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John Stamos’ ‘Hair Envy’ Photo With Son Billy Has Fans Making The Same Joke

The "Full House" actor who played Uncle Jesse shared an adorable shot with his 2-year-old.
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‘Solar Opposites’ Interview: Mike McMahan on ‘Rick and Morty’ Comparisons, Pop Culture References, The Wall & More

The first season of the new animated series Solar Opposites recently debuted on Hulu. Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and series writer Mike McMahan have teamed up for the new show about a group of aliens who were forced to abandoned their destroyed homeworld and have been sent to Earth to wait for a living super computer called The Pupa to evolve and terraform the planet, leaving them to live suburban lives in America. Solar Opposites is a laugh riot, as you can read in my review, so ...
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Board Question #93081: To Goldie Rose (I didn't see any contact info) It ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,To Goldie Rose (I didn't see any contact info)It made my day brighter that you recognized my nym. I've used it for years on the board, it was my nickname from my high school friends, and always wondered if anyone noticed it.Anyways, you like genealogy? What is your favorite genealogy story/website/book/anything?-Zwerg Zwei A: Dear Zwergy Zwerg, Yes, I absolutely love your 'nym! Whenever I read it, I read it like Zwerg Sch-way (Like schway in TV show The Flash). But to be...
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Comment on lemon cake by Jesse

Didn’t GBBO teach us that you need a warm cake and a cold drizzle or vice versa for good drizzle absorption? I’ll try this week and report back. Looking forward to lemon ecstasy! Xx Jesse
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‘Solar Opposites’ Already Has Story Arcs Planned for at Least Three or Four Seasons

The first season of Solar Opposites launched on May 8, and after just four days, it was already Hulu’s most watched title in the history of the streaming service. That means it’s likely that the series will be renewed for a second season any time now, and the good news is creators Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan already have story arcs planned for at least three or four seasons. Leading up to the release of Solar Opposites, we had the chance to catch up with both Mike McMahan and Justin Roil...
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Who's Enforcing Mask Rules? Often Retail Workers, and They're Getting Hurt

The exchange was tense between the customer and Jesse, a Trader Joe's employee sporting a white face mask and a flowery Hawaiian shirt."Why aren't you wearing the mask?" Jesse asked the customer on a recent day at a store in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. "I am not here to question what you believe in. These are the rules. I am just asking you kindly to wear the mask."The customer, Genevieve Powers, who was recording the entire exchange, refused. "We are in America here," she said, "la...
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Sundance Now Unveils June TV & Movie Slate

Sundance Now Unveils June TV & Movie Slate Sundance Now has revealed their June slate, including the highly-anticipated fifth season of the espionage thriller The Bureau, the second season of the British psychological thriller Liar, the shocking finales of the Nordic psychological thriller Sanctuary and Bad Mothers, as well as star-studded films like The Hours and The Intervention. RELATED: Mandatory Streamers: Solar Opposites Brings the Wit & Chaos in Justin Roiland’s New Series The Sundance...
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Comment on peanut butter cookies by Jesse

Oh my god. Oh. My. God. I don’t even particularly like peanut butter cookies but these are just absurd. 5 stars a million times over. THANK YOU, Deb!!
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Photos: Southern California readers honor their moms today

Readers from all over Southern California shared photos of their families enjoying Mother’s Day. Jeff and Linda Oskins, back, of Santa Ana celebrate Mother’s Day by having lunch with Linda’s parents Verla, 85 and Forrest, 88, of La Mirada. They will be celebrating 67 years of marriage in June!!! “We are so grateful for their good health and their ability to be together and look out for one another.” (Photo Courtesy of Linda Oskins) Mom Brenda Vargas, enjoys a family brunch at home with her...
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Watch: Rock n' Roll Band Trans Survival Story Short Film 'Jesse Jams'

"We just make music, and have fun, and laugh all the time." Rock out with Jesse Jams! A fantastic "rock doc" short film to be inspired by. Jesse is a rock n' roll survivor. He is an Indigenous trans man who grew up in care and endured years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Why make a film about him and his band? "He has a list of mental health diagnoses as long as your arm, but Jesse has developed his own way to cope with his day-to-day challenges: rock n' roll. The film follows Jes...
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Doesn’t Kill Off the Entire Cast in the Final Episode, But It Sure Feels Like It

