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The Best AOM Podcast Episodes So Far in 2020

Over the years doing the AOM podcast, I’ve had the chance to talk to hundreds of writers, scholars, and experts from a wide variety of fields and walks of life. The goal of the podcast is to provide information to help men live a well-rounded and flourishing life. We explore how to live a life of both contemplation and action, while having some fun along the way. The show topics cover everything from history and philosophy, to social/professional skills, to parenting, to self-defense and physic...
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Tendryakov’s Trial.

Having read Astafyev’s 1960 novella Звездопад [Meteor shower — not, as David Gillespie renders it, “Starfall,” even though звезда is ‘star’ and пад- is the ‘fall’ root!] and enjoyed it, I looked around to see what else was published around then; Vladimir Tendryakov’s “Тройка, семерка, туз” [Three, seven, ace] came out the same year, and I remembered enjoying that back in 2011, so I thought I’d read the novella he published the following year, Суд [The trial] even though I’d seen it described as ...
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L.A.’s Little-Known John A. Van Pelt Estate Comes to Market

Do you have a hankering for a place with Egyptian hieroglyphics, an anchor from Jack London’s boat and a meat locker? Look no further! For the first time in 45 years, the historic and strange John A. Van Pelt Estate is on the market. A sprawling compound of five whimsical storybook houses situated on 2 […]
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Blu-ray Details For The Call of the Wild & Downhill Revealed!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Blu-ray details for The Call of the Wild, Downhill & Wendy revealed! 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures have unveiled the Blu-ray details for the Harrison Ford-led adventure film The Call of the Wild, the Will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dreyfus-starring dramedy Downhill, as well as the details for the digital release of Wendy, the new take on the classic J.M. Barrie tale Peter Pan. RELATED: CS Interview: Chris Sanders on The Call of the Wild Both films debuted ...
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The Best Books to Read in Uncertain Times

A few days ago, I was playing some one-on-one basketball with my son Gus. As he was taking the ball back to our driveway’s “half-court line,” he stopped and said, “You know Dad, COVID has really changed our world really fast.” It’s an obvious observation, but when your nine-year-old articulates it, it stops you in your tracks for some reason.  Gus is right. The world has really changed really fast due to the global pandemic. And it continues to change rapidly and fluidly from week to week,...
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Nonprofits are key to economic recovery and reform

Did one of your family members need medical attention this week? Did a friend speak to a crisis counselor, or a did a neighbor need help accessing a food pantry? If so, thank a nonprofit worker. The nonprofit sector does not typically get much attention or respect when it comes to economic strategy and development. New research that our Center put out shows that would be a mistake. There are over 90,000 nonprofit organizations in Southern California, and they range from large hospitals and unive...
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Sure thing: Coronavirus is all the press’s fault

Few of us are infectious-disease docs, though every crackpot in the land in a public-health crisis like this one acts as if he has all the epidemiological answers. Which is annoying. But you know what’s more annoying? The demagogues in public office and their lapdog commentators spouting the insane meme that it’s not the coronavirus — it’s the media that’s the problem. Last month Fox’s Lou Dobbs blamed the “national left-wing media” for “playing up fears of the coronavirus” because it wanted to ...
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America has been spared from Bernie Sanders’ terrible ideas

The Democratic Party’s brief flirtations with a far-left presidential candidate finally came to an end this past week. On Wednesday, self-described democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont suspended his presidential campaign. Despite early success, there were always reasons to believe Sanders’ victories were in large part a function of the Democratic field being as large as it was. All it took was a deliberate effort by the relatively moderate candidates including Pete Buttigieg and A...
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Jack London saw this coming. Why didn’t we?  

