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This Makeup Artist Created a Beauty Brand For People With Albinism, and It's About Time

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ivoree Beauty x J. Renée (@ivoreebeauty) on Jan 21, 2020 at 7:28pm PST When Jennifer Reneé, an albino beauty influencer known to her followers online as J. Reneé, grew tired of not seeing brands that catered to people who look like her, she devised a plan to fix things. That's when her all-new beauty brand Ivoree Beauty came into the picture. Per a repo...
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This Young Girl Got A Serious Chemical Burn From A Bath Bomb

Kids aren't looking for a fancy claw-footed bathtub with bubbles that are perfectly fluffed just so for the 'gram — they're just in there to get clean and get out. But many parents avoid potential temper tantrums around bath time by filling the water with washable soap crayons and fizzy balls of soaps that turn into toys. Sadly, it's not always suds and smiles, as we learned from one mother who just issued a warning against a bath toy that gave her daughter a serious chemical burn.In the case o...
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