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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Finally Has Feathered Dinosaurs – Here’s How They Got the Details Right

Even though Jurassic Park is undoubtedly the greatest movie about dinosaurs ever made, there are some details that have become dated as scientists have learned new things about the prehistoric creatures. Perhaps the biggest discovery since the original Jurassic Park was made is that some dinosaurs have feathers, solidifying Dr. Alan Grant’s theory about why they might have behaved like giant birds when they roamed the Earth, eventually evolving into the winged creatures we know today. Jurassic ...
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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Director Colin Trevorrow on Embracing Feathered Dinosaurs, Taking the Series in a Fresh Direction, and Having Sympathy for the T-Rex [Interview]

It’s no surprise that Colin Trevorrow  — director of Jurassic World and the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion  — loves dinosaurs. And while Dominion, thanks to the pandemic, won’t come out until June 10, 2022 ,  there will be an extended preview of the film in IMAX theaters before screenings of F9  later this month. We’ve seen the footage, and dinosaur fans will be heaven.  /Film talked to Trevorrow about the extended preview, his favorite dinosaurs, what fans can look forwa...
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Skydance Hires Marketing Executive Rebecca Mall; Jack Horner and Anne Globe to Exit Company

Skydance Media, the production company behind “Mission: Impossible,” “Terminator” and “Top Gun,” has hired Rebecca Mall as the new head of marketing. Along with news of Mall’s hire, Skydance announced that Jack Horner is departing his post as executive VP of corporate communications and publicity, while Anne Globe is exiting as chief marketing officer. In […]
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‘Alien’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, ‘TMNT’, and Harley Quinn Get New Posters From Bottleneck Gallery

Bottleneck Gallery, one of the best purveyors of pop culture art in the world, is back with a brand new set of art prints inspired by some of our favorite movies. Check out these pieces depicting interpretations of Ridley Scott’s Alien, Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Steve Barron’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a mash-up of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey and Heather Graham’s Rollergirl from Boogie Nights. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Artist...
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Who is Dr. Doddipol? Or, idioms in your back yard

Would you like to be as learned as Dr. Doddipol? Those heroes of our intensifying similes! Cooter Brown (a drunk), Laurence’s dog (extremely lazy), Potter’s pig (bow-legged), Throp’s wife (a very busy person, but so was also Beck’s wife)—who were they? I have at least once written about them, though in passing (see the post for October 28, 2015). They show up in sayings like as drunk as…, as lazy as…, as busy as…, and so forth. Many people have tried to discover the identity of those mysterious ...
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Cartilage cells, chromosomes and DNA preserved in 75 million-year-old baby duck-billed dinosaur

In a paper published online in National Science Review, an international team of scientists present evidence of fossilized cell nuclei and chromosomes within preserved cartilage in a baby duck-billed dinosaur. This dinosaur belongs to Hypacrosaurus and comes from a nesting ground discovered in 1988 by paleontologist Jack Horner in Late Cretaceous sediments of Northwest Montana.
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The 20 Best Performances in Paul Thomas Anderson Movies

Over nearly 25 years, Paul Thomas Anderson has established himself as one of the great artists of modern American cinema. His earlier works were defined by the style of filmmakers who inspired him, from Martin Scorsese to Robert Altman. As he’s grown, though, it’s become clear that Anderson is also an incredibly skilled director of actors, not just content to populate his films with recognizable faces and sit back to let them do the work. His eight films encompass a deep and rich span of Ameri...
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The iconic velociraptor scene in 'Jurassic Park' would have been different — and unscientific — if Spielberg had gotten his way, the film's science advisor says

In an iconic scene in the Hollywood blockbuster "Jurassic Park," velociraptors hunt down two children in a kitchen. One raptor fogs up the glass on the kitchen door as it eyes its prey — a sign that these dinosaurs were warm-blooded, not cold-blooded. According to the film's science adviser, the raptors in that scene almost had forked tongues. He cautioned director Steven Spielberg against it. A forked tongue would have been scientifically inaccurate, since these dinosaurs were more like birds...
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Living dinosaurs could be recreated within a decade, says paleontologist

Genetic research "could engineer dinosaurs back into existence" within a decade, according to the paleontologist who helped inspire Michael Chrichton's novel Jurassic Park. Famed paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner, who’s been a consultant on all four films and is the real-life inspiration for Jurassic Park‘s dinosaur expert Dr. Alan Grant, believes we’re (optimistically) just five years away from genetically engineering a dinosaur. When he first started advising Steven Spielbergthis link opens in...
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Jack Horner Joins David Ellison’s Skydance in PR Position

