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James Gurney’s Living Sketchbook, Volume 3 – Court Report

When I first met author and artist James Gurney some years ago, I had the opportunity to leaf through one of his sketchbooks. Gurney is so accomplished that his sketchbooks often consist of page after page of beautifully realized paintings and sketches, usually in gouache or casein. My immediate thought was that he should publish them in some form, if only because I would personally like the opportunity to look through them at leisure. I didn’t say anything at the time, but some years later, ...
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Russ Kramer

Connecticut based marine artist Russ Kramer focuses much of his work on the drama of historic yacht races, emphasizing the movement of water and vertiginous angles of the boats as they are lifted and tossed by the power of the waves. He has a touch for rendering roiled water in a way that feels palpable, capturing both its movement and visual texture. Kramer also finds drama in the play of light on his subjects, enlivening even his portrayals of more sedate harbor scenes. In addition to the im...
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James Gurney’s Painting Animals from Life

James Gurney has an uncanny ability to take on challenging painting subjects, and then make his methods clear and easy to understand in low cost, high quality instructional videos. In his newest video, Painting Animals from Life, he tackles the problems of painting animal subjects that move and change position, and shows how to successfully capture them while painting on location. I was delighted to receive a review copy and I found it to be a valuable addition to his continuing line of video...
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Video: How old folks talked in 1929

Dinotopia artist James Gurney writes: Old people were lively and well spoken a century ago. Some of the people in these video clips were born earlier than 1840, with one man vividly recalling an event he witnessed in the Civil War."
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Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval is an artist from Paris, France, who paints the streets, buildings, plazas — and especially, bridges — of his home city in crisp, precisely observed watercolors. Some of his paintings brim with light and contrast, others are poetically muted and atmospheric. Almost all have a palpable sense of the textures of stone, water and natural forms. I can’t find a dedicated website for Duval, but you can see examples of his work on his Flickr galleries, and lots of images and videos of his...
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How to Draw a T.rex Cartoon Dinosaur

As some long time readers are aware, in addition to writing Lines and Colors, I’m also a designer, painter and cartoonist. I’ve just taken my first run at creating an instructional YouTube video in support of my book, Dinosaur Cartoons. How to Draw a T.rex Cartoon Dinosaur is an 11 minute step-by-step tutorial in which I go through the process of drawing a cartoon in the manner most often used by professional cartoonists and illustrators — working out the drawing first with simple shapes and co...
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James Gurney: Flower Painting in the Wild

Flower Painting in the Wild is the latest full length (hour-long) instructional video from author, illustrator and plein air painter James Gurney. As Gurney points out in the introduction, the approach to painting flowers he takes here is different than the usual flower arrangement in a vase common to still life or the traditional garden subjects found in landscape painting, in that it focuses on individual flowers, or small groups, in the natural environment of botanical gardens or as wildflow...
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Gurney Journey at 10

Congratulations to James Gurney for 10 years of authoring his superb blog, Gurney Journey. What started as a modest intention to chronicle his travels on a book tour — in a way mirroring the journaled adventures of the character Authur Denison in Gurney’s popular illustrated adventure series, Dinotopia — has grown over time into not only a superb blog among art blogs, but one of the most in-depth and useful sources of art information and instruction on the web. Gurney has been unstintingly gene...
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DIY Pochade Boxes – make your own cheap pochade box from simple materials

As I pointed out in my previous post on making DIY pochade boxes out of cigar boxes, the cost of a commercial pochade box can sometimes be prohibitive, particularly for those on a tight budget or who are as yet uncertain if they want to commit serious resources to plein air painting. So blog posts and videos in which artists share their designs for Do It Yourself pochade boxes are becoming more common. Though the cigar box conversion is the most common, there are also more ambitious designs ei...
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Recommended Reading: The Telegraph's James Gurney On Who Designs Your Watch (And Why You Often Don't Know)

Many watch designers still toil in obscurity but increasingly, brands are bringing their creative talent into the limelight.
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James Gurney’s How to Make a Sketch Easel

As I will point out in an article soon to follow this one about DIY pochade boxes, there are a lot of blog posts and videos out there that offer do-it-yourself instructions for making outdoor painting kits, from simple watercolor kits in a bag to complex pochade boxes with drawers and panel carriers. Unfortunately, most of them, however well intentioned, suffer from poor, spotty or incomplete instructions. In the case of YouTube videos, they are often shaky, handheld clips with low production v...
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James Gurney’s Living Sketchbook app

One of the most fascinating ways to see into the mind of an artist is to have the opportunity to look through their sketchbooks. This is not often possible, sketchbooks are frequently personal, full of unfinished thoughts and experiments and seldom voulnteered for display by the artists themselves. When the opportunity does arise, it’s a treat, as well as being instructive for fellow artists in a manner similar to watching an accomplished artist work. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting author, il...
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James Gurney S/N Dinosaur Boulevard-Remarque (los gatos) $300

