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Elizabeth Warren doubles down on Amazon for ‘crushing’ small businesses

On Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Amazon in a town hall speech, accusing the retail giant of using the data it collects from sellers and buyers to create its own rival private label products. Amazon fired back on Twitter debunking these claims, which led to Warren tweeting a series of news stories to support her argument. Warren has been doubling down on her bid to break up some of the largest US tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Amazon. In March, she announced a re...

Alphabet's drone delivery company just received FAA approval to start dropping packages on customer's front doorsteps in Virginia (GOOG, GOOGL)

Wing, the aerial-delivery venture spun out of Google, has become the first US drone operator to receive federal clearance as an airline.  That means Wing can start legally dropping packages on people's front doorsteps in the states.  Wing says it will begin testing services in two southwestern Virginia towns and hopes to launch there by later this year.  In Australia — where the company has been testing since 2014 — Wing drones deliver everything from burritos to coffees to over-the-counter me...

Amazon's Jeff Bezos reveals he still lives with his ex-wife

Divorce documents reveal that Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie will be much richer than first thought.The papers also show that the Amazon founder and his soon-to-be-ex wife are still living together despite the separation.According... [Author: [email protected]]
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The Weather Channel was briefly kicked off air after getting hit with a ransomware attack

The Weather Channel suffered a ransomware attack on Thursday morning.  The network was knocked off air for over an hour as a result of the malware attack.  Ransomware is a type of malware used by cybercriminals to lock up a target's computer or network. Once the malicious software is installed, it holds your computer hostage or blocks access to files by encrypting them.  Visit for more stories. The Weather Channel was kicked off air on Thursday morning after suffering a "m...
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Find the Poo. -- a book review

Find the Poo. Without worrying about where you step -- by Joe Shyllit This incredibly clever, beautifully crafted little gem of a photography book is full of crap. Crap as in dog poop hiding in 22 full color, suitable for framing photos of mini landscapes where dogs can hide what we euphemistically call their business. The human creator, Canadian Joe Shyllit with over 30 years of experience in illustration and design has won many national and international accolades. His canine collaborator, 10-...
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Instagram is mulling a new feature that would hide from others how many likes you get on your posts (FB)

Instagram is testing a change to the app where the number of likes on your posts would be hidden to everyone besides yourself. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered the unreleased feature, and posted screenshots to Twitter. An Instagram spokesperson says the feature isn't being tested "at the moment," but the company is always considering " ways to reduce pressure" on the app. Visit for more stories. Instagram may be considering a major change to the app tha...
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Zoom's stock soared in the video-conferencing company's public trading debut, making CEO Eric Yuan a billionaire (ZOOM)

Zoom, a video-conferencing company, went public Thursday and began trading on the Nasdaq. Shares jumped 72% on its opening day, putting the company's valuation at nearly $16 billion. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan owns , which makes Yuan one of the newest tech billionaires. The CEO of video-conferencing company Zoom is the newest member of an elite class of tech billionaires that include names like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. CEO Eric Yuan was made a billionaire Thursday on Zoom's first...
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Federal investigators could go after Mark Zuckerberg personally in a legal escalation after massive privacy scandals

Mark Zuckerberg could be held directly responsible by the Federal Trade Commission for any Facebook privacy failings in an ongoing investigation of the social network, The Washington Post reports. The FTC's investigation is the result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed the Facebook user data of millions of people was improperly handled by third-party services. If Zuckerberg is targeted in the investigation, it would represent a significant increase in federal scrutiny for the ...
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National Enquirer Will Be Sold To Former Newsstand Mogul After Rocky Year

NEW YORK (AP) — The National Enquirer is being sold to the former head of the airport newsstand company Hudson News following a rocky year in which the tabloid was accused of burying stories that could have hurt Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Tabloid owner American Media said Thursday it plans to sell the supermarket weekly to James Cohen. Financial terms were not immediately disclosed for the deal, which included two other American Media tabloids, the Globe and the National Exami...
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'National Enquirer' To Be Sold To Hudson News Heir James Cohen

The tabloid's parent company, American Media Inc., has become embroiled in controversies surrounding President Trump. It also sparred with Jeff Bezos over blackmail accusations.(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
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Hudson Media CEO James Cohen Purchases the National Enquirer

