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La Rose de Sang – review

Director: Klaudia Lanka Release date: 2014 Contains spoilers Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF, this feature can be summed up in a single word, melodrama. Not that there is anything wrong with melodrama when done right, and this was certainly a good melodrama. A romance, most definitely, with a fairy-tale heritage. It also boasted, as we will see, some wonderful sets, the strangest of idiosyncrasies and a central performance which managed to single-handedly bring Jean Rollins’ work to mind. vict...
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La Nuit des Horloges – review

Director: Jean Rollin Release date: 2007 Contains spoilers La Nuit des Horloges, or Night of the Clocks, was the second to last film directed by Jean Rollins and, in many respects, is the most difficult of his films to review – or at least it is for me. There are many films that can be seen as owing a debt to the works of Rollin, others that are almost a love letter to his output. In some respects this could also be said of his own film Lost in New York but that had nothing on this. cl...
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