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The Does and Don’ts of Putting on a Prison Concert: Johnny Cash, BB King, the Grateful Dead, Bonnie Tyler & The Cramps

The prison gig has been a staple of live performance since Johnny Cash played Folsom in 1968, with variations on the theme like the Cramps’ legendary performance at a California Psychiatric Hospital (revisited in the documentary We Were There to Be There). Some bands who play institutions may not be far away from inhabiting them. When the Sex Pistols played Chelmsford Prison, it was not the first time guitarist Steve Jones had been inside, what with his 14 criminal convictions. In fact, ...
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Trailer for 'Women is Losers' Film Inspired by the Janis Joplin Song

"You want to buy a house… so you can never be kicked out." Look At The Moon Pictures has revealed an official trailer for indie drama Women is Losers, marking the feature directorial debut of San Francisco filmmaker Lissette Feliciano. This originally premiered at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival earlier this year, and it also played at the Cinequest, Oxford, Cleveland, and Maryland Film Festivals. In 1960s San Francisco, a once-promising catholic school girl, Celina Guerrera, sets out to rise ab...
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Women Is Losers Trailer: Simu Liu Stars In The SXSW Hit Coming To HBO Max

Marvel's latest super friend is certainly switching it up for "Women Is Losers," the newest film from actress, producer, and director Lissette Feliciano. This equally depressing and uplifting movie has Simu Liu (who you definitely know from "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "Kim's Convenience") acting alongside Lorenza Izzo ("Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"), Bryan Craig ("General Hospital") and Chrissie Fit ("Pitch Perfect 2") in a film that's based off of Feliciano and her mother'...
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Miley Cyrus, rock goddess, communes with Janis Joplin's spirit in Austin City Limits debut

So ... rock star energy, spectacular covers, copulating skeletons, strange philosophical musings about the intrinsic value of humans vs. insects.        [Author: Austin 360]
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SXSW Hit Women Is Losers Will Stream On HBO Max In October

Writer-director Lissette Feliciano is having a good year. Following an SXSW premiere, her feature debut "Women Is Losers" got a pick-up from HBO Max. The streaming service snagged North American rights to the film, a '60s-era drama starring Lorenza Izzo ("The Green Inferno"), Chrissie Fit (the upcoming "I Know What You Did Last Summer" series), Bryan Craig ("General Hospital"), and star Simu Liu ("Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings"). The film drops on HBO Max only on October 18, 2021. Th...
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Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Janis Joplin At BottleRock

Miley Cyrus loves doing covers. Just since the beginning of the year, she’s debuted new covers of Mazzy Star, Bikini Kill, Queen, Cher, Madonna, Metallica, Cocteau Twins, and the Pixies. Over the weekend, Cyrus played the Napa Valley festival BottleRock. And, guess what, she did another cover.
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9 boutique hotels in the Catskills with design-forward interiors that nearly upstage their gorgeous mountain settings

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Ben Fitchett/Urban Cowboy Two hours from New York City, the Catskills is a year-round delight for outdoor activity. Many boutique hotels have recently opened, drawing visitors to intimate, design-forward rooms. The best Catskills hotels feature Scandi design and experiential amenities amid unparalleled nature. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Roughly two hours outside of Manhattan, the Catskills offe...
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A Young Janis Joplin Plays a Passionate Set at One of Her First Gigs in San Francisco (1963)

From her early, unhappy teen years in Port Arthur, Texas, Janis Joplin seemed to know she wanted to be a blues singer. She once said she decided to become a singer when a friend “loaned her his Bessie Smith and Leadbelly records,” writes biographer Ellis Amburn. “Ten years later, Janis was hailed as the premier blues singer of her time. She paid tribute to Bessie by buying her a headstone for her unmarked grave.” She was devoted to the blues, from her earliest encounters with the music i...
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8 eye-catching boutique hotels in the Catskills, including quaint B&Bs and luxe glamping suites

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Ben Fitchett/Urban Cowboy Two hours from New York City, the Catskills is a year-round delight for outdoor activity. Many boutique hotels have recently opened, drawing visitors to intimate, design-forward rooms. The best Catskills hotels feature Scandi design and experiential amenities amid unparalleled nature. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Roughly two hours outside of Manhattan, the Catskills offe...
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Rit Tie-Dye Went From Bankruptcy 5 Years Ago to a Pandemic-Fueled Resurgence