There are deaths in this finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars , both physical and spiritual. After six seasons, a six-year hiatus, and attempts to spiritually conclude the series in Star Wars Rebels and other media, The Clone Wars has finally concluded on its own terms with the Siege of Mandalore and the arrival of the dreaded Order 66. Those who watched  Rebels know that Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein) and her clone compatriot Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) will survive beyond the end of the war...
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Breakdown: The Details and History That Enrich “Victory and Death”

Here we are. The final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. For the last 12 years, we’ve been offered small windows into the three year gap of time the Clone Wars occupied. The other episodes took place firmly between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith , but for the last few episodes, the timeline has crossed over into the events of Episode III with heartbreaking consequences as we watch Ahsoka Tano (and Rex) navigate the perils of the Sith Grand Plan as it culminates...
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Steamy Kitchen Update 04/27/20

Hello my friend! So, I owe you all an apology.  1. If you’ve been on the site the past 2 weeks, it’s been a bit glitchy. We had to change to a new website server host – I was with my old host for 12 years and the past couple of years, their level of service has declined.  The day I made the decision to switch, Steamy Kitchen mysteriously went down! Conspiracy? Coincidence? LOL well, who knows!  Moving servers is kinda a big deal – it’s like picking up your entire house and its contents a...
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Sets the Stage of the Tragedy of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ With “The Phantom Apprentice”

The former Skywalker apprentice and the former acolyte of the Sith are finally face-to-face in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as  part two of the Siege of Mandalore finale arc rages on.  Directed by Nathaniel Villanueva, “The Phantom Apprentice” proceeds as a tragedy where the offstage—offscreen—action of Revenge of the Sith permeates the tensions, namely the prospective truths that will break the heart of Master Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice, Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein). Durin...
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Sets the Stage for the Tragedy of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ With “The Phantom Apprentice”

The former Skywalker apprentice and the former acolyte of the Sith are finally face-to-face in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as  part two of the Siege of Mandalore finale arc rages on.  Directed by Nathaniel Villanueva, “The Phantom Apprentice” proceeds as a tragedy where the offstage—offscreen—action of Revenge of the Sith permeates the tensions, namely the prospective truths that will break the heart of Master Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice, Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein). Durin...
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Suspects Accused Of Assaulting Officers, Trying To Stop Vehicle From Being Towed

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two people are accused of assaulting officers Wednesday morning in Stockton after their family member was pulled over for a traffic violation. Police say Daniel Montoya, 20, was pulled over Wednesday around 11:15 a.m. and cited for a violation. As his vehicle was getting towed, he reportedly called his family members, Jesse Montoya, 24, and Laura Montoya, 46. Police say Jesse and Laura arrived at the scene and helped Daniel try and stop the vehicle from being towed. All three ...
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Exclusive: Jon M. Chu Opens Up About Now You See Me 3 Delay

Exclusive: Jon M. Chu opens up about Now You See Me 3 delay Despite various reports of Benedict Cumberbatch (Avengers: Endgame) joining the cast and Isla Fisher (Tag) returning, it’s been years of radio silence on a potential Now You See Me 3 and now Jon M. Chu, director of the second installment in the franchise, has opened up about the delays on the third installment in the box office hit franchise. RELATED: Exclusive: Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Now You See Me Sequel Plans! While chatting...
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FAR WEST FLY RODS - Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M. Edition Build like to see people take their interests to the nth degree and Jesse Hebenton of Far West Fly Rods might have just done that with his latest Wu-Tang edition fly rod build. C.R.E.A.M. = Corona Rules Everything Around MeIt's really neat to see Scaly Designs and SpeyCo Fly Reels on this project too. Jesse wrote...  "For those who have been following my work at Far West Fly Rods, this is the fourth Wu-Tang edition rod I've b...
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License Restored

On April 3, the Ohio Supreme Court ordered the reinstatement of former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. On application for reinstatement by respondent, Jesse Jackson Jr., Attorney Registration No. 0086184, last known business address in West Chester, Ohio. Application granted. Jesse... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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‘Full House’ Cast Makes A ‘Full Quarantine’ Parody And It’s A Hoot

John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, added a hopeful message to fans about the coronavirus pandemic.
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‘Doogie Howser’ Reboot Coming to Disney+ With Multiracial Female Lead

Yet again, Hollywood has picked through the metaphorical brain folds of modern audiences, spotted something that was popular decades go but still retains some name recognition, and decided to resurrect it with a modern spin. The culprit this time: Doogie Howser, M.D., the 1989 ABC sitcom about a teenaged doctor played by a young Neil Patrick Harris. A Doogie Howser reboot is in development at Disney+ from How I Met Your Mother and Fresh Off the Boat writer/producer Kourtney Kang spearheading th...
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Stolen Time: Sunny Jacobs Biopic in the Works at Amblin Partners

