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Molcajete With Tortilla Basket

Thousands of years ago, people in modern-day Mexico's Tehuacán Valley began crafting molcajetes and tejolotes, mortar and pestle sets carved from volcanic rock. Corn as we know it was still a new thing then—that's how many thousands of years we're talking—but little about the stone tools has since changed. Find out why they're so well-loved with the aid of Jules Vertrees and Jacquie Lewis's authentic gourmet gift set. Made from the same stuff as its ancient counterparts, the molcajete is oven-sa...
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Authentic Thai Chef Knives

Tackle homemade pad thai (and Middle Eastern salads, Chinese stir fries, and Mexican salsa) with one of these unique, hand-forged knives. Made in a small Thai village by talented artisans, their shapes are based on centuries-old culinary traditions. The stainless steel Classic Chef's Knife has a full tang blade set in a smooth, native Thai Pradu wood handle. A medium-weight cleaver with rounded corners, it's a hard-working jack-of-all-trades that feels just right in your hand. The lightweight, c...
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Countertop Citrus Juicer

Keep this swell-looking retro juicer on your counter, and have fresh lemon, lime, or oj any time you want. Made from recycled aluminum cans, it's the authentic style found in markets all over Central America. Simple to operate, it efficiently extracts every drop of juice. The strainer catches seeds and pulp. Most of its force comes from the juicer's "jaws," not you, so it's easy on your hands and wrists. Cleaning is easy, too. Super sturdy, it'll provide delicious juices for drinking, cooking, a...
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