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Chichu Art Museum: ‘A site to rethink the relationship between nature and people’

A visit to Japanese art island Chichu is both a meditation and an education The post Chichu Art Museum: ‘A site to rethink the relationship between nature and people’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Inside James Turrell’s Roden Crater

It is Turrell’s most ambitious project, but also his most personal. He has spent 45 years designing a series of tunnels and chambers inside to capture celestial light. Yet Turrell has rarely allowed anyone to visit the work in progress. Known as Roden Crater, it stands 580 feet tall and nearly two miles wide. One of the tunnels that Turrell has completed is 854 feet long. – Smithsonian
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Inside James Turrell’s Masterwork-In-Progress In Arizona’s Painted Desert

For 45 years, the light sculptor has been designing and building a complex inside Roden Crater, a volcanic cinder cone about 50 miles northeast of Flagstaff. In his 70s (he turns 78 this year), he had begun to think there was no hope of living to complete his ambitious plans. Then $10 million seed money arrived from (of all people) Kanye West. more donations followed, and Arizona State University agreed to join in as partner and operator — and now construction is in high gear. Here’s a rare loo...
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Top 5 theories on the enigmatic monolith found in Utah desert

A monolithic object found in a remote part of Utah caused worldwide speculation about its origins.The object is very similar to the famous monolith from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: Space Odyssey".The object could be work of an artist or even have extraterrestrial origins. An enigmatic "monolith" found in a Utah desert on November 18th has become the source of worldwide attention and speculation, with Internet denizens looking for something more light-hearted to talk about as the tumultuous 2020 dr...
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Installation Art As Big Business Proposition (Think Of Kusama Infinity Rooms, But For Profit)

“Superblue, as [the venture] is called, will open a series of experiential art centers (EACs for short) that won’t sell precious objects, as conventional galleries do. They’ll present art experiences: deep dives into all-encompassing works by such artists as JR, the French photographer who focuses on issues like migration, displacement and imprisonment; and James Turrell, the celebrated Light and Space artist.” What are they selling? Tickets, of course. – The New York Times
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A Colorful Townhouse With Nods to James Turrell

The architect Michael K. Chen brought a crumbling Brooklyn brownstone back to life by reanimating its once vibrantly painted walls.
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Kitchen of the Week: A ‘New Old’ Project in Noe Valley, Ikea Cabinets Included

“Donald Judd and James Turrell’s ‘Lapsed Quaker Ware’ coupled with a sense of Japanese minimalism.” Amy Kwok is explaining the sources of inspiration for her kitchen design—and it’s immediately apparent that she’s not the average home remodeler. In fact, Amy was once a Fulbright Fellow, researching architecture and ceramics under Chinese architect Wang Shu (2012’s Pritzker Prize winner). After working for several distinguished architecture firms—and becoming a mom to twins—she decided to strike ...
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Solving Online Events

Benedict Evans: I suspect part of the answer to this is actually that a lot of physical events will come back in some form as we emerge from lockdown. But this also makes me think that there will be new tools with much more radically new approaches, and some new behaviours and habits. Hence, it's often struck me that networking events are pretty inefficient and random. If you're going to spend an hour or two in a room with 50 or 500 people, then you could take that as a purely social occasion an...
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Close your eyes and imagine seeing the art world's treasures as if for the first time | Laura Cumming

The museums of Europe have begun reopening their doors to art lovers desperate to see old favourites and new worksI am cursing my bad luck not to be stuck in lockdown in the Prado. A friend wishes she had stowed away in a closet before they bolted the doors of the National Gallery. Others would give anything for a week in the Rijksmuseum, a day in the Uffizi, an hour with Rembrandt or Vermeer, even just a few minutes with a Samuel Palmer moonscape in the Ashmolean or a Turner sunrise at Tate Bri...
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Colorful Conflict at Frieze, Felix + Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fairs

Six highlights from LA's exemplary week of artistic immersion As four art fairs—Frieze Los Angeles, Felix Art Fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, and SPRING/BREAK Art Show in (DTLA)—vied for attendee attention in LA, works within each outpost grappled with the role of color. Highlights of this nature were plentiful—crowned by James Turrell‘s exquisite releases at Pace Gallery and Ugo Rondinone‘s “Ten Mountains + One Sun,” …
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James Turrell’s Roden Crater Gets $3 million Pledge from Online Gaming Billionaire

