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Over a third of COVID-19 survivors experience a neurological or mental-health condition in the 6 months after infection, a large-scale study finds

The most common mental health conditions in the six months after catching COVID-19 were anxiety and mood disorders. Getty Images One in three people with COVID-19 had neurological or mental health conditions in the six months following illness in a new study. Anxiety and mood disorders were the most common following COVID-19. People with severe illness were at highest risk of rarer neurological complications, the study found. See more stories on Insider's business page. One in three pe...
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SpaceX urges India to facilitate satellite broadband, hints at bringing Starlink to India

Elon Musk’s SpaceX urged the Indian government to facilitate approvals to use satellite technology for internet access in remote areas. “While existing telecommunications networks have performed well to meet [internet access] needs in many areas, billions that live in the most rural and remote areas, and even those in urban environments, remain on the wrong side of the digital divide. Powerful next-generation satellite systems flying today that can reach all corners of the country with high-spee...
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(Kupon DISKON 50%) Meat Cleaver Knife 7.5 Inch $ 18.48

Kupon DISKON 50%) Meat Cleaver Knife 7.5 Inch $ 18.48. Penawaran Amazon menawarkan Pisau Cleaver Daging 7,5 Inch ini hanya dengan $ 18,48. Itu a Kupon diskon 50% untuk a penghematan $ 18,48! Pengiriman Gratis. Tawaran yang luar biasa! Klik Di Atas 2. Buat Akun di situs (jika Anda tidak punya) 3. Tambahkan Produk Ke Troli 4.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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People of Black and Asian ethnicity up to twice as likely to be infected with COVID-19 as those of White ethnicity

People of Black ethnicity are twice as likely to be infected with COVID-19 compared to those of White ethnicity. People from Asian backgrounds are 1.5 times more likely to become infected with the virus compared to White individuals. Those of Asian ethnicities may be at higher risk of admission to an intensive therapy unit (ITU) and death.
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Summary: UN Secretary General’s roadmap on Digital Cooperation goals

Privacy safeguards are essential for digital identity projects, and blanket internet shutdowns violate human rights, the UN Secretary General said in a report on digital cooperation in September. Last June, a UN panel headed by Melinda Gates and Jack Ma some objectives for digital cooperation on the international level. The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, appointed by the UN Secretary General, laid out broad goals to be achieved in the coming years. Here is a summary of each of those ...
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Exclusive: DoT floats white paper on China, Huawei’s New IP proposal

You’re reading it here first: The Indian government is holding a limited non-public consultation on a Chinese-led effort to revamp the internet’s architecture. New Internet Protocol, or IP, is a proposal mainly pushed by Chinese tech giant Huawei that seeks to fundamentally alter the standards on which the internet has been based for decades. MediaNama received a copy of the consultation, put out as a white paper by the Department of Telecommunications, from multiple sources. The DoT gave Indian...
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What Huawei and China’s New IP proposal is all about

If Huawei’s New IP proposal is accepted, the architecture of the internet and how devices access it will fundamentally change. With China’s backing and support from the state-run telcos China Unicom and China Mobile, Huawei is pitching to create a new internet protocol (IP). Internet Protocols are standards that all devices on the internet use to communicate with each other. The proposal to revamp IP is being pushed for at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), according to the Financi...
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Govt considers cutting AGR fee for home broadband to Re 1: Report

The Indian government is considering cutting the fees paid by fixed line home broadband providers from 8% of adjusted gross revenue to one rupee per year, Bloomberg reported. The government proposal reportedly cited a 2019 ITU report (perhaps this one) which said that raising broadband penetration by 10% can lead to a GDP growth of 1.9%. The proposal reportedly does not cover enterprise broadband. The government reportedly estimated that this cut would lead to a loss of Rs 5,927 crores. A policy...
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Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority Healthcare Workers Open Up About Their Fears

As the coronavirus death toll continues to rise, it shows that no one is safe. As of 23rd April, over 19,500 people have died in hospitals in the UK and there are over 143,000 confirmed cases. While everyone is at risk of catching COVID-19, new statistics have shown that people from black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are disproportionately more likely to die from the virus. NHS England on Monday revealed the ethnic breakdown of people who have died from the virus thus far and a G...
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Help wanted to remake amateur radio for the 21st century

This appeared today on the IARU Region 2 website….Dan Are you a “young” ham? Want to help remake Amateur Radio for the 21st century? Frustrated that there are so few of your friends and age group that are interested in ham radio? Frustrated that amateur radio is in a rut, not doing more or different things with technology? Concerned that an aging demographic means ham radio is dying? And that our frequencies will be sold out to the highest bidder because there aren’t enough hams to show that w...
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World Series opener in Abu Dhabi postponed due to coronavirus