Dinosaur Boulevard -Remarque by James Gurney. Stored flat in a Greenwich workshop protective envelope. with COA. signed and numbered. cash only Fantasy art, dinosaur, fantasia, JAMES GURNEY, james gurney, Dinotopia, dinotopia
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James C. Christensen, 1942-2017

James C. Christensen, a highly regarded illustrator and gallery artist who worked in the vein of fantasy, spiritual inspiration, and works tinged with the flavor of Renaissance portraits, died on January 8, 2017. Though there is a, it’s a commercial gallery’s site, and the images are watermarked (though not terribly so). A better source is the Greenwich Workshop (note the links at page bottom to subsequent pages). There are a number of books featuring or collecting Christen...
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Casein Painting in the Wild, James Gurney

Casein is a water based paint that uses milk protein as its binder. It shares many characteristics with gouache; both are water-based, opaque and dry to an appealing matte finish. Both dry quickly and can be used in concert with other water based mediums. Both are neglected step-children of watercolor and are somewhat on the fringes of awareness among painters — undeservedly so. Partly, this may be because they don’t get much attention in popular media, and they suffer from a shortage of instru...
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Painting with casein paint

Casein (pronounced “kay’ seen”) is a water based paint in which the binder is the milk protein of the same name. Casein is one of the least familiar of the water based painting mediums available to contemporary painters, even though it’s one of the oldest painting mediums known. Casein’s use can be reliably traced back over 9,000 years, with evidence of the formulation in cave paintings, and examples have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs from several thousand years ago. There is new evide...
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Adolph Menzel: Drawings and Paintings

Though I had seen a few reproductions of his work in books, I first really took notice of German artist Adolph Menzel quite a few years ago, when I encountered some of his original drawings in shows of 19th century master drawings at the Morgan Library in New York and the National Gallery in D.C. Even amid drawings by the likes of Ingres and Degas, I found Menzel’s drawings compelling. There is a kind power in his drawings that comes from honest, direct observation, and the intention to unflin...
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Portraits in the Wild, James Gurney

As I have pointed out in previous reviews, painter, illustrator and writer James Gurney has in recent years been bringing us a wealth of instructional material in the form of books, videos and his always informative and fascinating blog, Gurney Journey. Not only has he contributed significantly to the canon of contemporary art instruction (as well as highlighting classics from 19th century sources like the books of Harold Speed and Solomon J. Solomon), Gurney has a keen sense of finding areas o...
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Bans on sketching in museums

Artist James Gurney (creator of Dinotopia) explains why the Victoria and Albert Museum's decision to ban sketching in the special exhibition Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear stinks. [B]anning sketching seems like an unfortunate policy. Museums should recognize the importance of sketching as a primary way that artists engage with the tradition. Rather than forbidding sketching altogether, it seems more reasonable to limit large drawing boards, easels, paints, sitting on the floor, or othe...
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Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin is a contemporary Swedish watercolorist who is well known and influential in his home country, but not as widely recognized here in the U.S. as he should be. Lerin’s approach combines a loose, seemingly casual application of color with strong underlying draftsmanship. The combination is particularly appealing in his portrayals of architectural subjects. He also paints landscapes, some of which take on an almost tonalist feeling, as well as interiors. Some of his work is quite large...
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Tom Lovell (update)

Tom Lovell was a superb American illustrator who was active through much of the 20th century. His stye ranged from straightforward, classically delineated realism to dramatically composed pulp magazine action to the more graphically designed illustrations often associated with cutting edge mid-century styles. Lovell was particularly influenced by his friend and fellow illustrator Harry Anderson, with whom he shared a studio early in his career Since I first wrote about Lovell for Lines and Col...
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James Gurney’s Fantasy in the Wild

In his “In the Wild” series of instructional painting videos, painter, illustrator, writer and instructor James Gurney has previously given us Watercolor in the Wild and Gouache in the Wild (links to my reviews), delving into the use of those mediums on location. He has followed up with an interesting variation, Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location (link is to description, preview video and download order form on Gumroad). I will point out before going further that this vide...
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James Gurney made a neat 3D model from craft foam to help him paint a robot James Gurney is the creator of the Dinotopia book series and is one of the best book illustrators alive today. His work is in the league of N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. James has a new instructional painting video called Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location for sale as a direct download and on DVD. In the excerpt above, James shows how he made a small model of an excavator robot out of craft foam to assist him in painting an urban at...
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Jehan-Georges Vibert

19th century French painter Jehan-Georges (Jean-Georges) Vibert was born in Paris and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He was known in particular for his satirical portrayals of Roman Catholic clergy — particularly Cardinals — who he portrayed indulging in lavish lifestyles rather than performing their assigned duties. These paintings were popular in France at the time, where the relationship between Napoleon Bonaparte and the Holy Roman Empire was complex and heated, to say the least. Vib...
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