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'I’m Just Praying': Miners Fear the Impacts Covid-19 Could Have in Coal Country

Jimmy Moore barely leaves the house. When he does, the 74-year-old is usually parked outside his local pharmacy in Dorton, Kentucky, until someone brings out his regular meds. As soon as Moore arrives home, he changes his clothes and washes his hands. Religiously. This wasn’t his routine before, but Moore can’t take…Read more...
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Black Lung: Reclaiming Coal Country

A $1 billion fund could help heal scarred landscapes left behind by a century of mining—and help thousands of miners breathe easier. So far, though, the country’s most powerful Senator—Kentucky’s own Mitch McConnell—has not moved it forward. Clinton Sanders can never gulp quite enough air. At night, he is tethered to an oxygen machine. And his constant daytime companion is a small, blue zippered case packed with an array of inhalers and other medicines doctors have prescribed to open pass...
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The Diet That Changed My Life

I was always an obese kid. One that would eat and drink the same things as my friends, but gain 10 lbs while they somehow stayed young and slim. Things were this way for many years, then one day I’d finally had enough – I was going to start eating healthy and lose weight. I thought I’d do this with the typical diet and exercise that everybody was preaching, but no matter how much I ran or how little I ate – the scale would never budge. Okay, I shouldn’t say never, because there were some times w...
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