The event was due to take place on Yas Island from March 5-7, but organizers confirmed they will look to find a new date later in March or April. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has seen eight countries reporting their first cases and the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised its global spread and impact risk alert to "very high". "Travel restrictions and quarantines imposed by some countries and airlines for individuals and groups traveling from or to areas affected by the outbreak m...
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Digital 2020: 3.8 billion people use social media

Our new Digital 2020 reports – published in partnership with Hootsuite – show that digital, mobile, and social media have become an indispensable part of everyday life for people all over the world. More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, while social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark. Nearly 60 percent of the world’s population is already online, and the latest trends suggest that more than half of the world’s total population will use social media by the middle of this ...
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Internet Governance Outlook 2020: The Next Generation of Players and Problems Is Coming

By Wolfgang Kleinwächter The beginning of a new decade is always an invitation to have a broader look into the future. What, in the next ten years, will happen in the Internet Governance Ecosystem? Will the 2020s see the usual swinging pendulum between more liberal and more restrictive Internet policies in an interconnected world? Or will we move towards a watershed? Will cyberspace, as we know it from the last 50 years as a place for innovation and mutually beneficial digital cooperation, cha...
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Know How Shopify Experts Can Make Your Business Grow

From the data recorded from 2015, the International telecommunication union (ITU) has stated that nearly 43% of the world population uses the internet. And from the latest data recorded in 2018, the percentage has gradually increased to 55.1% stated by internet world stats. The increasing internet access and usage indicate why every business needs to be visible on the digital platform and have an efficient Shopify website available for online customers. New York, the hub for economic, commercia...
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China Shows Its Dominance in Surveillance Technology

Chinese companies have made every submission to UN on standards in past three years, Financial Times reports [the link may be paywalled]. From the report: Chinese companies have made every submission to the UN for international standards on surveillance technology in the past three years, according to documents reviewed by the Financial Times that show their rising dominance in the field. The UN's International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which has 200 member states and establishes common glo...
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CenturyLink Wins Dark Fiber, SD-WAN deals

CenturyLink has picked up a significant research and education deal. Internet2 has selected CenturyLink's new ITU-T G.652.D optical fiber to upgrade its network. CenturyLink recently leveraged all that empty conduit Level 3 and Qwest put in back in the dotcom bubble to pull the latest generation of fiber on key routes nationwide. ... [visit site […]
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Paula Findlay finds 'new groove' in half-Ironman races

Nearly a decade ago, Edmonton-born Paula Findlay was on top of the triathlon world, winning consecutive world championship series races. Injury struck in 2011, and in 2012, at the Olympic Games in London, she finished last in a race many Canadians thought she could win.Seven years later, Findlay is winning races again, but not on the International Triathlon Union (ITU) circuit. On Dec. 8, the 30-year-old won gold in the women's race at the Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells-La Quinta in California.O...
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K1ZZ lays out amateur radio’s agenda at the upcoming World Radio Conference

Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, may not be the ARRL CEO anymore, but he’s still working for amateur radio. He’s the secretary of the International Amateur Union (IARU) and will be a big part of ham radio’s presence at the upcoming World Radio Conference 2019. The confence starts on October 28 and runs through November 22. In the latest issue of ITU News Magazine, K1ZZ describes the issues that the IARU will be addressing at the conference. They include: Global harmonization of the amateur 50–54 MHz allocat...
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The Global State of Digital in October 2019

A wealth of new data has contributed to impressive growth across various aspects of digital over the past three months, so our new report – produced in partnership with Hootsuite – has plenty of juicy headlines, as well as essential insights for brands and organisations preparing 2020 digital plans. You’ll find all the latest numbers in the SlideShare embed below (or click  ), but read on below to get richer context and insights into this quarter’s top headlines. Big jump in internet user...
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SpaceX may want to launch 42,000 internet satellites — about 5 times more spacecraft than humanity has ever flown

SpaceX wants to surround Earth with a fleet of internet satellites called Starlink. Original plans called for launching nearly 12,000 satellites over the next 8 years or so. However, Space News reports that SpaceX has asked to launch 30,000 more satellites for a maximum of 42,000. This figure is about 20 times the number of working satellites today and nearly five times the total of all spacecraft humanity has ever launched since 1957. Elon Musk, the rocket company's founder, has said he hopes...
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SpaceX Says 12,000 Satellites Isn't Enough, So It Might Launch Another 30,000