Hudson Media’s CEO James Cohen announced Thursday that he will purchase the National Enquirer as well as American Media’s other tabloids, the Globe and the National Examiner. With the purchase of the National Enquirer, which Cohen reportedly bought for $100 million, he plans to strengthen their collaborative efforts, documentary shows, weekly podcasts, and theme parks. […]
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Amazon’s one-two punch: How traditional retailers can fight back

Aaron Rinberg Contributor Aaron Rinberg is an associate with Battery Ventures in Herzliya, Israel. Scott Tobin Contributor Scott Tobin is a general partner with Battery Ventures in Herzliya, Israel. If you think physical retail is dead, you couldn’t be more wrong. Despite the explosion in e-commerce, we’re still buying plenty of stuff in offline stores. In 2017, U.S. retail sales totaled $3.49 trillion, of whic...
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National Enquirer and sibling tabloids reportedly sold for $100 million

American Media Inc. is selling the National Enquirer to Hudson News Deputy Chairman James Cohen, according to The Washington Post, letting the embattled publisher jettison the tabloid after being accused of trying to blackmail the world’s richest man. Cohen will pay $100 million for the Enquirer, the Post reports, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter. The sale also includes American Media’s other tabloids: the Globe and National Examiner. Cohen is part of the family that founded Hud...
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Do Kylie Jenner's Makeup-Free Selfies Point To A Skin-Care Line?

Kylie Jenner is good at keeping secrets. Let's not forget she kept her pregnancy under wraps for a full nine months, which is especially impressive when your take into account that her family airs their personal lives on reality television. But lately, the makeup mogul's secretive style has been faulty. She's been dropping hints left and right about a possible skin-care launch. From lots of makeup-free selfies to Instagram Story teasers, let's examine all these clues Jenner is leaving behind.It...
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The tech CEO who sold a startup for $1 billion and has just raised $80 million for another reveals his 4 secrets for raising money

Wayne Jackson is a veteran tech entrepreneur who has overseen a billion-dollar sale and raised hundreds of millions in funding rounds. Jackson is currently the CEO of Sonatype, a software security firm, which raised $80 million last September. Speaking to Business Insider, Jackson revealed his four secrets to raising finance from investors. Wayne Jackson has sat through a lot of funding meetings. The CEO of software security firm Sonatype sold his original wireless infrastructure startup, Riv...
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A new, smaller, less expensive Nintendo Switch will reportedly arrive this fall

A new version of the Nintendo Switch will arrive this fall, according to a new report in Nikkei. The new version of the Switch is reportedly smaller, less expensive, and focused on portability. A separate, more powerful Switch console — previously rumored — is reportedly delayed. Visit for more stories. A new Nintendo Switch is said to be in the works, and it could arrive as soon as this fall.  That's according to a new report from Japanese publication Nikkei, which says t...
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Facebook banned a bunch of fascist and far-right groups including the BNP, EDL, and Britain First

Facebook banned 12 far-right organisations in the UK from its platforms Thursday, deeming them "dangerous." The ban means organisations such as the British National Party and the EDL can't have any presence on Facebook or Instagram. Posts from Facebook users which support the banned people and organisations will be removed. Big tech firms have taken steps in recent months to remove far-right individuals and content from their platforms. Visit for more stories. Facebook has...
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Blue Origin strikes a deal with NASA to use a historic rocket test stand in Alabama

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space venture has signed an agreement with NASA for the use of a historic test stand at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Under the terms of a Commercial Space Launch Act agreement, Blue Origin will upgrade and refurbish Test Stand 4670 to support testing of its BE-3U and BE-4 rocket engines, NASA said today. “This test stand once helped power NASA’s first launches to the moon, which eventually led to the emergence of an en...
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NASA is renting out another piece of historic property to Jeff Bezos' rocket company

Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, is taking over a historic NASA facility — and it's only the latest example of a private "new space" company slapping its logo on former space agency territory.
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How Did Tech Billionaires’ Favorite Dem Become Bernie Sanders’ Co-Chair?

