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The Real Life Inspiration Behind Forrest Gump

"Forrest Gump" famously inserted Tom Hanks into old archival footage, interweaving moments from real U.S. history with the fictional story of his character: A simple yet sincere man, sharing homespun wisdom on a park bench to different strangers while recounting the story of his ever-so-charmed life.Director Robert Zemeckis and ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) employed digital compositing and other groundbreaking visual effects to give Forrest's tale a true-to-life veneer. Thanks to the wonders of...
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Pan-dimwits': Jimmy Kimmel says the unvaxxed don't deserve ICU beds

Where’d you get your degree, Jimbo? ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took a shot at unvaccinated Americans on air Tuesday, saying they...
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‘The Rocketeer’ Star Billy Campbell Reflects on a Superhero Masterpiece as It Turns 30 [Interview]

This month marks a milestone for one of the most underrated Disney films. The Rocketeer arrived in theaters in the summer of 1991, delivering a 1930s-era adventure of a pilot who stumbles upon a jetpack being sought after by gangsters, FBI agents, Nazis, and millionaire industrialist Howard Hughes. Though the film failed to take off at the box office, its fans are legion (and this writer counts himself among them). As the film turns 30, /Film sat down virtually with Billy Campbell, the actor wh...
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DOWNLOAD MP3: DJ Pharris Ft. Cvinchi – Jimbo

Download another latest track by MP3: DJ Pharris Ft. Cvinchi – Jimbo DJ Pharris Jimbo MP3 DJ Pharris comes through with yet another new song titled “Jimbo” featuring Cvinchi and is right here for your fast download Listen & Download DJ Pharris Ft. Cvinchi – Jimbo Below: DOWNLOAD MP3 The post MP3: DJ Pharris Ft. Cvinchi – Jimbo appeared first on 24Naijamusic. DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE The post DOWNLOAD MP3: DJ Pharris Ft. Cvinchi – Jimbo appeared first on ilovehiphopblog.
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10 Times the GCPD & Commissioner Gordon Were Completely Inept

10 Times the GCPD & Commissioner Gordon Were Completely Inept Batman lore carries with it a long list of memorable gadgets, gizmos, vehicles, and villains to go along with iconic characters such as Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, and Barbara Gordon. Yet, Bat history also features the long-running joke that is the complete buffoonery of the Gotham City Police Department. Which makes sense. Without the ridiculous antics of the GCPD and its world-weary leader, Commissioner James Gordon, there ...
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Afghanistan: Tim Lynch weighs in on attack against Green Berets in Nangarhar

Note on Tim Lynch: Tim is a friend and he is the real deal. Former Marine infantry officer -- I spent months with Tim in numerous Afghan provinces including Nangarhar (where this attack occurred), Kabul, Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz, Urozgan, Mazar-i-Sharif, and I think we went to Paktia and some others. Escapes me now, but we were all over the place and never with military other than when military would sneak out and come to Tim's bar. (Yes, Tim had a bar in Afghanistan, and it was the best intel...
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Uniqlo's robots have already replaced 90% of its human workers at its flagship warehouse, now they've cracked the difficult task of folding T-shirts

Uniqlo is coming close to full automation at its flagship warehouse in Tokyo, according to a new report from The Financial Times. According to The FT, Uniqlo's parent company, Fast Retailing, has partnered with a Japanese startup that develops industrial robots to create a two-armed robot that is able to pick up t-shirts and box these up, a task that could previously only be done by a human.   This is an important innovation as it could enable this factory, which has already replaced 90% of it...
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Getting Their Draft Picks Right In Vancouver

from Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province, Benning, for most of his five-plus seasons as the Canucks’ GM, has been a polarizing figure. The team’s record has been abysmal under his watch. His trades and free-agent signings haven’t delivered. His early drafts featured some notable misses. In short, he’s taken a lot of criticism in his time here and most of it has been justified. But something seems to be happening with the Canucks this season; something that makes you rethink your opini...
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Last Annual Vol State 500k Race Report - 2019

During the race, I thought about how I would explain this situation to my therapist. Granted, I didn't have a therapist. But I was pretty sure I'd need one after this race. I could see myself sitting on the therapist's couch and saying: "Hi. My name is Cory. I just finished a 314 mile race called the Last Annual Vol State 500k. It took me 8 days and 6 hours to finish. We started in Missouri. Then we crossed into Kentucky. Then we ran across Tennessee. This was followed by some miles in Alab...
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Texas A&M 2019 spring football preview: Jimbo looks to Year 2

