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"A Certain Kind of Dream Quality": An Interview with Donovan Quinn

In what ways do you feel like your songwriting has changed from 2012 to now? I know the album contains reworkings of older material, so that might be a little harder to answer, but how can you chart your evolution as a songwriter? Well, as you get older, you get to know yourself better and better. I think this can be a good or a bad thing because you start to know specifically what your talents are, what it is that you like, and you don't like. Also, in terms of songwriting, probably the bigg...
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Video: L.A. Takedown, ‘The Swimmer’

Whoever avoided the sciences because they had more artistic inclinations should perhaps take a cue from L.A. Takedown’s mastermind Aaron Olson and his father, Arthur J. Olson, who, in 1981 produced a short film with fellow chemist T.J. O’Donnell (edited by Matt Hewitt) called “Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus.” At the intersection of math, design, programming, chemistry and biology, Olson senior used the publicly-funded GRAMPS graphic language to interpret what CLAMPS (a Classical Many Particle Simulato...
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Ears Wide Open: Dream Phases

Summer days are not far away. “Summer Daze” is already here; it’s the highlight of the debut EP from Dream Phases, just out via Lolipop Records. Drenched in reverb and quivering with Summer of Love vibes, Dream Phases’ “Maybe Tomorrow” is the work of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Graham, who’s played with a many an L.A. band and worked on the EP’s six songs in between his other endeavors. His quartet is filled out by drummer Shane Graham (his bandmate for an album and an EP when t...
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