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Sean Hannity walked back his enthusiasm for COVID-19 vaccines after being praised by the White House

Sean Hannity insisted Thursday that he had never changed his stance on COVID-19 vaccines. Fox News Sean Hannity dialed down his enthusiasm for vaccines after winning praise from President Biden. The Fox host on Monday appeared to encourage viewers to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He changed tack on Thursday, saying: "I never told anyone to get a vaccine." See more stories on Insider's business page. Fox News host Sean Hannity walked back on his enthusiasm for COVID-19 vaccines after winni...
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Discovering Jesus by Reading the Gospels

I memorized my first Bible verse at the age of eight, snuggled into my Powerpuff Girls comforter, looking for deliverance from the shadows and monsters of the night. It was Psalm 4:8, “ In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety” (NIV). Twenty years later, the monsters in the night look very different, but I still find myself in need of the peace and reassurance only He can bring. These days, I’ve been finding such encouragement in reading through the gosp...
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Break Up Advice

  Speak this: Even though my girlfriend has broken up with me I am not going to lose any sleep over it because I know when Jesus closes one door he will open a new door for me that will be much better. He is looking out after my heart because of my devoted faith and belief in him. [Author: [email protected] (Singles Expert)]
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Somewhere Between Disappointment and Trust

I watched Josh’s shoulders as he walked up the mountain through the fog, hoping his posture would tell me how he was feeling. Raindrops trickled down his suit coat, and I knew I would never forget watching my son climb that muddy mountain to wait for his bride. Josh and Brandi had spent months looking for the perfect setting for an intimate wedding: a beautiful mountainous area with trails and gorgeous views where they would make covenant promises at sunset, with layered mountain ridges in shade...
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Manchester City: Harry Kane update, Ilaix Moriba interest

Manchester City remain keen on Harry Kane; could offer player swap plus cash Premier League champions Manchester City are aiming to keep themselves at the top of the football ladder in England this summer, as they continue to express considerable interest in Tottenham and England star Harry Kane. Harry Kane's England team-mates believe he could refuse to return to pre-season training with Tottenham in a bid to try to force a move to Manchester City… — Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) Jul...
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Manchester City transfer news – Harry Kane update, Ilaix Moriba interest, Ivan Ilić exit

Manchester City remain keen on Harry Kane; could offer player swap plus cash Premier League champions Manchester City are aiming to keep themselves at the top of the football ladder in England this summer, as they continue to express considerable interest in Tottenham and England star Harry Kane. Harry Kane's England team-mates believe he could refuse to return to pre-season training with Tottenham in a bid to try to force a move to Manchester City… — Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) Jul...
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We talked to 22 insiders with front row seats to Trump's hostile takeover of the GOP

Insider published the definitive oral history of Donald Trump's rise to political power. Marianne Ayala/Insider Insider interviewed 22 people with front-row seats to the 2016 GOP presidential primaries. We collected colorful anecdotes and never-before-reported details about the historic campaign. Combined, they tell the story of how Trump became the king of the GOP - a crown he still wears to this day. See more stories on Insider's business page. Five years after the 2016 Republica...
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How Do You Want to Move Forward, and What Do You Want to Leave Behind?

I’m sitting in a booth at a coffee shop with two friends, something that feels like a luxury since it hasn’t happened in so many months. We’re talking about what the future holds, where we’ll go from here, and what we want to leave behind. One friend pulls out a small cardboard box, and inside are blank notecards. “I’ve found new clarity about my purpose,” she tells us, “And I’m going to let certain things go.” She asks us to bear witness as she writes these distractions down, then tells us she’...
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Surprised by Oxford

I started reading Surprised by Oxford, and I couldn’t put it down. Surprised by Oxford is the story of Carolyn Weber. At the beginning of the book, Weber is an undergraduate student in Canada who knows only one evangelical, a professor who “would have annoyed me, except for the fact that I respected him so much.” Shortly before this professor dies, Weber has a conversation with him that unsettles her and gets her thinking. Weber is granted a Commonwealth Scholarship and begins her ...
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19 Movies Like ‘Fear Street’ to Stream or Rent Right Now