David Ellison’s Skydance has hired veteran public relations executive Jack Horner as its senior vice president of corporate communications and publicity. Horner has formerly worked at Warner Bros. and News Corp. He will be responsible for devising and implementing the communications strategies and overseeing domestic and international public relations efforts on behalf of Skydance Media […]
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Actor Burt Reynolds Dead at 82

Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82 years old.According to TMZ, the legendary actor passed away Thursday morning (Sep. 6) at a hospital in Florida after suffering a heart attack.He was taken to the hospital after going into cardiac arrest. His family was by his side when he passed, TMZ reported.Burt is best known for his roles in movies and TV shows such as “Deliverance,” “Boogie Nights,” “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Cannonball Run.” He was nominated for an Oscar for best-supporting actor fo...
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Burt Reynolds set an example for how to be, and how not to be, a movie star

Burt Reynolds was a great example. Of how big a movie star could be, of how a movie star should not manage his career, and of what that star ought to do with himself after all of that. For us young men coming of age in the anything-goes (but still mighty confusing) 1970s, Reynolds, who died Thursday at the age of 82, was also an example of a masculinity that most of us would never reach, but could learn from. Sure, he was that Sexiest Man Alive, actress-dating, naked on a bear rug in women’s mag...
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'Jurassic Park's' Dinosaur Expert Looks Back 25 Years Later: 'They Were Very Realistic'

"My job was to make sure the dinosaurs looked as accurate as they could based on the science that we had," says Jack Horner, paleontologist and adviser to the film series.
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'Jurassic Park' expert to bring dinosaurs to life through holograms

Forget the grey, green and brown dinosaurs in the "Jurassic Park" movies. Palaeontologist Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to see a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex coloured bright red and a blue triceratops with red... [Author: [email protected]]
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'Jurassic Park' dinosaur expert's next big thing: holograms

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Forget the gray, green and brown dinosaurs in the "Jurassic Park" movies. Paleontologist Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to see a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex colored bright red and a blue triceratops with red fringe similar to a rooster's comb.
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‘Jurassic Park’ dinosaur expert’s next big thing: holograms

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Montana paleontologist who consulted with director Steven Spielberg on the “Jurassic Park” movies is developing a three-dimensional hologram exhibit that will showcase the latest theories on what dinosaurs looked like. Jack Horner and entertainment company Base Hologram are aiming to have multiple traveling exhibits ready to launch next spring. They […]
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Candice McDonough Tapped for Warner Bros. Theatrical Communications Role

Veteran publicist Candice McDonough is returning to Warner Bros., where she will be reunited with studio chief Toby Emmerich. She will be senior VP of theatrical communications. McDonough and Emmerich worked together for over a decade at New Line. She will replace Jack Horner, who is leaving the motion picture group to focus on corporate […]
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Jack Horner Leaves Warner Bros. Theatrical Team for Corporate Communications Role (EXCLUSIVE)

Jack Horner, who has parried with Hollywood beat writers for five and a half years as chief spokesman for Warner Bros.’s motion picture group, is transitioning to a new role at the studio. The veteran spin-master will focus on broader communications and strategy. He will continue to report to communications chief Dee Dee Myers and […]
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In ‘The Master,’ Philip Seymour Hoffman Smiles Down on Us All

On February 2, 2014, Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away at the age of 46. The actor left behind a singular body of work that has garnered him lasting praise for his dedication to craft. In the January 2018 issue of Vogue, his longtime partner, Mimi O’Donnell, reflected on the personal loss of him as a collaborator and as the father of her three children. Even for those of us who never met the man in real life, there is a loss that is felt, but the nature of Hoffman’s work as a film actor i...
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Yes, it was 20 years ago ‘Boogie Nights’ bared San Fernando Valley’s druggy porn world

It was 1997. Movies hadn’t been very interesting for awhile. Then a 27-year-old kid from Studio City blew our doors in. Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights” was not only a bold, compelling, character-based wowser; it wasn’t just a tantalizing, provocative piece about the porn business of the 1970s and ’80s and its practitioners’ sexy, coked-up,delusional and increasingly violence-plagued lives; it was a film about our San Fernando Valley, damn it, and for all of its studied vulgarity an undeni...
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‘Boogie Nights’ turns 20: Your guide to its San Fernando Valley film locations