Two kinds of cultural history were made in Bethel, N.Y., at 2:00 a.m. on Aug. 16, 1969. The first was Janis Joplin, barefoot and a bit stewed from partying. She strode onto Woodstock's plywood stage and faced the half-million crowd as a solo act, having quit Big Brother and the Holding Company several months earlier....
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‘Women Is Losers’ Review: A Well-Meaning but Uneven ’60s-Set Feminist Statement

“Men always seem to end up on top,” goes “Women Is Losers,” the Janis Joplin song that lends writer-director Lissette Feliciano’s 1960s-set feature debut its title. It’s a fitting line to ponder in the context of her over-enthusiastic yet frustratingly clumsy feminist film, which declares “inspired by real women” in its first frame before going […]
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10 Things in Politics: At least 22 governors haven't been vaccinated yet

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are among nearly half the nation's state governors who hadn't received a COVID-19 vaccination as of mid-March. Spencer Platt/Getty Images, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images, Drew Angerer/Getty Images Good morning! Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. It's officially March Madness! Click here to see and print this year's men's bracket before you rip it up in frustration.Sign up here to ...
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The Last Interview Book Series Features the Final Words of Cultural Icons: Borges to Bowie, Philip K. Dick to Frida Kahlo

Where were you when you heard that Hunter S. Thompson had died? The uniquely addled, uniquely incisive taker of the strange trip that was 20th-century America checked out sixteen years ago last month, a span of time in which we’ve also lost a great many other influential figures cultural and countercultural. The departed include many of Thompson’s colleagues in letters: societal diagnosticians like David Foster Wallace and Christopher Hitchens; conjurers of the fantastical and the familiar like...
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what i'm reading: janis, her life and music

As a teenager and in my early 20s, I was somewhat obsessed with Janis Joplin. I read all the available biographies of her, and took any opportunity to see footage of her legendary performances. I never lost my fascination; I've continued to love Janis' music throughout my life. Reading Janis: Her Life and Music by Holly George-Warren deepened my appreciation of Janis' intelligence and artistry. The book also shifted my adult view of Janis, from a misunderstood, tragic figure, to a joyful, life...
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a reading plan for 2021: big stacks of nonfiction, plus some fiction, and series for mind breaks

2018: Titles and reading projects that were languishing on my List.2019: The year of the biography. The first time I created a reading plan for the year.2020: I liked having the 2019 plan, and created a new plan for 2020.In each case, I read many titles from the plan, and many off-plan -- enough that I feel I've accomplished part of a goal, but not so much that the goal became a chore. For 2021, I consulted The List, and selected sub-lists of nonfiction, fiction, and YA. Add to that the authors ...
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Festival Pass: A festival plots a 2021 return; Foo Fighters to play the Sunset Strip

Festival Pass is a newsletter that lands in your inbox weekly. But during prime festival season you get bonus editions, too! Subscribe now. If you’re here in Southern California, we’re finally having fall weather. I love this time of the year because I can wear all of the hooded sweatshirts I’ve picked up at various festivals and concerts without feeling like I’m going to spontaneously combust. I didn’t add any to my collection this year, obviously, but maybe 2021 will be different. The people ...
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Hear a Rare First Recording of Janis Joplin’s Hit “Me and Bobby McGee,” Written by Kris Kristofferson “You can’t think of that song without thinking of Janis,” says Kris Kristofferson of Janis Joplin’s raw, bittersweet, posthumous “Me and Bobby McGee.” Kristofferson, who wrote the song, only heard Joplin’s version after her death, when he returned to California after playing the Isle of Wight in 1970. He met the producer of Joplin’s last album, Pearl, in L.A., who told him to come to the studio “to play me her recording of ‘Bobby McGee.’ And it...
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The Doors’ John Densmore’s new book reveals adventures with musical masters like Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin

John Densmore continually seeks inspiration from other artists, whether he spends just a few minutes with them or he’s known them for years. Hoping to help others ignite their own creative spark, The Doors drummer shares personal stories about his famous friends, including Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson and late bandmate Jim Morrison, in the upcoming book “The Seeker: Meetings With Remarkable Musicians (and Other Artists),” which comes out Nov. 17. “There ar...
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Janis Joplin & Tom Jones Bring the House Down in an Unlikely Duet of “Raise Your Hand” (1969) If you’re a fan of Tom Jones and you don’t care who knows it, then no one needs to justify the jovial Welsh superstar’s lounge-soul covers of pop, R&B, and rock songs to you . Certain purists have been a tougher sell on Jones’ act, including, in 1969, Neil Young, who joined Jones onstage once, and only once, on the This is Tom Jones show and immediately regretted it. But who cares about Neil Young’s cranky dislike of commercial television...
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Janis Joplin: 'There was no one like her'

Why the 60s rock singer remains an influence on today's music 50 years after her tragic death.
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50 years ago, this evening, Janis Joplin died.