Jack London saw this coming. Why didn’t we? In 1910 the California author, already famous for “The Call of the Wild” and “White Fang,” wrote a short post-apocalyptic novel about a 21st century pandemic in his home state. To revisit “The Scarlet Plague” during the COVID-19 crisis is to marvel at how much London understood—a century ago—about the challenges we face now. London imagined a global epidemic in the year 2013 that killed almost everybody in California, and presumably on Earth. This “sca...
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Hollywood Dog Trainer Carl Spitz

Terry, a Cairn Terrier trained and owned by Hollywood dog trainer, Carl Spitz, was in the 1934 Shirley Temple movie "Bright Eyes” some 5 years before she appeared in The Wizard of Oz. Terry was trained to respond to silent hand signals.Carl Spitz was a German immigrant and student of Germany’s Colonel Konrad Most who was one of the first professional dog trainers who pioneered many of the dog training techniques used to this day.Carl Spitz opened his own Hollywood Dog Training School in 1927. He...
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The Call of the Wild & Downhill Come to Digital HD Early!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Call of the Wild & Downhill come to Digital HD early! The Walt Disney Studios announced today that 20th Century Studios’ The Call Of The Wild and Searchlight Pictures’ Downhill will be available to buy digitally and on Movies Anywhere beginning March 27 in the U.S. Click here to pre-order Call of the Wild, and then click here to pre-order Downhill! RELATED: CS Interview: Chris Sanders on The Call of the Wild Both films debuted in theaters in February. With cinemas curr...
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20th Century Studios’ ‘The Call of the Wild’ and Searchlight Picture’s ‘Downhill’ Are Both Arriving Early on Digital Tomorrow

Two more Disney-owned films are getting early digital releases. 20th Century Studios’ Jack London adaptation The Call of the Wild and Searchlight Pictures’ comedy Downhill will both be available to buy digitally in the U.S. starting tomorrow. These two films are the latest to receive early digital releases in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Walt Disney Studios announced that The Call of the Wild and Downhill will both be available to buy digitally and on Movies Anywhere beginn...
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Revisiting ‘White Fang’, Disney’s Mostly-Forgotten “Boy and His Dog” Adventure Movie Starring a Young Ethan Hawke

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) Walt Disney was famously not a cat person, which is as important to note as the fact that he liked dogs. Think of how cats are portrayed in some of the films released by his animation studio. Think of the sneaky Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp ; even if they weren’t racist by literal design, they’re cruel to our heroic Lady and try to destroy the house while pinn...
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Have dog actors had their last on-screen bark?

Dog training is a complex, time-consuming art – and now that CGI can replace them, the canine characters are increasingly outsourced. At what cost?An old man and a dog sit on the moss-covered roof of a log cabin in the Canadian wilderness. It is a warm summer’s night – a river gurgles nearby. The man, named Thornton, and the dog, named Buck, have been on a long journey to reach this bucolic splendor, a journey that is now coming to an end. Buck has met a pack of wolves in the forest and is overc...
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New Leaf Vote for April 2020 • Tales of Tails, Birds or Beasts

It's time to select the book we'll read and discuss in March 2020. We love new participants. We're happy for you to vote, but in the interest of a vibrant conversation, we'd like to request that you please not vote unless you plan to join the discussion whatever the selection. :) So if you haven't posted in a book club thread yet, do please say a quick hello here or in the Welcome thread. This is a poll. Vote for as many books as you'd like. Questions? FAQs |
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3 days at Denali Backcountry Lodge

Venturing into the deep natural pockets of Denali National Park doesn’t have to mean completely leaving civilization behind. In fact, basing your stay in a high-altitude lodge gives you the ability to push as deep into the park as you wish to go, with a basecamp at which to recoup, refuel, and refresh over a glass of wine while planning the next day’s adventure. This itinerary is for the true backcountry enthusiast, with the proper gear and knowledge for three days in the wilderness, but also...
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Harrison Ford’s ‘Call of the Wild’ to Lose $50 Million at Box Office

Harrison Ford’s canine adventure “The Call of the Wild” is shaping up to be the latest box office dud for the Disney-owned 20th Century. The film, based on Jack London’s best-selling novel, has made $45 million in the U.S. and $79 million globally after two weeks in theaters. That wouldn’t be a bad result, had […]
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‘The Call of the Wild’ Is Heard at the Box Office

A new adaptation of the Jack London tale had a good opening this weekend, though it didn’t unseat “Sonic The Hedgehog.”
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'Sonic the Hedgehog' edges out 'The Call of the Wild' for 1st place at the weekend box office

