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Jedediah Bila Named Co-Host ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’

Fox News Channel named Jedediah Bila a co-host of its weekend broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” giving the contributor a wider platform on the cable-news network. Starting this Saturday, Bilahwill join co-host Pete Hegseth, along with a rotating third co-host, on the morning program. “Jedediah’s thoughtful analysis and endearing personality have cultivated a connection with […]
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‘Fox & Friends’ Worries Pete Buttigieg Might Be the Next Obama

Fox & Friends is getting awfully worried about Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The Monday morning after his big 2020 announcement from South Bend, Indiana, the hosts lashed out at the mayor for “running against” President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message. “There is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back,” Buttigieg told potential voters in his speech over the weekend. It comes from people who think the only way to reach ...
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Fox Host: Trump Support Of Border Deal Means Shutdown Was A ‘Waste Of Time’

While some Fox News hosts (Sean Hannity) caved to President Trump and switched gears on their critiques of the President’s support of a border funding deal, “The Five” co-host Jedediah Bila dug in her heels on Wednesday. She lambasted Trump for floating fantasies, like “Mexico is going to pay for the wall,” that won’t work out and disappoint his base. She then suggested that if he puts his John Hancock on the compromise bill, the month-long shutdown he forced over his border wall funding demands...
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Fox News host Pete Hegseth: 'I don't think I've washed my hands for 10 years'

On Fox and Friends Sunday morning, Hegseth told his co-hosts, Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila, that he didn't believe in the sanitary activity.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Meghan McCain To Replace Jedediah Bila In 'The View'

It's official, Meghan McCain is the newest co-host on "The View." There are speculations that McCain is joining the daytime talk show after Jedediah Bila's departure. A source confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the former Fox News contributor is indeed replacing Bila. She will join Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris and Sunny Hostin in early October.
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Called It! The View Has A New Conservative!

We told you! As soon as we saw Jedediah Bila attempt to salvage her dignity with a sweet goodbye to The View -- and hello to no new job on the horizon -- we knew the job was Meghan McCain's! The daughter of John McCain had just left Fox News and seemed like an obvious GET as the conservative chair. Well, according to Variety, that sit is official now! Video: Jimmy Kimmel Praises John McCain & Susan Collins For Killing The Graham-Cassidy Bill The outlet is reporting Meghan has signed on to join W...
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Jedidiah Bila departs ABC’s ‘The View;’ no replacement named

NEW YORK (AP) — Conservative commentator Jedediah Bila has announced her departure from ABC’s “The View.” Bila made the announcement on Monday’s program, saying she was leaving to work on a new book and had “a lot of opportunities” to consider. Bila served as the chat panel’s resident conservative. Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar […]
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Jedediah Bila Leaves 'The View' After Hillary Clinton Appearance

Jedediah Bila's sudden departure in "The View" left a number of unanswered questions. On Monday, Bila shocked the audience when she announced that she was leaving "The View." It was her last appearance, which prompted many to speculate the reason behind her surprising exit from the talk show.
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The View's Jedediah Bila Just Announced Her Shocking Departure From The Show ON AIR! Did She Get Fired For Meghan McCain??

In a shocking announcement Monday morning, one of the cohosts of The View is leaving the show! As it turns out, today was Jedediah Bila's last day on the job, which she announced on air to the surprise of all the audience members! While she didn't share much of a reason for her departure, the conservative personality did thank her cohosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines for all they've done to "put up with" her. Related: Elijah Daniel Hit With Death Threats Over "Gayer...
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‘The View’ Co-Host Jedediah Bila Announces Engagement To Longtime Boyfriend Jeremy Scher

Jedediah Bila will be walking down the aisle soon. “The View” co-host announced her engagement on the show by flashing the ring that her longtime boyfriend, Jeremy Scher gave her over the weekend. On Monday’s “The View” program, Bila asked the audience if they notice anything new to her. “Can anyone in the audience see anything different about me?” she said and then flashed her engagement ring to the shock of her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. “He surprised me, took me to a bed and brea...
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Former Bachelor In Paradise Contestant Shares What Happened On Set