My son John has posted a tribute on his blog. He's put up some music videos. I just want to put this up — something I saw at the time and have always remembered — Janis Joplin talking to Dick Cavett about attending her high school reunion. It's heartbreaking: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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All of Jimi Hendrix’s gigs in one beautiful flash

Legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix died exactly 50 years ago today.From September 1966 to his death, he performed over 450 times.This spectacular 'gigograph' shows the geographic dimension of his short but busy career. Last night at the Samarkand Your browser does not support the video tag. On September 17, 1970, Jimi Hendrix awoke at the Samarkand Hotel in Notting Hill, London, in the basement flat where his German girlfriend Monika Dannemann was staying. At around 2 p.m., they had t...
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The best hotels in the Catskills

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Eastwind Hotel & Bar Just two hours outside of New York City, the Catskills is a year-round destination offering an outdoor escape teeming with a wide range of activities from hiking and skiing trails to breweries and sweat lodges.The area has seen a resurgence in recent years and new hotels and elevated bed and breakfast options have popped up accordingly.While there's no shortage of lodging optio...
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John McNally's Playlist for His Story Collection "The Fear of Everything"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Roxane Gay, and many others. John McNally's story collection The Fear of Everything is poignant, absurd, funny, and sad, often at the same time. Pete Fromm wrote of the book: "Like the magician in the first story of The Fear ...
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Disneyland’s ’80s-era Star Wars rock band had a Wookiee bass player covered in yak fur

A new documentary film about a short-lived Disneyland band that combined the spectacle of a Kiss rock concert with musicians wearing Star Wars costumes travels back to a magically silly moment in the early 1980s that remains uncharted history for most hard-core Disney fans. The Disney Records band Halyx that played Tomorrowland’s Space Stage in the summer of 1981 featured a 7-foot-tall Wookiee on bass guitar, a stormtrooper playing a mobile keyboard spaceship and an acrobatic alien amphibian on ...
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14 May 2020 Playlist: Fingerprints on an Abandoned Handrail

If you’re having trouble telling one day from another, don’t worry. We’ve been like that for years. Instead of worrying, watch some funny crap we put together to distract you. You’re welcome. Tom Jones and Janis Joplin set fire to a television studio. A classic bit from I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue with Rob Brydon singing “One Song to the Tune of Another,” something I wish we could have done in the Quiz Show. The basis for the Quiz Show, basically. Would I Lie...
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Best train travel routes in the US

It’s time to mix up the classic US road trip or the flyover bypass blitz. Train travel is making a comeback. There’s the old school romance and allure of riding the rails. But there’s also ditching a driver, not having to pull over to use the bathroom, ample legroom, and no TSA. Train travel’s carbon footprint is minuscule compared to flying or driving, so there’s no green guilt. Best of all, the US rail routes hit craveable bucket-list destinations across the nation. So heed the whistle and ...
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From ‘Patton’ to ‘1917’: The 20 Best War Movies of the Last Half-Century

War is hell but it sometimes provides the backdrop for great movies. The recent Blu-ray release of 1917, followed by  the 50th anniversary, this week, of the Oscar-winning Patton, starring George C. Scott,  is as good an excuse as any for cinephiles to hunker down in the trenches of an impromptu war movie marathon (especially if you’re stuck at home right now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic). With that in mind, here’s a mission for you, soldier: work your way through this chronolog...
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Atelier des Lumieres: Monet, Renoir…Chagall

Last Thursday was the press day for the newest Atelier des Lumieres spectacle, Monet, Renoir…Chagall.   The two previous shows, Klimt in 2018, and Van Gogh in 2019, were smash hits, selling out on many dates.   Notice the … after Renoir, and before Chagall. The reason is because, a range of important artists who painted in between the time of Monet, Renoir and Chagall are shown during the spectacle including Matisse, Andre Derain, Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, and Raoul Dufy.   ...
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Janis Joplin’s Last TV Performance & Interview: The Dick Cavett Show (1970)

The best celebrity interviewers have the ability to show us how the stars are not like us at all—not only because of the entourages, wardrobes, and bank accounts, but because of the talent for which we revere them —and also how they’re kind of just like us after all: sharing the same insecurities, fears, doubts, forgetfulness, confusion, etc. They are, that is to say, real human beings. Like no other interviewer on network television before or since, Dick Cavett could draw all of this ou...
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