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Agents of SHIELD's Clark Gregg and Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey are divorcing after 19 years together

"We remain close and are deeply grateful for the life we've shared."
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Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey Split After 19 Years Together: 'We Remain Close'

"We recently made the difficult decision to divorce," Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey said
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‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Cast Gets Back Together for ‘Reunited Apart’, and the End is a John Hughes Bonanza

Josh Gad‘s web series Reunited Apart has allowed fans to pass some of their quarantine time by watching the cast and filmmakers behind their favorite movies reunite virtually online. The Goonies, Back to the Future, Splash, Lord of the Rings, and Ghostbusters have all been featured on the series. Now another beloved movie from the 1980s is taking the spotlight. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of the many classic teen comedies directed by the late John Hughes, and Josh Gad was able to round up M...
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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Cast Reunites on Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Cast Reunites on Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart After 34 years since the theatrical release of John Hughes’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986, the main cast of the iconic teen comedy film reunited on the final episode of Josh Gad’s digital show Reunited Apart. You can check out the full reunion now below, which is raising funds for CORE! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh ||...
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Ferris Bueller Reunion Set for Reunited Apart With Josh Gad

Ferris Bueller Reunion Set for Reunited Apart With Josh Gad After 34 years since the theatrical release of John Hughes’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986, the main cast of the iconic teen comedy film are officially set to reunite on the final episode of Josh Gad’s quarantine digital show Reunited Apart. The announcement also came with the release of the teaser which you can check out below, featuring a preview of the virtual reunion. See you all a week from today for our FINAL episode of #Re...
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Howard Ashman and Wolfgang Puck Documentaries Coming to Disney+ from Don Hahn & ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ Filmmaker

Today, I attended a Disney+ presentation in Hollywood, where we learned that the upcoming streaming service will be the home of two interesting documentaries. Don Hahn, the producer of Disney animation movies like The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and a talented director in his own right, directed a film about the life of Howard Ashman, the acclaimed lyricist behind films like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, and that movie will be available next year on Disney+. And filmmaker Davi...
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28 Characters That Changed The Game For Jewish Women On-Screen — Right? Of Course Right.

Why is May 2019 different from all other months? It’s Jewish American Heritage month for one, a period that feels especially important to mark given the rising insecurity coursing through Jewish American life. Because visibility is more important than ever before, Refinery29 brings you our celebration of Jewish American culture. L’chaim!America was first introduced to Fran Fine, the big-haired, big-hearted star of CBS’ The Nanny on November 3, 1993,Written, co-produced by, and starring Fran Dre...
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March 11: SXSW Innovation Awards

The German marching band Meute performing at the 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards The Forrest Four-Cast: Feb 19, 2019 50 of the world’s top startups will be showcased at SXSW Pitch 2019. Read interviews with many of these young companies via this Medium page. Another great spot to find emerging talent is the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards presented by KPMG on the evening of Monday, March 11 at the Austin Convention Center. For more information on this fun-filled ceremony (as well a...
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‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ Returning to Theaters

You’re about to have the time of your life at the movie theaters. Two beloved ’80s classics are returning to theaters through Fathom Events: The Karate Kid and Dirty Dancing, with The Karate Kid returning to theaters for its 35th anniversary and Dirty Dancing getting its theatrical encore for Valentine’s Day. Both The Karate Kid and Dirty Dancing are returning to theaters for two days in collaboration with their respective studios, Sony and Lionsgate, and Fathom Events. The Karate Kid will b...
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KFC pairs chicken and waffles with a nod to a famous ’80s movie

What is the biggest guilty pleasure: chicken and waffles at KFC, or the commercial recreating the climax of “Dirty Dancing” ? Kentucky Fried Chicken has added the brunch favorite to its menu for a limited time beginning Monday, Nov. 12. Ramping up the guilt factor, KFC is serving extra crispy chicken with Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. It says the waffles are “made with a yeast-raised dough instead of a batter” and feature Pearl Sugar imported from Belgium. But the commercial features Colonel Sanders...
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10 Best Jennifer Aniston Roles

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston—her decade-long role as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends made her a household name. Indeed, her relationship with Brad Pitt was and continues to be tabloid fodder—but she really broke through with Friends . Prior to the hit show, she replaced Jennifer Grey as Jeannie Bueller, Ferris’s older sister in the sitcom spinoff of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . She has had a number of great roles in films since—but has stayed mostly true to her comedy roots. For good re...
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Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