Billionaire Mark Pincus, founder of online gaming firm Zynga, has pledged $3 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project. “The project itself feels, to me, like modern-day pyramids,” he says. “The ambition and scale and scope of it is something that has the potential to be something that people, many generations from now, will be able to […]
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Visual arts: Frieze Los Angeles forges its identity

Frieze Los Angeles arrives here at a time when the importance of international art fairs is being hotly debated. Over the last decade, the press, art critics and activists have been bemoaning the ubiquity and indifference of art fairs to the global climate crisis, serving as a bloated symbol of the elitist art world whose denizens recklessly fly around the globe. Frieze Los Angeles seeks to rise above the backlash by showcasing an eclectic lineup of artists and galleries — both established and u...
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Halo Edition Creates Glorious Spectrums of Color

Project sunset-like color art in your home or office Designed to produce optical works of art, Mandalaki’s Halo Edition comprises a collection of patented lighting instruments—for use in homes, offices or even galleries—that produce varying auras of red, yellow, gold, purple, and blue light. The sunset-like presentation is possible due to thousands of hours of research into the process of isolating frequencies of white light …
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Benjamin Benmoyal’s Clothing From Recycled Cassette Tape

For his collection called It Was Better Tomorrow, Benjamin Benmoyal hand-wove sculptural garments from recycled cassette tape, recycled yarn and Tencel. Benmoyal (a student at London’s Central Saint Martins) drew inspiration from his time in the Israeli army, the colors of Iceland and artists James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, as well as brutalist architecture. The resulting garments are quite stunning, from their luminous quality to …
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Kanye West premieres new ‘Jesus Is King’ film, album

INGLEWOOD, California (AP) — Kanye West has unveiled his “Jesus Is King” IMAX film, featuring a gospel choir performing at artist James Turrell’s dramatic Roden Crater in the Arizona desert. It’ll be in theaters nationwide for one week to coincide with Friday’s release of an album with the same name. West premiered the 35-minute film […]
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Annie Leibovitz unveils photo series with Google Pixel

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz is unveiling a series of portraits of individuals who are changing the landscape of their time. Using her Google Pixel exclusively, Annie encountered her subjects in the places they live and work and are inspired into action.  Annie photographed equal justice lawyer Bryan Stevenson in Alabama. The pictures portray extraordinary people who are defined by their fierce desire to make the world a better place, no matter how daunting the obstacles....
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A History of Land Art in the American West, Part III

Source: The Center for Land Use Interpretation. As installation begins at the Texas site for Long Now’s monumental 10,000 Year Clock, it’s worth taking a step back to examine the Clock’s larger artistic context and its place in the history of Land Art in the American West. Long Now’s staff and many of the individuals working on the project and serving on our board have drawn inspiration for the 10,000 Year Clock, and its placement in the remote landscape of West Texas, from these Land A...
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Interview with Hasselblad Master 18: Kamilla Hanapova

Interview with Hasselblad Master 18: Kamilla Hanapova AoiroStudioMar 18, 2019 We are excited to share our latest interview in exclusivity with the folks from Hasselblad. Last year's theme was INNOVATE, and each year Hasselblad would select their winners to shoot for a collaborative project that would be printed in the biennial Hasselblad Masters book. We had the opportunity to share a few questions with one of the masters, Kamilla Hanapova, a photographer bas...
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James Turrell’s Roden Crater Set To Open After 45 Years And New Funding (Including $10M From Kanye West)

Roden Crater is located in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona, and has been under construction for 45 years. In the early 1970s, Turrell spent the night in the bowl of the extinct volcano in Arizona. Since then, he has set about buying and turning the crater into a celestial observatory connected to a series of spaces and installations.  – ArchDaily
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James Turrell Shuts Down Skyspace At MoMA PS1 Until Condo Construction Across Street Is Done