On Sunday, Warner Bros. announced that the Bachelor spinoff show Bachelor in Paradise would stop filming in Mexico due to "allegations of misconduct on the set." Then, People reported that a source from the show knew the reason it was cancelled: Contestant DeMario Jackson had been accused of sexually assaulting another contestant while she was incapacitated. Another source told The Los Angeles Times that a producer had filed a complaint after seeing Jackson and Corinne Olympios hook up while dr...
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ABC Will Still Air Carly Waddell & Evan Bass' Wedding

Bachelor Nation was shook when news came of Bachelor in Paradise 's untimely end this year. But what of Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, the only couple to survive the third season of Paradise? E! News reports that while crews have shut down season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, Waddell and Bass' wedding will hit the air.The ceremony was scheduled to be a part of the upcoming season. Fitting, since Bass and Waddell met on those Mexican sands. E! News adds that most of the crew has packed up, but a sele...
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Milo Ventimiglia Says Mandy Moore Isn't Ready For Kids

Thanks to her role on NBC's This Is Us, Mandy Moore's has gotten bombarded with questions about impending motherhood. How could she not? Her character, Rebecca Pearson, is a mom to three kids and Moore's interacted with everything from toddlers and kids to teenagers. But during a panel at the ATX TV Festival, E! News reports that Moore's costar, Milo Ventimiglia, said that she might not be ready for kids of her own just yet."Mandy and I have been on set before with kids that are having a hard t...
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The View's Jedediah Bila Is Engaged

The View 's Jedediah Bila threw out a very personal hot topic during Monday's episode. Entertainment Weekly reports that the co-host got engaged to her now-fiancé Jeremy Scher over the weekend.Naturally, she shared the entire story on the air today, noting that she had an inkling when her boyfriend's behavior started getting a little odd."Can anyone in the audience see anything different about me?" the co-host asked, before doing that thing that happens during movie brunches: She flashed her ro...
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Joy Behar Straight Up Refers To Donald Trump As A 'Dictator' On The View, No One Bats An Eye!

We'd say something like, "Damn, Joy Behar," but... what's the point? In The View's Monday roundtable about Saturday Night Live's satirization of Donald Trump this weekend, the cohost said: "I think that the comedy is subversive, and there's nothing that a dictator hates more than being made fun of." She then goes on to imagine how Hitler would have reacted to Mel Brooks' spoof The Producers. Now, it's not unusual for someone to make a bold comparison on the show, but here's the thing: NO ONE SA...
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ALL The Ladies Of The View — Liberal & Conservative — Have HAD IT With Donald Trump's 'Alternative Facts'! Watch!

The View panelists may have different political beliefs, but they can all agree on one thing: Donald Trump's ego is more fragile than his hairpiece. On Monday, the daytime talk show hosts went in on Sean Spicer's post-inauguration press conference, in which he falsely (and angrily) stated Friday's swear-in ceremony had "the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period." The panel unsurprisingly reamed the Press Secretary for blatantly lying straight out of the gates and tarnishing an...
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Watch Jennifer Holliday Try To Defend Performing At Donald Trump's Inauguration AND Canceling On The View…

For someone so talented, she sure is tone deaf... Jennifer Holliday may be both a black woman and a gay icon, but that didn't stop her from originally agreeing to perform for Donald Trump and his merry band of bigots at his inauguration this Friday. Luckily for the original Dreamgirl, the Internet QUICKLY set her straight about how bad an idea that was given the President-elect's blatant history of racism, sexism, and homophobia -- so now she's making her media rounds to share her side of the st...
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Watch The View Call Out Bill O'Reilly For Accusing Celebs Of 'Reverse McCarthyism' Over Donald Trump Inauguration Boycott!

We have to admit, we don't hate this view. The View may not be the most stable, trusted, or even entertaining name in news -- but at least they've got Bill O'Reilly's number! Case in point: The O'Reilly Factor host compared liberal celebrities boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration to "Reverse McCarthyism" during his Fox News show Tuesday night... and even his fellow Conservative guests refused to play along with his madness. Related: Bristol Palin Calls Singers Sissies For Skipping Trump Inaugu...
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Bernie Sanders Explains Why Donald Trump Won On The View — See If The Hosts Agree!