Every year around Oscars season, I wonder why there are so many categories. I mean, do we really need Best Original Score AND Best Original Song? Couldn't Best Sound Editing just get a discreet, pre-show shoutout? How's a movie fan to grab some shut-eye?But as anyone who has ever sat through the last two minutes of Star Wars without the rousing theme can tell you, music is crucial to the magic of films. A good soundtrack is an art — one well worth disrupting your beauty sleep once a year.Can yo...
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Insatiable Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 4 Recap In the previous episode of Netflix’s Insatiable, Stella Rose had given Patty ammunition to destroy the Armstrongs’ marriage in the form of a necklace. The next episode has Patty torn about what to do with it. Gymacide At the gym preparing for Patty’s qualifying pageant, Armstrong discovered that it was cancelled. Meanwhile, the Barnards lamented over Etta Mae’s dismissal from Junior League because of her long working hours. Together, the Barnards and ...
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8 summer movie series in Southern California offering food, music and more

As our evenings warm up, it’s time for outdoor film screenings. Some of them also offer live music, activities and food, making for a great date or family night – just add a blanket or low chairs. Here are a few Southern California summer series that have more than a film for extra fun. INLAND EMPIRE MoVal Rocks!: Vendors, food, a live music performance and a family-friendly film screening. 6:45 p.m. Fridays, June 29-Aug. 10 (except July 6), Moreno Valley Conference and Recreation Center, 1407...
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How I Learned to Love my Face — Nose and All

In the light of Tyra Banks' PEOPLE interview and #sideprofileselfies, I look back on my journey of self-acceptance and face positivity. Collage by the author From the time I first trained myself to look at the mirror and see my flaws before my beauty marks, I entered into a self-hating, egotistical relationship with my nose. It's a detestation that Radhika Sanghani, originator of the #sideprofileselfie, and Tyra Banks, who has recently outed herself as an ex cosmetic rhinoplasty patient, are w...
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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Set For Cannes Film Festival Premiere

The Cannes Film Festival likes to act like they’re super high-brow, but they’re not above throwing a bone to a popcorn movie or two. Case in point: this year, Ron Howard‘s Solo: A Star Wars Story will make its debut at the prestigious festival. More on the Cannes Film Festival Solo premiere below. The Cannes Film Festival is approaching. From May 8 through May 19, filmmakers, movie stars, and lowly journalists will descend upon the French Riviera to experience several highly anticipated film...
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NFL Celebrates Touchdown Celebrations in Super Bowl LII Commercial

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Have the Time of Their Lives.The NFL will premiere its new TV commercial starring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. in the third quarter of Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4. While the world is focused on two teams in the big game, the spot sheds light on what the other 30 teams are up to by providing an inside look at one team: the New York Giants. The commercial is set in the Giants practice facility where Manning and Beckham Jr. are practicing passing rout...
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The One Movie Line That Will Change Your Approach to Finding and Keeping Talent

  It was the end-of-season talent show at the Kellerman’s resort. Johnny Castle (played by Patrick Swayze), the resort’s dance instructor and Frances “Baby” Houseman’s crush (played by Jennifer Grey), recently got fired by the resort for having a relationship with Baby. With a desire to complete the last dance of the season (and love on his mind), Johnny comes back to the resort just when the closing song is being played at the show. He walks up to where Baby is sitting and says… Something famou...
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What to Watch: ‘Star Wars,’ spies, Stephen King and George Michael

Catch up on Invasion of the Body Snatchers: (Available on Amazon) The original 1956 version of this sci-fi horror film from Don Siegel and starring Kevin McCarthy is a classic. Hysterical people in a small California town (filmed in Sierra Madre) begin accusing their loved ones of being emotionless impostors and not being themselves. At first, Dr. Miles Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) doesn’t believe it, but the truth comes out. Plant-like extraterrestrials have invaded Earth and are replicating the to...
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Box Office Flashback: August 27, 1987

As the latest round of would-be blockbusters packs ’em in at a theater near you, Popdose looks back at the box office totals of yesteryear. This week we revisit the top ten films of August 27, 1987, because deadlines shmeadlines! Besides, on August 27, 2017, Hurricane Harvey was upending millions of people’s lives in Houston and beyond, and now Hurricane Irma is wreaking similar havoc in the Caribbean and Florida, so writing about three-decades-old cinematic escapism can feel incredibly shallow...
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The High Five: looking up, growing up and still dancing

