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Watch REM's Michael Stipe, Brian Eno, and Stephen Colbert perform "Lean On Me"

In 2011, musician and artist Brian Eno appeared on The Colbert Report for an interview. If that wasn't enough, REM's Michael Stipe showed up to join Eno and Colbert in a rousing rendition of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me." And here's the Eno interview.
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Plumbers prepare for "brown Friday"

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known for more than unfettered capitalism— it's also a day full of plumbing nightmares. The disasters aren't limited to toilet trouble; many problems arise from garbage disposal misuse. Thanksgiving celebrations often involve too many cooks in a kitchen using appliances and foods they're not familiar with, which results in all sorts of things going down drains (like grease and fats and oils). — Read the rest
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Phish concert spreads COVID across the entire country

Over Halloween weekend, the Vermont jam band Phish played a series of concerts in Las Vegas. Several days later, one attendee posted to Facebook that he had tested positive for COVID-19 — and more than 500 replied, most saying that they or someone they knew had also tested positive after attending the concert. —
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Man in Japan arrested after using AI to unblur censored porn

A man in Japan was charged with copyright infringement and electronic transmission of obscene materials after using AI software to de-censor porn on-demand though his website. In Japan, genitalia must be obscured in media, even in pornography; the AI software he allegedly used, TecoGAN [github], infers detail in the blurred region based on the remaining pixels and similar details in the many other works upon which its neural networks are trained. — Read the rest
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Watch: This dog has the funniest expression while taking a bath for a child

Like a parent who sports a sparkly tiara while sipping tea at a cramped, child-size table, this patient golden retriever goes above and beyond. While sitting stone-still in a tiny makeshift bathtub for its young human, the dog's expression says it all, as if counting down the minutes until "playtime" is over. — Read the rest
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Making concrete on Mars by blending local dust with astronaut blood

A famous scene from the movie The Martian is when the astronaut stranded on Mars is forced to use his own poop as fertilizer to grow potatoes. Now a research group at the University of Manchester has proposed something even more deliciously ghoulish: Future Mars astronauts could mix their own blood and urine with Martian dust to create building materials that are stronger than concrete. — Read the rest
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Watch: Massive jumprope circle

from oddlysatisfying It's hard to count how many students are participating in this giant, intimidating, potentially dangerous game of jumprope, but it's easy to count the two spotters standing by in case the jumper misses a skip and is catapulted into the stratosphere. — Read the rest
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This eerily stunning thunderstorm footage in Arizona was shot with a drone

Photographer Eric Rosenwald shot this dramatic time-lapse drone video of a thunderstorm in Tucson, Arizona on August 11th. But the stunning footage looks more like ominous B-roll that we never saw – but certainly heard – in 1931's Frankenstein movie when the go(o)d doctor deliriously shouted, "It's Alive!" — Read the rest
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"It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" is now a book

Colin Nissan finally got a book deal for the McSweeney's essay he authored that's been bringing autumn-time laughs since *2009*! Fuck yes, "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" is now a book. At last, the epically funny internet sensation It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers is now a visual tour-de-force, teeming with a cornucopia of perfectly paired photos and seasonal enchantments to make it really fucking sing. — Read the rest
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When shopping, always demand one from the back

Shoppers who don't go through milk quickly know to grab a bottle from the back of the fridge at the store. In a bodega or corner shop it might be a week fresher. Vacuum-sealed cigars, though? I assumed every Swisher Sweet there would ever be was manufactured in 1958 and they're all in the same vast refrigerated warehouse as all the brass-trim restaurant lobby "Please Wait To Be Seated" signs. — Read the rest
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Check out this $2000 Super Mario Smart Watch (No, it won't help you grow on mushrooms)

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer have teamed up with Nintendo for a $2000 Super Mario-themed smart watch that runs on Apple's WearOS. According to Ars Technica, it's a variation on the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected, a 45mm watch with a 1.39-inch, 454×454 OLED display that has wifi, NFC, GPS, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage, along with a heart-rate sensor — the same kind of things you can find on most WearOS watches, plus all the fancy TAG Heuer hardware touches. — Read the rest
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Q&A sessions: Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese:

Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese grew up in a village, taught himself to use a camera and has gone on to win prestigious awards at international festivals The post Q&A sessions: Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese: appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The Sbox Ghost radio frequency sweep scanner for paranormal research

Researching any paranormals? You may want this sweep scanner. Some of the reviews are skeptical, but there are also folks who have apparently found the SBox to have done something other than flip channels. The SBox Ghost Scanner via Amazon
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All five original seasons of The Muppet Show are headed to Disney+

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, because all five seasons will be available to stream on Disney+ starting February 19. For fans of the show, this a big deal because seasons 4 and 5 have never been available for home entertainment before. — Read the rest
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Trump promises orderly transition of power after Congress confirms Electoral College vote

With his Twitter account in the midst of a twelve hour suspension, Donald Trump released a statement via Dan Scavino, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media. …fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. — Read the rest
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Trump rally speaker tells people to make it a 'mass spreader event' by hugging a stranger

"It's a mass-spreader event! It's a mass-spreader event!" — Trump rally speaker Whew. At a pro-Trump rally happening in Washington, DC right now, one of the speakers (identified as a pastor?) just told the attendees to make the MAGA rally a "mass spreader event" by hugging people nearby they don't know. — Read the rest
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