To be honest, we'd take anyone at the table over Trump... even Candace Cameron Bure! Bernie Sanders may not have been the name atop the Democratic ticket during last week's election, but that doesn't mean he's lost any of his passion since the Primaries. In fact, Hillary Clinton's rival stopped by The View on Monday to break down exactly what went wrong with her campaign -- Or more specifically... what somehow went right with Donald Trump's! Video: Whoopi Goldberg Rips Trump Staffer Kellyanne Co...
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‘The View’ Hosts Blast Trump’s ‘Piggish Behavior’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s history of misogyny has already hurt him among female voters, and the final nail in the coffin may have been Friday’s release of a bombshell video of him bragging about sexual assault. So it was striking on Monday when the hosts of the popular daytime talk show “The View” unanimously condemned the recording ― in which Trump boasts of groping women “by the pussy” ― and praised his opponent Hillary Clinton’s handling of the issue during Sunday’s presi...
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That's Cold-berg! Watch Whoopi Make Fun Of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Divorce On The View!

While plenty of people are mourning the end of Brangelina, Whoopi Goldberg is laughing about the longtime loves' big breakup! On Tuesday's episode of The View, the comedienne tackled Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce, joking about their imploding marriage! Photos: These Celeb Couples Split In 2016! The 60-year-old put on a Valley Girl accent to mock the divorce drama, saying: "Before we start… don't laugh at me. Something has happened in the world I just feel so upset about. Just before w...
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Sara Haines Tells Us What It's REALLY Like To Co-Host The View

On Tuesday morning, Sara Haines began her first day as co-host of The View with a severe crick in her neck."I slept funny," she explains in a phone interview. "So, here I have this big day I've been waiting and preparing for...I thought, I hope they sit me somewhere I won't have to look to the left! "She needn't have worried, though. Haines quickly hit her stride, launching the show's 20th season alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Faris, Raven-Symoné, Candace Cameron Bure, Joy Behar and Jedediah ...
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'The View' gets new co-host

The "Good Morning America Weekend" co-anchor -- who has appeared often on "The View" -- will join co-hosts Joy Behar, Candace Cameron Bure, Paula Faris and Raven-Symoné. ABC also named Jedediah Bila and Sunny Hostin as official contributors to "The View."
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Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Jedediah Bila join 'The View'

Sara Haines is joining "The View" as an official co-host .
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‘The View’ Adds Sunny Hostin To The Cast Amid Shakeups; Everything You Need To Know About Her

Sunny Hostin has officially been selected to join the ladies of “The View.” She will be filling the shoes of the many hosts — including Candace Cameron Bure, Rosie O’Donell and more — who came before her. According to Deadline, Hostin and Jedediah Bila “will appear frequently throughout the season.” ABC News made the announcement today, though it does not appear that either woman will be on the show full time.
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The Famous Feud Rages On As The View Hosts Pick Sides Between Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, & Kanye West!

Someone's not gonna be happy about these views... If you've somehow made it this far into your day without hearing about the massive feud currently erupting between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian, we hope you enjoy living under that rock. But for the rest of you who are aware how huge this Famous feud has already become, another handful of celebs just officially picked sides! Related: The Internet Throws A #KimExposedTaylorParty The View has had more cast changes and behind-the-sce...
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Fox News Attacks Obama For Calling Out Media's Role In "Vulgar" Campaign Rhetoric

Fox News hosts and contributors criticized President Obama as "hypocritical" and "condescending" after he called on journalists to consider the role they play in "the divisive and often vulgar rhetoric" in the 2016 presidential election. President Obama Urges Journalists To Consider Their Role In "The Divisive And Often Vulgar Rhetoric" Of The Election President Obama: "It's Worth Asking Ourselves ... As Politicians Or Journalists" Contribute To "The Divisive And Often Vulgar" Campaign Rhetoric...
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Watch: Jedediah Bila Talks Politics, GOP Debate Before Iowa Caucuses

The Fox News contributor and the co-hosts discuss the presidential race as the Iowa Caucuses approach.
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