This time last year, the Aggies were still buzzing about their high-profile new coach. And after an impressive debut season for Jimbo Fisher, they're looking for more.
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The Popdose Interview: Reverend Horton Heat’s Half New Band and Whole New Life

In the year 2019, some 33 & 1/3 years after they started (give or take), The Reverend Horton Heat is bigger than ever. This past November, Victory Records released the band’s 12th album, Whole New Life, described by front man Jim Heath as “the most positive material I have ever written. It focuses heavily on rock and roll but there is a human interest parallel – songs about growing up poor, vices, marriage, having children and walking the rapturous streets of America.” The album landed high on m...
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2018’s 50 Best Albums: An Apocalypse Survival Guide

While it’s safe to say most of us want to forget all about 2018, there are hundreds of incredible albums by stellar artists across the complete spectrum of genres that are worthy of soundtracking your 2019 and beyond. After writing and ranking this year’s list, I noticed an ominous theme; welcome to your survival guide for the end of days — here’s hoping we make it to 2020. As you may notice, I actually bought these albums on CD. A few publicists sent me digital advances and I still wound up buy...
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Consistency Reloading Tips for Precision Long-Range Shooting

By Tom McHale Editors Note : Caution, ammunition reloading can be very dangerous, read our “Reloading Disclaimer“ . Factors like bullet runout can make a big difference for long-range precision. Tom McHale USA –-( Unlike politics, reloading for precision often has nothing to do with a quest for ultimate power. Probably due to some deep-seated primal instinct, we reloaders tend to immediately look to the far right of the load recipe chart in books like the Hornady Handbook Of...
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St. Maarten Experiential Travel Guide: 20 Things to Do, See and Eat

Whether you’re visiting St. Maarten / St. Martin as a day trip from a Caribbean cruise or you’re spending a few days to explore the island, here’s all you need to know to plan your visit. Drawn from spending ten days traveling all around the island, our St. Maarten Experiential Guide provides the best things to do in St. Maarten, including our favorite beaches, non-touristy adventures, and day tours, as well as recommendations on restaurants and practical travel details to help you plan and book...
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South Park Season 22 Episode 6 Recap

South Park Season 22 Episode 6 Recap In the previous episode of South Park, the children used e-scooters to mount a all-out effort to procure the most candy possible on Halloween. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap South Park season 22 episode 6 ‘Time To Get Cereal!’ The Truth Is Out There Jimbo and Ned were out shooting birds in the fields around South Park, they went to inspect one of the birds they had killed. The pair noticed tracks of an ...
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When salary is a proxy for age discrimination

Jim Boylan, recently fired as an assistant coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers, has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against his former employer. According his lawsuit [pdf], then-head coach Ty Lue told him that team owner Dan Gilbert "wants to go younger" in his position and "find somebody who's a grinder and younger." On its face, those statements certainly seem like direct evidence of age discrimination. But are they? As the lawsuit alleges, those statements were made in the context of a ...
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Musikfest Berlin (2) - Aimard: Stockhausen, 13 September 2018

Kammermusiksaal Images: © Adam Janisch  Stockhausen: Klavierstücke III, IV, II, I, V, VIII, VII, VI, XI, IX, X Pierre Laurent-Aimard (piano) I have no doubt that memories of hearing Pierre–Laurent Aimard play the first eleven Stockhausen Klavierstücke will remain with me forever: like hearing Maurizio Pollini in Chopin or Daniel Barenboim in Beethoven. Not so much a performance of the year as of a lifetime, this recital proved just as all-encompassing ...
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Breaking down 4 must-see college football games in Week 2

Dabo vs. Jimbo, potential upsets, playoff implications and all.            [Author: For The Win]
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AP Top 25 Podcast: Jimbo can’t escape Dabo; Hurts’ plight

The first big test of the Jimbo Fisher era at Texas A&M is coming to Kyle Field this week, and it is a familiar foe for the Aggies new coach. No. 2 Clemson and Dabo Swinney visit College Station, Texas, on Saturday. Max Olson of the Athletic joins AP’s Ralph Russo on the Top 25 […]
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Ex-Aggies LB alleges violations by Jimbo's staff

Santino Marchiol, a former Texas A&M linebacker now at Arizona, says Jimbo Fisher's staff committed NCAA violations this offseason.
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SEC Preview: Alabama’s QB competition and Jimbo in Aggieland