Stolen Time: Sunny Jacobs biopic in the works at Amblin Partners According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amblin Partners is in the process of developing a new biographical drama film titled Stolen Time, which will center on the life of Sunny Jacobs, a woman who was wrongfully convicted of murder along with her husband in 1976. The film will also be based on Jacobs’ book titled Stolen Time: The Inspiring Story of an Innocent Woman Condemned to Death, which was first published in 2007, almost 1...
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Ben Brantley And Jesse Green Size Up The Off-Broadway Season (Since It’s Now Over)

Ben : “In many of these productions, time seemed to be torn off its hinges, and the solid floor of what we think of as ‘normal life’ to have cracked open. Who knew how apt a preface such works would provide for the rudderless world we now inhabit?”Jesse: “‘Rudderless’ is exactly how a lot of these terrific plays (and a handful of musicals) wanted us to feel politically, existentially and even spiritually — I mean with actual ghosts.” – The New York Times
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Human! Bring us snacks!

Cody and Jesse enjoying a nice day. They appear to be expecting something, Mary Lou! :) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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CS Interview: Imogen Poots on the Insane Sci-Fi Thriller Vivarium

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS interview: Imogen Poots on the insane sci-fi thriller Vivarium got the opportunity to talk with Imogen Poots (The Art of Self-Defense) to discuss Vivarium, the upcoming sci-fi thriller in which she stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg for their third big screen outing after Solitary Man and Self-Defense! The film is now available to rent or own on Digital HD! Click here to rent or purchase Vivarium on Digital HD! RELATED: Vivarium Trailer Traps Imogen Poots...
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CS Interview: Lorcan Finnegan on Sci-Fi Thriller Vivarium

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Lorcan Finnegan on sci-fi thriller Vivarium got the opportunity to talk with co-writer/director Lorcan Finnegan to discuss his latest venture, the mind-bending sci-fi thriller Vivarium starring Jesse Eisenberg (Resistance) and Imogen Poots (The Art of Self-Defense). In Vivarium, on their search for the perfect home, Gemma (Poots) and Tom (Eisenberg) visit a new house in a labyrinthine suburban neighborhood. When they attempt to leave, each ro...
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Ethan Hawke Imagines a Fourth ‘Before’ Movie Set During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Think of this as time travel.” The greatest pick-up line in cinematic history or a prophecy of the swooning trilogy of films that would follow? When Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy first crossed paths in Richard Linklater‘s 1995 drama Before Sunrise, no one expected that we would follow the story of Jesse and Celine for 18 more years. But now, as we come up on 9 years after the supposed final film Before Midnight (the magic number that spans the gap between each film), someone had to ask Hawke: wi...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Harold and Kumar 4’, ‘F9’, ‘Clerks 3’, ‘Freddy vs Jason 2’, ‘Now You See Me 3’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Kal Penn is down for Harold & Kumar 4. Vin Diesel says an Oscar-winner will appear in F9. Kevin Smith is using this time of quarantine to finish the Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2 scripts. Freddy vs Jason writers still want a sequel, and so do I. Jesse Eisenberg knows absolutely nothing about Now You See Me 3, so maybe don’t ask him about that. Will there ever be a Harold and Kumar 4? If it were up to Kal Penn, the answer would be yes. Speaking with Variety, Penn ...
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NHL Rumors: Oilers, Blues, Blackhawks, Seattle Expansion Changes

In today’s NHL rumor rundown, there is word out of Finland that the Jesse Puljujarvi’s coach wants him to stick around another season, there is buzz about how much the St. Louis Blues are willing to spend to retain Alex Pietrangelo and who else might be interested, and there’s news that the Chicago Blackhawks are concerned about a flat salary cap for next season. Finally, could this NHL pause affect the plans for Seattle’s expansion into the NHL? Will Oilers Have Puljujarvi Next Season? ...
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17 Books to See You Through the Covid-19 Crisis

How do you get through the COVID-19 crisis with your physical and mental health intact? I for one have loads of work to do (updating old posts, writing new ones, fixing photos…) so staying busy isn’t a problem. It’s how to make the most of my down time. I’m less and less keen to even watch the nightly news and spend time on social media. There is too much hype and misinformation for my liking. In my non-working hours I exercise daily, walk my dog, cook and now help with babysitting my gran...
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