The Fear Street trilogy has come to an end, but if you’re still craving the type of movies that inspired it, I’m here to help. The Fear Street trilogy very much wears its homages on its sleeve, which means there are a lot of influential films to pick and choose from. I’ve narrowed the list down to 19 movies that I think will satisfy your thirst for more Fear Street-style thrills and chills. The Burning   Where to Stream: Shudder Gross, gory, and featuring a weirdly young Jason Alexander,...
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Gene Roddenberry Wrote A 'Star Trek' Movie In Which Kirk Fights Jesus

By Zanandi Botes  Published: July 20th, 2021 
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What You Need Is Consolation, Not an Explanation

I didn’t know that the seemingly innocent Google invitation called “Rediscover This Day” would throw me again in the trenches of overwhelming pain. I clicked on the link and stared at two smiling faces: my husband and me, standing on a bridge in a hug, exuding happiness, joy, and love.    To see the photo and all the happy memories it evoked felt like a stab straight into my fragile heart. That happy life was no more. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and my body shook convulsively. It hurt so ...
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Blow for Tottenham: Danny Ings has ‘got his sights set’ on Manchester switch

 Word stemming from the English media on Monday suggests that Southampton star Danny Ings is eyeing a move to one of Manchester’s giants this summer. Saints standout Prolific hitman Ings is fresh off the back of another solid campaign.The 28-year-old has long reestablished himself as one of English football’s finest strikers, proving a key cog in an impressive Southampton side.After racking up a stellar 22 goals in the Premier League in 2019/20, Ings, despite fitness concerns, went on to find th...
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Everything could have been so different

Jorge Borges' story, The Library of Babel, asks us to imagine all the books that could be written using a random shuffling of 25 characters.Daniel Dennett argues that, in some ways, the genetic makeup of all life is similar but with only four characters.The history of the universe is only one possible way our story could have gone. Much of our reality is simply arbitrary. Imagine all the lives you didn't live. A life where you never met your partner. Where you never had a brother or sister. Wh...
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Manchester City: Jesus attracts attention, Nuno Mendes on the wishlist,

In this article, we will cover all of today’s Manchester City transfer news. Gabriel Jesus attracting interest Despite the persistent absence of Sergio Aguero last campaign, Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City’s only other recognised striker, struggled.The Brazilian was often overlooked, with Pep Guardiola preferring to deploy Kevin De Bruyne in a false 9 position, a tactic that worked brilliantly as the Citizens charged home to the Premier League title. The Brazilian started 22 league games, but had...
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How a “Pride Before the Fall” Moment Led to a Beautiful Redemption of Failure

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most of us have failed at something. And I’m convinced how we see, internalize, and respond to our defeats and disappointments makes all the difference in the world. Is your tendency to dwell on your mistake and self-flagellate over your lack of success? Do you get disproportionately angry, default to a victim mentality (Why does this always happen to meeeee?), or assign blame elsewhere? Do you dig in your heels determined to make it work at all cost...
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Nobody Wants to Be Part of a Club They Did Not Choose

My oldest daughter and I snuck into the back of the church just before the memorial service started. She asked me to go with her to support one of her classmates, whose dad had died several months earlier while out for a jog. Because of the pandemic, the family had waited to host this celebration of his life so more people could attend. We listened to stories about his life, how he met his wife, his time in the military, the way he faithfully supported our school and the students. We belly laugh...
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Choosing to Be Whole Instead of Fake

I remember the first time I pretended I was someone I wasn’t. I was in elementary school and we were at a Christmas party for my mom’s co-workers. A boy who was a few years older than me was there, and we met at the drink table where I grabbed some seltzer water, mistaking it for soda. “That’s seltzer water,” he said. “I know that,” I replied with totally feigned confidence, taking a sip and trying not to immediately spit it back out. To this day, I cannot get behind seltzer, but goodness...
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Jesus Can Help You in Dating Women

  Spiritual Advice: If you seek Jesus to help you in your dating life, blessings will seek after you because Jesus loves it when you ask for help and depend on him. [Author: [email protected] (Singles Expert)]
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A Breakthrough is Coming Your Way to Find Love

  Speak this: It may seem like there is no way that I’m going to find someone to love, but Jesus has a way. He can make it happen and a breakthrough is coming my way to find her. She can literally appear out of nowhere. [Author: [email protected] (Singles Expert)]
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Nuno Espirito Santo targeting 4-4-2 formation with striker identified to partner Harry Kane