The most fascinating quarterback competition in the country got off to a rocky start this preseason when Jalen Hurts called out Alabama coaches last week. On the last episode of the AP Top 25 College Football Podcast , Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports joins AP’s Ralph Russo to preview the Southeastern Conference and discuss that […]
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Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll #19: Bring ‘em All In

(Archive.) Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties involved. . . . or, 2,000 Words About 59 Musicians Here’s to the guitar players. Here’s to the dudes who passed through Roscoe’s Basement during the audition process. Here’s to the ones who backed out before they even got that far. Here’s to the ones who couldn’t be bothered to return a simple email. In short, here’s to every guitarist within a 50-mile radius of Rochester, New York — and farther, in some cases — becau...
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200 MPH Rat Rod – Mike Warren’s Twin-Turbo Model-T

There was something about the exhaust note that just didn’t sound right, like a giant exhaust leak had opened up under boost. Mike Warren’s Mad Max-esque, A/BFCC 1927 Ford Model-T had finally made a full-throttle pass at ECTA’s first-ever Arkansas 1-Mile Challenge with the wildcard Blytheville weather just allowing a sliver of time between 15 to 20 mph gusts of wind, but it was clear that the car wasn’t gaining speed at the expected rate. This would be the time for most to freak out a little, ma...
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Sources: Horton Plaza now in escrow

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The Horton Plaza mall, a downtown San Diego icon since 1985 that has fallen into disrepair, appears to be close to being sold.Multiple sources confirmed to 10News that Stockdale Investment Group, which specializes in investing, developing and managing underperforming and obsolete commercial real estate, is now in escrow to buy the mall. The mall's current owner, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, which acquired the five-level mall in December, said it doesn't comment on market...
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Horton Plaza appears close to being sold

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The Horton Plaza mall, a downtown San Diego icon since 1985 that has fallen into disrepair, appears to be close to being sold.Multiple city memos allude to efforts by the owner, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, which acquired the property in December, to sell the five-level mall. The company said it doesn't comment on market speculation or rumors.The potential sale came to light because the city is restructuring how it financed the Horton Plaza Park. A City Council memo and Civi...
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Grocery chain suing Horton Plaza over lost sales

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Grocery chain Jimbo’s Naturally is suing Horton Plaza, saying the San Diego shopping center hasn’t honored its obligation to keep the mall in good condition.According to the lawsuit, Jimbo’s entered into contract negotiations with Horton Plaza in 2012, at which time Westfield said it would be investing $400 million into the plaza.The lease, later signed by the store in May of 2012, required Jimbo’s to spend $1.5 million on the design and construction of the store. In the laws...
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Kolesnikov - Lachenmann, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Bach, Louis Couperin, and Schumann, 30 April 2018

Wigmore Hall Lachenmann: Ein Kinderspiel : ‘Schattentanz’ Debussy: Children’s Corner , interspersed with:             Lachenmann: Ein Kinderspiel: ‘Akiko’             Chopin: Mazurka in C-sharp minor, op.30 no.4; Etude in F minor, op.25 no.2             Liszt: Etude in G-sharp minor, ‘La campanella’, S 141/3             Lachenmann: ‘Schattentanz’             Bach: Prelude in C-sharp major, BWV 872             Lachenmann: Ein Kinderspiel: ...
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Someone Get Poor Jim Acosta Hazardous Duty Pay, Quick!

Jim Acosta U.S.A. –-( In their incessant, mostly baseless attacks against President Donald Trump, his leftist haters reveal much more about themselves than him — and it's not an attractive revelation.In what seemed like a parody of a coastal elitist disparaging inferior flyover Americans, CNN's Jim Acosta said that too many Americans can't see through Trump's act because they “don't have all their faculties.” This is going pretty far, even for this smug activist masquerading as a...
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Liz Crain's Playlist for Her Book "Grow Your Own"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, Lauren Groff, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis is as entertaining as it is informative. Publishers Weekly wrote of the book: "Fun, informative, and stylishly des...
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The Amazing Dinosaur Center In Thermopolis, Wyoming

The Dinosaur Center located in Thermopolis, Wyoming is one of the few museums in the world, to have excavation sites within a short driving distance. Established in 1995, this world class facility displays, one of the largest and unequaled fossil collections in the world. It is the 22nd stop in the travel series Off The Beaten Path. The Dinosaur Center can be found a short distance from Thermopolis, Greek for Hot City, home to numerous natural hot springs, which are mineral laden and heated ...
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