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Global report: EU countries block hydroxychloroquine, South Korea fears new spike

France, Italy and Belgium respond to safety fears around drug; UN issues food insecurity warning for Africa; mosques reopen in SyriaCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFrance, Italy and Belgium have all taken steps against the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating patients with Covid-19 as safety concerns over the drug, touted by Donald Trump and Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, continue to grow.Paris on Wednesday revoked a decree allowing doctors to use the drug with ...
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Angling to be eyewear’s next big thing, Futuremood launches with mood-altering sunglasses

Austin Soldner and Michael Schaecher, the co-founders of the new sunglasses brand Futuremood, met at the newly formed San Francisco research and development lab created by the high-end audio tech developer Bose. The two were tasked with working on Bose’s sunglasses wearable and bonded over a shared interest in sneakers and fashion. Over many conversations the two men realized there was an opportunity to use technology to rewrite the sunglasses playbook and launch the first new brand to the marke...
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Archaeologists discover pristine ancient Roman mosaic floor buried under piles of vines

Archaeologists have revisited an ancient Roman dig site that hasn't been touched in a century — and found something incredible underneath.In a vineyard outside the Italian city of Verona, under several feet of vines and dirt, researchers have uncovered what appears to be a perfectly preserved mosaic floor and pieces of a villa foundation dating back to the third century A.D. Surveyors in the commune of Negrar di Valpolicella north of Verona shared images of the site, providing a glimpse at a...
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Perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered in Italy

A remarkably well preserved mosaic floor has been discovered by archaeologists beneath a vineyard in northern Italy.
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Modular Deck Oven - Polin or Mono?

Modular Deck Oven - Polin or Mono? Submitted by jack-bara on May 27, 2020 - 8:38am. Hi all. First time using The Fresh Loaf. What a great resource.  I have an organic sourdough bakery in Wales, and I have been baking about 100 loaves a day on 3 Rofco B40s for the past 5 years. These fairly basic ovens are getting on a bit (and they lose an awful lot of heat - can't believe Rofco don't insulate their ovens better!), so I'm looking into 'proper' deck ovens. There are two suppliers ne...
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Italian Producers, Unions Strike Agreement on COVID-19 Production Protocols

Italy’s main film and TV industry organizations and labor unions have agreed on a set of production guidelines for filming as the country lifts coronavirus restrictions in the wake of Europe’s longest lockdown. The production protocols, hammered out by Italian motion picture association ANICA, TV producer’s org APA, indie group CNA and other trade entities, […]
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‘More Blue’: An Artwork Shows the Sea Changing During Lockdown

A data-driven media installation, created to reflect marine conditions around the world, has altered with the slowing human activity.
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MV Agusta Collaborates With eXor to Donate PPE to Varese Circolo Hospital

Continuing Its Support MV Agusta supported Varese Circolo Hospital when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak in the area. I reported on the company’s efforts to donate testing equipment. Well, now it seems MV Agusta is continuing to support the hospital. Recently the motorcycle company partnered with eXor to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through local charity Fondazione Circolo della Bontà.  The PPE will go to the Varese Circolo hospital and the Menotti Bassani care home in Lave...
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€50,000 A Day: What La Scala Would Lose By Operating Under Social-Distancing Rules

That’s the grim figure that the Milan opera house’s new superintendent, Dominique Meyer, will present to its board of directors on Thursday. Under the law that Italy’s parliament passed last week, La Scala could accommodate only 200 people, including the performers. – Gramilano (Milan)
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Head of Italy's Lombardy region given police escort as COVID anger mounts

The governor of Lombardy, the northern region at the epicentre of Italy's coronavirus outbreak, said on Wednesday that he had been given a police escort after growing criticism of his administration's handling of the crisis. Lombardy, Italy's richest and most populous region and the motor of its economy, is one of the worst affected areas of the world by the coronavirus, accounting for around half of the country's more than 32,000 dead. The regional government, controlled by opposition leader ...
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Ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered under vines in Italy

Pristine ‘archaeological treasure’ near Verona may date to 3rd century AD, say experts A perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor has been discovered near the northern Italian city of Verona.Archaeologists were astonished by the find as it came almost a century after the remains of a villa, believed to date to the 3rd century AD, were unearthed in a hilly area above the town of Negrar di Valpolicella. Continue reading...
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European Union Proposes $825 Billion Coronavirus Recovery Fund

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union proposed Wednesday a 750 billion-euro ($825 billion) recovery fund to help countries weather a painful recession triggered by the coronavirus and bridge divisions over the conditions that should be attached for access to the money. The fund, to be mostly made up of grants and tied to the 27 member nations’ common budget, comes as the world’s biggest trading bloc enters its deepest-ever recession, weighed down by the impact of the coronavirus. Virtually every co...
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Roman mosaic floor found under Italian vineyard

Authorities north of Verona in Italy found the well-preserved tile floor after decades of searching.
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Steve Bannon wins case to set up Italy political academy

Steve Bannon, the former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, has won the latest phase of a legal battle with Italy's culture ministry to set up a right-wing Catholic political academy. The ministry said it would appeal the regional court's decision. The court ruled for the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, which Bannon backs, against a previous decision that blocked the school starting up in an 800-year-old monastery south of Rome.
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The Country with the Best Covid-19 Response? Mongolia.