Spurs identify Kane striker partner Tottenham Hotspur are looking to pursue a deal for Southampton striker Danny Ings this summer.According to the Telegraph, Nuno Espirito Santo has made Ings their ‘priority signing’ this summer.Tottenham Hotspur have made Southampton striker Danny Ings their priority signing this summer with a firm belief that he can play in attack alongside Harry Kane, whom they remain determined to keep at the club.It was previously reported that Ings had rejected a new deal ...
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Manchester City transfer news: Jesus interesting Juventus & Griezmann's future talks

Manchester City transfer news In this article, we’ll cover all of today’s Manchester City transfer news. Gabriel Jesus interesting Juventus Italian side Juventus are on the lookout for a striker this summer and are interested in signing Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus.The Brazilian has seemed unsettled in Manchester. Despite injuries to and now the departure of Sergio Aguero, the forward was still on able to work his way into Pep Guardiola’s regular plans.The Spaniard instead opted to play with ...
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Chasing Women Priorities

  Spiritual Advice: When partying, drinking with your friends or chasing women become more important than the Bible and your walk with Jesus then your priorities are out of balance. [Author: [email protected] (Singles Expert)]
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Juventus make Man City star their ‘top transfer priority’

Juventus are eyeing a move for Manchester City star Gabriel Jesus, according to reports. Gabriel Jesus’ Man City stint Gabriel Jesus joined Manchester City back in the summer of 2016.Despite the Brazilian having had zero European experience to his name, Man City are believed to have paid an initial £27m for his services.After five seasons in England, Jesus has notched 195 appearances across all competitions for the Manchester powerhouse, in which he has scored 82 and assisted 34.42 of those outi...
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Benedetta Review: Paul Verhoeven Fails to Deliver Meaning to Blasphemy

Besides being the fairground of luxury and class, the Cannes Film Festival is also perceived as a place where it is safe to show outrageous works that break free from social boundaries. In that regard, Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta is that kind of movie that perfectly fits the “it’s a Cannes film” label. Following the commercial success of Elle, Verhoeven helms his second French movie. Unlike his first foray, Verhoeven fails to provide meaning to his controversial work this time out. Based on an a...
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Sensitivity Is My Superpower

I can picture the paragraph in my seventh grade year book. The message from my friend made a rounded square, and the letters themselves were bubbly, expressive, and crowded together like a group of junior high schoolers. After the expected, “I hope you have a great summer,” she wrote, “I knew you were cool the day you told so-and-so to shut up.” I read it over and over again, feeling smug over being described as cool and regretful as I remembered the cost of my quick words. Later, my Dad came ac...
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To Those Who Are Missing a Place

Years ago, our church family split apart, partly over disagreements and difficulties related to a new building in which we planned to meet. I became convinced that having a permanent physical space wasn’t really important for a church. The church was made of people, not bricks and mortar, after all. We can worship God anywhere, so who needs an actual building anyway? I remained convinced of this perspective when my family joined a church that met in a high school. Worship happened in the auditor...
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Following the Spirit Even When It Feels Awkward

Two years ago, our (in)courage writers and staff from all over the U.S. (and Canada — hi, Aliza!) gathered in the beautiful mountains of Estes Park, Colorado. We spent three days walking along the river, eating good food, sharing hearts, drinking too much coffee, and planning new projects for you. Boy, was that a sweet time. Going into the retreat, I knew I wanted to wrap up our final night with an intentional time of reflection. But I wasn’t sure what it should look like. I had bounced around i...
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Paul Verhoeven is Making an American Spy Thriller and a Movie About Jesus

Legendary filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is back with Benedetta, a film set to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The RoboCop and Basic Instinct filmmaker hasn’t made an American film since 2000’s Hollow Man, but it sounds like that’s going to change soon. According to Verhoeven himself, he’s working on an American spy thriller. And that’s not all – Verhoeven is also planning on turning his book Jesus of Nazareth into a film as well. From the late ’80s through the late ’90s, Paul Verhoe...
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When We’re Scrambling for Things, Make This Stop First

I’m sitting a marketing meeting on Zoom, trying hard to listen. The subject is the oddest project I’ve ever tackled, especially when it comes to convincing fellow Christians to join me on the journey. In short, I wrote a 1920s mystery novel and, in a few months, in October, it’s set to be released to the world. My struggle, meantime, is explaining why I wrote it — and why godly folks should read it. Crime writing? Especially when such writing can look dangerous, scary, and maybe even ungodly? Th...
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