Will Taylor Swift’s new album eclipse all others? Did I permanently damage my eyeballs this week? How did Patrick Swayze pull off that lift dance move? We had a lot of questions this week—check out some of the week’s top-searched trends. Eyes on the sky On Monday, some searched the sky for the eclipse while others searched on Google: “Where is the solar eclipse right now?” and “When will the solar eclipse happen near me?” And what about the people who neglected the proper eyewear? Search i...
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Why Dirty Dancing Is Still the Perfect Fantasy After 30 Years

To watch Swayze and Grey dance, to see the way Johnny eyes Baby with a kind of cautious affection that seems almost feline, is the most straightforward of pleasures.
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In Honor Of Dirty Dancing's 30th Anniversary, Here Are A Bunch Of Celebs Attempting The Flick's Iconic Lift!

We can't believe it's been 30 years since Dirty Dancing hit theaters. Unsurprisingly, the '80s romance drama has left a lasting impression on fans -- which include some pretty prominent stars. We mean, it feels like everyone under the sun has tried to pull off Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's iconic lift from the film's final dance number. C'mon, you know you've tried it! In order to prove that we're in good company, be sure to ch-ch-check out the FULL list of celebs who've attempted the famou...
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‘Dirty Dancing’ at 30: How Baby and Johnny Won Over the Skeptics

It’s been 30 years since Baby and Johnny had the time of their life, but “Dirty Dancing” remains as popular as when it opened on Aug. 21, 1987. Actually, it’s even more popular: When the ABC remake aired May 24 this year, fans immediately registered anger and/or disappointment on social media. It was a reminder... Read more »
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Have The Time Of Your Life Watching These Dirty Dancing Kids Perform On America's Got Talent!

Take note, Abigail Breslin -- this is how you do Dirty Dancing! America's Got Talent introduced audiences to Artyon and Paige this season, and the dancing duo melted hearts on Tuesday with their impressive rendition of Time of My Life! The 8-year-old and 9-year-old dance prodigies wowed the judges with their moves, including a lift that gives Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey a run for their money! Video: AGT Comedian Describes Being Catfished Online! If their routine wasn't cute enough, the duo ...
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Couple Knocked Unconscious After Attempting Dirty Dancing Lift For Wedding Dance

A British couple, preparing for their wedding dance, was knocked unconscious as they attempted to recreate the iconic "lift" scene from the movie "Dirty Dancing." They caught the entire incident on video. Sharon Price and fiancé Andy Price attempted to recreate the movie's final dance scene — spontaneously replacing actors Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey — in a pub garden in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.
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Disappointed by the ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake? Forget all about it at a summer festival celebrating the original

Critics and fans alike didn't hold back from sharing their disappointment in ABC's Dirty Dancing remake. While Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes were able to recreate, scene for scene, the original 1987 version of the movie, they definitely didn't have the chemistry that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze exuded back in the day, and Twitter took notice. Fans didn't hold back from criticizing the movie's song choices, mediocre dance moves, and the flash-forward ending. Pretty much sums up the #Dirty...
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Penny Was & Is The Most Interesting Character In Dirty Dancing

I don't know what it is about women leads lately, but they all tend to be pretty annoying. Characters like Piper from Orange Is the New Black, Sam from Dear White People, Fiona on Shameless, and Hannah from Girls quickly became my least favorite characters on their respective shows. I often find myself clinging to the supporting women I find to be way more complex, cool, and interesting. I could never get enough of Joelle, Vee, or Shoshanna, because I had to spend too much time rolling my eyes ...
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Stop Hating On The Dirty Dancing Remake — I Actually Loved It

I have hated many things in my life. I despise La La Land. I openly decried High School Musical as a tween. I think Jon Hamm is a middling actor, and cake is dry powder that would better serve humanity as a foam mattress.However, I did not hate the Dirty Dancing remake on ABC.I get it; remakes of great movies are blasphemous. During the movie's May 24 premiere, Twitter brandished its pitchforks and came for the Abigail Breslin vehicle. Let me rephrase that. Twitter slashed the movie with a thou...
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Twitter Totally Put That Dirty Dancing Remake In The Corner

Yesterday I wrote a whole article about how I wouldn't be watching ABC's remake of Dirty Dancing. And I didn't.But plenty of people did, and they did not, it seems, have the time of their life.The "original movie event" starring Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes as Catskills hotsteppers turned lovers Frances "Baby" Houseman and Johnny Castle finally aired last night, and, as predicted, it didn't meet many viewers' expectations. Guess that's what happens when you take a truly iconic and beloved h...
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