Several countries have had solid responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. But Indi Samarajiva thinks we should be paying much more attention to Mongolia, a country of 3.17 million people where no one has died and no locally transmitted cases have been reported.1 Let’s have that again: 3.17 million people, 0 local cases, 0 deaths. How did they do it? They saw what was happening in Wuhan, coordinated with the WHO, and acted swiftly & decisively in Janu...
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Deaths from COVID-19 appear to be on the decline in Italian provinces

Researchers in Italy have found that the proportion of people dying from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) may be on the decline in Italy.
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May 26 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

BEGIN SLIDESHOW May 26 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases Welcome to’s May 26 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon! New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD The Invisible Man Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss stars as a woman who fears she is being hunted by the unseen presence of her abusive ex (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robert...
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Modular Deck Ovens - Polin or Mono ?

Modular Deck Ovens - Polin or Mono ? Submitted by jack-bara on May 26, 2020 - 2:28pm. Hi all. First time using The Fresh Loaf. What a great resource.  I have an organic sourdough bakery in Wales, and I have been baking about 100 loaves a day on 3 Rofco B40s for the past 5 years. These fairly basic ovens are getting on a bit (and they lose an awful lot of heat - can't believe Rofco don't insulate their ovens better!), so I'm looking into 'proper' deck ovens. There are two suppliers ...
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NYSE trading floor reopens for first time in 2 months

By Matt Ott, Ted Shaffrey and Lisa Marie Pane, The Associated Press The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange reopened Tuesday in a largely symbolic step toward economic recovery, and stocks surged, even as the official U.S. death toll from the coronavirus closed in on 100,000, a mark President Donald Trump once predicted the country would never see. With infections mounting rapidly in places like Brazil and India, a top global health official warned the crisis around the world is far fro...
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A Boy, a Bear and a Close Call in the Mountains of Italy

A 12-year-old knew what to do (and what not to) when he crossed paths with a large bear on a hike. A video of the encounter has gone viral.
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Spain Declares Unprecedented 10 Days Of Mourning For COVID Victims

MADRID (AP) — The Spanish government has declared 10 days of mourning starting Wednesday for the nearly 27,000 people who have died with the novel coronavirus in Spain, the longest official mourning period in the country’s 4-decade-old democracy. Flags will be hoisted to half-staff in more than 14,000 public buildings across the nation and on Spanish naval vessels until June 5, under the declaration made Tuesday. King Felipe VI, as Spain’s head of state, will preside over a solemn memorial cerem...
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Ask Slashdot: Did Fear and Groupthink Drive Unnecessary Global Lockdowns?

An anonymous reader writes: There's an interesting analysis, which looks at several data points, to conclude that media may have flamed fears that drove the world to enforce lockdowns. From the story: "To put things in perspective, the virus is now known to have an infection fatality rate for most people under 65 that is no more dangerous than driving 13 to 101 miles per day. Even by conservative estimates, the odds of COVID-19 death are roughly in line with existing baseline odds of dying in an...
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US couple waits 2 1/2 months in lockdown to visit Pompeii

An American couple waited a lifetime plus 2 ½ months to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii together. Colleen and Marvin Hewson, retirees from Michigan, were first in line when the archaeological site reopened to the public Tuesday following Italy's coronavirus lockdown. “We have been patiently waiting since then for the ruins to open,” Colleen Hewson said as the couple got the chance to stroll through the ruins of the Roman city destroyed in A.D. 79 by a volcanic eruption, trailed by journalis...
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Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when airport's shut)

German airline Eurowings flew Dusseldorf to Sardinia on Saturday, but turned around when Olbia Airport was still shut.
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Boy, 12, followed down mountain by brown bear

Alessandro was hiking with his family in northern Italy when they realised he was being followed.
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LeoVince LV One EVO Slip-On Exhaust Review

Shopping Now? We Recommend: webBikeWorld works closely with Revzilla and Amazon to provide our testers with quality products to review. While we have an affiliate relationship and receive a commission from items purchased, this addition comes at no additional cost to you. It is the primary way we pay for our site and reviewers. Buy on RevZilla Background One of the most fun things about getting a new motorcycle is modifying and accessorizing it to make it your own. I’ve had my Ducati S...
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Italy's medical workers: 'We became heroes but they've already forgotten us'

With Italy past the peak of coronavirus, medical staff say the trauma is only just hitting them now.
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Brazil Becomes A COVID Hot House

Yesterday the United States placed restrictions on travel from Brazil, which is rapidly emerging as a top global COVID hotspot. The country has now the second highest case could in the world with 363,211 cases, second only to the United States and just ahead of Russia. But if you look at the testing numbers, the situation looks even more ominous. Despite the mounting case count Brazil is doing only a tiny fraction of the tests as almost any other country with a major outbreak. To give a sense...
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