Scaffolding for the 5Pointz luxury apartment tower (built on the site of the now-destroyed street-art mecca) has moved into what Turrell intended as an unobstructed view of the sky in his Skyspace installation, titled Meeting, at the MoMA outpost in Queens. So the museum has agreed to his request to close the installation until the scaffolding is no longer visible. — Hyperallergic
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James Turrell Closes Skyspace at MoMA PS1 Over Interference from Condominium

James Turrell has closed his Skyspace work, Meeting, at MoMA PS1 indefinitely after the scaffolding of new condominium development interfered with its view.  “After further conversation with James Turrell, we have closed Meeting at the artist’s request and it will remain closed until the temporary construction scaffolding is no longer visible from the work,” the museum said in a statement. Read more […]
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James Turrell’s Roden Crater, an Artwork 45 Years in the Making, Set to Open…Sooner

James Turrell’s Roden Crater. L ast month, Kanye West visited James Turrell’s monumental art project, Roden Crater. Turrell bought the extinct volcano, located in Northern Arizona, in 01977. Since then, work at the site has been aimed at creating a naked-eye observatory using principles of light and perception similar to Turrell’s more accessible installations, but cosmic in scale. An ever more prevalent element of the mythos of the project is the question of when it will be done. Few...
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Kanye West Donates $10 Million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater Project

Kanye West has reportedly donated $10 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project, the Wall Street Journal reports. West said he wanted the project to be “experienced and enjoyed for eternity.” Read more at WSJ
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Small Moments of Wonder – The Gleaming Work of Designer Sabine Marcelis

Light according to acclaimed artist James Turrell is a powerful substance which we all have a primal connection to. For Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis it is also her materia prima whose properties she poetically manipulates through the inventive use of neon lamps, reflective surfaces and coloured translucencies.
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Tasmanian Billionaire Is Building Hotel-And-Arts-Center Next To His Modern Art Museum

Gambling mogul David Walsh, who built and opened MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart in 2011, has announced plans for a complex he’s calling Motown. In addition to 176 high-end hotel rooms, Motown will include a 1,000-seat theatre, a conference center, a library, a gallery, and a spa designed by no less than James Turrell and Marina Abramović. — The Art Newspaper
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James Turrell, the Video Game

Designer Jacopo Colò has made a video game that allows you to spend an hour inside a 2013 James Turrell installation, The Color Inside. Turrell’s work is all about the fundamental materials: space, time and light, and is usually focused on permanent installations. His most famous works are the Skyspaces. A Skyspace is (most of the times) a room with a hole in the ceiling that allows to see the sky above, with nothing in between. At specific times during the day — at sunrise and sunset — a hidde...
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Los Angeles – James Turrell at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Through August 25th, 2018

James Turrell, Logos (97) Medium Glass Circle (2017), via Kayne Grifffin Corcoran Kayne Griffin Corcoran Los Angeles is currently exhibiting a selection of new and historic works by James Turrell, including four unique glass works, together with his Autonomous Structures series, a as well as models and prototypes of architectural spaces made between 1989 and 1991. The works on […]
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Lightning, Stars and Space: Art That Leaves the Gallery Behind

Star Axis by Charles Ross. In Part I of our exploration of Land Art in the American West, we covered the birth of the Land Art movement in the 01960s and some of the seminal works created by Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Nancy Holt and James Turrell, which expanded the definition of art and opened up new possibilities for the location of artworks. Drawn to the desert for its long vistas, compelling terrain, beautiful light and dark night skies, these artists pushed through the bound...
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What is artist James Turrell creating inside a Flagstaff crater? He's been at it for 40 years

Noted artist James Turrell is hollowing and sculpting Roden Crater near Flagstaff into an enormous work of art.            [Author: The Republic |]
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Behind the Scenes of COS x Phillip K. Smith III's Reflective 'Open Sky' Installation at Milan Design Week

London-based fashion brand COS has returned to Milan Design Week for a seventh consecutive collaborative installation, following a very successful year with Studio Swine. This time around, COS's collaborator is Palm Springs-based designer Phillip K. Smith III  who has created an otherworldly, reflective environment located within the 16th century Palazzo Isimbardi—the first time COS has selected an outdoor venue. Immediately entering the Palazzo, visitors are faced with the largest structure ...
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