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Here are the memes Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign paid influencers to post on Instagram

Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign recently deployed ads in the form of memes all across Instagram, The New York Times reported. The memes feature screenshots of messages from the Bloomberg campaign account, poking fun at Bloomberg's public persona. We compiled a list of the memes below. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The presidential campaign for Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former mayor of New York City, has deployed self-deprecating memes all ac...
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Mike Bloomberg launches zany meme campaign

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's billion-dollar ad spend has already upended the 2020 race to challenge Donald Trump, but yesterday's bizarre and coordinated campaign of meme-style content, published by influencers, has certainly gotten him more attention. Taylor Lorenz: Mick Purzycki is the lead strategist of the Meme 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company that is a powerful force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio incl...
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This app wants to know how much crap you're willing to share online

Into a world of digital oversharing, a microbial science company called Seed is launching a social media campaign for people to quite literally dump data—by sharing pictures of their excrement, hashtagged #GiveAShit.  No, it’s not meant to complete the loop that begins with Instagram photos of people’s meals. This is allegedly about science, aimed at improving gut health. And it’s also not just geared towards getting people to put their crap on social media. Pictures will go into a private da...
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Hulu and Netflix Fyre Festival Docs May Face Subpoenas Because the Shitstorm Is Never-Ending

Since Hulu and Netflix released dueling documentaries on the Fyre Festival fiasco, both films have stirred controversy. And now both could be facing subpoenas.Read more...
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A Former Fyre Festival Employee Is Making High-End Rugs Out Of Plastic Waste

If you watched Hulu's Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre Fraud, you likely remember Oren Aks, the former creative director at Jerry Media, which worked with Fyre on for the viral-in-a-bad-way festival. In the film, Aks is outspoken about just how much of a train wreck Fyre was to work on, and he even places some of the blame for what happened on his former employer, which is best known for operating the controversial meme page FuckJerry. He's been called the unsung hero of Fyre Fraud(Chrissy Tei...
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Why the online campaign to unfollow FuckJerry didn't work

Here's how Alexis Madrigal sets up his excellent Atlantic essay about why online protests usually flop: There is an Instagram account called FuckJerry, which grew by taking jokes and memes created by other people and posting them, eventually growing an audience hungry for ever more jokes. The account spawned a media company, Jerry Media, and desperate ad executives from the world’s biggest companies now pay to be seen on FuckJerry, on the premise that that’s where they’ll reach young people who ...
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@F**kJerry And The Scourge Of Content Curation

This account, populated with little more than stolen jokes and third-party visual gags, may soon be in for a legal reckoning.
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‘Fyre’ and ‘Fyre Fraud’: Which One is Better? (And Which One is Less Ethically Compromised?)

It’s been less than two years since the debacle of the Fyre Festival. The proposed event on a Bahamian island was going to showcase major musical acts such as Blink-182 and Major Lazer; it was overseen by, among others, rapper Ja Rule; and it would create a new Coachella or Burning Man for the social-media elite. Of course, the dreams of the festival organizers were revealed to be impossible at best and criminal at worst; when attendees (who had paid an insane amount of money) arrived, they...
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Netflix's 'Fyre' director hits back at Hulu's 'whitewashing' criticism and says the Fyre Festival founder wanted $125,000 for an interview

Netflix's "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" director Chris Smith talked to Business Insider about the one-year process to make a documentary about the doomed Fyre Festival. "Fyre" is one of two documentaries out this week that look at the festival. The other is Hulu's "Fyre Fraud." Smith defended his movie's objectivity, despite Hulu's claims that the movie isn't objective because of the involvement of Jerry Media, which handled social media for the Fyre Festival. Smith also said ...
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Hulu unexpectedly releases “Fyre Fraud” days before Netflix’s competing documentary

Not since the literary biopic showdown between “Capote” and “Infamous” has there been such an intense battle for the attention of viewers. This time, the fight is between Hulu and Netflix’s competing documentaries about the disastrous Fyre Festival, a 2017 music festival whose failure led to eight lawsuits and a six-year prison sentence for co-founder Billy McFarland. Hulu unexpectedly released its film, “Fyre Fraud” today, just four days before Netflix’s “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never ...
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