"Sonic the Hedgehog" narrowly topped "The Call of the Wild" to win the weekend domestic box office. "Sonic" brought in an estimated $26.3 million while "Wild" earned $24.8 million. "Sonic the Hedgehog" has been number one at the box office for two straight weeks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's very rare that Disney has to duke it out with any other studio for box office supremacy, but that's what happened this weekend with its 20th Century title "The Call of the Wild...
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The Call Of The Wild: 8 Big Differences Between The Book And The Harrison Ford Movie

How long has it been since you read the Jack London classic?
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One Night/One Person. Go Forth. Ask. Bring.

Hypothermia. Exposure. The Elements. Whatever you want to call it. Jack London and Hans Christian Andersen each wrote well-known stories about it. And you can die from hypothermia well above 32 degrees F. You say you would really like to help the urban homeless on both cold and super-cold Northeastern and Midwestern nights? Both plain cold and the bitterly cold, often unpredictable nights that many cities are prepared to accommodate more homeless residents at shelters but for a number of rea...
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‘The Call of the Wild’ Review: A Heartfelt Survival Story Buried in a Mush of Uncanny CGI

Most attempts to adapt the works of Jack London to the big screen have, more often than not, resulted in a neutered final product. Chris Sanders‘ live-action/computer-animated adaptation of The Call of the Wild falls firmly in this category. Gone is the savage romance of London’s short novel in all its untamed glory, instead, The Call of the Wild is a Disney-fied The Revenant — though it’s even less a survival film than it is a schmaltzy celebration of that bond between dog and human. At parts,...
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CS Interview: Chris Sanders on The Call of the Wild

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Chris Sanders on The Call of the Wild got the opportunity to chat with director Chris Sanders about bringing the iconic American adventure novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London to life in his solo directorial debut led by Harrison Ford (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). RELATED: New The Call of the Wild Clip: Harrison Ford Wants to Go On an Adventure Adapted from the beloved literary classic written by Jack London in 1903, The Call of ...
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Here's why Buck, Harrison Ford's sled dog in 'The Call of the Wild,' isn't a husky

Fans have asked "Call of the Wild" filmmakers why they didn't use a husky in their new movie. The answer rests with Jack London's original story.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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New The Call of the Wild Clip: Harrison Ford Wants to Go On an Adventure

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New The Call of the Wild clip: Harrison Ford wants to go on an adventure Ahead of its theatrical release tomorrow, 20th Century Studios has released a brand new clip from their upcoming adventure film adaptation of The Call of the Wild, featuring Harrison Ford’s John Thorton as he plans to take Buck on an adventure through the Canadian Yukon. Also starring Dan Stevens and Karen Gillan, you can check out the video in the player below! RELATED: The Force: James Mangold, Matt...
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Harrison Ford's shirtless chest is that buff (at 77) for his 'Call of the Wild' swim scene

Harrison Ford is looking rugged (that crazy beard) and fit (for a shirtless swimming scene) in the new movie of Jack London's "The Call of the Wild."          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Harrison Ford's shirtless chest is that buff at 77 for 'The Call of the Wild' swim scene

Harrison Ford is looking rugged (that crazy beard) and fit (for a shirtless swimming scene) in the new movie of Jack London's "The Call of the Wild."          [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Call of the Wild’ Composer on How Music Became Protagonist Dog’s Voice

Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” ranks as one of the most famous books about a canine ever written. So director Chris Sanders knew that the composer of his film adaptation simply had to be a dog lover. Luckily, Sanders’ “How to Train Your Dragon” composer, John Powell, has two standard poodles. And when […]
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'The Call of the Wild' offers Harrison Ford, cool CGI dogs and Alaska's natural beauty

The latest movie adaptation of Jack London's classic novel should appeal to fans of adventure movies.          [Author: The Republic |]
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Review: Grizzled Harrison Ford works but the digital dogs don't in 'The Call of the Wild'

Harrison Ford gives the story life as a rugged outdoorsman but digital dogs are a mixed breed in new Jack London adaptation 'The Call of the Wild.'          [Author: USA TODAY]
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