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Big Hairy Audacious Goal for Legal Blogs and LexBlog

Ask anyone who talks to me, and you’ll hear that I am anxious to establish a big hairy audacious goal for LexBlog. LexBlog started with the goal of bringing blogs to the law as a way for lawyers to development business in a manner superior to advertising, websites and SEO. We’d charged $200 a month for a professional turnkey blog solution as a business model. Most everyone thought us nuts. Lawyers would never use blogs. Plus, blog publishing platforms were free. We followed it up w...
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Stockdale Paradox: Why confronting reality is vital to success

The Stockdale Paradox is a concept that was popularized by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great.It was named after James Stockdale, former vice presidential candidate, naval officer and Vietnam prisoner of war.The main gist of the idea is that you need to balance realism with optimism. In paradox we often find some of the greatest bits of wisdom. The difficulty in understanding a paradox comes from the fact that when it's heard as a maxim in some kind of verbal form, it is contradictory and ...
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JavaScript & SEO: Making Your Bot Experience As Good As Your User Experience

Posted by alexis-sandersUnderstanding JavaScript and its potential impact on search performance is a core skillset of the modern SEO professional. If search engines can’t crawl a site or can’t parse and understand the content, nothing is going to get indexed and the site is not going to rank. The most important questions for an SEO relating to JavaScript: Can search engines see the content and grasp the website experience? If not, what solutions can be leveraged to fix this? Fundamentals What ...
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