The glamour. The period detail. The poor taste. “Boogie Nights,” which hit theaters 20 years ago this month, looked back on the late 1970s and early ’80s San Fernando Valley from when it was shot in the mid-1990s. The area was already in transition at the time, and still is. That’s partially why one of the movie’s key locations, sex film auteur Jack Horner’s cool pool party house, wasn’t even in the Valley. The vintage 1950s interiors director Paul Thomas Anderson was looking for had been upgrad...
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Why Warren Beatty Turned Down ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Superman,’ and More

Warren Beatty considered playing roles as iconic as Clark Kent, Michael Corleone, and Jack Horner. The actor, writer, producer, and director, for various and understandable reasons, turned these parts down. The list of high-profile movies he’s passed on could probably go on and on, but the actor, who returns with this month’s Rules Don’t Apply, recently discussed why he decided against starring in The Godfather, Superman, and more. Below, learn why the actor turned down some now famous roles. ...
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What We're Reading

Lots of great stuff last week, but if you only have time to read one thing this week, read the interview with Mary Schweitzer below. What might the world look like if more scientists took Jack Horner's approach? The Unlikely Paleontologist: An Interview with Mary Schweitzer: part 1 and part 2, The Well (InterVarsity), July 12-13, 2016 -- Mary Schweitzer discusses her transition from young-earth creationist to evolutionary scientist, her controversial discovery of soft tissues in dinosaur fossi...
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How Rainier Beer and a hammer helped ‘Jurassic Park’ paleontologist

Jack Horner, the paleontologist who discovered the world’s first dinosaur embryos and on whom Michael Crichton based Alan Grant in “Jurassic Park,” is retiring from the Museum of the Rockies. He’s not slowing down — he’ll help at the new Burke Museum in Seattle.
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'Jurassic Park' paleontologist retiring from museum he built

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — Jack Horner, the paleontologist who helped the world understand how dinosaurs lived, plans to retire from the Museum of the Rockies in June.
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Physicist Kip Thorne Talks Black Holes at the Genius Gala Awards

Four innovators received awards at the fifth annual Genius Gala at Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, turning Friday night here into a geekfest. The brilliant recipients included paleontologist Jack Horner, astrophysicist Kip Thorne, architect Frank Gehry and social psychologist Ellen Langer from Harvard University. During his acceptance speech, Thorne said he felt "like a fraud" and that he's "not a genius." Thorne honored the colleagues he worked with while discovering gravitational wav...
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Holiday Desserts: Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie

It’s Christmas. Merry Christmas! I guess I’m feeling childish. I guess I’m expecting the simple joys of Christmas stockings and old St. Nick – and Christmas Goose and Christmas pie. The poems of Old Mother Goose too. This year my Christmas pie is Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie. Why not? “Little Jack Horner, Sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas pie.” I think I should have mine too. “Four and twenty blackbirds, Baked in a pie.” Only the young among us can understand why that’s such a joy and worth su...
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Review: Jurassic World

After going extinct in 2001, the franchise returns with a familiar warning: Don’t play God. (But it sure makes for a fun ride.) mpaa rating:PG-13 (For intense sequences of science-fiction violence and peril.) Genre:Action, AdventureDirected By: Colin Trevorrow Run Time: 2 hours 4 minutes Cast: Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer Theatre Release:June 12, 2015 by Universal Pictures In the days leading up to the release of Jurassic World, there have been stories a...
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Dino-Chicken Gets One Step Closer

Talk of a "chickenosaurus" lit up the science world last week when researchers announced they had modified the beak of a chicken embryo to resemble the snout of its dinosaur ancestors. "From a quantitative point of view, we're 50 percent there," said Jack Horner, a professor of paleontology at Montana State University and a curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies. By understanding how and when to modify certain molecular mechanisms, countless changes could be within reach.
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An oral history of Boogie Nights

Every once in awhile on the site, I'll use the phrase "in my wheelhouse", meaning something that is particularly interesting to me. Well, Grantland's long oral history of the making of Boogie Nights is so in my wheelhouse that I might be the captain. When [Anderson] set out to film Boogie Nights, it was with a resolve bordering on arrogance. Compromise wasn't part of the plan. Still, after an intense production and postproduction period -- one in which the director had to manage a cranky, confu...
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