SpaceX is seeking permission to launch another 30,000 low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites for its Starlink broadband network, which would be in addition to the nearly 12,000 satellites the company already has permission to launch. But it's too early in the process to determine whether SpaceX is likely to launch most or all of the additional 30,000 satellites. Ars Technica reports: The Federal Communications Commission made the requests on SpaceX's behalf, as is standard practice, in a series of fil...
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SpaceX files paperwork to launch up to 30,000 more Starlink global internet satellites

SpaceX has filed documents with the International Telecommunication Union, which governs international use of global bandwidth, to launch up to 30,000 more satellites for its Starlink global broadband constellation, SpaceNews reports. That’s on top of the 12,000 it already has permission to launch. Why so many? SpaceX says that it’s about ensuring its network can meet anticipated demand “responsibly.” “As demand escalates for fast, reliable internet around the world, especially for those wher...
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Go Ahead and Use Phonetics on 2m FM

Sometimes radio amateurs suggest that phonetics are not needed on VHF FM.  (See examples here and here.) Sometimes it even sounds like it’s a bad thing to use phonetics on FM.  It is inefficient and slows things down. I can see the logic behind this because with decent signal strength, demodulated FM audio is usually quite clear and easy to understand. Here’s what I wrote in my VHF FM Operating Guide, also downplaying the need for phonetics: The use of phonetics is not usually required due to t...
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Project Kuiper: Amazon to launch 3,000 satellites to offer broadband internet service from space

Tech giant Amazon is planing to set up a network of more than 3,000 satellites in order to provide a high-speed broadband internet service from space.In his latest space venture, Jeff Bezos plans to establish 3,236 satellites to provide high-speed internet access to people around the world. In recent weeks, Amazon has been posting job adverts for the project, named Project Kuiper, after a part of the distant solar system believed to contain many comets, asteroids, and other small bodies and disc...
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Amazon to launch thousands of satellites to provide broadband to millions plans to launch thousands of satellites to provide broadband internet access around the globe. The effort, dubbed Project Kuiper, aims to give unserved and underserved communities around the world access to high-speed internet, with minimal delay, according to Amazon. Several other companies have announced similar initiatives. Facebook was reportedly aiming to launch satellites early this year, while Google plans to build a network of flying balloons. Both companies are looking to rea...
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SoftBank leads $1.25 bln round for OneWeb

OneWeb said March 18 that it raised $1.25 billion in new capital led by SoftBank Group Corp, Grupo Salinas, Qualcomm Technologies Inc, and the government of Rwanda. OneWeb is a global communications company. PRESS RELEASE LONDON ,  March 18, 2019  /PRNewswire/ — OneWeb, a global communications company with a mission to bring connectivity to everyone, everywhere, announces it has secured its largest fundraising round to date with the successful raise of  $1.25 billion  in new capital. This bring...
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Successful launch propels OneWeb to $1.25B in new funding

Following the successful launch and deployment of the first six satellites in a planned constellation of hundreds, OneWeb has raised $1.25 billion in funding to kickstart mass production. It’s a powerful endorsement of and ambitious plan to create an entirely new layer of global connectivity. To blanket the world in internet, OneWeb means to send up about 650 satellites at first, with a few hundred more later to expand and reinforce coverage. The original schedule has slipped considerably, as...
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2019 No Nonsense General Class Study Guide: Commission’s Rules

General Class control operator frequency privileges, primary and secondary allocations As you know, on the 80m, 40m, 20m, and 15m bands, some frequencies are reserved for Advanced and Extra Class licensees. On the other bands, however, General Class licensees have exactly the same privileges as Advanced and Extra Class licensees. QUESTION: On which HF/MF bands is a General class license holder granted all amateur frequency privileges? (G1A01) ANSWER: 160 meters, 60 meters, 30 meters, 17 meters,...
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More Than Half the World Will Be Online by the End of This Year, UN Estimates

Before we set foot into 2019, 3.9 billion people or about 51 percent of the global population will be using the internet, according to estimates by ITU, the United Nations agency for information and communications technology.Read more...
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International Standards Adopted by ITU-T to Address Soft Errors Affecting Telecommunication Equipment

– Enhancing reliability based on Recommendations for design, testing, and quality estimation of measures designed to mitigate soft errors caused by cosmic rays – TOKYO, Nov 23, 2018 – (JCN Newswire) – ITU-T, which is a United Nations specialized agency, Read more… The post International Standards Adopted by ITU-T to Address Soft Errors Affecting Telecommunication Equipment appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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