A few weeks before Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) launched his presidential campaign, he and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) went out for what Khanna thought was going to be a late lunch focused on policy strategy. Over plates of greasy Chinese food, Khanna and Sanders talked about how technology and artificial intelligence are disrupting the economy and driving income inequality, how to help workers affected by those changes, their shared push to end U.S. involvement in the Yemen civil war, and Sanders’ br...
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25 of the biggest failed products from the world's biggest companies

Even the most successful companies in the world have the occasional flop. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said recently, "Amazon will be experimenting at the right scale for a company of our size if we occasionally have multibillion-dollar failures." We put together 25 of the world's biggest flops, from Nintendo's Virtual Boy to Amazon's Fire phone. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Launching a product is tough. "Less than 3% of new consumer packaged goods exceed first-year sales o...
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Lyric is a startup trying to combine the best parts of a hotel and an Airbnb — and it just got $160 million in a round led by Airbnb itself

Lyric, a short-term rental startup with highly curated spaces designed for business travelers, raised $160 million in Series B funding led by Airbnb. The round announced Wednesday included a who's who of tech and real estate investors, including Tishman Speyer, RXR Realty, Obvious Ventures, NEA,  former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and former Twitter COO Adam Bain, among others.  Along with new debt financing, Lyric has raised a total of $185 million since 2014. New funds will be used to open Lyr...
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"A Message From the Future": short film about the "Green New Deal Decade," narrated by AOC, drawn by Molly Crabapple, presented by Naomi Klein

The Intercept has just released "A Message From the Future," a short science fiction movie narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and drawn by Molly Crabapple, describing the coming "Green New Deal Decade," when Americans pulled together and found prosperity, stability, solidarity and full employment through a massive, nationwide effort to refit the country to be resilient to climate shocks and stem the tide of global climate change. It's an astonishingly moving and beautiful piece, and deplo...
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Jeff Bezos is reportedly looking to drop $60 million on an NYC apartment, but he already owns 4 condos in the city — look inside the building where he owns $13 million worth of real estate

Jeff Bezos is reportedly apartment hunting in New York City, according to The New York Post. The Amazon CEO is looking to spend about $60 million on a home in the city, the Post reported. Bezos already owns four apartments in a historic building in the city. Here's a look inside the ritzy Upper West Side building with views of Central Park. Visit for more stories.   Jeff Bezos is on the hunt for a New York City apartment, The New York Post reported. The news comes days aft...
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Bezos Disputes Amazon’s Market Power. But His Merchants Feel the Pinch

Amazon has evolved from partner to competitor, making products similar to his, selling them for less and giving them prominence on the site. To stand out, Boyce must now buy advertising, which makes Amazon even more profitable at his Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos touted the success of merchants like Boyce this month in his annual letter to shareholders, suggesting they were beating Amazon at its own game because they make up 58 percent of all sales on the site.
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The 'Minecraft' movie was supposed to hit theaters in 2019 — now, the creators are saying it won’t happen until at least 2022

One of the biggest games in the world is being turned into a feature film: The "Minecraft" movie is expected to arrive in 2022. The movie was announced way back in 2016, originally with a planned 2019 launch. The movie follows "the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers." Presumably they will do some mining and some crafting along the way. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The biggest game in the world is becoming a movie — but not just yet. A film ver...
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While CEOs like Jack Ma and Elon Musk praise grueling job schedules, employees around the world are demanding shorter workweeks

Jack Ma recently advocated for China's "996" workweek, amid protests from employees criticizing the schedule. While Ma and other tech CEOs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos advocate for working longer hours, research finds that excessive overtime endangers employees and does not make them more productive.  Visit for more stories. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma recently said people who work 72-hour workweeks are "blessed" — but productivity experts and employees themselves beg to ...
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'We're Broke, and Amazon Is Shouting About How Amazing They Are Because of This Raise'

Last week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (net worth: $150 billion) boasted about his company’s recent decision to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. For some useful perspective on what that means for actual humans, we now bring you the thoughts of a longtime Amazon customer service employee. Read more...
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Alibaba's South China Morning Post is staffing up in the US as part of a global expansion

Alibaba's South China Morning Post is looking to expand in the US. The publication, based in Hong Kong, believes that the time is right because China-US trade talks and interest in them are heating up. It's already launched three US sites aimed at young readers and is on the hunt for a US marketing director. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When Alibaba bought the South China Morning Post in 2015, CEO Jack Ma said his goal was to make his new business a "global media outlet...
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The president of the union that helped make a $15 minimum wage a reality at Amazon and Costco reveals how automation could be good news for fast-food workers (AMZN, COST)

The Fight for 15 has gone from a pipe dream to the law of the land in New York and California over the last seven years, with the backing of the Service Employees International Union.  SEIU president Mary Kay Henry says that Fight for 15's goals remain the same — a $15 minimum wage and a union — but that the movement is addressing new issues, such as sexual harassment and automation.  "I think we should welcome automation," Henry told Business Insider. "But, workers need to be a part of the de...
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