €1.8 trillion ($2.1 trillion) agreement, which was announced on November 11, will include a provision of €2.8 billion ($3.3 billion) to support the cultural field.” – Artnet
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How Stories Featuring Differently-Abled Actors Are Changing

“The vast majority of characters with disabilities, whether they’re played by actors with disabilities or not, continue to represent the same outdated tropes.” – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 11.02.20

British Museum Initiative Documents Vanishing Traditional Skills Worldwide

“Centuries-old practices and traditions across communities worldwide that might be lost forever — from bee keeping in Kenya to creating the Dalai Lama’s clothes — are being quietly supported and documented online through the British Museum’s Endangered Material Knowledge Programme (EMKP).” – The Art Newspaper
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Movie Theatres Urge Lame Duck Congress To Pass COVID Relief

The Save Our Stages legislation, introduced by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), would allow Small Business Administration grants equaling 45% of a venue’s 2019 revenue or $12 million, whichever is less. Venue operators also would be eligible for a second grant equal to 50% of the first award. Save Our Stages was introduced as a $10-billion program to help venues such as live concert halls. It was later expanded to $15 billion in order to include movie theater operato...
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Should Britain’s Politicians Quit Bothering To Pretend They Stay Out Of Decisions On Who Gets Arts Funding?

“Indeed, a case can be made for greater government intervention in much of our cultural landscape. … Like it or not, public funding must come with public accountability. But defending the government’s right to interfere in the arts and museums becomes much harder when government funding keeps declining. Minority shareholders don’t get to tell a chief executive how to run their business.” – The Art Newspaper
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Ralph Remington Chosen As San Francisco’s Arts Commission Director

An experienced actor, playwright, and screenwriter, Remington currently serves as the deputy director for arts and culture for the city of Tempe, Arizona. In that position, he is responsible for the performance and visual programming at the Tempe Center for the Arts. He also oversees public art, the Tempe History Museum, and municipal arts granting. – San Francisco Chronicle
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The Vatican Library Enlists An Army Of Bots To Protect Its Online Library

Hackers threaten the Vatican’s digital holdings at a rate of more than three a day, the library says. “The library, founded in 1451 by Pope Nicholas V, is one of the world’s most important research institutions, containing one of the finest collections of manuscripts, books, images, coins and medals in the world. The digitisation of 41 million pages is intended to ‘preserve the content of historical treasures without causing damage to the fragile originals.”’ – The Observer (UK)
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Is Requiring Ethnic Studies In Universities A Good Idea?

“In essence, the California state legislature has made it mandatory for the nearly 500,000 students in the Cal State system to take the classes that student activists and others fought for universities to implement decades ago. While these classes are not without controversy, as a scholar who studies racial dynamics on college campuses, I argue their benefits outweigh their liabilities.” – The Conversation
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